Month and day abbreviations

I was trying to align some months in a column. Their names didn't cooperate so I used their numerical equivalents - 02 for Febuary, etc. But those require some education and don't quite communicate a month - they could be symbols or numbers for any number of things. I wondered why we haven't established a consistent set of 2 letter abbreviations like we have for states. One letter would not work because of June and July, May and March, and April and August. Two makes sense because we are familiar with two letters for the state postal abbreviations.

So I set out to determine the most logical pairing of letters to represent each month. The first letter of the two should be the initial letter of the month - we are already familiar with that, not much education will be required. The second letter could be the second letter of the month, the next most significant letter, or the last letter of the month.

Two letters - minimum number with clarity and consistent spacing
Clarity of month
Not confused with another month (JU - June or July?)
Not confused with a state (AR, AL, DC, MA, NV, OR)
Not confused with another word (DR - Doctor, OR - or, AP - Associated Press, MY - my, AT - at)

A list of some options
     JA   JY    JN
     FE   FB   FY
     MA   MR   MH
     AP   AR   AL
     MA   MY
     JU   JN   JE
     JU   JL   JY
     AU   AG   AT
     SE   SP   ST   SR
     OC   OT   OR
     NO   NV   NR
     DE   DC   DR

Proposed set - three letters

Clarity of communication
Easy to learn
• Easy to remember
We will learn them fairly easily and be able to communicate more clearly. We learned the postal state abbreviations and those have become quite standard. We can do the same with month abbreviations.

Concept: Starbucks at Battery Park, New York City, October 15, 2005.

Origins of the names of the months

Days of the week
Designers, writers, and editors, should include the day of the week along with the date. More info

Origins of the days of the week
Sunday - Latin dies Solis, "Day of the Sun"
Monday - Latin Lunae dies, "Day of the Moon"
Tuesday - Day of the war god Tiw, translation of the Latin dies Martis, "Day of Mars"
Wednesday - Woden's day, translation of Latin Mercuru dies, Day of Mercury
Thursday - Norse, "Thor's day", Germanic translation of Latin dies Jovis
Friday - "Freya's day"
Saturday - Latin Saturni dies, "Saturn's day

Abbreviations for days of the week
SU   Sunday
MO   Monday
TU   Tuesday
WE   Wednesday
TH   Thursday
FR   Friday
SA   Saturday