Trip diaries: 1951-2009 2010-Now

2010 NYC January 8-13
Purge/rearrange apartment, Avatar movie, daVinci exhibit, MoMA: Bauhaus, Cooper-Hewitt: awardees, Ticker stickers
FR: girls to kennel; MJOK ride, flight; long bus ride; apt, shop.
SA: Frank: diner, da Vinci exhibit, Pax, diners; 34th, Staples; apt, rest.
SU: apt: redo; test sticker on Broadway; Staples; D&B, 42nd St: Avatar; apt, rest.
MO: Rockflr City; MoMA: Bauhaus, Tim Burton, lunch, Bauhaus; Times Sq, Discovery gift shop; Staples, snack, Frank's; Madison Sq; apt, Max Bill movie, notes.
TU: apt; Cooper-Hewitt, lunch; bus Fifth; Apple store; Staples: get printouts; Village; apt; Starbucks: emails, web; apt, rest, write.
WE: laundry, clean apt, files; sub delay, walk, taxi, bus to airport; long security; Pres Club, flite; Houston, bbq dinner, flite; MJOK pickup; home: mail, unpack.
TH: get girls, mail away.

2010 • NYC April 15 - June 20 Vegas 6 & Manhattan 3
Accomplishments: Installed cable TV, DVR, Internet, wireless router; Send Ticker Plaque essay to Alliance & Mayor; Buy iPad; Stuff to Taylor's
Shows: Memphis (twice), The Addams Family, Cirque du Soleil: Ovo, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson
Day trips:
NJ, Frank: Panera, Stickley Farms: Gustav Stickley's home and workshop, trains, Newark, Juilliard cafe, Apple store
NJ, Thomas Edison, Frank: Menlo Park, West Orange, Diner
Museums: Natural History: gems, snack, dinosaurs; South Street Seaport: Deco Normandie, ships; Cooper Union: Design Triennial's Why Design Now?, Medellin arch; Brooklyn Museum: Dinner party; MAD: bicycles, collection, lunch at Robert; MoMA: Matisse, Design & Architecture; Met: Picasso, Bambu, Design, and American Fashion exhibits; ET Modern gallery: sculpture by Edward Tufte
Exhibits: Library: Hudson Maps exhibit; Grand Central: South Ferry archeology
Design inspirations
Perused files at the Herb Lubalin Study Center for Design & Typography
Learned from Stefan Sagmeister at his lecture at FIT
Saw the film Art & Copy, a documentary on the golden age of advertising, at the Paley Center for Media
Participated in a panel to assess and improve a proposed app for the Museum of Modern Art
Activities: D-Crit conference, Madison Sq Pk; Tea/walk with Julie; Steelcase showroom; Phone call with Marty Crutsinger; AIGA, Eisenberg's Diner, Billy's Cupcake; Grey Dog brkfst, AIA, SoHo; Village: narrow house, Chumley's, White Horse Tavern, Magnolia cupcake, High Line, ET Modern, Viceroy: lunch; Staten Island Ferry, SI terminal; Central Park: Belvedere Castle, the Ramble, Boathouse Cafe, Mall; Craftsman Building, Morgan Library; Dance parade, St. Marks; LES; International Contemporary Furniture Fair and the Stationery Show.
Frank: Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Library, Prospect Park; sub, Wall St Strbx (Oklahand), Yankees Shop, Pier 17.
Melinda & Jerry: apt, PJ Clark's, WTC, cab MoMA; NYCA books, leave; B&H, cab: Rosa Mexicana
Sean & girls: Lil Italy, Chinatown, City hall, downtown, Battery Park, apt; SWNY snax, WTC; MePa: Apple, HighLine, Marimoto? Japanese dinner, Diner dessert; SoStSeaport: Cobbs, bridge, dinner, ice cream.
Seth: Central Park Zoo: lunch; Strbx coffee, pass Woody Allen, Armory: interiors, exhibit; sub Battery Pk Strbx: ‘veranda', telescope model, walk dogs, Marina.
Michael: Subway, Bronx Zoo: Congo, 3D Dora movie, monorail, lunch, sub; North Cove: Baltimore party, deli dinner; Bowling Green, Mus Amer Indian, sub; Cooper-Hewitt: web notes, snax coffee, garden, bus; Met: Picasso, cafeteria, roof Bambu, Design, Fashion, sub; apt dogs, Times Square, Restraunt Row: Italian; Times Sq: TKTS, Heartland pickles, Memphis; apt dogs, Chinatown, LES: Rivington, Katz, Tavish apt; WTC, walk Brklyn Bridge, DUMBO, parks, Brklyn Heights; apt dogs, High Line, 14th, Los Caminos, sub.
Taylor: Village Art Bar, MePa: Bill's Burger Bar
Nancy: Bowling Green/Battery Park/Hudson, apt, SWNY

2010 Breckenridge Colorado July 24-28
Drove with niece - an 11 hour drive. Deck views of the peaks above the valley, sightseeing, and hiking. View of the ski slopes from the new gondola plaza. We rode fiberglass sleds down the ski runs. I-70 switchbacking to Loveland Pass and Eisenhower Tunnel. Lily Pad Lake at the end of the hiking trail. Kansas: we listened to soundtracks from Glee much of the way.

2010 NYC August 2-21 Manhattan 4
First drive to NY without Vegas. Good 2 weeks - bicycling, Manny, sights.
Movies: Toy Story 3, Inception, The Morgans, Ghost Writer
Day trips:
Sagamore Hill, Teddy Roosevelt's home and museum in Oyster Bay, Long Island
Princeton Battlefield, house; lunch; campus: Nassau Hall, Art Museum lobby, Prospect gardens, chapel, old library; Historical Society, Einstein papers, Panera, Old World Coffee; drive, canal, old bridge; New Brunswick: Pressman factory, train station
Levittown, waded in the Atlantic Ocean at Jones Beach with 1930s parkways, shops, and bathhouses
Governor's Island: rented bike on Governor's Island, picnic point, drumming/dancing, multi-media exhibit Empty Spaces, coffee/yogurt granola/cookie, South African food, ferry; walk Manny - North Cove dancing/drumming.
Grey Dog, Village, SoHo (twice)
Central Park: 8 miles and some serious hills by bike, walk; MePa: Los Caminos
MoMA: coffee and dessert
Manhattan's 5th Birthday Party on August 11
Work on website, purge laptop fotos
Dog Park friends: Allison, Laura, Jerome, Kim, Leslie (dog Tru put to sleep)

2010 Los Angeles, Route 66, & Grand Canyon October 8-18
FR/SA: Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Traced 66 thru Gallup, Needles and Ludlow. McDonald's coffee and smoothies.
SU: Drove thru Mojave desert. Into LA. Too early to check in: drove around Disney and took a walk with Manhattan. Checked in, unpacked, and rested. Afternoon at Downtown Disney: La Brea Bakery lunch, Grand Californian Hotel, shops, bought a $101 park pass. Walk to hotel and Manhattan - rested, worked. Walked with Manhattan through Anaheim GardenWalk. Drove to McD for dinner to go.
MO: Walk Manhattan; walk to Disneyland: coffee/cookie, Finding Nemo submarine, Matterhorn, Trail mix snack, old 1956 mine train tunnel, rode Mark Twain riverboat, rode Indy Jones (single line), coffee at bench at Plaza, Disney story - renderings, models, Steve Martin narrated film, see/foto bench. California Adventure: Grizzly walk, World of Color Fastpass, future renderings; walked hotel; rested, walked Manhattan. Walked CA Adv: burrito lunch, Paradise Pier, Grizzly forest walk, rode Grizzly river boats (single line), rode Soaring (single line), walked Hollywood back lot, Monsters (broken), saw Bug's Land, Aladdin show and Tough to be a Bug show; got snacks for brkfst, drank margarita, watched World of Color water show, ate pretzel, walked hotel, walked Manhattan, shower, bed.
TU: walked Manhattan, rested, read, bkfst, laundry, packed; walked Manhattan, loaded car, drove freeways to Venice Beach, found Cadillac Hotel, check in - nice hotel, good parking; rested, walked Manhattan/boardwalk, unpacked; walked Manhattan/brdwlk; drove slow freeways to Pasadena; Mitch and Meghann apt, walked to Vegan dinner, naberhood of bungalows; drive, walked Manhattan/brdwlk, bed.
WE: walked Manhattan/brdwlk; drove, McD brkfst, drove Simi Valley: Reagan Library: Air Force One, Nixon/Sawyer typewriter, lunch/coffee in cafe, grave; drove Venice, rested. Manhattan to dog park, passed Santa Monica Airport (Clover Field), hotel rest, walked along ocean & sand; dinner at Venice Ale House on brdwlk; room: TV, worked on lecture, walked Manhattan/brdwlk
TH: walked Manhattan/brdwlk, drove: car oil change, coffee/sandwich, bike shop, SM Airport (camouflaged in WWII): read plaques; drove Venice, hotel; walked to beach, to Venice boardwalk, ate at Venice Cafe (by Marina Pacific), Melinda calls; hotel to get Manny - we walked brdwlk quite a ways and PCH, hotel tv and rest; Market for dinner snax; room: pack, late nite walk to beach - Manny freaks in ocean, hotel, bed.
FR: Weird morning - agreed to have breakfast with Aldon Stone, Frank calls, Shawna Ronald calls. Decide to just get up and leave - its drizzly. Cancelled Aldon, packed, checked out, and drove on; McD on I-15 near Barstow. Drive; Grand Canyon: New Visitor's Center, walk trails, Manny at edge, drive to Lodges; Williams AZ, check-in, fed Manny, drove town: ate at Cruiser's, shops, bakery; motel, rest.
SA: drove Williams, Visitor Center; talked with Shawna: impactful History class; drive Route 66 thru Winslow, Holbrook (Wigwam motel), Santa Rosa, and Tucumcari NM (Pony Soldier motel is nothing but a concrete slab - sign is still up); checked-in, rested, worked, dinner: Denny's, bed.
SU: drove Tuc to McD bkfst, I-40, Cadillac Ranch, car trouble: TX 70, call Dodge, wait with farmer, call and tow to Pampa Dodge, check-in AmericInn, walked to CVS, McD; rested/worked in room, TV, dinner from Taco Bell.
MO: not sleep well; called Angie at Fenton Dodge at 8:10a: explained issue; she called back at 10:30 - needs new water pump - should be ready by mid-afternoon; took final walk around naberhood to see hiking trail and tree sculptures; cleaned room, checked-out, waited on van, waited at dealer - took walk, ate from c-store, sat outside, sat in waiting room - put blanket on floor for Manhattan. Ready by 2:00p, took final walk; loaded car, drove to I-40, McD stop, and on home.

2010 Kansas November 6-8
SA: Drive, 2 rest stops; Dehnerts, walk downtown, coffee, shops; home, drive to Oread: 9th floor terrace, walk to Sticks, library, arch bldg, campus, dinner, home
SU: Bkfst home; walk dogs; West Campus sculpture, Sonic, drive to KC: Arabia Museum, dBronx lunch, Westport, Laugh-O-Gram building; drive, Lawrence, tv, wedding fotos, snax; Drive downtown: yogurt, dogs, home, bed.
MO: Bkfst; drive, rest areas; get Manny.

2010 NYC & Washington DC November 17-22
Washington DC Museums/Monuments: National Postal Museum; National Building Museum; Capitol Visitors Center; Library of Congress; Supreme Court; National Gallery/East Wing; Museum of American History; Ford's Theater; WWII Memorial; Washington Monument; White House Visitors Center; White House/Pennsylvania Avenue; National Archives; Newseum.
WE: Manny in, McD bkfst, flat tire: exit 63rd, change to spare; easy check-in: bd pass/phone app; flite, HIA: snax, calls; flite: grade tests, read; bus to PA/42nd, walk to subway; apt, settle, shop, get mail, eat in apt.
TH: Sub to Penn Sta (forgot charger), get tkt, buy bkfst sandwich/coffee, wait, board train, table, read Facebook book, lunch; Union Station; Postal Museum; Metro (poor tkt process and maps); Building Museum: perm collection, 1956 Skyline model kit, coffee and snax, man in line, World's Fair exhibits; walk to Renaissance Hotel, check-in, rest; walk 7th/Chinatown: AT&T, BB&B, buy chargers, 5guys burger, Urban Outfitters; hotel, tv, sleep.
FR: Bkfst hotel (nope), room, deli, cab; Capitol Visitors Center: film, tour, exhibits, buy pen; walk tunnel to Library of Congress: Gutenberg Bible display (but no Bible), exhibits, reading room; Supreme Court: film, peek in courtroom, front steps, views; walk Capitol grounds, mall to East Wing, moving sidewalk, sandwich & coffee, out to mall; Sculpture Garden; Museum of American Hist: lunch counter, 66 pavement, shopping cart, parking meter; walk mall, Wash Monument, 15th St, Harry's, sit outside: burger/fries; Ford's Theater, hotel, bed.
SA: Bkfst bars in room, Starbucks coffee, cab, WWII monument, walk Wash Monument, line, elevator, views, walk, White House Visitors Center: exhibits, video; walk Penn Ave, White House, walk to hotel: lunch/coffee, room, pack, check out (donate charger to hotel), walk Natl Archives: Decl, Constit, exhibits, sit outside, walk to Newseum: 9/11, Berlin wall and tower, OKC bombing, Unabomber cabin, Waco, Pulitzer photos, films, Decl printing press; check Matthew Brady's Studio locatiom, sit on Penn Ave, walk to Union Station: Chipotle dinner, wait; train: finish Facebook book, eat sandwich & coffee; sub to apt, sleep.
SU: Recharge gadgets, fix shower; BPC Market: fritatta, coffee; sub, Queens: 5ptz, fotos, Zimad talk, PS1, Diner omelet lunch; sub Times Square: new Disney store, Aeropostale, Walgreen's, sub apt, rest; walk Hudson, WFC: cans, WTC overlook, coffee, marina, walk apt, rest; sub to Madison Square: art lights, SD26: see Vignelli reserv, Starbucks, work, SD26: say Hi to Massimo; Shake Shack dinner, see movie snow, sub; call Frank, bed.
MO: Laundry (3 loads), muffin coffee, sit on Hudson, vacuum, pack; walk Bdwy: tunnel fotos; sub Union Sq, Heartland pickles & Caesar, Pret: coffee/cookie, ABC Conran Shop; Flatiron: Jim Carrey snow filming; sub apt, pack, walk Hudson, car to EWR, check-in, grade tests; flite: finish tests, read Home, Margarita; garage, car, drive home.

2010-11 NYC December 21 - January 11 The Blizzard • Manhattan 5
TU-TH: Drives - smooth, rest areas, iPod, McD, poor sleep (nightmares), some snow in PA, then sunny and dry.
TH: Unpack, grocery shop, set up router and tv, Bravo dinner.
FR: Walk, drive car to 66th, shop, bank, subway, tips to desk, shop, work, phone calls.
SA Christmas: Sandy call, Disney parade; cab to Rockefeller Center tree, St Patricks: text Tracy/Jimmy, walk to Times Square, dinner: Heartland Brewery; Walgreen's, sub, tv.
SU: Snow, sub to Radio City: Rockettes Christmas Spectacular, Starbucks, sub home; (pm blizzard) walk Manny, phone calls, tv, read.
MO: (Blizzard am) walk WFC: lunch coffee, call Barbara, read.
TU: Sub: Grand Central: snak, MetLife: donate blood and lunch at Naples; sub home, rest.
TH: Times Square, BowlMor lunch
FR: Walk downtown, be
TU: Laptop work; sub Union Sq: Barnes lunch, Petco, sub, longer Manny walk.
WE: Sub: Grd early (sick, back pain).
SA: Rose Parade, webwork, tv football.
SA-SU: (sick, back pain) Buy drugs; Hudson to WFC; Chipotle; Cosi; taxi to Home Depot, Goodburger, Petco; Battery Park; SoHo: Dean & Deluca, Thomas' art opening.
SU-TU: Drives; snow storm west of St. Louis, evening in Cuba motel, walk to Walmart & McDonald's; MODoT did good job of clearing the Interstate, drive home was okay.
Accomplishments: Clear shower curtain; wireless router; design websites to iPad; purged bookmarks; uploaded student work and trip diaries; called friends.
Books: Home by Bill Bryson, The Confession John Grisham.

2011 NYC May 9 - June 16 Manhattan 6
Accomplishments: Input/update trip diaries, ICFF furniture fair, updated web sites, home screens; sick/backache
Books: Sci-Fi, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,
Visits: Greg Skaggs and Pam: Chinatown, MoMA coffee, Taylor: blog talks, Seth: Union Square, South Cove, Jill: midtown, Joyce & Don: downtown tour
Shows: Spiderman: Turn off the Dark, final shows of Oprah, (back pain)

2011 NYC August 13-19
Airflite ordeal: delayed flite, rebooked, Peoria tarmac, cancelled flite, fly standby; return: delayed flite
Accomplishments: Dreamweaver sessions, website notes
Visits: Jim Henson at Museum of the Moving Image, SoHo, Columbus Circle, MoMA: Glaser and Comm Objects, High Line & cafe, Village

2011 NYC November 8-13
Flite: upgraded to First Class for extra $40.
Films: Tree of Life video, Urbanized
Visits: Occupy Wall Street, Negro Burial Ground, 9/11 Memorial, Apple Store, UniQlo, Village, East Village
Museums: Museum of Arts & Design: Modernism Crafts, MoMA, Lubalin Study Center
Shows: Bonnie & Clyde musical, Satyagraha, Philip Glass opera at the Met, people were really dressed up. I no longer have dress-up clothes so I wore a white dress shirt and khaki slacks. I felt a bit self-conscious, so I walked up to the upper levels where the cheaper seats were. People up here looked more like me. Aah, I could fit in a bit better. Right before curtain time, I walked back down to the dressy sections and took my seat. It was long: 8p - 11:50p, with 2 30-minute intermissions. During the first, I bought a delicious sandwich of smoked salmon and cream cheese on pumpernickel bread. I took it outside and sat under some trees and enjoyed my dinner at the Met.

2012 Kansas Febuary 3-6
Kansas City: WWI Museum, Disney bldg.
Lawrence: KU, The Artist, Super Bowl, Dehnerts.

2012 NYC Febuary 29 - March 4
WE: Flite: delay OKC & CHI, wrote iPad, 1st Class: watch 30 Rock & Family Guy, wine; taxi, apt, Allen, sleep til 9:20.
TH: Bkfst George's, sub: GCT: largest Apple Store Grand Central, buy booster, Transit Museum: London posters, Japan exhibits, sub, help tourists, rest, emails, feel home; sub, Chelsea: Doughnut Plant, sub: Times Sq, buy How to Succeed tkt, walk, Heartland: usual, sub apt; rest, river, shop, apt, tv.
FR: Bkfst, meet/discuss apt broker; taxi, MoMA: uniform notes, stores; walk, lunch cookies, sub, apt, rest; walk to Mem passes, sub: Times Sq, snack, How to Succeed in Business, Nick Jonas, rain, sub, apt
SA: Bkfst in apt, meet Seth: 9/11 Memorial, WFC, arcade, Irish Hunger; river, apt, rest; taxi Hilton, no; MoMA: coffee, design exhibit; sub Union Square: sit at Gandhi, Taylor: Rosa no, Coffee Shop; sub, apt.
SU: Laundry, bkfst, AFib episode, pills, eat, rest; car to Newark, easy check-in, recharge, flites: 1st Class, write blog.

2012 Texas May 7-16
MO: Girls in, McD bkfst, drive, coffee Ardmore, Ft Worth: Mont Ward Boomer Jacks: lunch with Barbara & Steve, walk Univ Coop; drive, coffee gas; Austin: check in, rest, Renee call, drive UT, park: memories, Tower memorial, AC, Business, JB; 24th, big white house, Lamar; Chipotle: Tom & David; drive downpour Tom's house, "do you have any marijuana?": groj tissue paintings, memories, deep discussions; drive: missed exits; motel: shower, sleep to 30Rock.
TU: Sleep late, shower, coffee on San Jacinto, Cat Stevens playing; drive, park; History Museum, Blanton: lunch coffee, galleries; History, IMax: awful, cafe: fruit, coffee; drive Woodland: WillowCreek apt, Riverside, Mun Aud, SoCongress: Schlotzskys bldg, Hopdoddy burger, walk shops; Zilker Park: Nature Center, ped bridge, barton Springs pool, fone calls path, old bridge; drive 3rd/5th, Congress: park, wait for bats, none; drive 35, Subway, motel: tv, eat, shower.
WE: Slept late, check out; foto hospital signs; park groj, Starbucks Les Amis; walk Drag: Co-op, Hemphill's to Sigma Chi, go in house; drag, Varsity Theater Coffee Bean, Les Amis; Burnet 51st: Torchy's Tacos, Tom chat; seek Heather's mushroom apt; drive Starbucks San Marcos; SA: check in, rest; Frank tour: King William, downtown, Ursuline, river locks, Pearl: La Gloria dinner; drive Broadway: motel, shower, tv.
TH: Read Thomas Boggs died in 2008, bkfst motel, walk Mi Tierra, room, rain; drive Cathedral, park Rivercenter: mall, Alamo, city, river, Villita, Hemisfair walk, Tower base, Riverwalk; Maria Mia lunch, mall, walk city; drive Cathedral, motel: rest; Mi Tierra: coffee pastries, walk Cathedral Plaza, City Hall, Alameda Museum; Mi Tierra: Frank dinner, sit in park; lightning, room: tv, shower.
FR: Bkfst motel; drive, McD coffee, Waco: Browning Library, phone calls, lunch: Schlotzskys; drive, Starbucks Preston Center: webwork, rain; Mimosa: visits, dinner outside, call Tracy, tv, bed (pain).
SA: Bkfst with Steve & paper, web; On the Border: Debbie, S&S, Spec's; web, rest; shop: Container Store, Knox Starbucks, Crate & Barrel, drive Central, Rogers, Calatrava bridge, Central, LBJ; house: web, laundry, Central Market dinner, bed.
SU: Shower, read paper on patio; bkfst: Panera Preston Forest: web, drive Central, Plano downtown & IU, Richardson IU; house: web, late lunch: pizza, visit outside; drive Oak Cliff, wedding in park, took pix, toured Allison's house; drive TravisKnox: reception, Johnnie, Jan brother/Kathleen, Eric, walk Starbucks, sit, cut cake, goodbyes; house: show pix.
MO: Shower, pack load, sit with Steve, goodbyes; McD bkfst, drive, Texas music, Bucee's: gas coffee snax; Madisonville 190; A&M Bonfire Memorial, HW Bush Library, campus, Luby's lunch; drive, Huntsville: Sloans, tour: home and law office cabin of Sam Houston, Farmhouse: chicken fried steak & pecan pie dinner, tour; house: talk with Steve, bed.
TU: Shower, bkfst/talk with Roberta, drive tour campus, square, Sam Houston Museum grounds; lunch: Pita Pit, house: get car, Prison Museum, US75, square: coffee, old prison, Sam Statue & visitor center, Sam's grave, houses of trash, drive; house: fotos and web; drive north to Shrimpy's: excellent seafood Madisonville TX - in a trailer park; house: web, shower.
WE: Shower, sit on deck, Sloan goodbyes; Starbucks bkfst, drive, Dallas; Lewisville: Festival marker, lunch: Jack in Box, gas; drive, home; get girls.

2012 NYC May 29 - June 6
TU: Starbucks bkfst, girls to vet; airport: delay, yogurt, coffee, newspaper, board; flite (2hour 33minute delay) website; WashDC: flite board errors, flite cancelled, line: hour wait - book new flite on app, change terminals, several gates, check in: paper bd pass, eat Five Guys burger, delay: 5 hours in terminal, move JFK flite (leaving after 1a) to Newark flite leave 12:01a (16 hours in planes and airports), easy flite; pills, cab home.
WE: Sleep til 9:30; walk Hudson, Cosi bkfst, new Conrad Hotel, WFC, WTC overlook, Conrad movie MiB3, bagel lunch: North Cove Plaza, shop, talk apt with Jim & Tommy, apt; see Anna, coffee, Battery Park: 1961 bench, walk labyrinth, debate apt, carousel const, Bowling Green, Broadway, Occupy park, apt; river: sunset, Wagner Park grass, shop, apt: tv, bed.
TH: Apt bkfst, calls; sub Union Sq: call Ed Jones, SethChat: sub SoHo, Dia galleries, Angelika Cafe, AIA, Wash Sq; Carmine: yogurt, coffee, buy wallet, sub, apt; talk with broker Heather (no have to prep apt); walk Hudson, Conrad Greens salad, walk West St, apt.
FR: Apt bkfst, org sell notes, call lawyer, call Heather; sub Times Sq: Spy exhibit, Junior's: lox bagel lunch, buy Ghost tkt, check on Mormon; sub apt; sub 14th: walk Village, Vitra, Apple, Taylor & Karen: Tavern on Jane dinner, beers, walk, sub, apt.
SA: Apt bkfst, printer; cab, ferry, Governor's Island: Castle Williams tour, rent/ride bike, sit, Cuban sanch, snax, rides, lay grass, Ft Jay, GD exhibit, ferry; Strbx Batt Park, Hudson, apt; hear Disney ship, walk to J&R: buy iPad keyboard/cover, WTC, North Cove plaza: veggie burger, beer, Hudson, shop, Hudson, apt; laundry, sit at river, apt: Thunder game.
SU: Apt bkfst, work in apt; sub Apple Store: keyboards, Central Park: violins, sit at literary, volleyball, Bethesda, snax Sheep Meadow, Strawberry Fields, 72nd, sub; apt: open houses, tell Heather plan to wait; apt, walk Esplanade, shop, river, apt.
MO: Apt bkfst, purge files, call United: 65 minutes, sub; MoMA: lunch, alphabets, store; sub, 29th/Park: Starbucks, sub Battery Park, Hudson, apt, work, shop, apt, Thunder game.
TU: Apt bkfst, apt work, sub; Goodwill, Eataly, Madison Square Park: pret lunch, sculpture; AIGA, walk Bdwy, Dish Eddy's, Union, sub; apt: rest, work, eat; sub, Times Sq: snak, Ghost, sub; apt.
WE: Apt bkfst, laundry; Dave Harris: walk Hudson: see Shuttle barge, sub to Meatpacking, lunch: Dos Caminos, walk Hi-Line; cab to WFC, walk Hudson, apt; car to LGA: flite delayed 2 hours (would miss connection), agent got me on earlier flite, last row, window, but OK - got work done; O'Hare: walk terminal, Chili's: long wait, asked for ID, long wait on salmon - I left, Stanley's: crab cake salad, beer, hair in salad - returned, perused shops, ate from tea shop, gate: watch Thunder game; smooth flite, drive home: check storm damage on vinyl.

2012 NYC August 11-17
The beginning of the fall semester was approaching. Uh oh, I better get out of town. Watching the Olympics made me long for a trip to a cosmopolitan city. I needed a NYC fix.
SA: Girls in; bkfst airport; flites, trains; WFC, Hudson river; apt, shop dinner.
SU: Bkfst apt; Hudson, shop groceries, apt; Battery Park: dance, coffee cookies, fountain kids, apt: Olympics; walk 9/11: see new Tribute logo, Gristede's snax, apt: tv Olympics Closing Ceremony.
MO: Bkfst, tv: Olympic wrap-up, dogcam; taxi, NYPL: Lunch Hour: original section Horn & Hardart Automat, all over Manhattan in the 1950-70s, none left, scone coffee; Pret lunch in Bryant Park, walk 42, Grand Central, sub Battery Park, apt: rest, coffee shake; sub, Union Square: walk, Goodburger, Warhol bldg, ice cream cookie, sit, Lev discussion of words; sub, apt, bed.
TU: kfst apt, mail, Tommy/Heather, web, videos; bus to Seaport, Museum: film, bus; apt, rest; walk dog park: brindle grey, Memorial line, 9/11 Memorial, find my cobblestone; WFC plaza: taco, walk Hudson, sit at dog bench; apt, web.
WE: Bkfst apt, emails, dogcam; taxi, Met: roof, Petrie Court Cafe: salmon salad lunch, American Wing: Lincoln, Civil War, Cross Delaware, Research: Tiffany, Wright, Cafe: coffee fruit, shop, Egyptian; taxi, apt: rest, dogcam.
TH: Bkfst, sit Esplanade by dog park, sub, Coney Island, Nathan's crab roll sandwich, sit, wade ocean, Luna Park: watch rides, sub; apt, rest, help to Times Sq, sub, 23: Doughnut Plant, BG YMCA, sub Christopher St, walk West Village, dinner: Caliente Cab, walk Bleeker St, sit Father Square; sub, apt.
FR: Bkfst, dogcam, laundry, apt; walk Wall Street, help tourists, Starbucks, apt, pack; car to LGA, flite with Dubai discussion, United Club: dogcam, web, flite with dumb Okie family.

2012 NYC October 16-21
TU: Girls in, airport priority, smooth flites: grade tests exit row; taxi, call Frank; apt, river Chinese takeout, unpack, bed.
WE: Bkfst apt, taxi: Apple 14th, meet John: walk HiLine, Starbux; subway apt: lecture images; walk Battery, sub SoHo: Puck glasses, Apple, sub, George's lunch; apt to fart, lecture images; river, shop, apt TV.
TH: Bkfst, make fb cover; sub: Columbus Circle, Seth, Statue living room by Tatzu Nishi; Central Park: walks, lunch cafe, Literary Walk, Bethesda, Cherry Hill, Imagine, Elaine guide, NY Historical: coffee, store; sub Jehovah, Rector, Tommy/Lucky, river, apt: fotos, TV.
FR: Apt: fotos, bkfst; sub: Village, Goodwill, Joe coffee muffin, sub, Rock, MoMA: childesign, cafe5, store, sub; apt: rest, work, River, shop, apt: work.
SA: Apt bkfst, email, photos, lecture, OSU game; sub: Times Square pizza, cookie, Book of Mormon, bar: Taylor & Karen, Times Square: waffle, lights, crowd, sub; Union Square, subs, Battery Park; apt.
SU: Laundry, bkfst; Walk Battery Park, Broadway, yogurt, Zucotti, Cent21 foto, Fulton Sta, sub; Union Square: Panera, bench, sub SoHo, sub Bowling Green; apt, pack; car EWR: Club: grade; flite: tests, fotos; O'Hare: run to gate, 1st Class, lecture, snax; home, unpack.

2012 NYC November 27 - December 2
TU: Girls in, drive, WRA: check vacuum box, grade tests, nice flite: grade much of tests; Houston: Bubba's lunch, old silent couple, flite: tests, web, read; baggage claim, car, call Frank; apt: river, shop, unpack.
WE: Bkfst apt, sub: 42nd St, snak, buy postcards, Newsies; theater, sub, 23rd: Doughnut Plant, Home Depot: stain, smoothie, MadSq: Buckyball by Leo Villareal, subs, Battery Park, apt: tv Rock tree, fotos.
TH: Bkfst, stain chairs, webfotos; deliver vac, walk: WallSt, East Esplanade/pier, South St flood, lunch, WTC, WFC: Starbucks, sit, walk; apt: chairs, rest, fotos, sub: Times Square: subway station, scone, Microsoft store, Marquis: Evita, Times Square: empenadas, sub, shop, apt.
FR: Apt, meet Scot on West/Thames, park truck; apt, walk Hudson, WFC, WTC: Memorial, Broadway Pret, sub: Grand Central: Apple, transit, Pylones, 42nd St, sub: Battery Park, apt; rest, eat, sub: Starbucks 29th/Park.
SA: Apt bkfst; subs/walk, Hilton: Science of Happiness; MoMA: Cafe2 salmon, The Scream, Quay Brothers; subs; apt: tv, eat, rest; subs: Apple Store: Seth, bathroom, Barney's, Burger Heaven, St. Patrick's, Sak's light show, Rock tree, chestnuts, subs: Union Sq: sit, shops; sub: apt.
SU: Laundry, bkfst, clean apt; sub Union Square: waffle coffee, bench, walk perimeter, Christmas shops, sub: Battery Park, River, apt: pack; car to airport, stupid TSA line, flite: grade tests, O'Hare: eat, web,flite: web and talker; drive home.

2012 Texas December 21-26
Good Christmas: quality time with 4 nieces and nephews, the families, and good friends; 2 days Austin; 3 days Dallas (with snow); Christmas lights; food feasts; and only a few presents (for a minimalist, this is truly worthy of praise).
FR: Girls in, Starbucks, drive; Ft Worth: tour money factory (Bureau of Engraving & Printing, 60% of all bills printed), drive, Waco: McD, toll roads, Austin, Tom: Torchy's Tacos, house, coffee; drive Congress, check in Austin Motel, walk, bed.
SA: Read, Frank, bkfst motel, drive SoCo, First, UT: walk campus, Emily, Comm, Drag, Ransom Center Norman Bel Geddes exhibit; coffee lunch Red River, Hyde Park, Mueller, Mt Bonnell, Bull Creek park, Hiway, Zilker, downtown, BeeCaves, El Alma dinner, Frank leave, walk SoCo: chocolates, motel, bed.
SU: Up, pack, coffee SoCo, check out; drive Congress; LBJ Library; drive 35, coffee snak stop, Dallas downtown, DMA: Art Nouveau Paris posters, coffee, Woody Rogers park; drive Central, Steve's, Tracy talk, dinner tortilla; drive see lights, drop Tracy, house, bed.
MO: Shower, paper bkfst; pickup Tracy Knox, see Jimmy's apartment, park; Perot science museum, Woody Rogers park: lunch, drive; house: rest, Starbucks Preston Center, house; drive Jan and Ralph's, dinner, dogs, baby, presents, Allison & Randy, Eric; drive, bed.
TU: Thunderstorms, sleep late, coffee, presents, bkfst, lazy, rain/sleet/snow, rest, shower; Weeks for dinner, house: tv, bed.
WE: Check roads, bkfst, clean car, pack, goodbyes; talk with Mom Dad Bill, drive: LBJ/35, wrecks, bridge ice; McD coffee, drive clear; Edmond: lunch, shop, unload; get girls, unpack.

From the LBJ Library. Above: view of downtown. Below: the stadium, high-rise student housing, and the UT Tower.

2013 NYC January 17-23
TH: Girls in, smooth check-in, flite; IAH Starbux lunch, flite; car, apt; shop, unpack, bed.
FR: Rest back, bkfst, Cloverfield movie; walk, Starbux, Battery park, drugstore, river; apt, rest, tv.
SA: Rest back, bkfst, sub, Union Square: greenmarket, Starbux, sub; apt rest; walk: Hudson WFC Starbux WinterGarden, call Frank, shop, river sunset; apt, web, rest.
SU: Apt bkfst, sub 23rd, Home Depot: nite lite, Pret: lunch coffee, Madison Square, call Renee, buy scarf, wander Eataly, sit Flatiron, violinists, sub, Hudson sunset cruise ship, apt.
MO: Sub to Penn Station, Dunkin bkfst, board train; late bkfst from cafe car, looked out window: Edison, Pressman, Philly; prep afternoon: water, stretch, bathroom; Union Sta, walk Senate Office Bldg: no tkt, streets, hear cheers from mall, wait in security line, walk parade route; Parade: Barack & Michelle, Joe & Jill Biden; walk route a bit, eat empenadas; leave security, coffee, Ford's Theater, Spy Store, Strbux: yogurt, Union Station: food court, line "Sr Citizens", board, full train: Brklyn teacher, wine, trail mix; Penn Sta, waiting subway, apt: CNN Inaugural Ball, bed.
TU: Apt, load/tweak fotos; sub SoHo: Apple, Camper, Warby, Starbux, MoMA store; sub, apt, blog work/upload, watch Inauguration ceremony.
WE: Apt, web, laundry, clean; sub: Times Sq: Hard Rock lunch, Bryant Park: ice skaters, NYPLibrary: new plans, chat with Trustee, Dickens, Lunch, Grand Central: squash, Apple, sub; Fulton, WTC, River, buy bars, apt: pack, fotos, car to EWR; easy check-in, lounge: eat, work; flite, OKC, home, bed.
Inauguration details and fotos.

2013 Kansas Febuary 1-4
FR: Drive 35, Kansas City: Indian Mission, Starbucks CC Plaza, Brandon: driving tour, Main St, Union Sta, theaters, Power & Light District, dinner; Lawrence: Dehnerts.
SA: Bkfst, Moon Marble demo and gift shop, Arby's; KU/OSU basketball: OSU won, downtown: dinner, coffee & web work.
SU: Dillon's, Mirth bkfst, drive park, history, shop, Dole Inst of Politics - columns from the World Trade Center, cemetery, McD; Super Bowl.
MO: Drive, bkfst, get girls.

2013 Illinois April 12-13
FR/SA: Drive to Effingham, Illinois, Super 8 motel: check-in, rested from 6:30-8:00. Walmart: pillows for dogs in car; bought salad, drove around, walked dogs. Room: ate dinner, took sleeping pill. To bed. Very noisy location: front door chime, doors slamming, voices, night clerk talking with friend. Later walked dogs, took second pill. Still too noisy. Worked puzzles, read news, facebook, reddit. 4:00a - got excited by getting up and driving on back home - was fun to drive in the dark, St. Louis by dawnlight. Drive: 4:15am - 1:45pm. Unpack.

2013 NYC April 17-24
WE: Bkfst, walk dogs, to vet, Renee ride to airport, check stereo, carry on cart; flite: empty seat, CLE: yogurt & bagel, flite: empty seat, oversize luggage claim, car to apt; unpack, set up stereo, cart; walk river, Chinese food wine, shop; apt: TV, bed
TH: Bkfst, email; walk WTC, City Hall tour; sub City Hall Sta, Union Sq: Pret lunch, BarnesNoble; sub, apt: rest; walk river (drizzle), empty WFC, Goldman alley, Blue Smoke dinner; BarnesNoble, Bed Bath; walk river, apt: emails, fotos, tv, bed
FR: Bkfst, tv; talk with Bob: apt; call vet, walk Wall St, plaza, Chipotle, Starbucks, Tweed: no keys, backtrack to apt: keys, rest; walk river, Battery Park, Strbx, Bowling Green, Ferry plaza, park/river; apt rest; River sit, apt: work bed
SA: Apt: bkfst rest work, walk downtown; rest, sub Grand Central, sub 5pointz, Mets Field, Cirque line, pretzel coffee, Totem, sub; Times Sq, HB dinner, Times Sit, sub, mech diff at Franklin, met Toni who was trying to get to Conrad, we walked, got bus to Conrad, goodbyes, walk river to apt, bed.
SU: Apt: bkfst, work; sub, Madison Square: pee under Shack, walking tour, Strbx lunch, Home Depot, Tiffany factory, MadSq park: Frank, Lubalin office, Strbx 29th, sub, river; apt, walk river, bed.
MO: Bkfst, work: Contents; cab traffic, MoMA: cafe 5, Oldenburg, store iPad grip; sub: Transfer, GrCent: pee, cookies, sub, river, apt: rest, sub SoHo, AIA: Seth, Woolworth lecture, walk Demo Square: dinner, Village, sub, apt.
TU: Apt: bkfst, work, uploads; sub 86th, walk Guggenheim: crappy stuff, lunch; bus 5th Ave, Apple pee, sub apt: rest, Meindal called, sub, walk block, Nederlander: Newsies, sub, apt.
WE: Apt: work, walk, bagel bkfst, north cove, fotos DisneyNY; apt: rest; walk fotos PierA, park, Bowling Green, FiDi: Bravo lunch, Wall street, apt; pack, clean; see river, car to EWR, easy security, wait work, flite single exit row, work; cab to 424; unpack, mail, bed.

Zucotti Park, former home of Occupy Wall Street. Bowling Green.

2013 NYC June 25 - July 2
TU: Walk dogs, to vet, drive airport, park, security, bkfst, flite, IAH: lunch, delay wait, flite; LGA: car RFK bridge FDR, apt: river, unpack, walk Hudson WFC, SWNY dinner drink, groceries, apt, mail, bed.
WE: Apt bkfst, email, photos; sub Madison Square: Red, White, and Blue rope construction by Orly Genger, strawberries & cream, Strbx, Depot shower, MoMath, Eatalys bathroom, Seth walk Armory, 19th Block Beautiful, Gramercy Park, National Arts Club, Big Daddys Diner: coffee & omelet, Stuyvesant Sq: sit, greys, Union Square; sub Battery Park, Hudson, apt rest; river view, apt dinner bed.
TH: Long sleep, bkfs, BPMarket coffee, sub, Chambers: pizza, BB&B shop, WFC, river, apt rest; ride bike: path and river; shower, sub Times Sq: walk 8th; Kinky Boots, slight rain, sub: apt, cereal, bed.
FR: Apt bkfst, emails, subs: MoMA: Rain Room (water through thousands of ceiling holes & sensor noticed parts of humans and stopped the drips over those parts. Move slowly through the rain, not get wet, but be surrounded by falling water) 7.5 hr wait, lunch Cafe2, Design, Corbusier, Rain Room viewing, store; sub, apt rest; bike to Bowling Green, sub to Grand Central, walk KFC Bryant Park, sit eat, walk Times Sq, sub, ride bike; apt bed. (New bike sharing program in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. I bought an annual pass and made 14 trips in 6 days. There is a station next to my building and 2 bike paths a block away in each direction. I now ride a bike to the 4/5 subway instead of walking.)
SA: Apt bkfst, bike to ferry; ferry Governor's Island: exhibits (cloud white plastic milk jugs and water bottles that had some blue water in each), sit, Eva's shrimp avocado mango salad and glass of white wine - splendid way to while away some time in the big city, art golf, rocking chair, ferry, Strbx: Bowling Green, apt rest fotos, bike - BowlGrn, sub Bleecker, dinner: Bowery Bar&Grill (Standard by Ed Ruscha who lived in OK for 15 years, walk Cooper Union, KMart, Astor sub, apt, river, shop, apt, bed.
SU: Apt bkfst, bus/sub: Village Bleecker, Pridefest, Strbx lunch, sit 'dog' park, bike 2 blocks, subs: Grand, Little Italy, edge SoHo, subs BGreen: bike WFC Hudson, apt, rest, bike street & Hudson, Conrad, movie: This is the End, walk Hudson, Mediterranean dinner, river, shop, apt bed.
MO: Apt bkfst rain, bus to Strbx, sub 86th, Guggenheim: Turrell; bus: 72, walk Central Park, lunch walk, sub WTC Strbx, apt: rest, bike/sub: Union Sq (lost umbrella), Heartland dinner, Union Sq, subs Bowling Green: find umbrella, ride WFC Hudson, river, Thames, BowlingGn, walk Hudson, apt, bed.
TU: Apt: bkfst, laundry, clean apt; bike to BowlGreen: fotos, bike back; shower, car to LGA: easy check-in, snacks, flite: good work done, IAH dinner, flite, car, home; water, mail, bed.

2013 Colorado August 12-18
MO: Girls in; Perry bkfst, Kansas: snak, Gorham, Victoria Cathedral - largest cathedral west of the Mississippi River when built in 1908-11 by Russian orthodox immigrants - about halfway of 10-hour drive to Denver, a good opportunity to get off the Interstate and travel the old US 40 and see some small towns in western Kansas: Hays, Ellis - Chrysler home; CO McD, rainstorm that required every driver on the Interstate to pull over and wait out the zero visibility, clear mountain view, freeways; check in, work blog, Taco John's, work, bed.
TU: Up 8:40, yogurt; McD bkfst, drive Speer, park street, Denver Art Museum: Nick Cave,
The wing of the Denver Art Museum designed by Daniel Libeskind & Herbert Bayer Collection (logocrap and house rehab thots); lunch Mad patio; call motel, drive, check out; drive Boulder: Flatiron coffee, find motel: Univ Inn: mt view, walk UC and Pearl St; check in, rest; walk creek park, Pearl St mall, Deco courthouse & theater, Boulder Cafe salmon beer, mall sit, walk creek park, Alfalfa's snax wine; blog, bed.
WE: Good sleep; Alfalfa's bkfst, walk Arboretum path, Colorado U: Old Main, maps, chat house couple, Interurban trace, creek path; room rest, check out; Alfa lunch, drive, CU Hill, History Museum, Chautauqua; drive, CS tea tour, shop; drive, Panera lunch; drive Boulder Canyon, Nederland, Shoshoni: check in, rest, yoga class, dinner on deck Phil, rest, hike, bed.
TH: Slept 7:30, miss bkfst, coffee scone on deck, room, 2 hour hike, rest shower, drive; Black Hawk: Ameristar casino 5$, Central City opera house, Main St, lunch: Harley Hippy, walk, view valley; drive Idaho Sp: sit Stbx, drive town, Georgetown: walk town, museum, coffee sit; drive Breck: unload, deck, golf club bbq buffet, drive ski hills, house, bed.
FR: Bkfst deck: emails, blog; drive, Country Boy Mine tour, driving tours, Fatty's: burger coffee; Brian & Carol, Pete & Marcia, dinner, bed.
SA: Pack, S&S coffee muffin, gang: photos, byes; mountain towns: Leadville bkfst, Buena Vista, Salida, Westcliffe; scenic drives, Bishop's Castle, I-25, drive NM TX: oldies music, Amarillo Quality Inn.
SU: Sleep 9:30, shower, McD, drive, Shamrock deco station, drive: 60s & psyche, McD, drive; home: unpack, shop, get girls.

Above: shots from the common areas at the Shoshoni Yoga Retreat. I had wanted to learn yoga to help me breathe, improve back pliability, and overall health. But, I always chickened out before making it to a class in Oklahoma. I reasoned that staying overnight at a yoga retreat in the Rocky Mountains would motivate me to go to class. It did and I did. Damn, yoga is a real workout. It's tough. But good. And what a great environment. The next morning I took a 2-hour hike up a mountain (below).

Central City and Blackhawk. Boom towns for mining and now, boom towns for gambling. That is a high-rise casino hotel at the bottom of the valley. I won $5.00.

My sister-in-law and I toured this old gold mine and panned for gold (nothing). In the background below are the ski slopes of Breckenridge.

Below left: During a drive around Breckenridge with my brother and his wife, we spotted this fox. Below right: Bishop's Castle, a fascinating construction by a single eccentric mountain man. You can climb up into the rickety towers for scenic views. These sights are the rewards for taking road trips on the back roads.

After time with my brother and two of our cousins and their spouses, I drove to the mining towns of Georgetown, Leadville (breakfast), Buena Vista, Salida, and Westcliffe. I took scenic drives on south to extend my time in the mountains before heading back to the plains of Oklahoma. A great week that was restful and inspiring.

2013 Dallas October 3-6
TH: Girls in, Drive to America, 1 stop, LBJ construction, check-in: La Quinta, brief rest; Dart downtown to Fair; State Fair: food court, Hall of State, Embarcerdero: mink, band in grass, ice cream pretzel, coliseum: shoe cleaner, Tower view, midway, food court: coffee roll, Chinese Lantern, bratwurst margarita, brick, parade, Lanterns lit, Illumination, bldg, ice cream, Dart; hotel, work, bed.
FR: Hotel bkfst, room, drive Bush/SMU, MBird east, Ihop bkfst, White Rock, hobby shop (gone), Swiss Ave, Greenville, MBird, Love Field: new terminal; drive, Scouting Museum, drive 35E/Bush/NDT, Preston Center Starbucks: late lunch coffee work, hotel rest, NorthPark: pizza, walk, yogurt; hotel, read, bed.
SA: Clean car, McD bkfst, PU Margaret, HHS anniv: program, walk school, Margaret, Barbara, walk backstage; El Fenix: Marg & Barb, bye to BG, visit with Liz, Marg, & Linda; drive LBJ, hotel, Panera: dinner, prep lecture, hotel, finish reading An American Band, bed.
SU: Hotel bkfst; drive Calatrava bridge, 35, Denton: Square walk, train, UNT: Mike's coffee: TIK work, walk campus, drive OK; Ardmore: Strbx/Burger, drive home: unpack, get girls.

Downtown Dallas from the new Tower at the State Fair.

2013 NYC October 23-27
WE: lock up, load car; girls to vet, drive Classen Uturn: home for backpack, drive airport, easy precheck, bkfst, flite: large woman; IAH: sandwich, sit; flite: empty exit seat, new plane: webwork, EWR, car, coty ride; apt: unpack, walk SEnd, bagel dinner, shop, river, apt.
TH: Apt bkfst, see Bob re floor, bike to BG Whitehall, sub Union Sq: Seth, Union Sq, Univ place Medit lunch, sub: Bloomies: Beatles, drum set, Bloomberg rotunda: Chris doorman, walk, Starbux, sit Citicorp, sub Grand Central: Apple, Gallery, Pylones, sub Fulton, pizza, apt: rest, replace carpet; sub Times Sq: cookie, walk, Big Fish, Times Square, panini, sub, apt.
FR: Apt bkfst, sub 23rd: TWarner: turn in boxes, sub 53rd, Burger Heaven omelette, MoMA: Magritte, design women; store: Vignelli mug, sub: WTC, Path, new Calatrava tunnel, WFC, Shake Shack, walk river; apt: rest, work; walk river, Battery Park loop, bike West St, river, apt: work, bed.
SA: Apt bkfst, work, sub: 29th St Starbux: fotos, sub: Grand Central: Apple: mini? none, phone mail, Pylones, sub; Apple 5th Ave: buy Mini (1+ hour), ATT store (2+ hours); walk Upper Times Sq: Applebees: dinner, play pad: all good; walk Times Sq, sub, apt: tweak pad.
SU: Apt bkfst, rest; sub: Sheridan Strbx, wander, buy cup, Wash Sq: sit, Walgreens, Astor, sub, City Hall: Belgian waffle, CurrIves, WTC, Trinity cemetery, shop, apt: laundry, clean; river, car; EWR: TSfuckingA pat down (no agent knew what was going on), United Club, lecture, delaid flite; board, single exit row flite: lecture, web; drive, bed.

This new concourse, designed by Santiago Calatrava, connects the World Financial Center to the World Trade Center complex. Behind that solid wall would have been the basement of the North Tower. Behind the opposite wall is the base of the new World Trade Center 1, now the tallest building in the country.

Ringo Starr's drum set from 1964 and 1965 was on display at Bloomingdale's. We had to go see. Parts of the set were what he played on at the concert on September 18 in Dallas.

Twas a hoot to be looking at them again - in many ways, music history was made on these very drums. We later wandered the Upper East Side and then descended into the subway. There on a tile wall was the best electrical outlet we had ever seen:

It sat alone on the wall, begging to be noticed. The serious industrial motif made it appear otherworldy - like from a Jules Verne novel or a sci-fi movie set. Now that I was aware of these cool things, I was on the lookout - below is another version spotted in the station by my apartment. It's above the Rector Street sign.

2014 NYC March 1-6
SA: Walk dogs, girls in, drive; hassle: new flite to Wash, lunch at airport, flite: finish reading Inferno, IAD: 5Guys burger, 1st Class: scotch, webwork, car to apt, river, shop, bed.
SU: Apt bkfst, walk 911, WTC, City Hall, sub SoHo, Paper, Flor, Apple, DWR, Strbx, NoLiTa, Mulberry, Columbus Park 5 Points, Foley Plaza, sub Strbx, Battery Park, Hudson, apt; work, eat; walk river, Brookfield, tunnel, south End, apt.
MO: Apt bkfst, snow trace, tips to desk; sub: Times Sq: Discovery Brick rr, Heartland lunch, Rock Ctr: Lego store, Grand Central: MTA shop, Piq, sit, sub: Trinity, coffee snak deli, apt; buy cereal, dinner, apt.
TU: Late sleep, apt bkfst, sub: Carnegie Hall tour, museum; Strbx, MoMA: FLW Dallas & Bartlesville, Cafe2, galleries, stores, sub: WTC, walk river; apt rest; walk BGreen sub: 29th Strbx, Battery Strbx: uploads, emails, walk, apt.
WE: Apt bkfst, walk WTC, Fulton, Urban Outfitters, Strbx, Seth: Woolworth lobby tour, wander downtown, Fulton buffet, Sth Str, Jack's Coffee, Federal Hall, BitCoin Center, Bowling Green, apt, laundry.
TH: Sub: Union Square, Coffee Shop breakfast, Petco, B&N; sub Fulton Street: new station, souvenirs: dog collar NYC pins, apt: rest, pack; car: EWR, flite: read Gladwell, CLE, Subway, flite: webwork, home.

2014 North Texas May 23-26
FR: Girls in, bad McD bkfst, Drive Ft. Worth; Museums: Kimbell, lunch, art, Modern: gallery, shop; Science: gift shop; Strbx; Barbara/Steve: house, tour Hillcrest house, hospital, downtown: drink, Taco Diner, house; drive; check in, no toiletries, walk CVS, buy toiletries, card decline, okay, hotel, bed.
SA: LaQ bkfst, Bush Library, vet: Manhattan ear cut, yogurt fruit, walk wildflower garden; drive Central, Panera: lunch, emails; hotel: rest, Strbx, call vet; drive: Calatrava bridge, Allison, Eric's party: Jan Ralph Randy, drive Woody Central, hotel, bed.
SU: Manhattan's ear suture surgery: Sleep late, Strbx brkfst; drive LBJ Stemmons, Reunion: Hyatt, Tower, revolving cafe, Union Station: msg from vet: all okay, text thanks; drive downtown, park: Warren park, DMA: Hogue, video numbers, Frank calls; drive I30: White Rock, Lakewood, Skillman Live Oak: Matts TxMx lunch, drive Skillman LBJ; hotel: rest; MargaretLiz: Chinese dinner visit; drive LBJ TexPress, hotel, bed.
MO: Hotel bkfst; drive Central; Denison Donna: coffee, lunch, Fudge shop, parade; Drive, Rest Area coffee; Get girls.

2014 NYC June 11-17
WE: Up early, dogs in, easy check in, sit with Hisseys, delay, rebook by phone, flite read: Houston: Bubbas lunch, flite: web, read; car, river: eat wrap, apt, shop, bed.
TH: Up early, bkfst, sub: MadSq, Strbx, shops, Modell, sub TmsSq: buy shoes, Heartland usual, sub: apt rest; walk river, Hudson Eats: pizza coffee, tunnel Path, West St Memorial, buy dog pins, walk; apt, rest, dinner; walk river PierA, apt, read.
FR: Apt bkfst, sub UnionSq: Seth, Panera coffee talk; sub: Williamsburg: Bedford, lunch: Pies n Thighs, Dianna bench, walk, sub: apt rest, balcony rain, eat, await Mike: 12:10.
SA: Balcony bkfst; walk ferry: Governor's Island: ride bikes, hammock, dancers, Admiral's House, Ft Jay, ice cream, house galleries, bikes, JazzAgeLawnParty: band, dancers, costumes; food trucks coffee, turn in bikes, grass nap, hill, ferry, walk apt; rest, sub Bleecker, theater, tshirts, B Grill patio, walk: Brazilia cafe, sugar, desigual, sub oops: Barclay's, sub, apt.
SU: George's bkfst, WTC, sub, Central Pk: rent bikes, loop, hill, rest; walk TavernGreen: lunch on patio, tour restraunt, meadow, mall, fountain, mall, 59th st, walk Lex: Strbx, Bloomies, sub: Wall St, walk, apt: rest; Chinese river dinner, walk river, shop, apt.
MO: Balcony bkfst, walk 9/11 Museum: exhibits, film, 8:40-2:00, boarding vet call; wait, walk Hudson Eats: lunch, apt rest, call vets; sub Village: BBall, AIA Gallery, WashSq: sit, 6th Ave: drink soccer, eat soccer, walk West Village, 14thSt; sub, river sit, apt.
TU: Balcony bkfst, shower, sub GCT: mta & piq; walk Diamond, MoMA: design, garden: Whichwich called: meet in Dallas, Cafe2 lunch, shop; walk TimesSq, sub, apt rest, Whch emails, pack, shower; 2 delays; river, car, EWR: UnitedClub, flite, drive, bed.
WE: Get Brooklyn, get Manhattan; email, upload

Later chatted with this guy - he rescued the dog and they are now inseparable.
Ladies from the Jazz Age Lawn Party. Jim and Dianna in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

2014 Dallas July 9-11
WE: Bkfst, girls in, gym, drive rain, quick coffee; LBJ/Central; NorthPark: Wich, Apple, Strbx; downtown: park, check in, rest, work on bags, HappyHr wine, walk Wilson, ThanksSq, ride Dart, eat Wich, hotel, cookies, walk AT&T, bed.
TH: Hotel bkfst, edit & print; Whichwich meeting 10-4, tour, conf rm, walking tour, lunch, break: hotel, coffee, meeting; hotel: rest, notes; HappyHr, walk Dart; West End, call Mike; Union Sta: catch TRE train: Ft Worth: Subway dinner, train, Dart, sit in Pegasus park, hotel: cookies, bed.
FR: Hotel bkfst, pack, walk Main Street Park, check out; drive OK.

2014 North Texas August 6-8
WE: Girls in, gym, eat, pack; drive non-stop 3 hours, LBJ, Panera ParkLane, central; Adolphus check in; walk, Jimmy, drive Oak Cliff: Bridge, Allison Randy, Bishop dinner, drive; bad sleep, change rooms, bed.
TH: Little sleep; bistro bkfst: revised and rehearsed, room; walk, Jeff's WhichWich office: MJ, James, Jeff; lunch at table, 10-4:20; hotel: rest, walk, Dart, West End: BBQ dinner, Dart, 1st Baptist, hotel: work, bed.
FR: Shower, Bistro granola, walk WW, pack; drive Central, Denison: Donna lunch; drive, get girls, home.

2014 NYC October 21-26
TU: Little sleep, bkfst, girls in, rest, drive, easy prk chkin, lost zipper; empty flite, IAH lunch, flite: whole exit row, coffee, blog, lectures, tests; car, River wrap, apt settle, shop, apt.
WE: Apt bkfst, work; Stbx: blog emails, web; MusAmIndian: photog, walk Bdwy, Pret, Bach Trinity, WTC walk, Memorial, shop, apt: rest coffee eat; sub TiSq: rain, pretzel, cookie, New Amsterdam: Aladdin, Walgreen's, sub, apt.
TH: Apt bkfst, sub, rain, SoHo: Apple, walk, Village, grilled cheese, WashSqPk, Brazilia coffee, Bdwy, sub; apt: rest, walk River, Brookfield, web; apt, Wogie's sandwich to go, apt.
FR: Apt bkfst, walk sub E/M MoMA: Seth, honored the death of Massimo Vignelli, WW fotos, Matisse, Vignelli, Christopher Williams, bench, Robert Gober; Starbux lunch, Rock Ctr: Lego, sub 40th: Garment, coffee, walk MadSq, Eataly, Mad bench, Union Sq: sit; B&N, Pavilion dinner; sub, apt.
SA: Apt bkfst, cove wifi; walk River, BP: coff cupcake, tunnel, WTC, Fulton Ctr, Bdwy, Battery Park, apt rest; sub Houston sub LES: Katz too slow, walk, Taqueria, walk, chocolate, shoe store, Chinatown walk, Canal sub, River, shop, apt.
SU: Apt bkfst, sub: Village, WashSq: sit, turn in phone, walk 5th: Parsons gallery: Papanek exhibit, 14th, Staples, Pret lunch, Union Sq, sub, Whitehall, Battery Park, River; apt: laundry, pack; River, car; EWR: no line, Club: test revise, lecture, flite: lecture; car, home.

2014 Santa Fe December 15-18
MO: Girls in, drive: 8:45-4:30, bkfst Weatherford, lunch Amarillo, gift shop coffee, mtns, Check in; drive Alameda: Frank & Nancy: dinner, talk, Voice, room bed.
TU: Meet Frank, drive Tesuque market: bkfst, drive mountains, Opera, airport: tour and talk, U of A&D: Manhattan film set, Soleri amphitheater, Molecule design store: buy whiskey glasses, Railyard: Flying Star lunch, work Roler; motel: rest, walk Plaza: coffee chocolate, walk town, buy Pinon incense & candles, La Fonda: sit, email Cecilia, walk; motel room: web, drive Frank's: work on website, drive cafe: dinner, Frank's; motel, bed.
MO: Snowing, bkfst at corner place, room rest, Plaza, History Museum, walk Fonda, motel shower; drive Franks: web, drive oil, shop, lunch, bye to Nancy, drive, bye to Frank; drive Canyon Rd, Farol: Cecilia, drinks, talk, catharsis apology, drive, Gallery, Residence Inn, motel, rest; La Fonda: dinner, history fotos, 109 Palace, Plaza, motel, bed.
TH: Sad sleep, shower, Plaza Cafe: bkfst; walk north plaza, Basilica, motel: pack, check out, JiffyLube, call Frank; drive 285, Clines: coffee gas, I40 podcasts, Amarillo Starbucks, drive Aladdin, home; unload, shop.
FR: Get girls, unpack, resettle.

2014 Bella Vista Arkansas December 25
Drive turnpike, Highway restraunt; Bella Vista, lunch, visit Mildred Cooper Chapel, tour town, visit Cooper Chapel, prep dinner, shop, family dinner; drive home in dark.

2015 NYC January 5-9
MO: Girls in, bkfst: pack, visit Mike/Anne, car to shop, cab to airport; Schlotzky's, flite: new plane extra room: WW web, IAH: roofer guy, Starbucks, Club: WW web work, snax; flite: whole row, WWweb, wrap, city views; car, apt.
TU: Apt bkfst, snow, web; sub 86th, Cooper-Hewitt: cafe, exhibits, shop; Gugg, bus 60th, subs; WTC Memorial, Hudson Eats, shop, apt.
WE: Apt bkfst, walk Fulton Center, sub: Great Jones, Syed Gallery, Public Theater, sub: Grand Central: gallery Time, piq, Juniors lunch, shuttle: Times Sq, sub 23rd: Doughnut Plant, Lego, MadSq; sub: Battery Park, Pier A, river, apt: blog, web upload, bed.
TH: Apt bkfst, cab to Met: Egyptian, snak, TH Benton, Cubism, lunch, Cubism; bus 60th, sub 34th; New School, sub: Pier A: dinner drink sunset water, walk apt, work, bed.
FR: Apt bkfst (snow) clean apt, laundry; river, car to EWR: flite (delayed), work, O'Hare: run to OKC gate
SA: Get car, get girls, bkfst

The 9/11 Memorial at night. New Year's Eve artifacts in Times Square on January 6

2015 Arkansas March 27-28
FR: Drive Tulsa, Siloam; Bentonville: Walmart museum, Station Cafe, square; 21C hotel/art, Art Trail, meditate, flw house site, Crystal Bridges Art Museum, coffee, store; trail, drive, WalmartToGo & WalmartOnline; Springdale: AQ Chicken House; drive Little Rock, check in, bed.
SA: Bkfst hotel, drive Quapaw homes, Sugerbakers, downtown; Clinton Library; coffee, shuttle to RiverMarket, Flying Fish lunch, walk river, market; Statehouse Museum; walk, Clinton Store, shuttle, drive Quapaw, GovMansion; Central High museum, walk school; drive I-40, gases, home.

2015 NYC April 30 - May 15 Manhattan 7 & Brooklyn 1
Dog park friends: Milton (Collies), Unique (Watson), William & Mary (Kahlie), Matt & Jill nabers, Andrew & nabors
TH-SA: Smooth drives, girls good, easy motels, walk downtown Effingham, WashPA Panera.
SU: Drive FDR to Times Sq, park car,tour Mark Hellinger theater.
MO: 29th Stbx, 30/30; guitar to Brenan, Brooklyn opens apt door, caught in hall, changed handle.
TU: Chambers hdwr: new dead bolt, she gets out again, installed new dead bolt.
WE: Jewish Museum modernism, Brkfld mall lunch, buy salmon dinner.
TH: Seth: Union, MadSq, Village, WashSq, AIA, SoHo.
FR: Wall St, AmerFinance, SoStSe, lunch; shop.
SA: Walk: north bpc park Goldman river.
SU: Christopher/Sheridan strbx: webwork, WashSq, Astor.
MO: UnionSq: Panera, Petco.
TU: Times Sq: get car, drive West Side; Uber: Taylor, Frying Pan; pack.
WE-FR: drives, Columbus; Ted Drewes, Springfield; Joplin: Bonnie & Clyde, tornado.

2015 NYC July 2-9
TH: Girls in, checkin, flite, dfw yog, flite: racism essay, LGA: Carmel; SWNY: dinner, shop; apt: unpack; river, shop, apt.
FR: Apt bkfst, sub: MoCNY: Rand; Central Park Conservatory, Meer: sit rest; Dunkin lunch, sub: apt rest; bus: Battery Park, Strbx wrap, River, shop, apt rest; roof, River (no fireworks), apt.
SA: Apt bkfst, sub: 13th, walk Whitney: bldg, terrace lunch, flyovers, ships, sit on River; HiLine, MePa, sub: apt: eat, rest, wifi work; walk Wall St, Battery Pk PierA: burger outside, apt rest; walk SoStSe: ice cream, fireworks, walk, River, apt.
SU: Apt bkfst, wifi; River, Brookfield crepe, WTC: OneWorld Observatory, lines, elevator, media, views, lunch; plaza sit, apt: rest; walk wtc, Fulton sub: UnionSq, Panera dinner, UnionSq: backgammon, Seattle Jesus guy, loopwalk; sub: Battery Park, River, shop, apt.
MO: Apt bkfst, rest, work, wifi; coffee, dog park, River, apt rest; walk SoEnd, mints, BrookFieldPlace stores, Regal: Inside Out, peanut m&ms, 911 Memorial, BFP: drugs, PJ Clarkes: burger/beer outside, sunset, River, apt.
TU: Apt bkfst, sub: Grand Central, shops, Landmark exhibit, fukin cookie, walk; MoMA: lunch, migration, Yoko Ono, shop, soundesign, archit; sub: Hudson Eats pizza, apt: rest; sub: TimesSq, snak, Palace: American in Paris, TimesSq; sub, snak, apt.
WE: Apt bkfst, purge books, purge dvd/books, laundry, wifi; sub: TimesSq: snak, St.James: Something Rotten, TImesSq; sub: MadSq: Shackburger dinner, Denmark store, UnionSq; sub, walk SoStSe, bus, apt; River, apt.
TH: Apt yogurt, pack; walk RIver, Hudson Eats: bkfsts, walk River, apt; car, LGA: flite with Westchester couple to Telluride; DFW: Salt Lick dinner, flite, car, home.

2015 Abilene & Lawrence Kansas August 7-10
FR: Girls in; Bkfst Perry; Abilene: Greyhound Museum: beany dogs; Eisenhower vis ctr, shop, Home, Museum; McD lunch; grave; drive Lawrence; dinner, talk, bed.
SA: Bkfst: Milton's, Sondra, home; drive Leavenworth: VA campus, Nat'l Cemetery, lunch: Pullman, fort: no ID, Prison building; drive Atchison: Amelia Earhart house, Vis Ctr museum, drive houses, Mueller's: beer on deck river; drive home, downtown: Genovese: dinner, walk Mass, home.
SU: House bkfst, Rock Chalk park, drive BlackJack battlefield, Eudora, Library; home, Library: work lecture, shop, home, cook dinner, walk; downtown: ice cream, home.
MO: Pack, Panera bkfst; drive: Hardee's bkfst coffee; shop, unpack, settle, get girls.

2015 NYC October 20-25
TU: Girls in, easy checkin, flite: whole row coffee; ATL walk, flite; trains to WTC, HudsonEats, River, Apt: rest; River, shop, bed.
WE: Apt bkfst, sub: TimesSq: Hamilton lottery, Marquis, no draw, walk; MoMA: lunch, Torres-garcia, Picasso, design, coffee; sub: apt, rest; sub TSq: Hamilton lottery, nope, sit in TimesSq, sub, apt, fotos, bed.
TH: Apt bkfst, sub: Grand Central: Apple: delay, no help; sub: Strbx 28: upload, email; walk MadSq, sub: UnionSq, Parsons: Typog, walk 5th: churches, WashSq: sit, more sit; AIA gallery, Bareburger, SoHo: Apple, MoMA, sub: BatPk, river, apt rest; bus: Fulton Seaport Studios: Michael Beirut, snax margarita, walk Fulton, AIGA, bus, river, call Frank, apt.
FR: Apt bkfst, sub: Hudson Yards, Think coffee, HiLine, Starrett-Lehigh: Beirut exhibit, HiLine primitive, sub: BryantPk: lunch, Pain, Pret, sub: dunkin, apt: rest; sub: Hamilton lotto, nope, LuntFont: bout tkt, TimesSq, McD bkfst, Walgreens, theater: Finding Neverland, sub, walk WTC, apt.
SA: Apt bkfst, walk Fulton Transit, sub: UnionSq Seth: sit steps, Starbux, walk east: WashIrving HS, lunch diner, Webster Hall, Astor Place, Starbux, sub, BatteryPk, river, apt rest, laundry, work.
SU: Sick, walk shop, apt bkfst, rest; car LGA: easy, flite, ORD: bagel wich, flite, car, home.

2015 Dallas December 24-25
Christmas Eve: Girls in; pack, drive: I35 lake bridge, BK Walnut Hill, downtown bridges, Tippit marker, call Allison, WoodyRogers, Central LBJ TexPress, Macarthur Starbux, LBJ free, Whitehurst apt, jogging route, Walnut Hill Trader Joes: shop, PHPC: mom dad bill; Forest, Preston Royal, Specs/theater; Mimosa: talk, dinner, church, dessert, talk, bed, no sleep.
Day: shower, coffee, breakfast, gifts, play roborex & drone; drive: Amy/Stephen, Debbie, kids; drive: Donna, girls & spouses, drive; home, warning ticket, unpack.

2016 Lawrence & Topeka Kansas Febuary 5-8
FR: girls in, Grease drive, Perry bkfst, Wichita: Art Museum, black photos, coffee; negro church; WSU Ulrich; drive, musicals, dunkin lunch coffee, drive; Vermont: dinner, tv
SA: walk Panera bkfst, drive KU, LeCompton museums, Topeka: Capitol building, Westboro Baptist, lunch McD, History museum, trail; drive, rest, MassAve: walk, rnd corner dinner, diner pies; tv
SU: Alchemy bkfst, walk; Pet World, drive Arts District; drive LeCompton Hall: exhibits, book sale; prep food, Super Bowl, Apple tv, bed
MO: bagel bkfst; McD coffee, drive, turnpike coffee, shop; get girls, resettle.

2016 North Texas April 10-13 "I could live here."
SA: Pack, Toruk Cirque du Soleil.
SU: Pack, McD bkfst, girls in, drive Toruk, Love's, drive; Denton: Rayzor Ranch WW, UNT: Union, Library, Wooten, strip: JimJohn lunch: sketch ww; Greek row, ATrain depot, square: West Oak Coffee, walk; drive 35: lake bridge, Trinity bridge, Six Flags, stadium, hotel: Laird rearrange, drive, park, check in, work, rest; tollway: S&S, tv, MatchBox dinner, house, drive, park, cookies, get laptop, work, bed.
MO: Bkfst, work, room; walk Old Red: museum, 6th Floor shop: lunch, Rosa Parks Plaza, calls Donna Frank, room: work rest, Flying Red Coffee: WW keynote, pull over; room: shower rest; change pants, WW Meeting 5:50-10:00p; room, bed, little sleep.
TU: Shower, check out; coffee; WW Meeting: new menu board and items; walk/talk with Jeff, get car, Tollway, NWest Hwy/Preston: Corner Bakery: coffee desserts; Margaret P Hudson service; drive Tollway, Rayburn; La Quinta check in, work.
WE: LaQ bkfst, pack; drive 121 DNT; Frisco Square, heritage, old Frisco, Starbucks; Nebraska furniture Mart coffee; drive 121 75, Sherman; Denison: Donna lunch coffee; drive 70 35 Choctaw coffee; get girls, home.

2016 NYC April 16-25 Final drive with Manhattan 8 & Brooklyn 2
Final drive with dogs. Prepping apt to sell. Dog park friends: Unique (Watson), Amy & husband (Rosie)
SA-MO: Smooth drives, girls good, easy motels; Eff: walk to McD, WashPA: drive US40 downtown, Panera; NYC: Park garage.
TU-FR: Dog Park, Battery Park, Hudson River.
TU: Prep apt: removed statues/buildings, clock numbers, 25 grey frames.
WE: Apt work; meetings with Broker and Bldg Mgr, Calatrava Oculus, salmon dinner.
TH: Apt work; Union Sq: dog food, Seth, Madison Sq; rest.
FR: Apt work; sub to 52nd, muffin, Ground Central Coffee: Derek que mt; walk GE bldg, GCT: theater, gallery, sandwich; taxi, Apt rest; rearrange furniture, Seth: clean apt, sit balcony, suitcases to car, walk dogs: Battery Park, home rest
SA: Up at 6, prep apt, dog park drizzle, load car, leave 6:46; drive, US40, horrible underground railroad 'museum', Chandler OH 40; Columbus motel: check in, rest, dinners, work, bed.
SU: Drive, McD an hour out, Ted Drewes: popular dogs, family with own grey, Springfield: rest, tour Commercial St, 66 motels, burger dinner, bed.
MO: Up at 4:04, leave at 5:00; drive, McD bkfst, Vinita coffee, drive; unpack.

2016 NYC June 18-23 Final apartment stay, movers, and empty
SA: Airport shuffle.
SU: Stomach ill, buy groceries drugs, purge, The King and I.
MO: Purge, Seth, load, Uber Goodwill, leave tv at 14th st curb, Union Sq Starbucks, tv gone, subway.
TU: Oculus, sub to Cooper Hewitt, taxi home; remove kitchen/bath carpet.
WE: Up at 5, prep, movers, sad and empty, walk Broadway lunch, text/email friends; check in Holiday Inn, Hudson Eats dinner.
TH: Bkfst at CoffeeBeene, walk to 911 memorial, drugstore, room; flite change: calls, shower, pack, taxi LGA; slight delay, flites; get girls; home.

2016 Dallas July 15-16
FR: Pack, girls in, Walmart McD bkfst, drive; Denton: mall, Corner Bakery lunch; drive LBJExp E & W, 35Exp, Cadiz: Police Memorial; drive river, bridge, 75; Park Lane Starbucks; Mimosa: The Rustic: decorate, Jimmy surprise party, walk: Mutts, subway station, home, bed.
SA: Bkfst at Flying Fish Preston Center; drive Tollway/121/35; 77: Turner Falls, Davis, Ada: Courthouse, murder apt, CCC park, ECU, Arby's lunch, motels; drive, shop; get girls.

2017 Santa Fe January 20-23
FR: Load, drive, Hinton: Sonic bkfst, TX rest area walk, windy, Amarillo McD lunch, Santa Rosa: walk park, blue hole, 66; Clines: coffee, bars; Lamy Amtrak; Eldorado: Greg's house, Brooklyn in, talk with Greg, pizza, family; drive LaQ: check in, rest; Panera pasta dinner, bed. Very little sleep.
SA: Alarm, prep; drive Brooklyn to evaluate at Santa Fe Tails daycare, get McD bkfst, check back - she's good to go; drive motel, eat, rest; Frank's: Railyard market, shops, Cafe Una: lunch; motel rest; drive Eldorado: find Comm Ctr, Jill's Celebration of Life: slides, readings, people share; drive to daycare, Brooklyn home, rest; Frank visit, walk to Blue Corn Cafe: sit with hikers, Chris & David, Conrad, Greg; walk home, Frank, walk Brooklyn, bed.
SU: Slept late (yay), Brooklyn daycare, Starbux, Frank: Plaza Cafe bkfst: bagel salmon, granola, walk, La Fonda; drive search FLW house (no luck), Violet Crown: coffee, LaLaLand, get Brooklyn, Franks: walk naborhood, visit Nancy; Hotel: webwork, emails, Panera dinner to go, bed.
MO: Brooklyn daycare, drive; Harry's Roadhouse: bkfst with Greg, talk; pickup Brooklyn; drive 285, I-40: Tucumcari 66; San Jon: gas, coffee, 66 drive; Deco rest area; Shamrock: McD coffee macs, Main St, water tower, 66 motels; drive home.

2017 NYC Febuary 13-17 Marriott Marquis, 1st trip since out of the apartment
MO: Bkfst, pack, Brooklyn in; rest; drive airport, silly PreChk; Scholtzsky's, flite; ATL: iced latte, wrap lunch, 2hr delay, sit in gift shop by gate, webwork; board: 1 hr delay, flite; fast luggage, car to Marriott; check in, store wrap, hummus, room, bed.
TU: Hotel buffet bkfst salmon/granola; dump & rest, sub to Lego store: buy NYC, Madison Square, sub 42nd: lunch; 8th Ave, room: nap; lobby coffee work; room rest; Times Sq walk, Disney, bummed; store egg salad chips sandwich m&m; room, eat, tv, shower, bed.
WE: Hotel buffet bkfst eggs/granola; room, taxi: Met Breuer: yuck; walk to Met: lunch in American Wing, store; taxi Times Sq: Mitch ad; room rest; Times Sq, 48th sub: Union Sq: BarnesNoble, Petco treats, Seth, Starbux: talk, walk Astor Place, Cooper Union, Muji, East Village: Philip Glass house (saw him in the window), 2nd Ave, St Marks Place, goodbyes, Vspot vegan dinner, cvs: buy drops; sub TSq: ads, Hamilton, room.
TH: Hotel buffet bkfst salmon/eggs/granola; dump & rest; walk to MoMA: Bauhaus, interiors, Constructivism; Burger Heaven: lunch coffee; walk TSq; room rest; sub 47th Cortlandt: Oculus, Westfield Place, Saks, bridge over West, Memorial, Oculus: Apple, shops; sub TSq: Heartland, TGIF, hotel buffet, room, shower, pack, bed.
FR: Some sleep, alarms at 6:00; about 6:20: up, shower, pack, check out, firemen in lobby, firetrucks on street, taxi to EWR; poor tsa: empty pockets, belt, lose deod, bkfst, flite; ATL: Starbux, chips; flite, baggage, car, drive; get Brooklyn, home: unpack, mail, rest.

Philip Glass' house.

2017 Lawrence Kansas March 3-6
FR: lazy am, Brooklyn in, drive: writing audiobook, turnpike lunch, music; Starbucks Topeka; I-70, Iowa, 19th; walk Joey, talk, dinner, talk, bed.
SA: walk Alchemy, Dillons coffee, Hank's brkfst, home; walk Levee, North Lawrence; Joey home; campus, Rules home, drive East Lawrence: BonBons lunch, Hawkins History Museum, Spencer Museum, Johnny's bar, home; bball game, chicken dinner, movie: Selma, bed.
SU: bkfst, Sunday Morning; drive I 70, St. Joseph MO: Patee Museum, Ground Round lunch downtown; Grole Psychiatric Museum: Secrets; drive, walk Panera, TV, salad, TV, bed.
MO: Bkfst Ladybird, goodbyes, drive US59; Emporia State: National Teachers Hall of Fame dump, downtown; drive 59, 35; Trnpk McD coffee, drive; get Brookyln, Taco Bell, home: eat, unpack, resettle.
Below: signs seen around Lawrence in response to Trump:

2017 NYC June 10-15 Paramount & Marriott Marquis
SA: Bkfst, house prep; Brooklyn in: sad, not want to go; chekIn, flite; Atl: Asian lunch, coffee; flite: whole row, web work; bag clm, Uber; Paramount: chkin, room unpack; TimesSq: hot dog, hotel, chocolate, bed.
SU: Very little sleep & afib nite; bkfst yogparf coffee lobby, sit outside, room rest, shower; walk 42 sub, walk, Path: NJ walk Ruki's, condo, walk WhiteStar: lunch, walk Colgate clock, waterfront, sit, sit, Starbucks, sit; ferry: WTC, Oculus, R train: TimesSq: walk into Great Comet set, room, no AC, change room: 529 (1972 UT study tour), rest; return old key, ParaGrill: dinner, walk 8th Ave, Pret wrap; room: Tony awards, shower, bed; ac stops: pack, midnite: chkout, Marriott: chkin, yogurt, get upgrade TSq view, bed.
MO: Good sleep, bkfst buffet, room, lobby web work, room; sub 2 to 96th, Uber to Cooper Hewitt: Jazz Age, coffee, meet Ruki, talk tour office, exhibit, garden, meet Sarah Coffin, chief curator; walk Lex, Bocado Cafe: dinner wine; sub 4: byes at Grand Central, Transit museum, walk 45th, hotel: shower, tv, bed.
TU: Up at 10, store eats lobby, room; walk MoMA: renew, FLW, Rauschenberg, lunch: Cafe2, store souvenir; walk Red Caboose train shop; room: rest, work, shower; walk Broadway, Caffe sandwich, theater: Groundhog Day; Bdwy, Caffe: hummus wrap, hotel, shower, load soundtrack, bed.
WE: Up at 8:30, bkfst omelet, room; sub: UnionSq: Seth, Q/2nd Ave subway: station at 72nd, 86th st; Yorkville: Obama's college home 94th (bottom middle), Marx family home 93rd, wood houses 92nd, Bocado Cafe 87th Lex, Strbx, sub Grand Central, bye Seth, Shuttle; walk Shubert Alley, TSq, room; Heartland: pickles caesar, TSq, theatres, Edison Hotel, 8th Ave: room, shower, bed.
TH: Bkfst omelet, room, TPiR, pack, rest, shower; chkout, taxi: 36th QM tunnel. new LGA: drop bag curb, short tsa, lunch, wait, cold brew bottle, GDay sndtrk, board, flite: web work; Atl: wrap yogparf, delay, call Frank, delay (3+ hrs), change terminals, change gates, wait, webwork, board; flite: music, read Swarm; no luggage (63 of us), drive home, bed. Got Brooklyn next morning. Luggage next evening.

2017 Dallas July 11-12
TU: Drive; TexExp 35, 635; Urban Reserve, Forest: Schlotskys; HHS, Mimosa; change cloze; drive Oak Lawn: Debbie service, family, drive Lakewood, Balcony Club; drive Lakewood; Mimosa: pix, trains, shower, bed.
WE: Shower, foto train, granpa; drive Sasha daycare, Knox, Hillcrest, SMU; Flying Fish bkfst; Drive NY Hwy, Skillman, Urban Reserve: builder & realtor, tours; Orchid, Mimosa; read book; drive DFW: S&S byes, drive 35, Starbux, get Brooklyn, home.

2017 Santa Fe August 14-18
MO: Bkfst, pack; Brooklyn in, checkin, coffee; delay (miss connection), wait, cancel flite, leave security, drive to SF; reconsider, go to counter: book new flites (1st class), check bag; shuttle to car, drive to check on Brooklyn, eat pdq, home rest: adjust attitude - all good; drive airport, easy checkin, board, 1st Class: stare out window entire flite, wine; DFW: seatmate (Jeremy Cobb? Atty to Tyler) invites me to Centurion Club: buffet dinner, wine, work; SkyLink to TermE, wait, board, wine, seatmate: David Lind (architect, Steve's house) “where are you going?" deplane; Greg, get bag, drive; talk, bed: little sleep.
TU: Read Grisham, puzzles; up: bkfst, sit outside, nap read; grocery store, sandwich, sit out, rest, shower; WF: meet Frank, buy dinner, SFOpera: park, see bldg, lecture, car: tailgate, seats, The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs, home: stars, bed.
WE: Ride to opera house, wait, talk docents; Backstage Tour, Greg pickup, drive Tune Up bkfst, House of Mud: Nancy, Frank: tour Hopper House, lunch: Bumble Bee salad, MeowWolf, coffee; arm pain, Seton Village; Gregs, rest, pasta dinner, tv, stars, bed.
TH: Bkfst outside, rest; drive Bandolier: hike down to valley, vistas, dust in the wind, visitors center, shuttle to car; drive Los Alamos: Starbucks, brkfst bagel, walk to lodge; drive home relief route, rest, check in flite; dinner: Harry's Road House: Frank, Greg; drive convertible bmw: route 66, Lamy, home, tv, bed.
FR: Shower, bkfst patio, pack; drive airport, goodbyes, check bag, walk/sit, tsa, sit on tarmac 1.5 hours (miss connection), flite: entire exit row, work; DFW: get pass/seat, McD lunch; flite: work, no luggage; drive get Brooklyn, salad, home.

2017 North Texas October 17-19
TU: Nightmare, up at 5? Bkfst, up 7; pack, Brooklyn in, Chick-fil-A breakfast, I 35; exit Denton - across on 380, down tollway to the Star: Dallas Cowboys, call Frank, lunch at tri-tip grill; hear tire suckup screw: find 3 tire places, Goodyear waiting, walk cross street to Starbucks: afternoon coffee outside; Goodyear; drive 121: Toyota, 35, PGBT, 183, 360; AAMuseum; drive 183, 121, 7th st; Barbara & Steve: wine outside, Cafe Press outside, house; drive 30, 35, DNT; S & S, talk, bed.
WE: Bkfst Mimosa, shower; drive contemp homes: FredaStern, Meadow, Lakewood, White Rock; Arboretum: terrace lunch, Oz, skywalk, DeGolyer home tour; Mimosa: rest; Prestonwood Club: HHS alumni award: Steve, reunion; Mimosa: reminisce: PH park, PH school: 3 brothers at same time, bed.
TH: Sleep late, cereal, shower, pack, byes; drive Columbarium, Orchid, PForest, Preston obj central, old road Sherman-Denison; Donna: new art, new furniture, lunch Sage Sherman sq, museum, drive, walk Denison main st, byes; drive, Durant coffee, drive; get Brooklyn, home, unpack, laundry, bed.

2017 NYC November 15-19 New Yorker Hotel
WE: Bkfst, walk, Brooklyn to board; shower, pack, drive airport; TSA: patdown, sholder not even show up, Moes lunch, iced coffee, read paper, board; flite, read mag, Dan Brown; ATL: yog icecoffee; flite fat man, luggage, phone dead, taxi: Lincoln tunnel, New Yorker: checkin, room: unpack, dinner: TickTock, walk block like 1961, room, bed.
TH: Wake 7, shower; bkfst: TickTock, New Yorker history display, room; subway: wrong direction, wrong train, help weelcher; MoMA: computers, fashion, Terrace5: lunch, photography, store; subway, Strbx, room rest; Uber to gallery, call Frank, walk block: Basquiat studio, Show Opening: Syed, brothers, curator; taxi: hotel, dinner: TickTock, lobby, room, tv, bed.
FR: Wake 7:30, bkfst: TickTock, room; taxi: honking discussion; Union Sq, Seth, sub Oculus, Apple store, Hudson Eats: coffee by window, walk Saks, bridge, park overlook, Louis Vuitton exhibit in Stock Exchange, Trinity church, sit river at Cove Club, Battery Park, Bowling Green, lunch: Pret talk, walk Fulton Transit, sub Seth bye, 34th, Strbx: cold, room, lobby: chat Arthur Dallas, Scottish, emails, sling notes; vending snak, room: rest, shower; sub: 44th, walk, pretzel, Lyceum: The Play that Goes Wrong; walk TSq, 8th Ave: try sub: no machine, walk 8th to NYH, room: pills, dinner: TickTock, room: bed.
SA: Awake: 8, shave, bkfst: TickTock, room: text Syed, sub: 14th, buy bum sandwich & water, walk Whitney: Syed, Protest, meatpacking, lunch: Bills Burger Bar, walk to 8th: Strbx, sub, hotel, room: rest, pack; walk 34th, sub: Union Sq: Petco treat, Max's, Sq, B&N: Syed, book, walk dinner: Spice Thai, choc pastries, non-stop talk, UnionSq, sub: walk 34th, hotel, bed.
SU: Wake: 6:40, shower, pack; car to ewr: easy checkin/security, bkfst: Champs, buy mints, write, board; aisle, write Crazy Man in Car, read; ATL: Strbx, Asian protein, board, write, read; OKC: get coffee, luggage, walk car, get Brooklyn, home; unpack, resettle.

2017 Denton Texas December 2-3
SA: Bkfst, pack/load; drive, 2 stops; 11:35 Denton: Historical Park, smell Texas, walk old homes, drive University: Petco, Strbx, Panera: sit outside; LaQ: checkin, room rest ou game; drive Strbx, TWU, houses & streets, home tour on Oak, p drive, Square: walk, sit on courthouse grass, Denton store, drive, Little Chapel, rock garden, ChikFA, room: eat, tv, hotel walk, bed.
SU: McD bkfst in room, pack shower, load car; drive UNT: walk campus Brooklyn, drive 77 town loop 380, Taco Cabana bkfst; I35: express, lbj, Preston, S&S: visit back deck, Brooklyn run, fall pool, PHPC: Brooklyn in car, Parlor, family: Inurnment; drive PR Strbx, dnt lbj 35; Ardmore: Strbx outside, drive, home, unload, shop, resettle.

2018 Lawrence Kansas Febuary 2-5
FR: little sleep (Edmond city stress), bkfst, rest, pack/load; Brooklyn in, drive, Kansas Star, Hardee's, Lawrence: 6th St, house, dinner, tv cable info, bed.
SA: sleep well, Hank's bkfst, see Green Book house, home; drive 6th: Clinton Park, Pinckney school, College motel, drive (OSU won) Topeka, North Topeka: Bradley's diner, Great Overland station tour, & museum; drive, rest, Phil Bradley's farm: soup dinner, Kay Tibbs, Jennifer King?, Laura Dahnert (UT won); home, tv, bed.
SU: drive McD, bkfst home, tv Sunday morning, mt press; drive, lunch: Lawrence Beer, Henry's coffee, dogcare place, campus, stores, home; rest, tv, Puppy Bowl, Super Bowl, halftime, pizza, game, bed.
MO: coffee, MassAve: Roost bkfst, home, byes; drive, Hardees, shop, home: unpack; get Brooklyn.

2018 Denton Texas
Thursday March 15
Bkfst, Drive, Ardmore Loves: coffee, rr, walk; drive, Rayzor Panera: sit outside, walk; Jon call, meet square: WO coffee bar: cbrew, talk map; drive Linden, talk look, TWU; Square: art gallery, goodbyes; walk, CHouse lawn: Calhoun kids, great Dane, lay in grass, car cup, WO coffee bar: cbrew, sidewalk patio: Canadians chat: Brooklyn, Yukon Hamilton, rr, water, Jon; walk, Fuzzys: quesa, walk Sq: bench eat; drive Oak St I35 - 2hr 45min; home, unpack.
Trip confirmed desire to move.
Redesigned Linden house.

Sunday April 29
Drive; Panera lunch, North Sts: Anna: walk Brooklyn, Bolivar, Jazz Fest; West streets; Square: walk dogs, ice cream sit, grass, coffee; drive

Sunday June 3
Bkfst, drive, coffee poop stop; drive; new I35, Dog Park, 1100 Bolivar (drove by house April 29): Tour house, sit on porch, Brooklyn greets people, discuss; walk to 1500, drive to cool off Brooklyn; West Oak coffee: Cbrew, water Brooklyn, Jonathan prep offer, signatures; Panera: sit outside, drive: JWW license plate, billboard for Bolivar St BBQ in Sanger, gas stop Love's, home.

Saturday July 21
Drive, Rumpy's stop, Argyle: check in; museums: house, QTown; DAC Jason Lee photos, Fire Sta, Sq: LSA Burgers, Jonathan, West Oak, drive see houses Historic Hickory Randy, Hickory bike shop, Ponder; square: West Oak water; PU Brooklyn, drive OK.

Tuesday September 11
Drive, Cowboy Chicken, daycare, UNT, Square, park: ONeil Ford, Parkway: tour, talk, WOCB: discuss, Congress, bye, daycare, drive OK.

2018 NYC May 16-20 Hotel Henri Wyndham, Sean
WE: (bkfst at 3a) Shower, coffee, pack, load; Brooklyn to Pawpa, drive, check in, Tucker's bkfst, board, read; Atl: panini, cold brew, board; read Flight Attendant; luggage, Carmel ride, Hotel Henri checkin, Sean, room, walk MadSq, 5th Ave: Mexicue dinner, walk MadSq, room, gummy, bar deck: snax, drinx, room.
TH: Good sleep, shower, elev Sean, Flatiron Green Cafe bkfst: MadSq umbrella, sub: MoMA: queline, store; walk 5th, Trump Strbx, Apple, Central Park: Mineral Springs lunch patio, gummy, Bethesda Fntn, Chinese busker, bubbles, mall, waffle; sub: hotel, rest; sub: Lincoln Ctr: plaza sit, My Fair Lady, walk ColCircle, sub 23rd, pizza slice, Tacombi: dinner, room.
FR: Shower, snak penthouse, park Sean sub: UnionSq, Coffee Shop bkfst, walk Parsons: gallery, Union, sub: Hudson Yards: Vessel, HiLine, Think coffee, walk HYards, NY Type Directors: Rocco Piscatello posters, talk with Carol, walk Strbx, New Yorker diner lunch, walk, sub, room rest; sub: Times Ctr: hold seat, Ruki, Christo images, talk, q&a; Heartland Brewery: pickles, RukiPatti, walk, sub: 23rd goodbyes, room.
SA: Shower, banana; Strbx bkfst, sub: Rector: West Bridge, Hudson, CoveClub George, cab: Seaport (all rain), walk Beekman Court: lunch, Fulton Transit, City Hall park, sub: abandoned city hall & 18th, 23, Strbx, room rest; sub SoHo: skateboard store, Apple restroom, dwr, sub Times Square: design pavilions, AstroTurf beds, Chevy's, look for ice cream; sub 23: 7-11 ice cream bars, hotel deck: shrimp, dessert; room.
SU: Poor sleep, shower, Strbx bkfst, room eat, pack; lobby luggage; taxi: Javits ICFF, Sean Ruki, Tesla X, coffee, food court lunch, Stationery show; walk sub, 23rd, green cafe coffee, sit at Flatiron, walk MadSq, hotel: get luggage, car; EWR check in, TSA, wrap yogurt, board, flite: read; baggage, goodbye Sean, drive home.

2018 Santa Fe July 31-August 4
TU: Bkfst, pack; Brooklyn in; easy checkin; smooth flite; dfw: strbx snwch, read/fart mags, walk; flite: read/edit; get rent car; Garrett's: chek in: rest, unpack; 109 Palace, Plaza, room; Frank: drive town, BumbleBee: dinner, house, Nancy, motel.
WE: Shower, drive Strbx: coff bkfst sandwich, drive; Los Alamos: walking tour, Museums, Lodge; bagel bkfst, Strbx, sit outside; Bradbury Science: bombs, film; drive: Española, Classic gas station museum; drive: Tesuque Market lunch, get gas, drive Agua Fria, San Isidro, airport: return car, taxi to motel; rest, walk Plaza: opera singers, sit, Nacha Mendez: salsa jazz, grilled cheese, nightlites, buy cd, motel, shower.
TH: Bkfst: Plaza Cafe, Five&Dime; room: emails, coffee; oldest church & house, Canyon Road, sit in windmill/fountain, corner cafe: lunch, mex mocha, flw email, Coyote Cafe, walk shops, photo: RFK master, walk, room, shower; Frank: Opera: park, talk, box dinner, Doctor Atomic: storm, explore house, drive, motel.
FR: Sleep til 9, shower, Frank: walk east plaza, bkfst cafe, plaza, art museum shop, drive: St Johns College, Santa Fe Trail, train depot: goodbyes, coffee, snak; 1:02 Rail Runner: Sandia Sta: shuttle, Casino, Uber to Tram: standby wait, Peak walk view; Uber: Sandia Casino: shuttle, train; SF depot, walk plaza, 7:45 Thunderbird: margarita, fajitas, walk, motel, DrA music, shower.
SA: delayed/change flite, walk, Strbx: bkfst, Plaza, walk; room rest, pack, checkout, Uber to airport; checkin, wait, outside, nice flite: read, DFW: link term c: Dickey's, Strbx, sit, flite: read, bagclaim, drive; mex food, home resettle.

2018 Austin November 2-5 UT Orientation Advisor's Reunion; House/condo search
FR: Bkfst, Brooklyn in, Ardmore McD, 35E: Waco, Temple, Troy, Round Rock: (ikea) Strbx lunch brew, Austin: LaQ chekin, rest; walk Capitol grounds, Scholz Garden, walk home, vending dinner, shower, bed.
SA: Room bkfst, shower, car; T call, capitol, park city hall, walk, Public Library, see 222 West, city hall cafe: coffee y quesas, drive Umlauf sculpture garden, 1Exp, hotel; pu Sarah Kandy at tailgate, drive Maudie's Triangle: Tom drinks chips, girls to hotel; we drive East Austin, Mueller portapot, Hyde Park, Tom's House, hotel.
SU: Drive campus: foto Prather Jester, Art, Embassy: bkfst gang, drive campus: Kinsolving, Littlefield, Tower, AC, Union, Lunch: goodbyes; drive Sarah/Kandy Congress coffee, goodbyes, Toms: coffee, drive EAustin, downtown, park at library; tour : 3 studio units, sunset balcony, 7:00: True Food dinner, drive Tom’s, hotel.
MO: Bkfst, Tom: see 19th and 29th condos, 29: Zilker park view - "this is it", inspect apt, lobby, pet store, trader joes, tom: get Merit coffee, sit prep to do list, hotel: pack, chekout; drive, McD lunch coffee, Ft Worth express, Gainesville: Strbx, drive, get Brooklyn, home.

2018 Austin November 20-21 Condo closing
TU: Little sleep: Brooklyn foot wound, stress of moving details, rushed stressful physical day - opt to fly, find flites, call Tom, rest; Brooklyn in, CFa bkfst: visit Sherry, pack; airport: easy park/checkin, Shlotz lunch, bottle breaks; flite read; DFW: train, 7-11 protein; flite; walk Austin airport: Salt Lick BBQ, Lyft ride; LaQ: checkin, wash, eat, bed.
WE: Good sleep, bkfst, chekout, Tom: condo keys, 222 West: 2908: measure window, get manual, drive TitleCo: closing sign papers, drive Lamar, coffee yog, Highland Mall, 183, airport: easy tsa, explore terminal; flite: manual, read; dfw: Strbx lunch coffee; flite (tarmac delay): read; drive, get Brooklyn, dinner, home.

2018 Austin Nov 29 - Dec 2 Condo move-in
TH: Bkfst, Brooklyn in, load car; drive, parking place, unload mattress, Room: unpack, tour with Grace, Tom: unload car to Room; street: Toni, Room view, True Food drinks/dinner, bye Tom, John greyhound Talley, Room: settle, shower.
FR: Poor sleep, settle, shower, Merit bkfst, Alexis pkg, Justo nest; Room: settle; drive IKEA: 2 carts full, chekout/load car, cafe lunch coffee, drive; unload, move car; assemble balcony table, bed, Poke dinner, finish bed, shower, bed.
SA: Good sleep, read book, prot bar coffee, purge cdbrd, rug; drive, Strbx, IKEA: return, buy pieces; Tom, Dick’s house: watch UT/OU game, lunch coffee; Room: assemble drawers, walk ped bridge, pix, assemble table, Deck sunset xmas lites, TrueFood burger, TJs: bkfst, Room, bed.
SU: Bkfst: quiche coffee, pix, pack, drive 35, Hillsboro Strbx, Ardmore Strbx, home; shop, get Brooklyn.

2018 Austin Dec 20-25 Condo settle, Brooklyn 1
TH: Bkfst, load car; drive (okc crash), Round Rock: Strbx, Ikea; apt: unloads, redo bed linens, rug; walk Strbx: get dinner.
FR: Walk Waller Creek; Justo install shade, chandelier; wifi installed, hang pix, mount coat racks; Ikea return, Depot; home rest, mount pix; walk river, shop TJs; rest, assemble night stand.
SA: Finish tasks, drive So Lamar, Target, Ben White, 5th st, Strbx, apt.
SU: Apt, Whole Food terrace cafe, sit at river, web work; Tom: Torchys, Dick & Jenny.
MO: Laundry, fix ceiling holes; drive 360, 2222, Mt Bonnell, 4104 Ridgelea, BBath, Strbx, PetSmart, Dobie Target, gas; take pix.
TU: Poor sleep, 5a walk, pack; drive; White Rock walk, Mimosa: Sasha, dinner; drive, home.

2019 Austin Jan 17-22 Brooklyn 2
TH: Bucee's, restarea talk greys; IKEA: stool, coffee sit; room, walk.
FR: Brooklyn daycare: tour; walmart: mac pack, shop; fix macpack; Halcyon: James web consult; Library: website, Brooklyn webcam; Epoch; get Brooklyn; room.
SA: Shop, Norwood estate; Zilker Park, drive Westlake Hills.
SU: dog park, coliseum park; UT campus, drag, PTs burger.
MO: walk naberhood, Brooklyn daycare; haircut, Maudies, Strbx, History museum, gas, Brooklyn.

2019 Austin Feb 14-20 Brooklyn 3
TH: Drive: CTS, Bucees, Waco Silos, lunch coffee, river bridge; home: settle.
FR: Brooklyn in, deck, room; walk Congress, Hideout coffee (Mitch), Sixth St shops, markers, Dickinson & OHenry Museum, honeysuckle, Coopers bbq, walk 2nd, drive: Walmart, room, Pelota bike coffee: web, Brooklyn, sit, room, rest, walk grass, room.
SA: webwork, Zilker Park, drive, walk Lamar, Starbux, web, walk.
SU: Marathon, webwork, Pease Park walk, drive Nueces; walk bridge, dog park.
MO: Brooklyn in; load desk; WholeFoods, Castle Hill; Whites: lunch, move; room, Torchys, Pelota coffee, Brooklyn, room.
TU: Brooklyn in, WholeFds: bkfst, shop; rest, Ransom: A&C, Maudies SoLamar, Library: coffee web,

2019 WaltDisneyWorld Feb 28 - March 3 Wilderness Lodge
TH: Poor sleep: icy; bkfst, Brooklyn in, no ice, easy tsa, delayed flite, rebook, DFW: burger coffee, missed boarding: rerebook, buy dinner snax; flite: puzzles; MCO: Magical Express, hotel room.
FR: Good sleep, RoaringFork parfait outside, walk, room, bus: Animal Kingdom: Everest, bkfst bowl, ice coffee, Pandora: Passage, River Journey, bus: Epcot: Umbrella lunch/coffee, Test Track, Mexico boat ride, Norway Frozen ride, Germany polka floor, American Adventure, Japan family pic, Spaceship Earth, taxi; hotel: shower, Whispering Canyon salmon salad, lobby, water parade, room.
SA: Good sleep, bus: Hollywood Studios: Trolley Cafe Starbucks bkfst, walk, ToyStory, Star Tours, Prime Time Cafe salmon salad, bus: lobby, room: shower, rest, boat to Contemporary, monorail: hotels, Magic Kingdom: parade crowd, Main St, TLand: coffee snak, Carousel Progress ride, new Fantasyland, Gaston ham/swiss snak, Liberty: steamboat ride, Adventure: Tiki Room, HMansion, walk exit, Fireworks, Boat home: RoaringFork grilled cheese, Woodbridge outside, lobby, shower, geyser, room.
SU: WCanyon salmon caper, room: pack, check bags, bus: Disney Springs: Disney store, Lego, Star Wars, Blaze pizza, Coke roof, bus: hotel: buy snax, bag, coffee outside, Magical Express: hotels, MCO: Disney store: Mickey Chip Dale pins, Ruby Tuesday salmon coffee, flite, DFW: flite, car, home.

2019 Austin April 1-4 Amtrak
MO: Little sleep, Brooklyn in, easy drive/park; 1st on train, smooth ride: NYTimes, bagel coffee, laptop; FtWorth: subway coffee, sit; board, delays, bkfst sandwich beer, Observation car; MoPac, station; walk cross Lamar, TrueFood dinner, room, unpack, bed.
TU: Better sleep, Merit burrito coffee, walk Independent, room, mirror, laundry shelf, call Tom, Shark Tank call, walk 2nd St, Library: work, CookBook lunch, room: web rest; walk West St, 6th: Tom, visit Dick & Jenny, Luby's dinner, Tom's patio, drive; Cookie ice cream, TJ's, room, bed.
WE: Cereal bkfst, rest, Pelota coffee: web; room, walk river bridge, path, Library: CookBook dinner, room: laundry, bed.
TH: Juice coffee, pack; Merit burritos, walk to Amtrak (delay), train: web, observation car; Ft Worth: Texas Hotel SBux, JFK shrine, Barbara Sundance, train: dinner, work, car, home.

2019 Lawrence April 26-29
FR: Brooklyn in, sholder check-up, Target; Joannie drive: Wichita CFA lunch, coffee in car, Topeka rr, Vermont: sit, dinner; Lons presentation, home, bed.
SA: PoorBoy bkfst, home, drive, Carnegie exhibit, bread, coffee, toy store, Lucky Dog, drive: Ed bldg, West Lawrence, lake campground, Mass: Jimmys Egg, Walgreens, home, rest, dinner: brisket, chopped salad, Bill, Gary & Barbie, tv, bed.
SU: Lon walk, home, McD bkfst, Meet Press, laptop, drive: NYTimes, Weston MO: Tin kitchen, shops, Holladay Distillery, drive, dinner leftovers & RBG movie, bed.
MO: Miltons bkfst, tour Wagmore; Joannie drive, rr stop, Edmond Panera lunch, home, get Brooklyn.

2019 Austin Kerrville & Fredericksburg May 14-20 Donna & Johnny Brooklyn 4
TU: Drive: Bucee's, HEB; unpack, rest; walk 2nd st, lawn, rest, walk, bed.
WE: Drive 183: Bricks store, Philly sanch, 360; rest, river rapids; gas, cvs, El Arroyo sign & dinner, walk creek/river.
TH: Buy can food (she eats!), Brooklyn to boarding, ABIA: get Donna, drive: Pickle House lunch, Dripping Springs, Johnson City: visit ctr, boyhood home, LBJ Ranch: wildflowers, school, hangar, jet, film, house, grave; KVille: check in, Johnny's house: drink, Cowboy Steak House dinner, D emerging from restroom: “I think I got it all”, hotel.
FR: Poor sleep, Starbucks brew, hotel, Del Norte breakfast J&D; Schreiner campus, Center Point high school, farmhouse, Camp Verde General Store, camp site, J's ranchfarm; Pax coffee, Schreiner house, Main St, Pampell soda shop; post office, drop off J, drive FBurg: walk Main St, Burger Burger patio lunch wine, dog store, Java Ranch coffee, drive Kville: liquor store, Whataburger: Dr Pepper shake, rest, J's: meet family, Rails: dinner, car, HEB, bed.
SA: Good sleep, J's house: kids cake, goodbyes, drive FBurg: Sunset Grill bkfst, drive, DripSpr Starbucks, Austin airport: check in, ipad, goodbye hugs; shop, unpack, get Brooklyn, walks.
SU: B&N: NYTimes, HDepot: tp holder; apt, TJ's, dog food; Republic Sq jazzfest, Capitol: Brooklyn pets,
MO: Brooklyn daycare, 6th St Gold's Gym, Starbucks; Tom, Luby's; Library: webwork, coffee, CookBook pita, get Brooklyn, rest, walk, pack.
TU: Rainy drive, Bucee's, unpack.

2019 Dallas May 30 - June 2 Jim & Erin Wedding
Wedding present: Lego Statue of Liberty, Lego Star Wars planes, DFW Deco, coffee table book, Texas flag and state stickers, Wood plaque: What good will I do today? Cooler lights, Dog beer treats, Dog beer.
TH: Brooklyn in, drive, Denton Square: WOak Coffee: lunch, CBrew, web; I35, Las Colinas, DFW airport, Ranger stadium, Six Flags, Preston Center Starbux: web; Mimosa: rest; Arboretum: visits, Mimosa, visit.
FR: Poor sleep, coffee visit, Flying Fish lunch; Starbux: web, Northwood: Rehearsal dinner: toasts, visits, Bill, Sigma Chi; bed.
SA: Good sleep, Starbucks: bkfst brew, Tollway: closed, first one to re-enter, park DMA: 10a walking tour, 11:30a ATT center tour, DMA Cafe lunch, sit, gallery; rest, Fair Park Garden Center: rain, Wedding: outside wet, inside seated, dinner, Ann, concrete house, gallery; bed.
SU: Pack, coffee, Brunch: visits, goodbyes, drive, Starbux, get Brooklyn; unpack.

2019 Austin June 7-12 Hamilton Brooklyn 5
FR: Drive, Magnolia: gr cheese, coffee; heb, unpack; shop, mount fan, shelf, mirror.
SA: Brooklyn in, gym; parking, Bass Hall: Hamilton - phenomenal, get Brooklyn, rest.
SU: GreatGlobalGreyhound walk; drive: NYTimes, Starbucks, Arroyo; rest, work in condo, storm.
MO: Brooklyn in, 6th Stbx, Golds; Jenny visit, Tom & David: lunch, shop; Library, get Brooklyn, laundry, pack.
TU: Drive, Salado bridge, home.

2019 Austin July 25-29 Flite
TH: Bkfst, Brooklyn in, WRA: sexual patdown; DFW: TGIF sanch, Strbx yog fruit cbrew; AUS: coffee walk, Ube? Taxi home; unpack, coffee; Irene's hummus beer, rest, walk bridge, deck, bed.
FR: Merit bkfst, Whole Foods; GGym, Violet Crown lunch, Q Tarantino movie; bars, coffee; Tom: Luby's, new house; bed.
SA: Bkfst, work, text/fone calls; Uber: Barton Springs, Uber: Nekter bowl, room; Pelota coffee lunch, web, Royal Blue: ice cream & chocolate, room; Bus: Univ Coop: Texas mug, CVS, Bus; TJ Pizza, bday dinner, bed.
SU: Bkfst, texts; Royal Blue coffee, GGym; rest, Library: lunch coffee, web; rest, Book People, REI, Waterloo Records, Whole Foods: dinner, apt: eat, Devil Prada, bed.
MO: Bkfst, pack, Uber: AUS: Taco, yog, tarmac delay, Flite; Love: walk loop, coffee, Flite; get Brooklyn.

2019 NYC Sept 30 - Oct 4 Ace Hotel, Hamilton sites
MO: Brooklyn in, check-in, delay (web said no other flites), bkfst, flite: write Colleen; walk fast, 2/3walkways closed, term C: got cart guy to take me - got to gate while boarding, flite: lunch Zoes, read, puzzles; LGA: luggage, Uber, FDR drive; check-in, room, unpack; walk Broadway, Hill Country Chicken dinner, Lego store, walk, room.
TU: Report room issues, Breslin bkfst, room, sub Union, Trinity church graveyard, WTC Memorial: new glade, Oculus, phone call: Brooklyn injury, call Joannie, Hamilton sites: 54Cedar last nite, 63Pine law office, atrium Strbx lunch, 57Wall home: Wash oath from balcony, 12Garden (Exch Pl) law office, 69Stone law office, Fraunces Museum: Hamilton/Burr last time before duel, Battery Park, Thames dogpark, ped bridge, sub: halal lunch, room; walk 30-24 Whole Foods: prot bars, room; sub pizza, Winter Garden: Beetlejuice, Times Sq: chicken taco bowl, sub, room.
WE: Bkfst Dunkin, room, Seth: hotel, walk 30th: bldgs, PO/Penn station, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton SS guy, Niemans, mall, plaza, kiosk tkt, Starbucks talk, Vessel: elevator, views, Shed, High Line, 7th Ave brgr lunch, Madison Sq: sit, Lego, Seth bye, Worth Sq sit, hotel lobby bar, room; Made Nice dinner, room.
TH: Bkfst: The Smith, room; sub W D: 145th: Hamilton Grange, all 3 sites, Sugar Hill Cafe: salmon bagel coffee, 145th sub A: 14th, Hispanic Church, Bayard house area, Whitney: sit, shop, HiLine pee, walk, sub E F 6: Astor Place, Eliza Hamilton house, St. Mark's, The Bean: sit, text, coffee cookie, sub: room, DrSmood dinner, 7-11, Greeley Sq, DReade, room, pack.
FR: Up at 5, shower, Uber: LGA checkin, 5Guys bkfst, tsa, flite: music; DFW 10:30a: Starbucks sandwich brew, close app; 12:40 flite - delay, board, mechanic delay, exit plane, wait, no info, smoothie, 2:45: we have a plane, change gates, flite 4:20, WRA: luggage, car, Brooklyn & pills, McD, home.

While walking down the street with a friend we noticed two black vans. Black-suited men with ear pieces stood between the van and the sidewalk. We figured something was going on so we turned around to watch. Only a few feet away. Another guy came out of the building, motioned, and the door to the van opened - out stepped Hillary Clinton, a couple other women, and then Chelsea. On their book tour, I assume. We chatted with a Secret Service guy for a while and then walked on.

2019 Austin October 19-26 Official Texan Brooklyn 6
SA: Drive: OU game traffic, air show Alliance, Silobration, walks.
SU: Merit burritos; Home Tour, Target; rest, bridge, nektar smoothie, call T; get NYT; room, buy dog food.
MO: (Dallas tornado) Brooklyn to daycare; Jiffy Lube: inspection, State tax: voter registration, car title/tag, DL - not wait, Whataburger, Dodge: put on plate, rear plate, insp stkr; rest, Library roof deck: work, get Brooklyn.
TU: San Marcos: Aquarena Springs, Square: coffee cookie, Wimberley: walk square; bkfst tacos, drive; fone calls, rest,
WE: Bkfst, online: sign in; Brooklyn in, license: no birth cert, home: order cert, gym, Sarah logo, Stbx work, Torchy's bkfst bowl, get Brooklyn, walk bridge, call Donna.
TH: Drive: Round Rock: downtown markers, Star coffee, dog park: fone calls; Pfluger: West Pecan coffee, downtown; rest; Tom, yogurt murder plaque, !-35 plan, rain, Lubys to go, Tom's, home.
FR: Brooklyn in, Chik bkfst, Target shop, Tom: visit Jenni, rest; Total liquor, BB&B: bath baskets; Library: bkfst, work; get Brooklyn, pack.
SA: Georgetown: walk square, Coffee; Denton: Quakertown Park, see houses on Austin Street; Ardmore CfA; unpack.

2019 Austin December 11-17 Dear Evan Hanson Brooklyn 7
WE: Drive, Bucees, Temple CFA, unpack, walk, mail.
TH: Make DL appt, Brooklyn in, Merit bkfst, got License, Target, Capitol Visitor Center, rest, Cook Book: lunch web, TJs, get Brooklyn, walk.
FR: Walk Zilker/Barton Creek: redefine retirement - hobbies, not projects, apt.
SA: Bkfst, Brooklyn in, Manor groj, Blanton: Ellsworth Kelly, cafe/shop, Jester, DEH, AIA models, get Brooklyn, walk 2nd: Flower Child dinner, lawndry.
SU: Drive 290/16, BK burrito, Kerrville: Johnny, Starbucks, drive, back deck; drive I10/I35
MO: Bkfst, Brooklyn in, Title hassle, Whatab DP shake bkfst cawf, Jenny chat walk, Target, LBJ Motown, Briscoe: Davis statue, music exhibit, Capitol: Grill, shop, chambers, Senator Watson, get Brooklyn, walk, rest, HopDaddy dinner Tom, Pack.
TU: Dash lights, Temple gas, lights out, Magnolia Take Away, Loves, unpack.

2020 Austin January 24-28 Hello Dolly Brooklyn 8
FR: Drive new Toyota, Sanger gas/snak, Temple Chik, 130/45; unpack, HomePod, walk bridge, mail, Driver License balcony toast Laird, Orchid, Jim; salmon parmesan dinner.
SA: Walk, bkfst, Brooklyn in, Campus: Mem Museum, Art Bldg, Blanton Cafe, Bass: Hello Dolly, CVS, got Brooklyn, walks.
SU: Walk, bkfst, loo, River trail, sit: Congress/1st, walk 2nd; call: HomePod; Library: lunch cawfy, work UCO Parks; condo door not open, note in door, Brooklyn locked privacy dead bolt, panic, desk, call locksmith, wait, check door: unlocked, cancel locksmith, walk: call Joanie, bridge drummer: "thank you for making the evening more special"; Greens notes to Patti, walk.
MO: Bkfst, Daycare, Mrs Johnsons donuts, Tag temp license, JackBox coffee, Highland Mall, Gym, Brick Store: rails & stairs, BarnesNoble: miniblocks, Domain: Apple, Cafe Lorraine; In&Out shake: Sigma Chi house razed apts, Pink Lizard, condo rest; get Brooklyn, walk, rest, walk river, bridge.
TU: Pack, drive, Temple Chik bkfst, knee pain, rainy drive; shop, unpack.

2020 Austin Febuary 21-24 Vote Dem Primary, Come From Away
Tom fired me up to write again. Come From Away fired me up to be kind.
FR: (afib poor sleep) Bkfst, prep; Brooklyn in, WRA: Tuckers: free tacos; flite: read, pods; DFW: Popeye sandwich, cold brew, "I just need this corner for my coffee"; flite: read, pods; AUS: coffee, taxi: City Hall vote TX Dem Primary, walk, rest; walk Lamar: 24Diner bkfst, Whole Foods: dinner to go, rest, laundry, eat, read.
SA: Merit bkfst, built pizza blox, Sarah call; bus: UT Union: cafe, theater, ballroom, Hogg Aud: backstage, Starbux: sandwich brew bagel, Littlefield, park women's car for her, Comm Plaza, Journ Bldg, campus, Drama Bldg rooms, Come From Away, Keith T talk, Q&A, Keith at Merch booth, wait for Tom, go back: buy book from Keith, text Tom; drive to let dogs out, El Patio: cvs, talks (thanks Tom), drive Nueces, home, shop TJ: bkfst, read CFA.
SU: Bkfst, clean, fix tray handle, walk Golds, home; Library: late lunch coffee, roof deck: view Rally; uber Congress cvs, walk 1st across river, Bernie Rally, ped bridge, 10th deck; apt: move nite stand cables, clean rug, floors; True Food dinner, read.
MO: Bkfst, pack (delayed flite), uber: Spanish-only speaking driver, check-in, tsa: pat down (twice), (further delay) bkfst sanch, flite: read CFA book; DFW: walk c2-c9, board, read; get Brooklyn, home.

2020 Austin October 14-18 Vote First EV road trip Brooklyn 9 Covid 1
WE: Drive, Ardmore , Denton , WhichW, SBux: Paul Bolder ideas, Alvarado , Waco: , Collin Bakery, burrito, home, rest, walk.
TH: Merit bkfst, walk: APLibrary, guard, no line, Vote with Brooklyn, Google bldg: 12 floors; rest, TJ: shop; apt work; Panera : , cawfy, I35 , Electric Ave: 2 Ital Greys & Storm guy; apt, walk.
FR: Bkfst; Brooklyn in, Mitch: Summer Moon coffee truck; SoCo, Congress Capitol, Old Bakery, Tom: house, Luby's, Starbucks; get Brooklyn, walk dog park, guy moves barrier, I tell him to put it back, apt.
SA: Cereal, walk bridge; apt: 30Rock, spackle; drive: Butler park, Riverside, Festival Beach, Total Wine, 183 charger, Panera ; walk bridge, trail; apt, lawndry, walk.
SU: Early, pack; Temple McD, Waco: , Corey from NYC to Austin, Alvarado , Denton: , Panera, Petco, Ardmore , home: unpack.

2020 Austin December 8-12 Brooklyn 10 Covid 2
TU: Dawdle, 11a depart, drive, Ardmore: Starbucks, ; Alvarado : snaks coffee, field; Waco , call Barbara; home: unpack, eat, rest, walk.
WE: Walk, Merit bkfst, mail; walk bridge, TJ: shop, fix game #s; Panera : lunch coffee; rest, office work, walk.
TH: Bkfst, board Brooklyn; gym, wash car Manor, charge, cvs, SigmaChi, Martin Kumbak: burg tot malt, walk block, bang pole, Lucky coffee; rest, P/U Brooklyn; rest; walk sunset bridge; dinner.
FR: Walk, bkfst; Mitch: Whole Foods: rain; purge papers, wash dishes; Tom: garden, Hopdoddy: sit outside; apt.
SA: Pack: Panera , bkfst; drive Waco: , Collin St snaks/coffee, Alvarado ; Barbara/Steve: sit outside, LR; Denton : Panera pizza coffee; unpack, mail.

2021 Austin April 10-15 Brooklyn 11 Covid 3
SA: Drive, Ardmore: , Freddys, Thomas; Alvarado: , bkfst britto; Waco: ; apt: unpack, walk: hind leg limp, shop, apt mail.
SU: Bkfst, walk; mail, att/Grande calls; walk 'dining room', brij; apt mail; drive Apple campus, Panera: , dinner togo, Container store ice tray; laundry, walk 10.
MO: Bkfst, work; walk Open Room; snack work; drive: bkfst truck, Zilker: Mitch talk; Container store: pillboxes, Total: no Joanie beer, drive; walk, work; walk, True: salmon dinner, room eat, movie Soul 1, walk 10.
TU: Bkfst, Brooklyn to daycare; drive Mueller: HEB shop, Total beer, BB&B vacuum; apt: work pillboxes; walk downtown: walk 2nd, 1st, Congress, Tacodeli lunch, Congress, Halcyon coffee; rest; get Brooklyn, sit Seaholm plaza: Storm & Ital greys; apt: work; sunset brij, apt: Soul 2.
WE: Walk 10, bkfst, work; walk river, work; sit Merit, walk: no phone, run back - still sitting on bench, walk 6th, apt: purge pile, rest; Tom: Torchy's, apt.
TH: Afib 12-3, pack/leave 6a, Panera: , bkfst; drive Waco: , pecan pie, treats; Ardmore: Starbucks lunch, brew, ; home: unpack, nap.

Open Room Austin By Roberto Behar & Rosario Marquardt, 2010. Powder-coated aluminum - social sculpture, a place of encounters, and a stage for everyday life and stories to unfold. The domestic iconic imagery offers a home for the recollection of shared experiences.

2021 NYC May 6-10 Ace Hotel Covid 4
TH: Easy up, Brooklyn to board, easy checkin/security, smooth flite, ORD: Strbx lunch coffee, charge, switch seats & back, smooth flite, LGA: luggage, taxi; Ace: check in, room unpack, walk Bway, MadSq: Shack: eat at fountain, walk 5th, Ace: bed. A fib.
FR: Fitful sleep, Robinhood money deposited, Blackseed Bagel bkfst, Tin Pan Alley, subway: buy Metrocard, Rector, new brij, dog park, Cove Club: note to Allen, Hudson walk, Pier A, Battery Park, BowlGrn sta: WTC: Memorial, Oculus, sub: Ace: Stumptown coffee, get pkg, rest, SCreek; walk/sub: MoMA: Garden coffee, modern collection, 1940 kitchen, stores; walk/sub, cvs shop, Ace: rest, walk Cafe28 dinner, Ace: tv Spy.
SA: Blackseed, lobby bkfst, room, sub: Mtpkng: Tesla Gallery: CT q&a, viewing; walk/sub: Panera fukups, UnionSq: eat, RR, sub, Ace lobby: eat salad, rest, Gods crazy, SCreek, Stumptown coffee, see mgr re hskpng, sub/shuttle: GrCentral, walk 42, BryantPk, Times Square, ComeFromAway filming, gunshots, police/crowds in TSq, sub, Ace rest, order pizza, pikup, eat/walk, 7-11: chicken wrap in MadSq, walk, Ace: Schitts Creek.
SU: Blackseed bkfst, room, walk MadSq, Seth sub: Brooklyn, Whitehall, ferry, Gov Isle: bike, hill, Ethiopian lunch coffee, bike, grass, ferry, walk SoStSe yuk, Strbx: sit, drzzle, Fulton sub: UnSq, 28, Milk Bar: corn flk cereal, Ace: rest, order, rainy walk, Shack: eat in canopy, walk, Ace: shower, pack.
MO: Good sleep, pack, 8a Uber: LGA, check bag, tsa, new terminal, Wendys: bkfst fukup, concourse, board, smooth flite, DFW: Qdoba, m&m, board, flite read, coffee, baggage, drive, get Brooklyn, home: unpack, mail.

2021 Austin June 10-14 Kerrville
TH: Brooklyn in, drive Ardmore: ; drive Denison/Donna: Blackbird lunch; drive Walnut Hill: ; drive, AC out; Italy: , cool off; Waco , cool off, call Tesla (still ac out); drive: windows down; Magdalena hotel, Gureros tacos, Donna home; apt: shower, fan, bed, pack bkpk.
FR: Good sleep; drive Panera: AC works, , bkfst; Hotel Magdalena: DFA, drive (spd tkt) Fredburg: find charger; Kerrville: Johnny's, Pampell (Humble Fork) lunch (), L Schreiner mansion; Johnny: coffee, photos; HEB walk, QualityInn: check-in, rest; Cowboy Steakhouse; drive main, motel: forgot pills, plan charging, Afib.
SA: No sleep, SCreek, pad games, reddit, pee/poops, vow less asshole; get DFA, Johnny: Hill Country Cafe, byes, garage , coffee; drive SA: , HEB: sit, coffee; drive hill country, DripSpr Strbx: lunch coffee, Magdalena, Apt: shower, pills, rest, 4:30 Reg rhythm; DFA, East Austin, Sigma Chi house, Torchy's Tacos dinner, DFA home; Apt: walk, mail, apt, reserve museum tickets, bed.
SU: Good sleep, Panera bkfst: , make Tesla AC appt; DFA, ALTNRG Expo: free, quick tour; Umlauf drive by, Laguna Gloria: walk, lake, house, gift shop; lunch: Spread & Co, Blanton: park, exhibits, chapel; Contemporary; UT arena, apt: wine, view, True Food: wine, dinner, Magdalena, apt: pack, bed.
MO: Pack, Magdalena, I35: ; Waco: , CollinsSt bkfst, coffee; Walnut Hill: , Houndstooth coffee, CAMP, sit, AC out; Denison: unload, PB sanch, Ardmore: , Freddy's float; Edmond: get Brooklyn, home.
TU: Got call that I won ALTNRG Grand Prize - $8,000 Powerwall (traded the prize for a cup of coffee).
TH-MO: Tesla SC fixed AC (had low-slung Tesla loaner).

2021 • Austin • September 28-30 • Get furniture
TU: Brooklyn in, drive, Ardmore: . Starbucks; Denton: , Panera bagel; Waco: , Collin St lunch coffee; Austin: set up table, clean; walk bridge, mail, dinner, read. Thunderstorm.
WE: Mail: license renew, table to car; Panera: , bkfst; Vehicle Inspection, Mabry: Texas Military Museum; home, Merit: coffee, renew license online; apt: load car with chairs, rest; walk naberhood: Royal Blue coffee, 2nd St, Goog Bldg; rest, purge cloze; Tom: Waterloo Ice House, David; finish Clinton/Patterson book.
TH: Leave 7:00, Panera: , bkfst; drive, Waco: . Tire Adventure: 10:40 Alvarado: cruise control brake, tire icon comes on, few miles: warning - pull over safely. Drove to Brake auto repair. No do tires. They air it up, go 2 blocks to Angeles Tire Shop: remove tire, see worn spot, no size tire, text Tesla Roadside, slow ordeal: appt next day or tow to Ft Worth SC - opt for tow; eat Texas Teriyaki, put tire back on, 1:00 tow: drive to SC FtW. Wait with Tesla Diva, JackBox coffee, car ready; 3:10: drive; Denton Panera: , dinner; Ardmore ; 7:10: home, unload. Get Brooklyn next am.

2021 • Austin • December 19-25 • Dallas: JEB • Brooklyn 12
SU: Bkf, load; drive, Ardmore: , Park Lane: , JEB: Jimmy, Benjamin, walk Brooklyn, Bill & Mary Paula, William & Natasha; St Thomas Church: walk Brooklyn, photos, Baptism; post-visit; drive: Waco: , home: unpack, eat, read.
MO: Walk, drive to Panera: , bkf; drive Burnet, see chicken fried steak place, Pease Park walk; apt: get mail, sort, see POcarrier re return mail, walk library, cold brew protein shake, Apt: internet install, work, set up nest and homepod; walk bridge, trail, CookBook dinner to go; apt, change addresses.
TU: Walk, Merit: bkf caf, apt: bkf; walk Playcare, walk downtown: CVS, Congress, 2nd, Jo's bkfst, Google bldg, buy dog food, cold brew protein shake; apt rest; drive Tom: Luby's, house; Room Service North Loop vintage, shop HEB; apt, get Brooklyn, deck sunset wine, read.
WE: Bkf; walk river, reserve loading dock; Schitts, webwork: Tesla Tech: battery, tires;  walk, apt: finish The Lost Symbol, walk 2nd: Torchy's: sit outside, apt, read.
TH: 10th pee, walk Playcare; bkf, read, lunch, read; drive 71: Tesla Giga Tx, 290: Total beer, Panera: , lunch, Natural Groc: trip bars, Guadalupe, Sigma Chi house, west campus, apt: read, write, walk river path, apt.
FR: Bkf, walk river, apt: NYTimes, web, walk, shop Joe's, apt, text Christmas cards and greetings, walk: chat with grey owner, Joe's dinners, apt: laundry, read, pack, walk.
SA: Bkf, pack; drive Round Rock: , rock in creek, Stagecoach Inn, Chisholm Trail park; Abbott: , sandwich; Denton: , walk; home: unpack, mail.

2022 • Lawrence • Febuary 12-14 • First self-drive Covid 5
SA: Poor sleep, bkf, pack/load; boarding; drive, low battery, Blackwell, call Tesla, tow truck, drive to South Haven; tow, Colby silo builder drive Wichita: , Applebees; turnpike coffee; Emporia: , Tractor Supply; drive Vermont, greets, new kitchen, dinner, tv, bed.
SU: Bkf bagels/salmon/crmchs, ; drive: McD, Clinton state park, west side, Johnnie’s: lunch, Pet World, Dillons: coffee; home, talk, puzzle; Super Bowl, pickup Chinese, game; charge car, pack, bed.
MO: Bagel; drive Emporia: , McD bkfs; self-drive, Wichita: , fob battery auto store, Dillons, Applebee's; self-drive, home: unpack, buy batteries, get Brooklyn.

2022 • Austin • April 4-10 • Tesla • Brooklyn 13
TU: Lazy am, load, drive, Ardmore: , SBux; Denton: , pee, dog treats; Abbott: , sanch, coffee, CO & MN guys; AC out, Round Rock: , walk, charge, rest; apt: unpack, walk.
WE: Walk, Merit: Bkfst, Brooklyn to daycare; TJoe's; , car stuff, Whole Foods, Panera coffee; mail taxes, Tom: Luby’s talk, lunch; drive, park SanJac, Act Ctr: Skyspace James Turrell, walk Speedway, east mall tunnels; apt: coffee, balcony; insp stkr, get Brooklyn; read, walk.
TH: 10th pee, bkfst, walk bridge; dishwasher, iron shirt codes, lunch coffee, inventory; drive: Zilker Park, hwys to Tesla Giga, BirdBird lunch; apt: Brk meds, coffee; walk, talk with Cambridge couple, River; apt: eat, watch TeslaGiga Cyber Rodeo, rest.
FR: Bkfst, Brooklyn to daycare, walk Library: write; drive TeslaCon: vendors, coffee, pizza; old Congress bridge, Giga, Lamar: , Target; apt, Juan Pelota coffee outside and worked on Lewis story, Republic Square, get Brooklyn; meds, rest; walk Dining room park, apt.
SA: Load; drive Round Rock: , McD bkfst; Abbott: ; Denton: , Panera; Ardmore: ; home: unpack, mail.

2022 • NYC • June 13-17 Edison Hotel • Hadestown Covid 6
MO: Easy up, bkfs, pack, walk Brk, delay, rest; Dogtopia, WRA groj, chk in, tsa patdown, new concourse, Stbx bkf; flite 1st, ATL: tgif slow food; flite: 30 Rock; claim, car, Edison: kiosk checkin, unpack, TSq, Heartland closed, Juniors: reuben; room, shower, bed: no sleep, read.
TU: 9:20: Bkf to go, room; Strbx,10:20a: RiseNYC; room rest; subway Union Sq: park sit, 1p: Seth, rr, building roof dome, talk our way in, Panera: lunch coffee, sub 1st Otis elev bldg, SoHo, sit, Triangle bldg, Washington Sq, coke, sit, rr, Village walk, 4th, sub, 50th: Krispy Kreme, room: rest: Friedmans: window seat dinner, Scotch, Times Sq, shower, bed, good sleep.
WE: Bkf Bond 45, room; sub/shuttle: Grand Central, sit 42nd, 9a: Summit Vanderbilt; shuttle/sub, 11a: Starbucks write: yog coff, room rest; sub: order Shack; Madison Sq: art creek, burger, custard, sit, combo; 29th: Starbucks write; walk Bdwy/28: 42: drummers, new exit, TimeSq, 47th Strbx: bagel, cookie, room: eat bagel, rest, shower; 7:30p: Hadestown cut arm, sanitizer, bandages; Times Sq: chicken gyro, room: eat, listen soundtrack, sleep.
TH: Bkf Friedmans; sub 1: South Ferry, Battery Park: Starbucks write, Canteen lunch, sit, chat wood utensils & politics; walk up 9A, Rector, Bdwy, Oculus: sub 50th: smilin guy, cvs tylenol, hotel; room rest; 2:22p: walk MoMA: Cafe2: cookies & coffee, collection, store; 4p: Lego, Rock Plaza sit, walk (no wallet), hotel: security room, wallet there, rest; walk Rays pizza dinner: sit out front on 7th Ave, Hersheys Reese's cup cookie, walk Theater District, Times Sq, room, shower, pack, bed.
FR: Bkf Friedmans, pack, key drop; lyft LGA: Hill Country bkfst, walk new terminal; 11a flite: chat John Adams, write; Wash Reagan: walk historic terminal, charge, read, write; 2p flite: Lankford, write, coffee; bag claim, drive; Edmond: Schlotszky, Brooklyn, home.

2022 • Austin • October 4-8 • Brooklyn 13
TU: Pack, load, drive 8a-4p: Ardmore: Stbx bkfs, Denton: cookie, Abbott: wrap coffee, Panera; home: eat, unpack, rest; walk, sit; rest, mail, Ted Lasso.
WE: Good sleep; Brooklyn to Daycare, HEB: shop; home: bkfst, work, Library: edit; get Brooklyn, tv, walk river.
TH: Walk, bkfs, tv; drive: Zilker, ACL setup, walk amphitheater; 19th: chkfa, Capitol: sit grass, eat; rest, purge papers; walk dining room park benches, Brooklyn cramping, protein smoothie; rest, papers, clean house, eat.
FR: Bkfs, walk Daycare, rest, drive Panera: home; Tom: Matt's El Rancho, drive SoCo; rest, rearrange condo, call Betty; Library: edit, get Brooklyn, watch/hear ACL event; walk river; salad, bed.
SA: Short sleep, bkfs, walk, load; drive; Round Rock: MacD; Waco: ; Italy: food caf, dog park; Dallas: Total: Mythos, NPark: walk, J&E: Sandy surprise party, walk Brooklyn, Tracy walk; Ardmore: Freddy's, ; unload.

2022 • Austin • November 9-11
WE: Games, load; Brooklyn in, tsa, Freddy: bkfs; FstCls write; DFW; AUS: TacoDeli, cab: Seaholm, rest; Merit, sit, ElectAve; balcony, TedL; Flower Child dinner, walk; TedL.
TH: Bkfs Merit; web, dump, balc; Library: coffee, write Beatles; Tom: Maudie’s Eddy lunch, Deep Eddy; Westgate, Bakery, walk Congress, Repub Sq; balcony; Nekter pb mocha, Library; room, TedL; TJ: bars, walk river, Flower Child dinner; room, balcony.
FR: Bkst: bar, caf; Lyft to Hyatt: buy Tylenol, Sarah on deck, walk 1st bridge, Jo's Diner bkfst caf, walk 2nd st; condo: sit outside, rain coming, walk pflug brij, river path, Hyatt: sit talk, goodbyes, Strbx: caf snwch; taxi condo: pack, Lyft: airport, tsa, caf bars, flite: write; get Brooklyn, dinner, home.

2022 • Dallas Christmas • December 23-26
FR: 4º Bkfs, pack, Brooklyn to board; drive Ardmore: Starbucks rr, coffee, (line of cars after me); Denton: line 4th car, , Cowboy Chicken sandwich; S&S: tour house, sit Texas room, dinner: sgetti, talk stories, bed.
SA: Bkfs: talks; drive Tracy: Northpark: walk loop, , Central Market: coffee; drive Lovers, Skillman, Village, Timber Creek, jogging route, Abrams, 80s volleyball, Forest, home; rest; NPk: , Forney: Allison, Randy, Jan, Ralph, Cowboys win, dinner, presents, dessert; NPk ; home, walk Sasha, Sandy, Tracy, poop bag, bed.
SU: Poor sleep, read paper, open presents, bkfs, room; Jimmy & Erin: babies, Benjamin, Bill & MaryPaula, Will & Tash, Tracy, presents, texmex, margaritas; home: tv, paper, books, bed.
MO: Pack, coffee, talks; Denton: , Panera bkfs; Ardmore: line, talk Tesla guy; Freddy’s; home: , unpack; 12 miles left, get Brooklyn.

2023 • Austin • March 20-24 • Brooklyn 14
MO: Bkfs, walk, load; Drive 9a-6p: Ardmore: Stbx , Denton: Panera ; Abbott: coffee bkf burrito; Temple: Bucee fajitas ; unpack, shower, walk river, bed.
TU: Drive: Brooklyn to Upper Paw, Groj; shop, TJ, brkfst; walk: 11a ACL tour: venue, backstage; lunch: Jo’s: burrito, PB&J; home rest; drive Botanic Garden: Nora service, drive Bee Caves, , Westlake Hills, Red Bud trail, dam, get Brk; rest, walk Dining Room, eat, bed.
WE: 10P, bkfs, paper, walk bridge, apt work; Tacodeli, Barton creek trail head, B&N coffee, ; apt: tv, read; walk river,
TH: 10P, bkfs, shower; UPaw Brooklyn, drive: new arena, Red River, Seminary, Drag, SigChi house, Park Dobie, Arch Gallery ‘For whites’, Ransom: prod art, Gutenb, Coffee Drag; drive Tom: Lubys lunch, house: Facebook tips; drive; Library: coffee, work, walk, get Brooklyn, walk; apt: dinner, 10P.
FR: 3a 10P, clean bed; bkfs, 10P, shower, pack; Total mythos; Round Rock: bkfs, ; Abbott: snax, ; Denton: , Panera bagel; Ardmore: . talks; defy Tesla gps: long car line; home: eat, unpack.

2022 • NYC • April 12-17 Edison Hotel • NYNY, Shucked, Moulin
WE: Great sleep, bkfs, pack; Brooklyn in; WRA: Freddy bowl, Stbx brew, chg; flite: write Gates, snax; ATL: train, Tacos, Strbx, rr; flite: brief Lasso, write Gates, puzzles; EWR: rr, bag claim, taxi, Edison: check in, get Wi-Fi working; Carve: calzone dinner; room: shower, bed.
TH: Sleep okay, shave, Friedman’s bkfs, room rest; walk MoMA: kiosk tkt, Pinocchio, Cafe2: caf grilled cheese, Arch, Video, stores; walk; room: rest, caf, bars; Times Sq; room: post Facebook, rest; Carve pizza, walk 47th/9Ave/46th; room; St James: fruit nut snk, New York New York; room bed.
FR: Friedman bkfs; room prep; subway tap: 14th, Bowling Green, Battery Park, stbx, BowlGr subway: UnionSq rest, rr, walk: MadSq, sit; sub, room; Juniors 49/Bdwy: caf, lox bagel; room: rest; 42nd St, Nederlander: Shucked; room bed.
SA: Good sleep, Frdmn bkfs; sub: Plaza fountain, SethChat: Central Park benches, Sheep Meadow, Le Pain: caf bread, (German man chat, MTG), Tavern/ball field, Bethesda fountain, literary walk; Green Cafe 58th outside: lunch caf, walk Madison, Trump Tower: impersonator guy, Rock Center, Sixth, goodbyes; room rest; walk theaters, Marriott: wrap dinner; bed.
SU: Read DMN, Frdmn yog, rest, Carve egg sanch, sit 47/8, walk 8, CVS bdwy, room rest; sub: NYPL (closed), Bryant Park: write, (ladies chat: repubs, voting), Le Pain sandwich, walk 6th, St Mary’s church; room rest, caf, bar, shave; walk 45th, Herschfeld: Moulin Rouge, Phantom closing onlookers, Carve pizza outside; room: pills, bed.
MO: Good sleep, pills, rinse, pack, taxi ($120); EWR: check in, Boli bkfs; flite: piddle, write; IAH: ChkFA: caf; flite: write, piddle; WRA: luggage, get Brooklyn.