Graphics for The Three Musketeers

Initially assigned as a project for ClockTower Studios, I stepped in when they were coming up dry. To overcome the creative block, we went to Mazzio's and ate pizza and drank beer. It didn't prompt too many great ideas, but we did have a good time. Eventually, I guided the concept and art directed the piece. The hand-rendered production was by Mitch Baker.

The concept
The concept conveys the swashbuckling motion of the Musketeers. The dominant element is the 3 which is enhanced by its stroke evolving into a rose stem with a white rose at the end. The prickly thorn on the stem is offset by the delicate petals of the rose. The purple background conveys the period richness while the reds and oranges provide life and action. The poster (on the left) for the play was a triangular pennant-shape with the identity filling the top two-thirds with the play info beneath. The pennant is reminiscent of the banners that hung from castles and towns of that era.

Program cover and title page


Designed and produced: 1995