A guide to what layers to wear when going outside

Even though I live where there can be consecutive days of temps over 100, I prefer that to frigid winters (we also get those). In the summer, I got in the habit of doing any outside work first thing in the morning and try to finish by 10am or so. If necessary, I take a shower. The rest of the day is easy cuz literally everything under a roof is air-conditioned. Even if its blistering 103 outside, we are exposed to it only as long as it takes to walk from car to store or restraunt. Humankind seems to have adapted its environment to heat waves. Workers who must work outside (construction, lawns) have it tougher but most have shifted their schedules to begin earlier in the morning, take shaded breaks, and drink water.
As a born-again devout minimalist,  summer is a simpler time. Walking the dog might require me to put on some shoes, but that's usually it. In the winter, I have to remove house cloze and put on jeans and long-sleeve shirt, jacket, maybe even a hat and gloves. Then we can go outside. To simplify that routine, I long ago established some benchmark tempachers to remind me what to wear when. I knew to put on a jacket if the temp was 50 or below and put on gloves and a hat if it was 40 or below. Although not too necessary (since the temps were fairly easy to remember), I though it could be fun to develop a chart that clearly conveyed the temp and what level of corresponding dress.

The process
Since the cloze were the main variable, I started by sketching just those. I arranged them next to a vertical line like on a thermometer, even with a bulb of mercury at the bottom. The temps or figures could be color-coded to convey warm/cool. There were some issues with the gloves and hat - do I include the jacket or just show the accessories? If no jacket, would it visually suggest not wearing a coat when wearing gloves? At some point in the sketching process, I envisioned the android figure as a mannequin to wear the cloze. This had possibilities. I sketched the accessories on the figures, conveying the jacket as a thicker shirt. The skinny vertical format wasn't conducive to convenient formats in the web, and on a chart. The progression in a row seemed clearer. The arrangement went from winter dress to summer dress as this was more positive - I more enjoy having to wear less, rather than having to put on more cloze as in summer to winter.

Inspiration: Febuary-April 2014
Design of chart: December 18-21, 2017