The world's simplest quiz
From a variety of sources, edited by Jim Watson

  1. How long did the Hundred Years War last?

  2. In what country were Panama hats first made?

  3. Where did the game of Chinese Checkers originate?

  4. Where was the Battle of Bunker Hill fought?

  5. The Canary islands are named for what animal?

  6. What kind of instrument is the English horn, and where was it invented?

  7. Where was the Woodstock Festival held?

  8. From what animal does the catgut used to string tennis rackets come?

  9. What are camel's hair brushes made of?

10. Where were Venetian blinds invented?

11. How many gallons does a 10-gallon hat hold?

12. In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?

13. What was King George's first name?

14. What color is a purple finch?

15. In what season of the year does Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream take place?

16. How long did the Thirty Years War last?

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