A round recording/television studio

There was a period, during high school, in which I was fascinated by a nail care device my mother had that was about 14" round. The structure looked like a model of a building. Or, that's what my imagination saw it to be. I would often spend spare time (or, more likely, homework time) sketching numerous highways, amusement parks, buildings, and stage sets. This was also the era of rock bands, especially from England, and going to concerts. A local tv station had a studio in Northpark shopping center where they produced and aired an afternoon teen show similar to American bandstand called Sump'n Else. Sometime during 1966-69, all of these factors came together and formed the concept of a recording and television gallery studio to produce albums and record live performances and television shows.

Upper level: Control rooms and private viewing boxes.
Main level: The main recording studio and gallery seating.
Basement level: Three smaller recording studios with control rooms, dressing rooms, offices, storage rooms and two sets of hydraulic elevators - one for moving sets and equipment and another central set for raising performance platforms in the main studio.
Satellite structure: Entrance to an elevator that leads to a tunnel to the main structure, to escort bands and personnel to the dressing rooms safely.

Detail sketches

Rooftop fire and fountain detail sketches.