Childhood building blocks

A few models made with Lego bricks
As a kid, I had many sets of construction sets, but never Legos - they were just gaining in popularity about when I was outgrowing building blocks.
In 2014, I finally became addicted to the building blocks as a 'kid' in my mid-60s. I was working on the branding for JRW consulting and explored the option of building the logo out of Legos (a Lego Logo). I ordered hundreds of blocks from the website and had fun snapping the blocks together.

The JRW Lego logo
Legos, from the Danish leg godt, meaning "play well," and one of the simplest and most iconic toys, were created by Ole Kirk Kristiansen. Early Lego "Automatic Binding Bricks" were hollow and could only be stacked (not locked together). They've twice been named "Toy of the Century".

Lego bricks are beautifully engineered with very tight tolerances. The snap when sticking blocks together is quite satisfying. The first project was to build my logo out of Lego bricks:

From the Architecture Studio
After building my logo out of Legos, I got hooked on the blocks. I was tempted to get the Architect's Studio once at Barnes & Noble in Union Square - it was on sale but still expensive. I vetoed the notion at that time. Not long after that, I splurged and ordered the Architect's Studio online. The blocks are either white or clear, no other colors.

A Broadway Theater

That's a ballroom, cabaret theater, or restaurant above the seating area. A marquee is on the front wall. The ubiquitous NYC water tower is on the roof.

A stadium with Party Decks

An intimate thrust theater or theater-in-the-round

Grandstands for a major parade

Lego Therapy
Because I ordered hundreds of dollars of bricks from the website, Lego had me on their mailing list. I regularly received the catalogs and perused them at the table while eating (I love to read stuff while I eat). I had admired the series of Victorian era buildings that might line Main Street in a Disney park. They were a bit too expensive for casual purchases. But, after selling a Manhattan apartment and while Manhattan, my favorite dog, was living with a terminal aggressive cancer, I needed a diversion. I had become a canine caretaker and stayed home a lot to feed and med dose the dog. Another catalog came. Uh, oh, now may be the time to order one and see how I like it. The kit arrived in just a few days and, I loved it. I was hooked. I set up a work area in the office and immersed myself in construction. The detail and engineering was impressive and surprising. Manhattan would lay on her bed in the office and watch me work. She stayed by my side a lot at that time. As the time to put her to sleep approached, I drove in the rain to the mall to buy a second building set. I worked on it that night. The next morning, she took her last nap. As therapy for grieving, I continued to work on the model. And bought 4 more sets.
Months later, in September, I needed more therapy - I had total shoulder replacement surgery. The Lego kits gave me projects to work on that could do with 1.5 hands.

Interior rooms

Apple Store MOC. I ordered the kit above left to get some appropriate pieces and stickers. Below: Incorporated the glass front, blond wood tables, counters, and display wall.

Remodeled Central Perk and apartments into a modular with open side for cameras and lights.

Project dates
JRW logo: Febuary-April; ordered online
Architecture Studio models, seen at B&N Union Sq, bought at mall
Manhattan surgery to remove tumor: November 2016
1. Detective's Office/Pool Hall: January 4-7; ordered online
2. Parisian restraunt: January 15-18; bought at mall on rainy Sunday, Manhattan's last full day
Manhattan died: Monday, January 16, 11:10a
Santa Fe with Brooklyn, Friday-Monday, January 20-23

3. Palace Theater: January 24-25; bought at mall
4. Brick Bank: January 27-29; ordered from car driving from Santa Fe
5. Assembly Square: January 30 - Febuary 1 2017; bought at mall
Holiday Toy Shop: Febuary 3-4; bought at mall
6. Pet Shop: March 21-23; ordered online after BrickExpo downtown
7. Wine shop and crane: August 21-26; from China.
Shoulder replacement surgery 1: August 29-31
8. Barnes & Noble/Starbucks: September 27-30; ordered from China.
Customized crane and cottage: November/December
Nutcracker, City Bus, Holiday train station: December 3-5; ordered online
Winter Village, Santa and Rudolph: December 10-15
Diner: January 5-8; ordered online
Newstand/Bus stop: January 30; ordered online
Bodega: May 14-30, customized; from China
Posh Store: June 7-14; customized; from China
Modern building parts: July; ordered online
Old Fishing Store: October
Remodeled Old Fishing Store into Sports Bar: November
Holiday fire station: December
Holiday fire station remodel: January
Corner garage: January 11-14
Disney Castle: March 8-16
Shoulder replacement surgery 2: March 12-13
Roller Coaster: April 10-14
Statue of Liberty: June 14-16
Built display table, set up streetscape: June 29 - July 14
Disneyland Train: August 29-31
Disneyland Main Street Train Station: September 2-6
Steamboat Willie: October 11-12
UFO Fair Carousel: December 24-25
Book Shop: January 18-19
Food Trucks - Pizza, ice cream: Febuary 15-17, March
London/Commuter bus: March 8-21, April
Empire State Building: April 29-May 1 (anniversary of building dedication, 1931)
Old Pub: June 5-9
Brickheads: Donald, Goofy, Pluto: June 19-20
Old Pub remodel: June 10-19, June 22-28
Bakery Coffee and remodel: September 18-22
Corner Stores: October 22-27
Teal 2 x 4 Brick: November 22, 25
Desk Calendar: November 24
Charles Dickens Book: Thanksgiving November 26
Haunted House: Thanksgiving November 26-30
7-11 store (remodeled Bodega): December 18-20
Restore Statue to NYC buildings: December 21
Apple store China: January 15-16
Apple store MOC modular: January 19-25
Police headquarters: January 26-30
Botanical Garden: Febuary 7-11
Bakery Coffee window, plaza seating: Febuary 8
Friends Central Perk (Freeze therapy): Febuary 17-18
Hotel Urge: March 14-19
Hotel Urge roof terrace remodel: March 22-30
Friends Central Perk modular remodel: May 14-18
Friends TV light truss: May 25-27
Friends Apartments: May 30-June 3
Friends Apartments modular remodels: June-August 11
Flower Bouquet, in Aalto vase: July 27-August 2
Tulips, dog: July 27-August 11-12