Are you a designer?

Do you design? from copy inspired by the AIGA
Do you like to solve problems?
Do you see the world differently?
Do you refuse to yield to those who say it can't be done?
Do you get frustrated at incompetence?
Do you usually procrastinate? But still get things done?
Do you genuinely like people?
Do you embrace challenges ?
Are you a visionary?
Are you frustrated by bureaucratic barriers?
Are you a participant, not a bystander?
Do you love to travel to new places?
Do you like puzzles and mind games?
Do you generally enjoy life?
Do you see problems as opportunities?
Do you live for the Eureka, I've got it moment?
Do you strive for personal growth?
Do you like to form your own opinions?
Do you think progress is good?
Do you pay close attention to detail?
If so, then you just might have what it takes.

Traits of great designers
The items listed below are some of the qualities and skills necessary to be a successful Graphic Designer. Use this list as a benchmark to conduct your own academic and career choice evaluation.
       innate sense of design
       high sense of aesthetics
       fluent flexible ideas
       reason, logic, practicality
       skeptical, curious, exploratory
       adaptable, flexible, pliable to situations, problems, & surprises
       confident speaking skills
       persuasive convincing logic
       use of proper terminology
       proper use of materials
       neat clean work
       thorough attention to detail
       accurate precise rendering
       highly self-motivated
       high level of initiative
       willing to work long hours
       open-minded attitude
       accept criticism well
       risk taker
       positive attitude
       team player
       like to have fun
       sense of humor
       separate self from work
       tolerant of others

Habits of highly creative people

By Amy Morin
Creative people seek answers
Highly creative people are curious by nature. They don't simply accept things for what they appear. They want to know how things work or why things happen. They seek answers to satisfy their curiosity and work hard really trying to understand a topic until they're confident they get it.
Creative people are spontaneous and flexible
Highly creative people often plan ahead, but they aren't afraid to change their plans. They may see something that catches their eye and they act on it while they're excited. They aren't afraid to start a new project when something has sparked an idea. If they're working on a plan and it looks like they need to change that plan, they're willing to embrace change. When creativity strikes, they can go with the flow. They understand that their original plan may not work out the way they want so they're willing to adapt and change as needed to create the best outcome possible.
Creative people are rebellious
Creative people color outside the lines. They don't feel the need to follow all the rules. In fact, they often feel confined and constrained by the rules. Therefore, they can often see the value and beauty of breaking the rules to create the best outcome. Their willingness to break the rules is often calculated however. They aren't simply throwing caution to the wind or setting out to hurt people. Instead, they look at the potential consequences and then try to find ways to justify their behavior if they plan to break the rules.
Creative people lie
Many highly creative people lie more than the rest of us. The reason seems to be that creative people have active imaginations and they can find ways to justify their actions; they may tell lies to explain away their behavior. Many creative people will deny that they tend to lie - their perception may be different from others, they may not be lying on purpose, or they may feel their justification supports what they say.
Creative people behave passionately
Creative people are passionate about what they do. Whether they work as an artist or work at a bank, creative people strive to reach a successful outcome. They can come across as intense at times, but it stems from their passion to create something wonderful.
Creative people look at the whole picture
While most people might just jump into a task focusing on what needs to be done first, creative people think about every step along the way to ensure that all the steps will come together to create the best outcome. They tend to look at the whole picture before they begin a project and they're able to keep it in mind throughout their project.