ClockTower Studio, the student-staffed graphic design studio at UCO, was created as part of the curriculum overhaul in the Graphic Design program in 1987-88. I had been hired to revamp the program. The studio met two needs. It provided a resource for clients in central Oklahoma who had been calling (and would continue to call) seeking students to work on projects. We either had to turn them down or integrate the project into one of the studio courses - tough to do since those courses had pretty tight schedules and projects. The other need met was to provide a work experience for students - to get portfolio pieces that would actually be printed, to work with clients, to meet deadlines and budgets, and to present projects in a corporate environment. As part of my research into graphic design programs in the area, I had visited similar studios at the University of North Texas (Fineline Graphics) and at the University of Kansas (The Arts). Each of these were student-staffed and managed. I patterned ClockTower after those two. Students 'interview' to be accepted into the studio. There are no academic assignments, only practical work experience working for clients in central Oklahoma. Students often say that working in ClockTower provided them with the most valuable experience of their college career. The students work in teams whereby the results benefit from shared knowledge and creativity. Great work is produced as evidenced by numerous awards and citations.

The name
The proposed name in 1987 was CSU Studio (Central State University). This was changed since faculty felt there might be some confusion with the fine arts studios. It was changed to CSU Graphics. When CSU became the University of Central Oklahoma, CSU Graphics became UCO Studio. This time, studio worked since it rhymed with UCO and had a better flow to it. From the beginning, I challenged the students in the group to come up with a better name and create an identity. Most groups blew it off since they were so busy with projects or they were just lazy or they were afraid to propose a new name. One of the best groups suggested 4am Graphics since that was how late they often stayed. After a few years of no student submissions, I finally named it and designed the logo. The name meets two objectives. It ties to the university by recognizing the icon of the campus - Old North and yet does not specifically state that this is a college group. It could be a professional studio.

The logo

The tower of Old North is an icon of the university. It is the oldest building of higher education in the state, dating from 1893, just 4 years after the Land Run settled the area. The clock face serves as the O in Clock. The 4am on the clock hands pays homage to how late students often stayed. The rendering of the tower is detailed yet stylized in silhouette to keep the focus on the type. The font has a slight industrial factory work feel to convey productivity. In the base of the tower is type explaining what ClockTower is. The silhouette is very detailed - you can distinguish individual roof shingles when zoomed in and the hands of the clock have some ornate Victorian details. The logo is one color to facilitate production and keep costs low. The smaller version, without the subhead type, is used as a mark on posters and projects done by ClockTower students.

The studio space
ClockTower met first the first 4 or 5 years in room 102, a typical studio classroom. All computer production was done in the computer lab in the Liberal Arts Building. Students did more design work on paper back then and used the computer only to produce the work. Late nights were often spent in either building. Room 103 in the Art & Design Building was used for only one class that met only twice a week, a total of about 6 hours per week. The students in that semester's ClockTower group are the ones who noticed the underused room and suggested it become the permanent home of the studio. They liked the fact that one whole wall, floor to ceiling, was glass; that it was up a short flight of stairs from the rest of the building; had an entrance next to the door; and was seemingly available. One of the students, Grant Roth was a great illustrator and rendered the proposed new studio. The instructor who was teaching the one class in the room saw the rendering on my desk and asked if he was about to lose the room. He agreed that it didn't make much sense to use it just for one class. So, the next semester, only ClockTower Studio was scheduled in the room. We furnished it with surplus tables and chairs, moved a computer in from the computer lab and we were in business. We had some furniture custom built and bought new drafting desk and new chairs. Soon, new computers and printers were added. Since it doubled as a work space and as client meeting space, there was a wood-paneled divider to hide the computer workstation and drafting areas. Meetings were held at a large square custom table. The color scheme was walnut wood stain, deep green formica table, counter, and work surfaces. With the red brick wall, the studio had a serious professional look to it.

In 2003, after the Department of Design was created, new offices and a conference room were built at the other end of the hall. Since clients no longer needed to meet in the studio space, it could be redesigned to be less serious. The new design of the studio also reflects the growing trend to flexible spaces, especially for team projects. The students in the spring 2004 group recommended that one whole wall be covered in marker board for use in brainstorming. Great idea. The red brick was painted white, one wall remained yellow (yellow wave lengths encourage creativity and productivity), the room was carpeted, and all new track lights were installed. The furniture is neutral grey or beige with accents of vivid primary colors.
Objectives of the remodeling
Flexibility, ability to rearrange all furniture in the room.
Entire wall of marker board for brainstorming, sketches, notes, and to-do lists.
Colorful, bright, light.
Open and feeling of spaciousness.

Development: 1987
Inauguration: 1988
Original interior design: 1989-90
Named: 1993?
Logo designed: 1993-94?
Remodelation: 2004
Watson retired from UCO and Director of ClockTower Studio: May 2008

Stats 1988-2008
     20 years
     50 semesters
   156 students
   320 clients

ClockTower Studio students & projects

Fall 1988 Inaugural group
     Tina Mansfield
     Benny Nossaman
     Gary Rea
     Michael Ryburn
     Jeff Walker
     Brent Stanbro (solo during break)
     Student Art Show poster
     Pegasus Theater sign
     CSU Volleyball poster
     Creative Studies poster
     Sudsy Pine package
     CSU Museum of Art logos
     International Night cover
     Gloria Concert poster
     Senior Art Show poster
     Oklahoma Hemophilia poster
     Harn Homestead brochures
     U C Palsy brochure
     Dreammakers brochure
     Experimental Music flier
     Christmas Concert poster
     Dance Concert poster
Spring 1989
     Bill Ashworth
     Becky Brown
     Tony Jackson
     April Pederson
     Brent Stanbro
     ArtFilms poster
     CSU Faculty Art Show poster
     Young Talent identity, catalog, program, banner
     Harn Homestead brochures
     Choral Concert poster
     Composers Ensemble poster
     Illustrators announcement
     Dow Auto logo
     Dr. Dutt stationery & brochure
     Carnegie Hall Concert poster
     Stroud Festival poster, et al

Fall 1989
     Bill Ashworth
     Mary Bamberg
     Shane Brock
     Becky Brown
     Penny Grow
     Hope Johnson
     Robert McKiddy
     Ross Sherman
     Bill Ashworth (solo during break)
     CSU Volleyball poster
     CSU Centennial banners
     International Night flier & cover
     Carmen, At The Opera poster
     Mid-America Tower mural
     Choral Concert poster
     3 Christmas Concerts poster
     Student Art Show poster
     Composers Ensemble flier
     PDQ Mini Blind Kit package
     Young Children logo
     New Plains logo
     Carpenter Insurance graphics
     America First Tower logo
Spring 1990
     Bill Ashworth
     Doug Barnes
     Amy Grellner
     Penny Grow
     Jerry Hanna
     Anita Veerasingham
     Shane Brock (solo during break)
     High School Arts Festival brochure, signs
     Faculty Art Exhibit poster
     Chorale Tour poster
     Permission from Children poster
     Library Signage graphics
     Band Concert poster
     Mikado poster
     Health Fair poster
     Amnesty International logo
     Composers Ensemble flier
     Band Concert poster
     CSU Parking decal
     Route 66 graphics
     20th Century Music poster
     Mozart Chorale poster
     Chamber Singers cover
     Performing Arts brochure

Fall 1990
     Shana Ball
     Pam Brill
     Trey Simonton
     Tim Holden
     Miss CSU info poster
     Marriage of Bette & Boo poster
     Centennial Fashion Show graphics
     Children's Verses Concert poster
     Porgy & Bess Plus poster
     Student Choreography poster
     Christmas Chorale poster
     Composers Ensemble flier
     Clark Terry Jazz Camp graphics
     International Studies poster
     Messiah poster
Spring 1991
     Dan Birlew
     Gina Hamlin
     Elizabeth Muller
     Tim Morse
     Grant Roth
     Miss CSU poster
     Art Faculty Show poster
     NewChurch graphics
     Chorale Tour poster
     Uncommon Women poster
     Band poster, program
     Madame Butterfly poster, program
     Hospice of OKC logo
     Bill of Rights graphics
     On the Razzle poster, program
     Festival of Sound poster, program
     Composers Ensemble poster, program
     Community Chorale poster, program
     Playing Through graphics

Fall 1991 ClockTower moved intoits own studio space in the Art & Design building.
     Adrienne Farley
     Greg Skaggs
     Oklahoma Children's Theater brochure, etc
     Sam Magrill concert poster
     UCO Student Activities campaign
     The Tempest poster
     UCO Symphony Orchestra logo
     Summer Choral Institute logo
     Martina Arroyo campaign
     Art of the Voice concert poster
     Bonjour, La, Bonjour poster
     Sounds of the Season poster
     Lachenmeyer Arts Center logo
Spring 1992 Renovation of the space was completed and an Open House held.
     Craig Beuchaw
     Elizabeth Muller
     Charity Roper
     Rob Smith
     Gary Spain
     Orchestra Convention program
     Wellness Fair promotion
     UCO Studio Open House invitation
     Biloxi Blues poster & program
     Band/Wind Ensemble poster
     Student Election Vote promotion
     DreamMakers brochure
     Red Cross annual report
     Pirates of Penzance poster & program
     Three Poets poster
     Music for the Masses poster
     Carmina Burana poster & program
     Oklahoma Cooperative Initiative logo
     Temptations package
Summer 1992
     Adrienne Farley
     Elizabeth Muller
     Adam Trickey
     Performing Arts brochure
     Music Department ad
     Lake Hefner Golf Course logo
     Cushing Youth & Community Center logo
     American College Theatre Festival promotion

Fall 1992
     Kevin Blankenship
     Mike Burke
     Christopher Jennings
     Jenette McNeil
     Quilters poster, program
     Performing Arts for Children logo
     Sandy Springer logo, stationery
     ACTF poster
     Choral Society logo, poster
     International Week poster, ad, signage
     A Hatful of Rain poster, program
     Christmas Concerts poster, program
     KOKF 91 logo
     Partners of the Americas brochure
Spring 1993
     Steve Disney
     Jenette McEntire
     Cary Terry
     Assassins poster, program
     Choral Society poster, program
     You Can't Take It With You poster & program
     UCO Band logo, package
     Hair poster, program
     Joy of Learning brochure
     Oklahoma Voices poster, post card
     Antigone poster, program
     Music Theater Workshop poster, mailer
     Dragon Gate brochure
Summer 1993
     Pam Adams
     Mitch Baker
     Angie Myers
     Mother Nature Fashions logo/brochure
     UCO Performing Arts brochure
     CORC Recycling brochure
     The Boys Next Door poster, program
     MJ Smith Jewelry logo, cards

Fall 1993
     David Moore
     Jeff Morrison
     Shawna Ronald
     Ruthanne Smith
     Noises Off poster, program
     Can Can poster, program
     Oklahoma Tree Bank proposal
     International Fest poster, program
     Choral Society logo, cards, program
     Genesis logo & package
     The Seagull poster, program
     At The Opera! mailer
     Education Award invitation
     Emanuel Synagogue anniversary package
Spring 1994
     Mitch Baker
     Alison Cooper
     Jeff Morrison
     Dan VanBuskirk
     Emanuel Synagogue anniv. package
     Tales of Hoffmann poster, program
     Adventures Unlimited identity, brochure
     The Balcony poster, program
     Hamlet t-shirt, poster, program
     Where's Charley? poster, program
     ASID poster, brochure
     Literacy Coalition stationery
     Bradley Tailor identity, stationery
Summer 1994
     Russell Benson
     Jeremy Disbrow
     David Moore
     Performing Arts brochure
     Big Brothers Big Sisters stationery
     Art Therapy Credentials Board stationery
     Slaughter Trial timeline
     Computer Central stationery and signs
     The Uniform Shoppe stationery

Fall 1994
     Mitch Baker
     Mark Danker
     Mike Morkes
     3 Musketeers poster, program
     Mitchell Hall logo
     Shadow Box poster, program
     Music Department ad
     Roar of the Greasepaint poster, program
     Rainbow Fleet identity program
     Hansel & Gretel poster, program
     Instructional Technology Center logo
Spring 1995
     Will Brown
     Jeremy Disbrow
     Jana Thomason
     Eleemosonary poster, program
     Threepenny Opera poster, program
     American Heart Assoc annual report
     Reckless poster, program
     City of Angels poster, program
     UCO Band Scholarship poster
     Dancing at Lughnasa poster, program
Summer 1995
     Casey Twenter
     Performing Arts season brochure
     Choral Society poster

Fall 1995
     Linda Furr
     Carter Hickman
     (Derek Kim)
     Mitch Baker (solo during break)
     Carter Hickman (solo during break)
     Oleanna poster and program
     Good Shepherd Hospice logo
     False Admissions poster and program
     Funny Thing Happened poster and program
     Humaine and Roman poster
     Good Shepherd Hospice Volunteers logo
     (Froggy Bottom Furniture Co identity)
Spring 1996
     Ronnie Bloomfield
     Jonathan Koelsch
     Linda Shaver
     The Gondoliers poster and program
     Angels in America poster and program
     CoSafe ads
     Little Shop of Horrors poster and program
     Tony 'n Tina's Wedding poster and program
     Slip-n-Clip packaging
     Four Seasons identity and stationery
     Accents of Home identity, signage, and ads
     Good Shepherd Dog Therapy identity program

Fall 1996
     Antonia Chiang
     Adelene Chow
     Laura Gay
     Steve Roybal
     Friends of Music brochure
     Fools for Love poster and program
     Forever Plaid poster and program
     CoSafe ad campaign and poster
     Angels in America poster and program
     Menotti operas poster and program
     Child Guidance Center identity and brochure
     Fitzmaurice Workshop brochure
Spring 1997
     Sean Cobb
     Stephanie Smith
     Abduction from the Seraglio poster, ad, and program
     Camp Chaverim identiy, brochure, and t-shirt
     Five Women poster, ad, and program
     Oklahoma Youth Symphonies logo, program, stationery
     Gypsy poster, ad, and program
     Merchant of Venice poster, ad, and program
Summer 1997
     Sean Ashby

Fall 1997
     Sean Ashby
     BeeHoon Chai
     Steve Hanes
     Brian Mays
     Becoming Memories poster, ad, program
     Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy id package
     Deaconess Home poster, billboard
     Cloud Nine poster, ad, program
     Hansel & Gretel poster, program
     Dames at Sea poster, program
     7-H Ranch brochure
Spring 1998
     Marcus Eakers
     Bryan Ellison
     Rusty Nix
     Jon Toney
     Vera Umbrecht
     Trouble in Tahiti/Gorgon's Head poster, ad, program
     Death of a Salesman poster, ad, program
     Project MotherCare identity, stationery, flier
     Cabaret poster, program
     The School for Scandal poster, ad, program
     Metabolism Foundation identity, stationery, web site
     Parents as Partners identity, stationery, sign, etc.

Fall 1998
     Eric Bumgardner
     Scott Butler
     Russell Dozier
     Arsenic and Old Lace poster, ad, program
     Back to the Forties poster, ad, program
     Boiler Sisters poster, ad, program
     UCO Counseling Center ad campaign
     The King Stag poster, ad, program
     For the Sake of the Child logo, stationery, brochure
     Paradise of Children poster, ad, program
     Auditions, Auditions identity, stationery
Spring 1999
     Scott Butler
     Abdullah Syed
     Central Station Coffee House identity, signage
     Samson poster, ad, program
     American Heart Association invitation, program
     Lachenmeyer Trust Fund stationery
     Appointment with Death poster, ad, program
     UCO Library web page identity (not done)
     Eagle's Wings Mentoring identity, stationery

Fall 1999
     Audi Gonzalez
     Wendy Smith
     Abdullah Syed
     (Bobby Brown)
     (Hun Sim Oh)
     Tea in a China Cup poster, ad, program
     Back to Basics/Payne Ed Center identity, package
     Suor Angelica poster, ad, program
     DD&CO Salon identity, package
     Career Services identity, stationery
Spring 2000
     Jimmy Sanders
     Edgar Martinez
     Ring Round the Moon poster, ad, program
     Joseph and the Technicolor... poster, ad, program
     Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth identity, package
     New Hope Church identity, stationery
     Our Lady Cathedral poster

Fall 2000
     Brandon Shelton
     Leah Sharpe
     Monica Lott
     (Kevin Joyner)
     Remote Control poster, ad, program
     Oklahoma Youth Symphony brochure, ad, cover
     Frontier Skating Academy logo, brochure, web site
     Johnny Skeeky poster, ad, program
     Student Services logo, newsletter
     Counseling Center logo, ads, poster, brochure
     Oklahoma Care logo, stationery
Spring 2001
     Brian Stromlund
     Kacy VanOsdol
     Linda Miller
     Child Guidance Services logo, brochure
     Swingtime Canteen poster, ads, program
     The Rocky Horror Show poster, ad, program
     House of Bernarda Alba poster, ad, program

Fall 2001
     Linda Miller
     Charles White
     Valerie Smith
     Julie Webb
     As Bees in Honey Drown poster, ad, program
     Cross Timbers Tree Preservation logo, brochure
     Theatre in Our Schools logo, poster, stationery
     Professional Golf Management identity, package
     The Father's House logo, stationery
Spring 2002
     John Bandy
     Robbie Knight
     Jason Pawley
     Taylor Valentine
     House of Blue Leaves poster, ad, program
     KCSC logo, package
     Baby poster, ad, program
     UCO Athletics identity, package
     MBA Program identity
     Shakespeare in the Park brochure, poster, t-shirt

Fall 2002
     Michael Brooks
     Robbie Knight
     Jennifer McNaughton
     Leala Ulrich
     Wild Oats poster, ad, program
     Trailer hitch logo (rejected)
     Boys Ranch Town logo, stationery, brochure
     Citizen's Bank of Edmond poster, ad
     Special Care logo, stationery, brochure
Spring 2003
     Matt McKim
     Katy Phillips
     (Anthony Nguyen)
     Global Education Fund identity, brochure, webpage
     The Laramie Project poster, ads, program
     A Very Special Orchestra identity, package
     Spitfire Grill poster, ad, program
     Aadvantix Roofs identity, folder, sign

Fall 2003
     Matthew McKim
     Lacey Thomas
     Matthew McKim (solo during break)
     Edmond Cultural Arts District identity, brochure
     Safe Schools Oklahoma identity, stationery
     College of Business identity
     Bay Area Coffee identity, menu, collateral
Spring 2004
     David Jones
     Paul Kilsch
     Holly Sibley
     Carrie Smith
     Dennis Lyon Construction sign
     TDMA recruitment piece
     Summerstock Productions identity, stationery
     Mobile Meals of Edmond identity, stationery

Fall 2004 Renovation of the space was completed and all new furniture was installed.
     Jenkin Hammond
     Tony Ortega
     Wes Powell
     Holly Sibley
     Rebuilding Together
     Career Services
     Society Bakery
Spring 2005
     Jenkin Hammond
     Jeff Mains
     Acousticadia identity, brochure, webpage
     ACDF Dance Festival poster, ads, program
     Character Council of Edmond identity, stationery
     Exchange Club/Prevent Child Abuse
     Flatire Burgers id, sign, menu, interior
Summer 2005
     Jeff Mains
     Flatire Burgers
     Cantilena Women's Chorale poster, program

Fall 2005
     Katie Benoit
     Lathen Kamas
     Jeff Mains
     Aldon Stone
     Dept of Kinesiology. Health
     Pteradactyls poster
     Oklahoma Employment Security Commission
     Intern. Photography Hall of Fame
Spring 2006
     Dylan Bradway
     Bill Davis
     Lathen Kamas
     Aldon Stone
     Cimarron Valley Humane Society
     Shirlene's Properties/PorchLight
     Boom Digglers (rejected)
     My Small Wonders Child Development

Fall 2006
     Bill Davis
     Kathy Hoyt
     Brandon McKinney
     Eddie Russell
     Luke Southern
     Spot* News Central, UCO Channel 22/6
     Pathways to the Soul
     Body Moisture
     Oklahoma Wind Symphony
     UCO Display Gardens
Spring 2007
     Christi Cooper
     Tiffany Haines
     Ivana Susanti
     CEEDS/CPDE Prof Dev/Distance Learning
     SEASAM Chickasaw Art Market
     CAMD Magazine

Fall 2007
     Ed Russell
     Jared Nixon
     Jeanelle Echols
     Justin Barr
     Kyle Gandy
     Rachel Morgan
     Zach Burch
     The Pillowman poster
     Sandyland Vineyard
     Pony Tree Farms
     OK State Department of Health
     Positive Charge
Spring 2008
     Justin Barr
     Jeanelle Echols
     Sean Ferguson
     Kyle Gandy
     Jared Nixon
     Ed Russell
     Start Right promotion
     Child Abuse Training & Certification
     Children First
     Edmond Historical Society & Museum

Students get taste of 'real world'
Real world experience and a professional portfolio are what students walk away with as members of the UCO studio, said Dr. Jim Watson, director of the studio. The studio is a graphic design firm that was established in 1978. It is made up of five UCO students that work with real clients and produce real work. "It's actual business experience, but it's still school; you get credit hours," said Rob Smith, a UCO studio member. The UCO studio designers play the roles of art director, designer, researcher, copywriter, production artist, typesetter and creative solutionist to produce professional quality work for their clients. They produce projects such as logos, brochures, stickers, signs, banners, posters, programs, advertisements, letterheads and t-shirts. "They work only with real clients; no school projects at all," he said. 
The studio members meet with clients and discuss budgets and proposed ideas, and gather information. The client then is given a presentation of what is proposed. Watson said each project takes approximately one to two weeks to complete. "The students do not get paid for the work, although the client is sent an invoice for all materials used and the studio is reimbursed," said Watson. 
The studio has state of the art equipment; a Macintosh computer, a Lasermaster dpi printer, and drafting tables, Watson said. The studio members are currently working on a package design for an Oklahoma City-based cookie company, a logo for a state agency and an annual report for the Red Cross. Each member of the studio must apply for the job, have already taken a computer class and must usually be a senior, Watson said. "I look for good attitudes, enthusiasm, and an open mind, then I look at their work and see how well they work with others," said Watson. The studio serves as career preparation for the students. "A printed portfolio piece is more valuable than a class project," he said. The studio is also an excellent item to have on a resume, and can open many doors for students. The UCO studio is located in the art building on campus.

Studio Studies
Believers in the adage that through experience comes wisdom are sure to receive support from a novel program taking place in Central's Department of Art & Design. Since the fall of 1988, a revolving team composed of cream-of-the-crop graphic design majors has continually generated professional-quality projects for various on- and off-campus clients, all under the auspices of the UCO Studio. A functioning brain child of its director, Dr. Jim Watson, the studio rests visibly as a centerpiece display in the northeast comer of the art building. Yet what takes place inside its walls is far from passive. Each semester Watson coaches from a distance four to six students who take into their own hands projects that for all intents and purposes exactly match those found in the "real" world of graphic design. The UCO Studio is not your normal classroom experience. As the only course of its kind in Oklahoma, terms like "scantron" or "grading scale" almost seem blasphemous when pitted against the creative hum these students put out in their rigorous schedules. One of the main goals for the students in the course is to compile a quality portfolio for future job applications. On the way to that, though, hands-on (Continued on page 3)

Student work from ClockTower Studio
Submit your work: If you have any digital files of any ClockTower work, please email them to Watson to be added to this page. Thanks.

Posters for theater productions

Posters for choral concerts

Posters for campus events


Open House invitation: Spring 1992