Writing stories
After retiring as a graphic design professor, I began writing just for fun. A couple of people enjoyed that first story and suggested I write more. So I did. In 2020, I began writing in earnest. It is likely just an enjoyable hobby, but it is fun and satisfying.

Characteristics of my writing
Historical connections
Exploration, discovery
Upbeat, positive
• Quotes on separate lines
  1. To break up text.
  2. To visually subconsciously convey there’s a conversation coming up.
  3. To differentiate dialogue from prose.
Lists with bulleted items.

Advanced Calculus
Volume 4: Theorems and figures
For Rocket Scientists, Teachers, and Brain Surgeons, and Astrophysicists
A collection of stories by
James Robert Watson

Cover design: June 1, 2018
Minimal, clear cover layout to be easily seen from across the room or down the beach.
Vignelli black Helvetica on yellow or white on red.
Opposite of ‘For Dummies’
A book title, Advanced Calculus, that suggests that the reader is academic and intelligent - even while reading a collection of short stories. Great for reading while at the beach, on the bus, at the coffee shop. Instead of a title about a collection of stories, this one sounds quite impressive.

Other title options
Title that would be impressive while reading in public: on the beach, in the airport, on the bus.
• DIY Brain Surgery
• Advanced Calculus: Volume 4: Theorems and figures
• Rocket Science . . . for Dummies

Foreword: Each of the plots are based on real events, some have been embellished for more character development. Most names have been changed to protect the innocent and be kind to the guilty.

2009: Told story while sitting on Greg & Jill's porch "You oughta write that down."
2009: Wrote Newark Night Court in 3 days, El Chico. Words just came. I typed rapidly. I enjoyed the process.
2021: Outlined Lewis Johnson, developed characters and plotline
March 20, 2022: Wrote The Gates - created characters
April 10, 2022: Wrote Lewis Johnson

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