Process Book
Menu design project
PDF version to print

Items recommended to include in the Menu Process Book
About the restaurant
• Restaurant full name and any nicknames
• Description of the restaurant company
Category of restaurant - casual, high-end, buffet, diner, deli, etc; location of the home office; other restaurant locations;
• Competition
Restaurants in the area with similar menu items, audience, and market objectives
• Description of the restaurant exterior
Themes, colors, materials, styles, parking, street curbside appeal, signage, surrounding buildings and streets, location in the city
• Description of the restaurant interior design
Themes, colors, materials, lighting, signage, traffic flow, table arrangements, styles, bus stands, host/hostess stand, ambience, atmosphere
• Description of the food and drink
Categories, specialties, unique items, most popular items, kids items, desserts,
• Description of the service style
Attentive, casual, formal,
• Average ticket price
Include drinks, appetizers, etc; for both lunch and dinner
• Marketing
Logo and identity, samples of marketing and advertising, slogans, media
About the diner
• The ADP
Determine the specific Average Diner Profile: frequency of visit, age, marital status, socio-economic, education,
• Other target markets
Specific secondary and tertiary audiences
About the menu
• Assessment of the existing menu
Cover, typefaces, layout, images/photos, materials, colors, sequence,
• Assessment of competitor's menus
Strengths and weaknesses - what works and what doesn't,
• Life expectancy
How long the menu is used before being replaced for new items or a change in prices
• Budget
How much money will the restaurant invest in new menus
About the design project
• Research conducted
State specifically what you did to learn more about the restaurant, the audience, the food, the competition, the marketing needs,
• List what you did to get fluid ideas
The 'silly' stuff you did to open your mind, get inspiration, explore, pursue options - the more off-the-wall, the better;
• List adjectives the menu should convey
Qualities and attributes that should be communicated
• Objectives the design of the menu should achieve
List and clarify what should be accomplished to be successful
• Concept statement
The big idea, the key message, a description of the theme that drives the entire piece