Identity design project worksheet
Working on a design project can be made tougher because of the assessment and research required before the mind begins to sketch thumbnail options. Below is a worksheet guide that can help a designer organize and easify this assessment process.

Items to address/include
Name of designer
Client/company name
Description of company/entity

Brief yet complete explanation of the primary function of the client's company.
Project components
Identity, Front sign, Stationery, Gift certificate, brochure, website
Statement of the design problem
What weakness, miscommunication, marketing failure needs to be addressed.
Mission statement
"Create and produce an identity, signage, and graphics package that conveys the warmth and personal service of a new hair salon, while helping to overcome a poor entrance and awkward location." or "To overcome/introduce/help communicate . . ."
Target markets
Consider primary, secondary, tertiary audiences. Be very, very specific.
Purpose/goal of logo
What the new logo will accomplish. "This logo will . . ."
Research conducted
State specifically what you did to learn more about the company, the audience, the marketing needs, etc.
Companies that share share a similar product or service, audience, and market objectives
What you did to get fluid ideas
The 'silly' stuff you did to open your mind, get inspiration, explore, pursue options; the more off-the-wall, the better.
Adjectives the solution should convey
Qualities and attributes that ought to be communicated.
Objectives the solution should achieve
List and clarify what should be accomplished. "The new logo should be minimally offensive, easy to remember, easy to reproduce, . . ."
The call-to-action
The response or action desired of the target audience, reader, user
Concept statement
The big idea, the key message, a description of the theme that drives the entire piece.

Other items to consider
Time frame for completion
Life expectancy