A confusing water bill

Got this bill from the City of Edmond utilities. Notice that the billing period (and usage period) is from July 29 to August 30, essentially, the entire month of August. However, the graph on the right shows the Water Use Profile aligned with an S for September.


Just place the month abbreviations to align with the data from that month.

Design principles involved
1. Content should be accurate.
2. Elements should align sensibly.
3. Don't fuck with people.

I had noticed this discrepancy before, but I finally decided to address the issue (problems caused by poor design will not get any better if we continue to ignore them). So, I contacted the City of Edmond and explained the confusion.
Response from the clerk at the utility window:
"Yes, they're all like that - that's just the way they print out."
That seems to be a typical response from this level of employee - they just don't care. I asked to speak to her supervisor, but she was in a meeting and I was told she would call me later. She did:
Response from the supervisor:
We didn't realize there was an error until you pointed it out. We are now in the process of redesigning the statement, so, I will ask them to correct this. Thank you.