A belt with a velcro buckle
Well, traveling can sometimes be a bummer. Take off your shoes? Take off your jacket, your belt. So many silly routines.
As more authorities are now posting - it is all primarily for show - to give the traveler a false sense of security. We really aren't any safer because we take off our shoes and belts. One reviewer acknowledged that the only procedures that have had a major impact are these:
1. Reinforcing the cockpit door.
2. Passengers who fight back (as we have seen with the ranting pilot).
But the TSA and the unnecessary procedures won't leave us anytime soon since they are now part of a huge bureaucracy and most of the public is too apathetic to request changes.
So, how can we make the process a little more bearable? I often covertly move the que line ropes into a more efficient layout. I developed TravelPants with a removable pocket that holds all the metal stuff and can be easily removed to put in a bin. And, to avoid removing my belt, I now wear a belt with a velcro buckle.

I searched online but could find only industrial belts. There were no consumer velcro belts. So I bought these standard web belts, cut off the buckle and had a seamstress glue and sew on the velcro strips. It works well - adjustable, easy to operate, and I can leave it on at the airport.

Concept, design and production: spring 2008