Some work while at UCO

Another teacher and I went to see this typography exhibit at TCU in Ft. Worth. We contracted to host the exhibit later at UCO (named CSU at that time). I named the exhibit as an homage to the method of pouring molten lead to form slugs of type characters (hot type) and to convey hot as sexy and popular. I designed these promotion pieces (poster and postcard) in the two most popular typefaces of all time: Times New Roman and Helvetica.

The Art Department sponsored a high school art festival each year. But, it had gotten tired and unorganized. I renamed it, High Arts, to convey high school art and getting high on art and prepared this booklet of information. The booklet included all the rules of the contests, tour and demo schedules, and maps.

The gallery tags for an exhibit of student work of a new identity for the department. Sketches for a redesign of the student newspaper.

An informational brochure about the 3 disciplines, including the new program in Graphic Design, in the department of Art & Design. Logo for ClockTower Studio. My Christmas card for 1988.

In 1987, soon after I was hired at UCO, I participated in an Art Exhibit in the Art Gallery. It showcased 6 of my recent projects; I produced this handout brochure to describe each project on display.

The cover and inside spread of maps for a guide to introduce the new Graphic Design program.

A layout for course syllabi. I sketched this format during lunch at the Design Museum in London. All course handouts followed this same format.

Layout for a newsletter for Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity. The chapter at UCO was the Beta Zeta chapter so I exploited that alliteration and created the name, Beta Zeta Data.

Redesign of the UCO Course Catalog to include the index on the back cover. Full story.

A logo concept

The President of the University set out to improve the on-campus environment and activities. He commissioned many new dorms and apartments, a new stadium, and a wellness center. He also sought to create a new identity for the university. UCO had never really had a strong identity. Several attempts had been made over the years, but nothing that truly conveyed the proper attitude for the university. The new logo became a ClockTower project (which didn't work out) and then Abdullah Syed and I discussed the project and sketched a few ideas. We had agreed to spell Broncos in the more familiar and traditional way (the official spelling at the school is Broncho - an archaic rare alternative spelling).
We decided on the logos shown above, concepted and rendered by Abdullah. The stylized Bronco head surges thru the collegiate text that is then skewed by the force of the movement.
Motion, power, and energy are expressed through the typeface, the skewed lines, and the swoosh lines from the bronco head. The school colors are a given - the bronco looked sorta silly in blue and the 'bronze' gave it more organic life and energy. The text in the professional blue countered the freeform bronco and conveyed the more serious side. The letterforms had the angled corners reminiscent of familiar athletic jacket letters. These logos are primarily for athletic teams. The versions below are examples of how the identity could work in its various parts.

Date Design: 2002

The logo that the President adopted, designed by an OKC ad agency/design form. Despite the 'evil horse' facing left, this one better met the objectives as defined by the President of the university.

Some student work
Below: Critiquing student comps for a magazine ad project.

Mimic projects The left half is from a magazine, the right half is rendered by the student.