Spacing project
Typography I

To efficiently communicate a message, typographers and graphic designers see and manipulate letters as design elements; analyze letterform characteristics to determine how they relate to each other and to other design elements; understand letters as symbols for communication. This project includes turning in two printouts with 3 lines of text on each page - in different faces, settings, and sizes.

Set up 'New' pages according to the specs below.
Set text of two different headlines - Minerva delays Katy and Two for one sale. Create and set all type in one text block. Repeat each line of copy on 3 parallel baselines according to the specs below. If a particular specification is not stated, then you may use your best judgment. Design the composition and space the letters and words for maximum comprehension.

Minerva specs
• Paper size: 14"x8"
• Paper color: white
• Ink color: black
• Text line 1: Helvetica bold, 72pt, UC
• Text line 2: a cursive font, 48pt
• Text line 3: slab serif font, 54pt, all caps
• Leading: 140 points

Twofer specs
• Paper size: 8.5"x11"
• Paper color: white
• Ink color: black
• Text line 1: 56 point Times New Roman bold, U&lc
• Text line 2: a decorative font, any point size
• Text line 3: sans serif font, 48pt, all caps
• Leading: 200 points

Illustrator tasks
__ Document setup
__ Font selection
__ Point size
__ Leading
__ Kerning
__ Tracking
__ Baseline shift
__ 'Option + arrow key' kerning
__ 'Create Outlines': manipulate letterforms
__ Spell check
__ Grid, Snap to Grid
__ Grid alignment

File - Document setup      Window - Type - Character      Type - Create outlines

Edit - Check Spelling

• Appreciate the complexity of alphabet letterforms
• Create appropriate letter and word spacing relationships
• Practice design principles of alignment, consistency, and uniformity
• Create a well-designed layout composition
• Practice using Illustrator software
• Acknowledge and adhere to specs

• All specs precisely followed
• Clarity of legibility and readability
• Correctly spelled copy
• Appropriate kerning, word spacing, and leading
• Neatness of presentation
• Appropriate layout composition
• Demonstrated proficiency in Illustrator
• Turned in on time