A pretzel font
Typography 1

New typeface fonts are designed and put into circulation every day. Designing a new typeface often requires the use of a computer to refine the elements. This project requires you to design a new font using only natural materials - in this case, ordinary pretzel snacks.

Create and present a complete font of characters using only commercial pretzels. Peruse the bag of pretzels to find the basic shapes that best convey letterforms. Design the layout composition and securely mount the pretzels on any size or color of mat board.

• Use only store-bought pretzels, salted or unsalted - they do not have to be name brand pretzels.
• The pretzel size can range from small to the size from Auntie Anne's in the mall.
• Use only one pretzel piece per character.
• You can chew or cut parts of a pretzel away to form the character.
• Do not rearrange any parts of the pretzel piece.
• You cannot add to or embellish, in any way, a pretzel piece.
• If a piece breaks, you may glue it back together.

• Each of the above specs met
• Each character clearly communicated
• Effective presentation: consistency of font components, well-designed layout composition on board
• Execution: neatness, craftsmanship, little glue showing

• See typographic possibilities in ordinary objects and products.
• Discover unique ways to communicate font characters.
• Enjoy a salted snack, guilt-free, as a class assignment. Maybe even eat a pizza or drink a beer with the pretzels.

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