Play poster project
Typography 2

Some posters for performing arts events just announce the show info, others go beyond that and entice. This project is to design a poster to entice - to encourage attendance through intriguing text copy and images; provide a strong reason(s) why someone should buy a ticket to see the play.

Target audience
Some people will not go see a play no matter what message is communicated on a poster (unless its offers of money or threats on the reader's family), others will go no matter what the poster conveys - they are the fanatic theatergoers. This poster is to persuade the large group in the middle to consider entertainment options and purchase a ticket to spend an evening (or afternoon matinee) at the theater.

Info on the poster (not necessarily in this order)
• Title of play: either Doubt or The Farnsworth Invention (pick one)
• Author
• Locations, dates, & times
      Seretean Center, Stillwater
            May 14-16, 8:00pm
            May 17, 2:00pm
       Brady Theatre, Tulsa
            May 21-23, 8:00pm
            May 24, 2:00pm
       Plaza Theatre, Oklahoma City
            May 28-30, 8:00pm
            May 31, 2:00pm
      John Denney Playhouse, Lawton
            June 5-6, 7:30pm
            June 7, 2:00pm
• Tickets: $20 - one price for each seat and for each patron
      Purchase options
            Call (800)-OKIEREP (654-3747)
            At theater box office prior to performance
• A disclaimer advising the potential theater-goer that the play contains adult subject matter
• Sponsor logos
      Bank of Oklahoma
      Chesapeake Energy
      Tulsa World
      The Oklahoman
• Presented by Oklahoma Rep
      Oklahoma Repertory Theater is dedicated to presenting recent Broadway plays in Oklahoma

You may add additional information to help persuade the poster viewer to buy a ticket.

• Size: no larger than 11" x 17", either landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) orientation
• Colors: Full color
• Quantity: 500