Geometric font project
Typography I

Designing a new font encourages the designer to pay attention to what lines and arcs are necessary to clearly communicate a letterform.

Design, build, and print a font that meets the specs below. The font should consist of 26 letters and 10 numerals (do not include punctuation).
Arrange the alphabet in a well-designed composition and print out the paper, unmounted, to turn in.

Letterform elements

Letterform specs
• Use only the 6 lines as shown above
• Each line must have a thickness of 4 points
• Line ends may be any shape
• Horizontal and vertical lines must be 1/2" long
• Arcs must be from a circle with a 3/4" diameter
• You may use multiple lines per letter
• You may overlap line elements
• Do not rotate any line
• Do not delete any part of any line element

Illustrator software tasks
• MacLab procedures
      __ Access to the lab
      __ Booting up, logging off
      __ Clearing desktop, saving files
• Operation functions:
      __ Intro to the software
      __ Creating a new file
      __ Opening files
      __ Saving files, 'Save as'
      __ Printing a document
• Work environment
      __ Menu bar
      __ Toolbox palette
      __ Artboard, live area
      __ Undo, redo
      __ Format options: preview, outline
      __ Magnification
      __ Cut, copy, paste; clone; duplicate
      __ Group & Ungroup
      __ Grid, Snap to Grid
• Rendering functions:
      __ Creating a path, pen tool
      __ Creating an arc
      __ Anchor points
      __ Size of line: width, length
      __ Setting guidelines
      __ Snap to guide
      __ Ends of lines
      __ Drawing true circles
      __ Grid alignment

• Communicate letterforms within restrictions
• Design a unique font
• Use design principles of alignment, consistency, and uniformity
• Practice layout composition
• Practice operating Illustrator software
• Practice using rendering functions in Illustrator

• Easy readability of letterforms
• All specs met
• Neatness of presentation
• Appropriate and well-designed layout composition
• Demonstrated proficiency in Illustrator
• Turned in on time