A proposed license plate for Texas

Exploit the state slogan
Texas is The Lone Star State, made famous by its simple yet memorable flag, adopted by the Republic of Texas in 1839. That is the state's symbol and logo that is known globally.

Often, license plates are too busy and cluttered. There is a need for simplicity, so that the plate numbers can be quickly and clearly seen and comprehended. License plates probly shouldn't be for self-expression, their purpose is to communicate letters and numbers very rapidly and clearly, for the sake of emergency personne. People can express themselves on bumper stickers and in their cars, not on the license plate.
There is no need for The Lone Star State slogan - the lone star is there.

The simplicity and clarity of the proposed plate as compared to more complex plates.

Oops, something similar has already been done

Ad and plate for the Texas Commission on the Arts. Jim's suggestion on the right.

Above: Spotted on cars in Oklahoma. Below: A painted curb address in Dallas