Trip diaries: USA  1951-2013

41 states, all but: Alaska, Carolinas, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont
1953-1963 diairies recorded by my father, Jim Watson

In chronological order. For the complete list of all trips taken, see Jim's Chronology.
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Sketches of memories

Presidential Libraries and Museums
Franklin Roosevelt: Hyde Park NY, 2005
Theodore Roosevelt: Oyster Bay NY, 2009 & 2010
Harry Truman: Independence MO, 1989
Dwight Eisenhower: Abilene KS, 1989
Lyndon Johnson: Austin TX, 1971 & 2012
Richard Nixon: Yorba Linda CA, 1998
Ronald Reagan: Simi Valley CA, 2010
George HW Bush: College Station TX, 2012
Bill Clinton: Little Rock AR, 2015
George W Bush: Dallas TX, 2014

1951JuneMadison Wisconsin
Got call that Grandfather Remmel died, left for Madison at 11a, spent nights in Memphis and Bloomington IL, got to Madison at 1:00p. Funeral the next day. A few days in Madison. Left Madison at 8a, to Anna IL. Left Anna at 7:30a, supper in Jackson MS, home at 1:30a.

1953July 24 - August 28Madison Wisconsin
Friday: Left Dallas for Madison at 3:30p. Stopped in MacAlester OK at 8p.
Saturday: Left MacAlester at 6:30a - stopped at Miami OK to go into a mine to look around. Stopped at Pacific, just west of St. Louis (Below: boys climbed up to observation point).

Sunday: Left Pacific at 6:30a. Stopped in Springfield IL to see Lincoln home and tomb. Got to Madison WI at about 6p.
Monday: Had a birthday party for Jim. (Dad left for California at 7p.)
• Tuesday - Thursday: (Dad’s trip to LA)
Friday: (Dad got in from LA at noon.) Mother took us to the University Club for supper.
Saturday: Left Madison with Mother Remmel at 9a and got to Minocqua at 3:30p. Shopped for groceries. Ate at the Tower with Dick and June.
Sunday: Fished - no catch. The boys enjoyed the lake and the woods.
Monday: Drove up to Spider Lake. Stopped in Woodruff to see the million pennies.
Tuesday: Fished some but didn’t catch any big ones. Played bridge with Dick and June.
Wensday: Took it easy today. Drove over to Lac du Flambeau. Took mother to the Tower for dinner.
Thursday: Ate supper? at Baracki’s (?) in Minocqua after a day of hiking, fishing, and horseshoeing.
Friday: Fished some more but only got some little ones. Steve had a big time catching fish.
Saturday: We left Sunday Lake at 11:15a and got back to Madison at 5p. Picked up Bob, Gladys, Mother, and Carole at the station.
Sunday: Had a good visit with Bob, Gladys, Norma, Uncle Bob & Aunt Helen, and the Benkerts. Ate dinner at Saks. Visited with Ray Dvorak.
• Monday - Friday: (Dad to Dallas - no family entries.)
Saturday: Lorraine drove to Westby. The boys visited the farm with Margaret and Olaf.
• Sunday - Sunday: (Dad in Dallas - no family entries.)
Monday: Lorraine is busy getting ready to leave and helping mother.
Tuesday: Lorraine packed up and drove to Westby to pick up Margaret & Olaf.
Wensday: Lorraine left Westby early and drove to Bethany MO.
Thursday: Lorraine and everybody spent the night in Vinita OK
Friday: Lorraine and family got back to Dallas today after a tiring trip.

1954August 27 - September 5Colorado
Friday: We left Dallas on our vacation at 1:00p. Spent the night at Childress TX.
Saturday: Drove to Colorado Springs. Saw some fine mountains. The boys enjoyed the trip.
Sunday: Visited the Garden of the Gods, Cave of the Winds, and the Cliff Houses.
Monday: Visited Seven Falls and hiked up to Helen Hunt Jackson’s grave. Went to the zoo.
Tuesday: Went up Pike’s Peak on the cog railway. Drove to Cripple Creek in the afternoon.
Wensday: Drove to Denver in the morning. Went to Golden, Lookout Mt, and Buffalo Bill’s grave, then to Central City. Have a fine cabin with TV.
Thursday: Drove to Estes Park and the Rocky Mt. National Park. Spent a fine day. Back to Denver at 6p.
Friday: Went to City Park, then to the US Mint. Visited Ed and Olive - back to the park then to the cabin.
Saturday: Left Denver early. Ate lunch on Capulin Volcano in New Mexico. Stayed overnight in Amarillo TX.
Sunday: The boys were glad to get home at 3:15p.

1955July 29-31San Antonio

Friday: We left Dallas for San Antonio at 12:45p. Took the back road and got to SA at 7p. Stayed at the Westerner Motel.
Saturday: Went out to the Alamo in the morning. Ate lunch in the park, then saw Ft. Sam Houston, the Mission San Jose, San Juan, Brooksfield. Ate at Del Rio (on the Riverwalk) and took a boat ride.
Sunday: Went to the zoo etc. Left SA after lunch. Stopped at Austin to see the Capitol and the University of Texas. Got home at 10:45p.

1956Family trip to California, Yosemite, Grand Canyon

1957August 18-23Oklahoma
Sunday: We left Dallas on our vacation at 7a. Drove to Duncan and Lawton OK. Looked around Ft. Sill and then drove through the Wichita wildlife refuge. Spent the night in Altus OK.
Monday: Drove up to the Quartz Mt. Lodge in the am. Went fishing and swimming in the pm. Checked in at 3p. Had a good time around the lodge. Lorraine water skied today.
Tuesday: Hiked around the rocks. The boys got up early and went fishing. We water skied in the afternoon. It was tiring but fun. Moved out of the lodge and into a cabin on the shore of the lake. Swam, fished, and cooked hot dogs on the beach.
Wensday: Spent the day taking it easy - fishing and swimming. Bill tried water skiing today and did pretty well. Mr. Greer of Dallas gave us a boat ride. Ate at the lodge in the evening.
Thursday: The boys fished and climbed. We left the cabin at 11a and drove to Anadarko. Saw the program in the grandstand; drove out to the Indian Village; and saw the pageant in the amphitheater in the eve. Saw plenty of Indians - dances, costumes, etc.
Friday: Left Anadarko and drove to Chickasha for breakfast. Stopped in the Arbuckles to hike down to a stream and wade in the water. Ate lunch at Lake Murray Lodge near Ardmore. Took the scenic route and got back to Dallas about 7p. Ate dinner at Southern Kitchen.

1958July 27 - August 9Wisconsin

Sunday: We left Dallas for Wisconsin at 7:30a. Spent 3 hrs in Sherman TX getting the car fixed. Stopped at Fort Scott, Kansas (Red Ram Motel?) for the night.
Monday: Drove to KC for breakfast. Called Mac Miller and met him at Union Depot for coffee. Left KC at 11:30a and drove to Madison via Des Moines, the Amana country, and Dubuque IO. Got there about 1a.
Tuesday: Took it easy visiting with the mothers, Chuck, etc.
Wensday: Took the boys to the museum.
Thursday: Went boating with the boys on Lake Wingra.
• Friday-Saturday: (no entries)
Sunday: Drove to Wisconsin Dells. Took boat ride thru the Dells.
Monday: Borrowed Walter Niederer’s boat and went over to Lake Mendota and had a picnic lunch on picnic point with Chuck, Jean, and Ricky.
Tuesday: We drove to Westby and had a good visit with Margaret and Olaf. The boys had fun at the farm (Jim jumped off loft in barn and cut his lower lip?). Ate picnic lunch at Coon Valley.
Wensday: Dad drove to Milwaukee with Bill & Steve and had broiled Bratwursts with Dick, June, and the cousins - went to the Braves - Pittsburgh game. Got back to Madison at 12:30a or so.
• Thursday: (no entry)
Friday: We left Madison at 9a after having the car fixed. Drove through Dubuque, Keokuk, and had lunch near Hannibal MO. Spent the night at (blank)
Saturday: Arrived back in Dallas about 11p in a driving rain.

1959July 10-12Houston
Friday: Left Dallas for Houston at 4:45p. Got there at 11:30 and stayed at Western Skies motel. The whole family.
Saturday: Visited Taylors, Folks, Neighbors, and Dunhams, then went to San Jacinto to visit the battleship and the battleground. Drove on to Galveston at 5:30 and stayed at Buccaneer hotel. Ate at Paul’s.
Sunday: Got up early and chartered a boat. Everybody caught some fish! Back at noon. We spent the afternoon at the beach. Left Galveston at 6p. Stopped in Huntsville to see Sam Houston’s house and grave and the prison. Home at 2:30a.

1960July 22-30Colorado
Friday: Finished packing car, took Blackie to Dr. Holt, then met the Johnstons and the Radkes at the Circle and took off for Colorado at 11:30a. Ate at a roadside park and stopped at Amarillo.
Saturday: Left Amarillo at 6a and drove to Walsenburg CO then went to Salida and Gunnison. Checked a couple of campsites and set up camp on the Taylor River.
Sunday: Fished but didn’t catch anything. Drove up the river and found a better campsite.
Monday: We broke camp and moved to another campsite about 15 miles farther up the Taylor River. It was a better site, not so dirty, and cooler.
Tuesday: Spent the day resting and fishing. The boys went horseback riding (Jim on Peanut who took off running and rared back on his hind legs). Played bridge in the evening.
Wensday (Jim’s birthday): Took it easy and fished in the evening - didn’t catch anything. Lorraine drove the kids over to the riding stable. Played bridge in the evening after taking a ride up to Taylor Lake reservoir. We won the money.
Thursday: Broke camp in the morning and left for Colorado Springs at noon. Drove over Cottonwood Pass and arrived in Manitou at about 4p. Drove out to Scout Jamboree site with Johnstons and saw Steve. Watched closing ceremony and program.
Friday: Left Manitou at 9a. Ate breakfast at Walsenburg. Inspected old coal mine town near Trinidad. Reached Amarillo at 5:30p and drove on to Memphis TX. Steve left Jamboree at 3:30p but didn’t leave Colo Springs until 7(?).

Saturday: Left Memphis TX at 7:00a. Ate breakfast at Childress and drove on to Dallas.

1961July 23 - August 10Civil War sites, New York City, Washington DC, Wisconsin

1963August 10-26St. Louis, Chicago, Wisconsin

Saturday: 6:15 left Dallas, drove to DX in Tulsa, ate lunch, saw FL Osborn world headquarters outside Tulsa. We got on Will Rogers Turnpike to Chicago. Played games in car. 1:20 got to Missouri. Stopped at Dairy Queen (Joplin?), went through Springfield to St. Louis. 6:00 stopped in Rolla for gas, saw grape vineyard. 7:45 stayed at Ozark Plaza Motel at (66 at Lindbergh?). Ate at Flame Cafe, then back to motel.

Sunday: St. Louis: 6:45 left motel to see Operetta outdoor theater in Forest Park, then Cardinals Stadium. 8:50(?) crossed Mississippi River to Illinois (at Alton?). Then ate breakfast at a place about 9:45, then stopped at 11:00 for gas and later stopped at Stuckey's at 12:50. Then went on and arrived in Chicago about 2:45, found a motel (Shore Drive Motel), looked around town, went through Chicago to Natural History Museum and ate lunch at the beach, then came back to the hotel to change clothes. Took IC train downtown and then ate dinner at Mammy's, took IC back to motel and went to sleep.
• Monday: We woke up at 8:15 and ate breakfast at 9:15, then went to Museum of Science & Industry at 9:50 and ate lunch there at 1:30 then left museum at 3:50 and went to the Shedd Aquarium from 4:10 to 5:45. We got out of Chicago at about 6:00, then ate dinner on the road at 8:30. Got gas and drove some more and arrived in Madison at 9:05. We got to Grandma's house at 9:30 and went to sleep.
• Tuesday: I woke up at 7:15 and ate breakfast at 8:50 and then went to zoo until 11:00. We left Madison about 11:30 and got to Westby at 1:30 to visit Margaret & Olaf. Ate lunch at 2:05, saw ski jump and Tri-State breeders til 4:30, then ate dinner at Aunt Margaret's house. Left Westby at about 5:50 to go to Madison. Went to see Bob and crew at 8:06 and talked til 9:15, drove around town from 9:55 to 11:30, then came home and went to sleep.
Wensday: Woke up at 9:00 and ate breakfast at 10:00 (then did something until about 1:00). Ate lunch and went sightseeing, then home, to the park until 4:30. We got dressed for dinner at the University Club at UW Union. After dinner we went to Chuck and Jean's to show slides and give Norma presents until about 11:00, then went home to sleep.
Thursday: I woke up at 8:20 and ate breakfast at 9:00, then left for Milwaukee at 10:20, I played with Tommy at Dick's (and had lunch there) and we went to new zoo til 4:45. Steve and dad went to Braves Dodgers game, Bill and Pete went to state fair. Then we all had a snack and left for Madison at 6:20, stopped for gas at 6:30 and got to Madison at 7:50. Watched TV and drove around town at 10:30 then went to sleep at 12:00.
Friday: I woke up at 9:30, 10:00 went to Math Building and sightseeing until 11:15, ate lunch at 12:00 in a cafe, at 1:00 went to zoo and Grandma Watson's house, 5:00 got dressed to go see Aunt Elizabeth at 5:15. 7:00 we went to Chuck's for dinner until about 10:00, then back home, packed, and sleep at 11:00.
Saturday: Woke up at 8:00, 10:00 we drove to North Woods, stopped at 11:10 for gas and for beer at 12:30. Ate lunch at 1:15 in Wausau, grocery shopped in Minocqua, gas again at 2:25. Arrived at lodge at 4:15, settled into rooms, fished, ate dinner, more fishing, sleep at 11:00.
Sunday: Woke up at 8:30, breakfast at 9:30, rowed and played baseball with dad and uncles. Took pictures until 12:30. Cabin, rested, lunch, rowed, took a walk. Dinner at Paul Bunyan's. Water ski show at Minocqua. Sleep at 10:45.
Monday: Woke at 9:30, walked, played horseshoes, lunch, fished, dinner, fished, played, sleep at 10:45.
Tuesday: Woke at 9:15, rowed and rowed, horseshoes, baseball to 12:45. Lunch, swimming til 4:15. Lac du Flambeau Indian reservation: dinner, costumes, Pow wow. Home, sleep.
Wensday: Woke at 9:30, breakfast, horseback riding, horseshoes, lunch, swimming to 4:00. To Trout lake Point and Boulder Junction: watched bears at dump, dinner, til 8:00, saw ski show again in Minocqua, home, played cards, sleep.
Thursday: woke at 8:45, hiking, lunch at Uncle Richard's cabin, swimming, barbecue dinner cookout on pier, baseball, island for marshmallow roast; read comics, sleep.
Friday: Woke at 9:00, breakfast, rowed, hiking, lunch, swimming til 5:00. Played cards went out to eat at Yeshek's Tower for dinner, played cards, packed, sleep.
Saturday: Woke at 6:45, breakfast, left Sunday Lake at 8:30, gas at 10:45, got to Madison at 1:10, ate lunch out (McDonald's?) to Grandma Watson's to see Ricky play at UW church or carillon tower, dinner at Remmel's.
• Sunday: Woke at 7:00, left Madison at 7:45, stopped for breakfast at 8:30 bought food at 10:50 and ate it at 1:30. Drove to Rolla MO: stayed at Zeno's.
Monday: Woke at 5:50, left Rolla MO at 6:20, breakfast in Springfield MO at 8:45, lunch in McAllister OK at 12:45, home at 5:30.

1966August 24-28San Antonio and Monterrey, Mexico
• Wensday: Georgetown: Inner Space; San Marcos: Aquarena Springs; San Antonio: Fiesta del Rio.
• Thursday: Drive, cross border.
• Friday: Monterey, Mexico: Grotto at Villa de Garcia.
• Saturday: Drive Monterrey to San Antonio.
• Sunday: Drive to Dallas.

1967August 12-21Atlanta and Florida
• Saturday: Left on vacation at 7am. Lunch in Monroe LA, Vicksburg battlefield, drove to Meridian MS:

• Sunday: stopped in Selma AL and Montgomery, drove to Columbus GA to visit friends, on to Atlanta.
• Monday: Stayed in downtown Holiday Inn. We went out to Six Flags in am. Went to baseball game in evening: Braves & Giants.
• Tuesday: Visited Cyclorama, checked out, drove to Stone Mountain, railroad ride, sculpture; drove to Valdosta.
• Wensday: Drove to Jacksonville FL, St. Augustine, Ormond Beach:

• Thursday: Drove to Cypress Gardens to see water ski show, then to Tampa to visit Busch Gardens, then St. Petersburg to visit Douglas':

• Friday: Drove to Sarasota to see Circus museums, back to beach by 4:30.
• Saturday: Up early, drove to Mobile AL, visited battleship Alabama, stayed at Ramada Inn.
• Sunday: Early drive, afternoon in Bay St. Louis, New Orleans, walked around French Quarter.
• Monday: Left NOLA at 7am, drove Alexandria, Shreveport, Dallas.

1971MarchChicago, Evanston
Sigma Chi committee meeting; visit Steve, Sigma Chi headquarters, Old Town.

1971AugustDeKalb IL
Tulsa, Six Flags over Mid-America, St. Louis; DeKalb: Sigma Chi workshop; Greg Dial,

1971September 18-19Milwaukee and Madison
• Saturday: Flew to Milwaukee. Steve & Heidi wedding and reception. Drove to Madison arriving at 9:30.
• Sunday: Bill and Jim visit grandmothers. Drove to airport at 2:00, Minneapolis layover

1971Salt Lake City
Sigma Chi committee meeting; Temple Square, Tabernacle, Mormon museum.

1977Los AngelesTGIF, Phoenix, Las Vegas, drive with Mike McClure

1977Los AngelesPlaya del Rey, Grand Canyon

1978March 7 - July 17TGIF Opening Team
• Dallas, Rolla MO, Columbia MO, Springfield IL, Schaumburg IL (Chicago, Chicago, Second City), Madison WI, Chicago, Cleveland, Chagrin Falls OH, Louisville KY, Memphis TN, Hot Springs AR, Dallas
• Dallas, Hot Springs, Jackson TN, Louisville KY, Mammoth Cave KY, Nashville TN, Chattanooga TN, Atlanta, Savannah GA, Brunswick GA, Tampa FL, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Naples, Ft. Lauderdale
Montego Bay Jamaica, Negril, Ocho Rios, Ft. Lauderdale
• Ft. Lauderdale, Walt Disney World, Lake City, Atlanta GA, Jackson MS, Dallas

1981AprilArkansas and Branson
• Thursday: 2:00 Leave AMHS parking lot, Sherman gas, Lake Eufala, Arkansas, Ft. Smith gas, play King-of-the-Wall; dinner: Asher's house, sit outside, sleep in bedrolls on floor.
Friday: Eureka Springs, drive around and pass van, shop & sightsee, drive to Passion Play and statue; Branson: set up camp, pool pinball, drive to dam; charades, campfire.
Saturday: Silver Dollar City; dinner: camp; Baldknobbers show; camp, poker, hear bigfoot.
Sunday: Inspiration Point, drive by Beaver Lake, scenic view; lunch: Ashers; car games, McD, McAlester, Sherman.
Campers: Trysh Travis, Katy Pybas, Jessica Heimberg, Daniel Webster, Craig Stoddart, John Mullins, David Opalecky, Tom Asher

1983New Orleans, Walt Disney World: Camp Wilderness, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Jerry

1983AugustAmtrak, Chicago, Wisconsin Laird, family reunion

• Amtrak cities: Dallas, Mesquite, Forney, Terrell, Wills Point, Edgewood, Grand Saline, Mineola, Hawkins, Red Rock, Gladewater, Longview, Marshall, Atlanta, Texarkana.
Mississippi River, St. Louis, Lenox, Alton, Carlinville, Auburn, Springfield, Lincoln, Bloomington, Pontiac, Joliet, Chicago.

1985SpringSanta Fe Cecilia

5 people: Cecilia & Jim, Dorothy & Michael Dunn, another woman
• Day 1: Load station wagon, drive Amarillo, Tucumcari: Pony Soldier motel on 66.
Day 2: Valley road up to Las Vegas, brunch downtown, Santa Fe, camp up Ski Basin road, 10,000 Waves.
Day 3: Camp, "I rac m u cut".

1986May 16-20San Antonio Laird
• Friday: Lancaster: Interurban tracks, Waxahachie: Interurban Court, station, bridges, Italy: station, tracks, Hillsboro: station, West: station, Waco: bridge; Austin gas, Salado, dinner: Stagecoach Inn; SA: Skyline Motel, Austin Hwy.
Saturday: 410 drive, Med Center, 1-10, airport, North Star Mall lunch: Los Patios; downtown, visitor's center, Hyatt roof pool, rain; motel, meet Jerry, to River, drink at Texas 21, trolley to dinner: La Margarita, mercado; trolley to texas 21: drink.
Sunday: Bkfst: Sheraton, drive residential, Ft. Sam Houston, downtown Joske's groj; Alamo model, Menger; Hemisfair Plaza, lunch: Tower, Institute of Texan Cultures, Marriott; King William district, McNay Art Museum & grounds, Breckenridge Park drive, drink at bridge, motel, Jerry leave for Houston; Olmos residences, Rio, dinner: Michelino's, Alamo Plaza.
Monday: Bkfst: La Tierra mercado, Mission Drive, aqueduct, dam, Lone Star Brewery, Buckhorn, free beer; Rio, dinner: Casa Rio, Alamo Plaza, Fuddrucker's: cookies, ice cream.
Tuesday: Bkfst: Jim's Austin Hwy, Witte, Alamo, ITC: nap under tree; drive I-35, dinner: Torito Austin, Ft. Worth.

1987June 4-7El Paso Laird
• Thursday: Ft. Worth, Ranger, Abilene: Buffalo Gap, Sweetwater, dinner: truck stop, Colorado City, Big Spring: Mayo Ranch Motel.
Friday: Bkfst: Friendship Inn, Midland: Petroleum Museum, Odessa, Monahans: sand dunes, lunch: McDonald's, Pecos: hotel museum, depot, mountains; Van Horn, Sierra Blanca: Palace Hotel, transcontinental railroad; lower valley, San Elizario, Socorro, dinner: Juarez: Chihuahua Charlie's.
Saturday: Bkfst: Whataburger, El Paso History Museum, lunch: Magda's, drive: UTEP, Sunset Heights, Mesilla, NMSU, Transmountain Road, Wilderness Museum, scenic drive: views; Juarez, dinner: Paso del Norte, scenic drive: night views.
Sunday: Walk Socorro, bkfst: fruit; drive, Monahans, lunch: buffet in Inn, Midland, leave I-20: Sterling City, San Angelo: Ft. Concho, Miss Hattie's, Ballinger: library, depot, Santa Anna, Brownwood: Avalon motel.
Monday: Comanche, Hico: bkfst coffee, Iredell, Glen Rose: square, Cleburne: interurban route, Burleson, Ft. Worth, home.

1987July 4-7Tulsa, Edmond Laird
• Saturday: Chili's; OK tourist center, Indian Nation Tpk; Tulsa: ORU, downtown, Boston Ave Church, Philbrook, Rt 66: motel, nap; El Chico, river fireworks, motel.
Sunday: Church: Boston Ave, tour downtown, Council Oak, Harwelden, Riverside Drive; Furr's; ORU: Journey thru Bible, City of Faith; Turner Tpk, Chandler, 66 to Arcadia, Edmond; Capitol, Harn homestead, Heritage Hills, downtown, fairgrounds; dinner: Del Rio, Motel 6 I-35.
• Monday: Edmond, CSU campus: interview, lunch: Graystone, driving tour; Cowboy Hall, Penn Square, Quail Springs, look at apts, Northpark, dinner: Interurban; Northwest Exp: drink: Charleston's, Regal 8.
Tuesday: CSU, I-35 to 77 to Norman, lunch: Interurban, OU campus; 77 to Turner Falls; dinner: Chili's Lewisville.

1987July 27-29Edmond
Motel 6, Signed UCO contract: July 27, got apartment: WindRush, July 28.

1987August 7-8Edmond
Motel 6, Laird: Moved office to UCO.

1987August 15Edmond
Moved to new apartment in Oklahoma, Laird.

1987October 16-20Santa Fe Laird, Jerry, Becky
• Friday: OKC airport, DAL: met Laird, ALB, Avis car, drive Santa Fe, dinner: Tomasita's, drive to Velarde.
Saturday: Coffee croissant, petroglyphs, San Juan Pueblo, Espanola: Bond House, Chimayo, lunch: Ortega; high road to Taos, Gorge bridge, plaza, shop, Velarde, dinner.
Sunday: Bkfst, San Juan Pueblo, Bandolier: hike, Los Alamos: museums, Santa Fe: La Fonda, dinner: Steaksmith, ski basin: lights, views.
Monday: Georgia O'Keefe, Abiquiu mosque, Ghost Ranch Living Museum; Santa Fe: museums, St. Johns, Canyon Road; Old Taos Road: Bishop's Lodge, Shidoni, Zia, Tomasita's, plaza: Elaine Horwitch, coffee.
Tuesday: Walk with Laird, Gloria's: chile wreathes, drive thru SF to Cerrillos, Madrid, Alb: Old Town, lunch: La Placita, Museum of Natural History, airport; Lubbock, Love Field, Lucille pick us up, me to Orchid; to airport, home.

1988April 23-24Bartlesville and Kansas
• Saturday: Drive, McD: coffee, thru Tulsa to Bartlesville; Price Road, Joe Price/Goff house, FLW 'Robie' house, Frank Phillips home, Price tower, Interurban fotos, Hotel Phillips: roof deck, Comm Center: Taliesin, Johnstone Park, dinner: Western Sizzlin, Washington Park Mall, hotel, read.
Sunday: Walk to Presby Church: coffee, socialize; Price Tower, downtown, hotel: check out; Wesleyan College, interurban route to Dewey, Dewey; Bartlesville, Woolaroc: museum, lodge, nature trail; Pawhuska: Osage Center; Ponca City: Marland mansion, Pioneer Woman; 77 to Newkirk, Kansas: Cherokee Strip, Arkansas City; 166 to I-35.

1988May 18-25 (?)Austin, Houston, Galveston
• Wensday: I-35; UT: Prather, Jester rooms, Mall, Co-Op, Union; Carey Gallery, mission house; dinner: El Rancho with Tom, Guadalupe: Nuvo, metropolis.
Thursday: Cafeteria, Highland Mall, 183: Arboretum, Simon David, 2222, motel, Art Bldg, PAC, LBJ Library, Comm Bldg; Sigma Chi house, East Mall; Carey Gallery, Carey party, 6th Street.
Friday: Coffee muffin with Tom, Sigma Chi, Drive 71 LaGrange, Columbus, Houston; lunch: Luby's with Jerry; drive Gulf Fwy Galveston: Seaside Pointe; beach, volleyball, San Luis pool, bar; motel; dinner: Landry's.
Saturday: Strand: shops, lunch, coffee in sidewalk chairs, Seawolf Park; motel; beach volleyball, dinner: Landry's.
Sunday: Lunch: Hunan, walk jetty; Strand: chairs, meet April, lunch: Yaga's, coffee; San Luis: beach, volleyball; drive Kemah, dinner: Shrimp Point; Houston: Sam's Place, house.
Monday: Lunch: seafood with April, Daphne's, Katy's: games; Luby's: with Jerry, movie: Willow, TCBY yogurt.
Tuesday: Randall's: juice, coffee; lunch: Houston's with Jerry and Tom Bartley, Jerry's office, pack; drive Eagle Lake, Columbus, New Ulm; visit Bartley's, dinner: burgers.
Wensday: Bkfst: TB & Anne in Bellville; Brenham: tour Blue Bell, independence, Washington, Navasota, A&M, Luby's, Bryan; home.

1988-89December 31 - January 6Arizona, Ventura CA
• Saturday: Drive 9a - 11p, Lordsburg NM: Motel 10.
Sunday: Lordsburg, Tucson, Phoenix, 2:30p: Arcosanti: bakery, tour, valley walk; Phoenix: Regal 8: tv, rolls, swim.
Monday: Bkfst: McD, Cosanti; Taliesin: tour, walks, deliver DFW FLW papers; Phoenix: Price home, Biltmore, lunch: Furr's; drive Ventura: Motel 6; Eric, Denny's.
Tuesday: House hunt, lunch: Gary's, house; Santa Barbara: Lyon's, dinner: Carrow's.
Wensday: Beach walk, pier, house, errands, lunch: Gary's, Valencia: CalArts, Camarillo dinner: Ottavio's, Motel 6 Camarillo.
Thursday: Errands, movers unload; drive Ventura mall, lunch: Arby's, dinner: Fuddrucker's, house.
Friday: Ventura: old hotels; bus to LAX, terminals, flite, Austin, DFW; Orchid.

1989May 27-29Springfield MO, Arkansas Laird
• Saturday: Drive Turner to Tulsa, 66: Avery Court, Claremore: Will Rogers Memorial, Oolagah: WR birthplace, lunch: Hardee's; 66 Chelsea, Vinita, Afton: Buffalo Ranch, Kansas, Joplin, old road to Carthage, Hallstown, Springfield, dinner: Seven gables, Lone Star motel.
Sunday: Springfield downtown bkfst: Ziggie's on 60; 160 to Silver Dollar City: shops, rides, lunch; lake, dam road, Blue Eye, Berryville, Eureka Springs: Razorback Inn, Passion Play.
Monday: Christ of Ozarks statue, back road to Eureka Spr, downtown: shops, yogurt, bakery, hotels: Palace & Crescent; 62 west to Thorncrown Chapel, Castle Inspiration Point, Rogers, Springdale, Fayetteville: Univ of Ark, downtown, lunch: taco Bell; 62 west: Prairie Grove Civil War battlefield; Tahlequah: NEOSU, Cherokee Capitol, dinner: Hardee's, Ft. Gibson, Muskogee downtown, 69, I40, 244.

1989 August 8-13St. Louis
• Tuesday: Drive: food & coffee on road; St. Louis: 66, groceries, Coral Court, MacArthur Bridge, Union Station, I-70 to Motel 6.
Wensday: St. Charles: walk, bridge, coffee, Interurban Station; old bridge and road, McDonnell Douglas: tour, gift shop; lunch: Old Country Buffet, downtown: AIA tour map, St. Louis Centre mall, County Courthouse, riverfront, Laclede's Landing: bookstore, river cruise; arch: movie, museum, ride to top; Wainwright Bldg, Union Station: yogurt, margarita, motel.
Thursday: Forest Park: Jefferson Memorial, History Museum, Art Museum: furniture, cheesecake & coffee, Forest Park; Grand, Fox Powell, Mossa: furniture, St. Louis Centre, Eads Bridge; trace 66: East St. Louis, Staunton, Chain of Rocks, Missouri banks; airport, motel.
Friday: Bkfst: Steak & Shake; Zoo, Muny, Cupples House, St. Louis Univ, lunch; Laclede & Euclid, Science Museum; Washington Univ: Art Gallery, Olympics, dinner: TGI Friday's Creve Couer, Chesterfield Mall: haircut, motel.
Saturday: Kirkwood, 66, bkfst: Hardee's, Laumeier Sculpture Park, 66 across Meramec, Museum of Transport; Busch Brewery, Cherokee, 66, Coral Courts; Grant's Farm: train, birds; cathedral Riverview Dr to Chain of Rocks bridge: toll plaza ruins, walk across bridge; Laclede's: Spag Wrhs, Sundecker's, bridges, motel.
Sunday: 66: Six Flags, Devil's Elbow, Lebanon: Munger Moss, Springfield, I-44, Edmond 11p.

1989October 13-17Kansas Laird
• Friday: Wichita: Hardee's, Vista Mall; Kansas City: downtown, Travelodge, Crown Center, Westport, dinner: Chili's, Westport.
• Saturday: Downtown: City Hall, Auditorium, Lewis & Clark Point; Union Station, Crown Center, bkfst: pastries; Hallmark: Hyatt skywalk, visitor's center: film, lunch on grass; KC Art Inst: buildings, lawn, nap, gallery; Swope Park, Starlight, dinner: Furr's, motel: Regal 8, Vietnam memorial, Westport: bookstore.
Sunday: Sports complex, Independence Square, shuttle Truman home, library, lunch: cafe; Mormon Visitor's Center; Nelson-Atkins Museum: Goff & FLW; Liberty Memorial, Crown Center yogurt, Lewis & Clark Bridge, Kaw Paw: cruised dock, Worlds of Fun: brief walk (closing), Westport, dinner: Lucille's, Animation Festival.
Monday: Cave Springs, Mission Hills, Thomas Hart Benton home, lunch: Winstead's, KC, KC, US 40: Lawrence, KU, art & design; Topeka, Manhattan, Motel 6 check in, mall, dinner: Sbarro.
• Tuesday: Drive mall, downtown, KSU: union; Abilene: Eisenhower library, home; lunch: Hardee's, Mennonite villages; Pioneer adobe house, Newton: snax, train depot, Wichita; SF earthquake news, home, tv.

1989December 22-29Santa Fe Family Christmas
Thursday: Drive I-40 to Amarillo - bitter cold, blowing snow; Route 66 thru Glenrio; lunch: Tucumcari, Santa Rosa, Clines Corner, Albuquerque: Motel 6, tv movie.
Friday: Museum of Alb, NM Museum of Natural History, Old Town, Central Avenue (66), Route 66 Diner, Univ of NM walking tour; Sandia Peak tram and hike; shop mall: new gloves.
Saturday: Old 66 east to Edgewood, Kirtland AFB: National Atomic Museum, Petroglyph State Park, old old 66 west & south to Las Lunas; Sandia tram: 2 hour hike along mile-high Sandia crest at night.
Sunday: Oldest church in Alb Old Town; Pick up family at Alb airport, drove to Cochito Pueblo, Santa Fe: settled in at Residence Inn, plaza, dinner: Coyote Cafe.
• Monday: Bkfst at Inn, high road to Taos, Chimayo, forest scenic views, Taos: lunch: Ogelvies, Pueblo dancing, Rio Grande Gorge, drove up to ski area, river road to Santa Fe at 7p, hot tub.
Tuesday: Bkfst at Inn, Santa Fe museums, Canyon Road galleries, lunch: Tomasita's with Jean and Susan Sylvester, Plaza, dinner: Pink Adobe (saw Bill Daly), videos at Inn.
Wensday: Bkfst at Inn, grocery shopping, Opera House, Santa Fe winery; Los Alamos: historical and science museums; Bandolier National Monument: lunch, hikes, ruins, cave dwellings; Nambe shop, coffee at Plaza, updated videos at Inn.
Thursday: Bkfst at Inn, shopped and explored the Plaza, search for FLW pottery house, State Capitol,11a: I-25 to Alb, 2:20p: send off family at airport.
I met Laird at airport and we drove to California. Trip continued

1990 • July 30 - August 13St. Louis, Chicago, Wisconsin, Iowa Laird, family reunion
• Monday: 44/66 to Ft. Leonard Wood.
Tuesday: Pacific, St. Louis, Coral Court, Art Museum, Laclede's.
Wensday: Forest Park, AIA, Grant's Farm, Arch.
Thursday: 66 to Braidwood.
Friday: 66 drive, Motel 6 TGI Friday's, Woodfield Mall.
• Saturday: Prairie Avenue, Robie House, Science & Industry, Lakeshore, Rush St, Magnificent Mil.
Sunday: Oak Park: FLW, deco.
• Monday: AIA Loop tour, Art Institute, Sears Tower, boat ride, GuadalaHarry's.
Tuesday: Bkrs Sq, O'Hare: goodbye to Laird; drive, Racine WI.
Wensday: Reunion: Newport Beach, dinner: pasta, custard.
• Thursday: Mini-golf, cookout, Uno.
Friday: Drive Ripon, Madison UW, Monroe & Fox Aves, FLW.
Saturday: Taliesin; Madison UW, dinner: PortaBella State St.
Sunday: Coffee: Margaret's; drive: Amana, Cedar Rapids, Grinnell, Des Moines.
Monday: Des Moines, Hwy 69, Bethany: motel, Ft. Scott, 66/Turnpike.

1990October 11-16San Francisco, Yosemite Jerry
• Thursday: Class, pack, airport; flite: sleep, Denver transfer, coffee; Jerry at SFO airport, van to rental car; call Chris & Orchid, drive Wharf/Ghiradelli, Lombard St; dinner: Scoma's; cab Buena Vista, Irish coffee; bye to Chris, drive Oakland Motel 6.
Friday: Drive UC Berkeley, bakery; mountain drive to freeway; drive Yosemite, grocery shop; check in Lodge, settle; walk to Falls, bar: margarita; dinner: cafeteria, bed.
Saturday: Bkfst: cafeteria; bus to Glacier point; hike 12:15-6:45; bar: drink; room; dinner: Ahwahnee.
• Sunday: Bkfst in room, coffee in cafeteria; drive to Mariposa Grove; walk sequoias: Grizzly Giant; lunch: Wawana, hotel, golf shop; Village: Visitor's Center, Ansel Adams; room: scotch, sunset from meadows; film: Ansel Adams; room; dinner: Mountain Room.
Monday: Bkfst: cafeteria; drive valley to Sausalito; Muir Woods, beach; Sausalito: bay overlook; point overlook of bridge, city, bay; dinner: Chinatown, walk; bookstore, North Beach: cappuccino.
Tuesday: Walk naberhood hill, view, drive Marina District; bkfst: Mel's Diner, view; Alcatraz tour; cable car barn, museum; Alamo Heights, Haight Asbury; airport.

1991May 24-28Arkansas, Memphis
• Friday: I-40/US 64, Ft. Smith: forts, downtown, Lake Dardanelle, Conway: downtown, Univ of Central Ark, US70, West Memphis: Motel 6; racetrack, dinner: Western Sizzlin, swim.
Saturday: Graceland, bkfst: Burger King, Graceland: mansion, film, cars, plane; Pink Palace, Hist/Science Museum, Children's Museum gift shop; Brooks Museum of Art: lunch; Huey's: call Thomas Boggs, city tour, TB house, downtown; Summer Avenue Holiday Inn Courts US64, dinner: Oak Court Mall, Memphis State campus, Union Street, Sun Studio; Beale Street, motel.
Sunday: US70 West Memphis, bkfst: Burger King; Loraine Motel: talk with Jackie; Sun Studio, Victorian Village; Mud Island: river museum, walkway, museum: Memphis Belle film; lobby of Catherine the Great; downtown, Peabody lobby; river cruise: beer on Mississippi; drive Little Rock, dinner: Hardee's, check in, watch fireworks; downtown: Riverfest, bed.
Monday: North Little Rock, downtown; Central High School; drive Hot Springs: visitor's center, Central Avenue; Hotel Margarette; walk Central shops, drive Mid-America Museum, West Mountain summit, hotel: rest; hike Hot Springs Summit, views; bathhouse row, dinner: Magee's, drinks: Hotel Arlington porch, park, bed.
Tuesday: Buckstaff bathhouse: massage, sit in rocker at Fordyce, walk Central Avenue; pack, drive Hot Springs Mountain; US270 to Mena; Talimena Drive; McAlester, turnpike I-40 US62 I-35, home.

1991August 10-20Route 66, Santa Fe, Utah, Boulder, Denver, Kansas
• Saturday: 66, Weatherford, Elk City, Sayre, Erick, McLean: Route 66 Museum & Western museum; Texola, I-40 Amarillo: downtown, 6th Street; Vega, Adrian, Glenrio, gravel road to San Jon; Tucumcari lunch: Hardee's; Santa Rosa, US84 Las Vegas, Inn of Las Vegas, drive town, dinner: Pizza Hut salad & beer.

Sunday: Fort Union NM - excellent, with recordings, period costumes, SF trail ruts; Springer, Cimarron: Visitor's Center, tour Villa Philmont (Waite Phillips summer home) scout camp, Old Cimarron; drive Sangre de Cristo mountains, Vietnam memorial, Angel Fire, bypass Taos, river road to Espanola; Rebecca's house, drive Santa Fe, trace pre-1937 Route 66, El Dorado: nachos & margaritas, Wild Oats.
• Monday: Bkfst with Rebecca: fruit & bread, shop: cold medicine, drinks; US84 Hernandez, Abiquiu, Ghost Ranch Living Museum; Chama & San Juan Mountains; 64 west to Bloomfield, Salmon Indian Ruins, Farmington; Four Corners; Cortez: motel hunt, check in, drive town, hot tub, tv, sleep.
Tuesday: Colorado Visitor's Center, Texaco oil change; drive, natural Bridges Nat'l Park, sit; gravel switchbacks, views, Valley of the Gods, Medicine Hat, Monument Valley, Kayenta; drive desert, Page: drinks; Glen Canyon dam tour; Kanab, St. George, Motel 6, drive town, yogurt, grocery shop, tv, bed.
Wensday: Zion National Park, Vis Ctr, lunch; tunnel, drive Bryce Canyon: check in, nap, general store; walk rim, nap, walk rim: pink rain storm; sunset, lodge, rainbow, bed.
Thursday: Bkfst: Lodge, pack, check out; hike Sunset Point 11:30-2:00; store, lunch: Lodge; walk Inspiration Point; drive canyons, Aspen, deer, Mormon towns, Loa, views; Green River: Motel 6, swim, beer.
Friday: Powell River Museum; Grand Junction, I-70 canyons, Glenwood Springs: town, pool; Glenwood Canyon hwy construction (repeat): Grizzly Beaver rest area; Vail, Lake Dillon, lunch: McD, Eisenhower tunnel; US40 to Lookout Mountain: Buffalo Bill grave, views; Thornton Motel 6; Cherry Creek mall, dinner: Sbarro, yogurt, Cusco music, motel.
• Saturday: Boulder, walk Pearl Street mall: bookstore, toy store, sit; Sound Warehouse: Cusco tape, Rolf Inst, UC campus: Union, Art Bldg, mall grass; Golden: watch hang gliders, tour Coors, drive town; US6 Central City: walk town, drive up dirt side roads; Gold Rush Junction: beer on porch; Lookout Mt: city lights view; Golden, motel.
Sunday: Museum of Natural History, lunch: T Rex cafe, museum shop; downtown: Art Museum: Herbert Bayer, shop; Museum of History: mining, dioramas, shop; drive Broadway, Larimer Square, walk, 16th St mall, ride bus, Brown Palace, Shops at Tabor; drive, TGI Friday's, beer: Caldonia's volleyball court patio; Wild Oats shop & dinner, motel.
Monday: Check out; tour US Mint, Broadway to I-25, coffee; Colorado Springs: USAF Academy Vst Ctr, chapel, movie; US Olympic Training Center: Vst Ctr movie, walk; downtown; Pueblo, US50; Bent's Fort; Santa Fe Trail; Garden City KS: dinner: McD.
Tuesday: Trail ruts along US50; Dodge City: Front St, Boot Hill Museum, lunch: Golden Corral (ticket #44, card from Bob Watson, Dallas Texas)?; drive Ft. Larned: nature trail walk, SF trail; platform view of trail ruts, SF Trail center Larned; drive Pratt, US54, bypass Wichita, KS tpk, home at 10:00, hot tub.

1992May 20-30Pennsylvania, Washington DC Laird
Thursday: Drive, Lebanon, 66, Ft. Leonard Wood, dinner: St. Louis Olive Garden, river, rain, Terre Haute Motel 6.
Friday: Bkfst: Hardee's, Bloomington IN: Indiana Univ: Art museum, campus, drag; Columbus: arch buildings, mall, lunch: Subway; Cincinnati: Chuck's house, Mariemont Inn: check in, meet Chuck & Rick in bar, dinner: The National Exemplar, room: Johnny Carson's last show.
• Saturday: US50 downtown, stadium, old bridge to KY, lunch: TGIF, downtown, Union Station tour, shops; Columbus: Ohio State: campus, drag, Wexner Center, downtown, conv ctr, capital square; Pittsburgh.
Sunday: Downtown: 3 rivers, old fort, bkfst: Burger King; Fallingwater: Pavilion, tour house, cafe, shop; Wash DC Laurel MD motel.
Monday: Drive, park near White House, lunch: Old PO, Ford's Theater, Portrait Gallery, Building Museum, Gallery of Art East Wing: coffee, mall to Wash Monument, Vietnam Mem, Lincoln Mem, Wash Mon top: views; drive Georgetown dinner: American Cafe, walk, hotel.
• Tuesday: Drive to New Carrollton: Metro to mall, Mus American History, lunch, Smithsonian Castle: Arts & Industries, Air & Space cafe: coffee, metro, Dupont Circle: shops, Metro: Arlington Cemetery: Iwo Jima, Metro: Union Station shops, pizza, Metro: car, motel.
Wensday: Drive to FBI, bkfst: McD, FBI tour, Capitol buildings, Union Station: juice & muffin; walk, drive Baltimore: Dylan's apt, dinner: lasagna, Little Italy: coffee, apt.
Thursday: Downtown, Harborplace, World Trade Center Observation, Aquarium dock, Harborplace shops, lunch: burrito, National Aquarium, Harbor Cruise, shops, Johns Hopkins, dinner: fajitas; drive Fell's Point, beer, apt.
Friday: Goodbyes, drive; Harper's Ferry Nat'l Park: walk, drive, Knoxville dinner: Cracker Barrel.
Saturday: Knoxville tour: UT, Expo site, downtown; Nashville: Opry Hotel, downtown, Parthenon, lunch: Taco Bell; Memphis: Overton Park zoo, Lorain Motel: Nat'l Civil Rights Museum, Beale Street, Mud Island houses, Pyramid; Little Rock, Conway dinner: Subway.
Sunday: Drive, Dardanelle Locks, Ft. Smith: fort, walk; OKC, Stuckey's, home.

1992August 10-20Oregon Trail, Yellowstone Laird
Monday: Drive, lunch: Guymon; Boise City: Trail, Goff house; Colorado: Lamar, Bent's Fort, Pueblo, Colorado Springs Motel 6.
Tuesday: Air Force Academy: chapel, coffee, museum; downtown Denver: bagel muffin, Larimer Square, 16th St. Mall, Tabor Shops; Boulder: UC, Pearl St. Mall, deli sandwich; Boulder Canyon, falls; Shoshoni: check in, hike, dinner, massage.
• Wensday: Bkfst, walk, Flotation sensory deprivation, hot tub, lunch, check out; Peak-to-Peak Drive; Estes Park: walk, shops; Ft. Collins: Old Town, CSU; Cheyenne: capitol, town, Motel 6, airport, train station, beer downtown.
• Thursday: Guernsey, trail ruts, overlook; lunch: Torrington Subway, Carhenge Alliance; Hot Springs, Crazy Horse Monument at night, Mt. Rushmore lighting; Keystone: check in, dinner.
Friday: Mt. Rushmore: bkfst, video, tour; Deadwood: gambling: slots, blackjack, lunch: Bodega buffalo burger; Devil's Tower; Montana, Custer's battlefield at dusk; Billings dinner: Fossen's Diner counter, motel.
Saturday: Billings downtown, wash car, bkfst; I-90 rest area, Livingston lunch: Taco Johns; US89 to Gardiner, Yellowstone; Mammoth Hot Springs Visitor Center, springs tour, walk, Ft. Yellowstone, beer; Old Faithful Inn: check in, beer in lounge, walk geyser, lodge, dinner, gift shop, room; walk, lobby lodge geysers, room.
Sunday: Geyser, lodge: coffee, basin loop; tour Inn, rest, lunch: lodge; Vst Ctr: film; drive Fishing Bridge: laundry; Canyon Village: juice, muffin; Canyon rim: walk, falls; Inn: rest, dinner, walk, gift shop.
• Monday: Bkfst: muffins, car to shop; Observation Loop walk, geysers, lunch: Hamilton's, rest; walk to Biscuit basin; Inn: beer in lobby, dinner: lodge, lobby.
Tuesday: Lobby: coffee, lodge: muffin; drive Grant Village vst ctr; Grand Tetons, views; Jackson: walk square, lunch: Pedro's; drive Farson, Trace; Oregon Trail Hwy 28, Rock Springs, Flaming Gorge dam, Vernal UT: Econo Lodge, dinner: Arby's.
• Wensday: Meeker, Rifle, US6; Glenwood Springs, lunch: Italian; Glenwood Canyon, I-70; Denver: shops, dinner, 16th St. bus, Larimer: coffee, muffin; drive Goodland KS: Motel 6.
Thursday: I-70, Great Bend, Fort Hays; SF trail ruts: Chase, Lyons, home 6:30; Laird leaves, walk Dallas.

1993May 22-30Utah, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon Laird
Saturday: Dallas to vet, Laird arrives, leave at 1p; 66: Weatherford, Sayre; Amarillo: Aunt Sis dinner; Tucumcari: Motel 6.
Sunday: Tucum to Las Vegas: downtown, walk plaza, Armand Hammer World College; Ft. Union: walk; mountain pass to Taos, McD, Gorge Bridge; Farmington NM: Motel 6; shop.
• Monday: Car oil change, wash; bkfst; Shiprock, Four Corners, Mexican Hat, Bluff; Monument Valley: Vst Ctr, drive loop; Page: Walmart, McD, Glen Canyon dam, Pariah movie set, Kanab, Zion: lodge check in, walk, sleep.
Tuesday: Hike Emerald Pools, bkfst: lodge, rest, check out; hike Narrows gateway; lunch: lodge terrace, nap on lawn; Weeping Rock: hike Hidden Canyon, lodge, vst ctr, wash car; St. George: Brigham Young home, temple; Virgin River Gorge, Las Vegas: strip, Riviera: check in, walk strip, Stardust, beer: Riviera lounge.
Wensday: Bkfst: buffet, walk strip Mirage, Caesars, Forum Shops, Bally's: get tkt, taxi hotel; move to Circus Circus, lunch: buffet, rest, pool, trolley to Excalibur: rollercoaster motion ride, Trop, bus Circus, rest; dinner: buffet, drive Bally's: Jubilee, downtown.
Thursday: Drive Mirage bkfst: buffet, gamble, Forum Shops, art galleries, La Piazza: dessert & coffee; downtown, UNLV: library pix of old Vegas, Stardust: gamble, Enter the Night, Mirage volcano, walk, sleep.
• Friday: Check out, drive strip, bkfst: Sahara; drive Hoover Dam: tour; Kingman: Arby's; Rt 66 to Seligman, Ash Fork, Williams: Westerner Motel, walk shops, laundry, McD, motel.
Saturday: Drive Grand Canyon, bkfst: El Tovar, walk rim, Bright Angel Trail, Vst Ctr; drive Desert View: snack, Watchtower, store; Painted Desert, Tuba City, Hopi mesa, Gallup 66, Grants: Motel 6.
Sunday: Drive Alb: bkfst Old Town, drive Central; Shamrock, Clinton, Edmond 9:30p; dinner: Outback.

1994March 18-24Dallas Laird's death
Visited with laird, his mom, and his cousin Janet

1994August 6-13Santa Fe, Bisbee
Saturday: Dogs to kennel; I-40 & 66 to Jericho TX, Panhandle: Square House Museum; Amarillo, San Jon: transmission fluid; Tucumcari: Motel 6: beer & juice, pool.
Sunday: Santa Rosa 66; Pecos: museum, walk; Santa Fe: plaza, lunch: Ore House, Christopher: Gardunos, plaza: art show, music; Chris: pool, room, Gardunos: margaritas, dinner.
• Monday: Galieto News: coffee, walking tour; Ski Basin; hike Hyde Park; Chris: pool; 10,000 Waves; dinner: Coyote Cantina.
Tuesday: Alb to Caballo over Emory Pass; Nat'l Forest, Silver City: smoothie, Lordsburg, Douglas: Gadsden Hotel: check in, dinner, walk downtown.
Wensday: Bkfst: McD; drive Bisbee: Lavender Pit Mine, Bisbee Grand: check in, rest; walk town, lunch: Cafe Maxie, museum; Deco courthouse; tour Queen Mine; walk town, beer: Stock Exchange, views, sunset; beer: Copper Queen Hotel, dinner.
• Thursday: Bkfst: balcony, check out; drive Tombstone: OK Corral, Courthouse Museum; Fairbank ghost town; I-10, Deming McD; El Paso: Motel 6, pool; margarita & burritos, walk, room.
Friday: Smoothie in room, downtown El Paso; US62 Hueco Mts; Guadalupe Nat'l Park: hike, vst ctr, stagecoach station; Carlsbad Caverns: vst ctr, coffee, gift shop; Lubbock: Motel 6, dinner: Kettle.
Saturday: US82, Wichita Falls; McD on turnpike, home, get girls.

1994December 18-26Las Vegas and Dallas Christmas
Sunday: Drive, Orchid: arrange furniture; drive airport, flite, McCarran, van to rental car, drive to TI, room, casino, dinner: buffet, room.
Monday: Bkfst drinks, drive, drug store, Sam's Town: coffee, atrium, State Line: Buffalo Bill's: roller coaster, log flume, roller coaster, lunch: buffet; drive TI, room, Gold's Gym, shops, return car, van to TI, bar, Cowboy game, room.
Tuesday: Coffee shop, room, bus to MGM, Theme Park: lunch: Kenny Rogers; bus to TI, room, Mirage pool, hot tub, Cal Pizza Kitchen, walk, Sand's, TI, room rest, Stardust, Hilton: Starlight Express, TI.
Wensday: Buffet, room rest, Mirage pool, room, casino, spa: work out, whirlpool, casino; Mirage volcano, Caesars Forum: 3D motion rides, Planet Hollywood, TI.
• Thursday: Fashion Mall, coffee, Virtual World: 'Tex', hotel check out, Mirage, Flamingo: lunch, pool; Imperial Palace Auto Collection, TI, taxi to airport, flite.
Friday: Dallas: shopping, dinner: macaroni Grill.
Saturday: Gym, Wanda's, dinner, presents.
Sunday: Leameadow bkfst, presents, Orchid rest, Leameadow dinner.
Monday: drive to OK, get girls.

1997May 27-30Mississippi and Memphis
• 9 new casinos and hotels in Tunica County, 40 minutes south of Memphis.
• Ole Miss University: walked the campus and saw where James Meredith was denied admission in 1962.
• Oxford town square and William Faulkner's home. Saw his Nobel Prize for literature in the Ole Miss Library.
• National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis with the restored motel and room where Martin Luther King was assassinated.
• Lunch on Beale Street, birth of the Blues. Listened to a band in WC Handy park.
• Saw the incredible exhibit of artifacts recovered from the Titanic (loved the movie).
• Greyhound racing in West Memphis.
Tuesday: Dogs in, drive; Tunica MS, Sam's Town check-in.
Wensday: Checked car, Hernando: walk square, Info Ctr; Batesville, Oxford, Ole Miss campus: Sigma Chi, Union, lunch, Starbucks coffee, bookstore, Lyceum: where Negro tried to enroll, walk to museums, trail to Rowan Oak: Faulkner's bedroom & typewriter, trail to Lyceum, Library: James Meredith exhibit, Grisham, and Faulkner collection (Nobel Prize); downtown, bookstore, square; Tunica: Grand Casino: drink at bar, dinner: buffet, gamble, Circus Circus: plans for remodel to Goldstrike; hotel, hot tub, pool, room.
Thursday: Bkfst in room, Memphis: Civil Rights Museum; Beale Street, lunch: King's Palace Cafe, Schwab's drugstore, Main St, trolley thru town, Pinch Hist Dist, Pyramid, Titanic gift shop, exhibit; Main, trolley, Beale: Handy Park blues band; drive Union to Overton Park: Art Museum, gift shop, sit in park; drive West Memphis and Southland Racetrack, popcorn and beer, watch races; hotel, hot tub, pool, dinner: buffet; Hollywood, Harrah's, Sam's Town, room.
Friday: Bkfst: room, get gas, drive 9 hours: 2 stops, some rain, home.

1997July 28 - August 3Pacific Northwest

• Saturday: Commencement with Lon; Mom & Dad at house, Cowboy Hall; Pepperoni Grill with Dehnerts (above).
• Sunday: Bkfst: Cafe 501, house, goodbyes; prep trip.
Monday: Dogs in, grades in; airport: 1st Class, St. Louis, Seattle: get rental car; drive Portland, check in.
Tuesday: Bkfst: Miner's, Lake Oswego, Oregon City, Willamette Falls views; End of Oregon Trail Museum (Laird and I had traveled much of the trail in Nebraska and Wyoming); downtown: Advert Museum, lunch: deli, Pioneer Courthouse Square, Starbucks, History Museum (funeral parlor/living room), Art Museum shop, rail to car; Sandy info center; Columbia River Historic Highway: views, Vista House, falls, hikes; Kelso: mall buffet, check in, walk bowling alley, sleep.
• Wensday: Bkfst: McD; Castle Rock to Mt. St. Helens Visitor Center: exhibits, movie; Coldwater Ridge: coffee, ranger talk, Forest Service VC, Johnson Ridge VC, views; Olympia, Tacoma, Shoqualmie Falls: coffee, Roslyn (Northern Exposure filmed) mural, Joel's office, Brick, Ruthanne's store; Seattle check in, dinner: Taco Bell, walk, sleep.
Thursday: Drive Everett: tour Boeing; Univ of Washington: lunch: Indian buffet, bookstore, campus, nap, Art Bldg, quad, Union: coffee, Arch Bldg, Art Museum, shop; Fremont: marine store, Interurban brewery, canal with ducks; Ballard: old town, market street; Locks: VC, fish ladder, rest; Golden Gardens Beach: volleyball, barefoot in sand, join group for wine & sunset; Queen Anne bookstore, motel, Jack-in-Box, sleep.
Friday: Laundry, bkfst; downtown, surprise David Moore; Pioneer Sq: cartoon store, Eliot Bay Bookstore, pier lunch, waterfront, Starbucks; ferry to Bainbridge; Art Museum; Broadway market, David's apt: walk to Fremont: Triangle Tavern, Olive Way; motel.
Saturday: Pike Place Public market lunch: Lowell's, shops: puzzles; downtown, Niketown, Gameworks, monorail to Seattle Center: tower views, beer, dusk over Lake Union, night lights, down; walk fairgrounds, dinner: Seattle House pasta, monorail, car, motel.
Sunday: Check out, bkfst: Denny's, Bellevue downtown, Asian Art Museum: tea, Fremont, Lake Union, Queen Anne: shop, Tully's coffee, FLW style house; airport: return car, change clothes, flites; home.

1997NovemberNew Orleans
Went with two others to a graphic design conference. French Quarter, new aquarium, ferry across the River, museums, etc. Had my palm read and a tarot card reading by a former Texan named Hubba Bubba - it was quite true, revealing, and a real hoot.

1998March 17-20Austin
Visited college friends and toured the college town. I hadn't really done that in a decade or so. It was fun: many wonderful and happy memories. At the University of Texas, I got locked inside Jester dorm until an unsuspecting coed came by and let me out. I was looking at my old room, number 467 (1969-70, sophomore year).
Tuesday: pack, dogs in, drive new Tracker; dinner: Orchid, Container Store, visit Sandy, Jim, Tracy.
Wensday: Fixed S&S yard sign, drive old 77 thru Waco: Circle lunch: Elite Cafe, drive, Motel 6: check-in, nap; Tom's house, we drive to dinner: Shady Grove, house, Jeff, beer: Chain Drive, motel.
Thursday: Guad/Nueces, park Sigma Chi house, walk drag to Einstein Bagels: coffee, sit, drag, Barnes & Noble (former Co-Op), Dobie Mall, Ransom Center: Guten Bible, South Mall, Bus, Jester, Prather, Jester: room 467, stuck 15 minutes in elev lobby, Drama bldg, East Mall, Union, Tower Room (Now the Revolution), AC, Kinsolving "can I see your tits", Drag: coffee; drive 2222, Hippie Hollow: lay in sun naked, 180/360: Whole Foods lunch; motel: rest, drive Ridgelea, Tom's: Antique mall, dinner: La Madeline, Tom's: internet: Kirk, drive Riverside, motel.
Friday: Check out, Warehouse district, Children's Museum, South Congress, capitol vst ctr, Zilker, Barton Springs, 2222 to antique mall, lunch with Tom: Sonic, talk; drive, Orchid Bill, dinner: El Fenix, Steve visit, drive home.

1998May 29-31Wichita
Friday: Drive, over to Arkansas City: train, Winfield, Augusta, 54 to Motel 6: check-in, rest; downtown, Old Town: Bohemian Bean, Train Station, walk market, Heroes bar/grill, drive to Metro: sit & write, dinner: McD, motel.
Saturday: Old Town Market: coffee, scone; FLW house, Wichita State, Coleman Store, Black Museum/church (closed), Old Town lunch: River City, Brewery, County History Museum: buy beanie baby of Dallas, antique store on Douglas, Boeing, Airport Museum, mall, movie: Godzilla, dinner: Luby's, motel, rest, dinner: Boston Market, airport, motel.
Sunday: FLW house, town, river; Wichita Zoo, WSU Art Museum: tour bldg, lay in grass, drive Hillside to see old plane factory, lunch: Boston Market, Black History Museum: talk with retired activist/teacher; drive, tpk plaza, home.

1999August 12-14Southeast Missouri
Thursday: Pack; drive Tpk, bkfst: McD, Tulsa, 66 Claremore: Will Rogers Museum, Davis Gun Museum, lunch: 66 coffee shop, 66; Foyil: totem pole park, Chelsea, Buffalo Ranch, 9' paved sections, Miami: Coleman Theater, Commerce, Quapaw, Baxter Springs KS, walk arch concrete bridge, Galena, old 66; Joplin, Springfield: Bass Pro: Hemingway's; Branson: town, Motel 6 check-in, read, sleep.
Friday: Drive 76, bkfst buffet; Silver Dollar City: rides, cajun show, cave; juice n Java, outlet mall, motel, outstanding Andy Williams show, snax, traffic, sleep.
Saturday: Chateau Hotel on lake, Big Cedar Lodge; Berryville: square; Eureka Springs: see Letitia at Crescent Hotel, downtown shops, Letitia's house; Bentonville: (Walmart Visitors Center), Rogers: 1st Walmart, lunch: McD; drive, eat at WD 'Bill' Hoback Plaza, home, sleep.

2002April 12-14Southwest Oklahoma
Friday: Panera: Lon, Tom, bagels coffee; drive Bailey Tpk US81, Duncan Chisholm Trail Museum, Waurika lunch: Country Cookin', depot, Walters, Temple, Lawton: Museum of Great Plains, prairie dogs: lay in grass (miss travels out west), Holiday Inn: check in, rest, Meers: store, see Larry Howard, Medicine Park dinner: Front Cafe, walk shops, cabins, Lawton casino, motel.
Saturday: Walk, bkfst: fruit coffee, rainstorm, Lawton: Cameron Univ, Mattie Beal home, Central Mall, check out, Cache, Wichita Vst Ctr, lunch: Meers, drive Wildlife Refuge, hike to creek & clearing, drive old 62 to Altus: square, auditorium, Hastings: coffee, Museum of Western Plains, Quartz Mt: check in, hike dinner: cafe, library, hot tub, room.
Sunday: Foggy lake, bkfst: Sundance Cafe, granola, coffee, check out, Mangum, historic windbreak, Sayre: Art Deco PO, WPA mural, old 66, Elk City: 66, Oldtown Museum buildings, 66 to Clinton: park, alignments, Route 66 Museum, lunch: Del Rancho, Dairy Queen, Weatherford, SWOSU, PO mural, home.

2002August 8-11Dallas
Thursday: Drive; Orchid; Ft. Worth: Grants, TCU, Modern Art, downtown, Joe T Garcia's.
Friday: Drive with mom: Willow Bend: Chiasso, Apple; lunch; Deep Ellum: buy bicycle for Dept Office; dinner: Luby's, Cowboy's game.
Saturday: Wanda Hill: bkfst; lunch; Container Store: buy Dept Office mailbox cubes, Mockingbird Station, NorthPark; Steve's: Bill & Debbie.
Sunday: Drive; Donna Adams: coffee; drive.

A sad year fall 2002 to fall 2003
• Mom died December, 2002. See story for more details. Christmas, 2002, was a bit tough. Mom's inurnment service was on Christmas Eve. The focus of Christmas was to keep dad occupied. We spent time at each brother's house. Everyone did the best they could to not dwell on the huge void in the family, at the dinner table, around the tree.
• I spent many spring weekends in Dallas to spend time with dad who now lived alone after 60 years of marriage. One weekend I took him to see Alegria by Cirque du Soleil. I enjoy their work and wanted dad to see this show with me. We had a great evening.
• In April, 2003, 4 months after mom died, dad had a severe stroke. See story for more details. We moved him into rehab and critical care nursing homes. He never went home again. I spent many weekends throughout the spring, summer, and fall driving to Dallas and taking care of dad. Helping him eat, wheelchair rides, crossword puzzles, and talking and sharing.
• We went through decades of mementos in our family home, held an estate sale, and sold the house in September. We had moved into this house in 1958. See story for more details.
• Dad got progressively worse until late September when he was taken back to ICU. He was put on a breathing machine (which he specifically did not want). My brothers kept him on the machine until I could get back to Dallas to be with them when dad took his last breath.
• He died on September 29, 2003. We had a nice memorial service and then they were both gone. Two of my best friends.

2004 • OctoberChicago
Took the train from O'Hare into the city - the CTA Chicago subway has a station right at the airport (great idea - New York has done the same with its AirTrans system). Went to a pharmacy the next morning to buy stuff since I had forgotten to pack any toiletries. Walked to Millennium Park - an absolutely fantastic urban park, one of the best I have ever seen - great public art, an amphitheater with an awesome bandshell by Frank Gehry, plazas, fountains, and gardens. I had not experienced a Gehry structure up close - they are true works of architectural art. Other sights: Art Institute, Chicago Architecture Foundation shop and exhibits, Monadnock and Rookery buildings, the Art Deco La Salle Bank, Michigan Avenue (the Magnificent Mile), the Apple Store, Museum of Contemporary Art, Water Tower Place, Hancock Tower Observatory (I rearranged the queue line ropes while waiting in line), and the Navy Pier where I enjoyed dinner and music at Joe's BeBop with the Skinny Williams band. Then a day and a half at the AIGA Design Education conference - spent time with Dean Markwood and Greg Skaggs, one of UCO's best graduates. Sunday afternoon was in Oak Park, former hometown of Frank Lloyd Wright, and several great examples of his early work when he started his own firm. Walked the town and had coffee and dinner there before taking the train back to the Loop and the hotel.

Valley View mall: new theaters built on the roof of the existing mall; PHPC Columbarium; NorthPark massive mall expansion with a 15 screen theater, Nordstrom's, and a new multi-story wing; West Village; Greenville Ave: take pix of Society Bakery (graphics and signage by ClockTower Studio); evening swim and iPod at the motel pool, inspiration and sketches for TravelPants logo; Gaylord Texan resort to explore and eat breakfast buffet; Frisco to see the new IKEA store; therapeutic drives on I-35

2006August 18-19Fayetteville AR
Friday: Drive, check in, walked around UA campus a bit, lunch in the Union, then spent the afternoon doing research on Fay Jones, a renowned practitioner and proponent of organic architecture. His most famous project is the Thorncrown Chapel outside of Eureka Springs. Mr. Jones had donated his collection of drawings, plans, models, and personal slide collection to the U of A library. Housed in the Special Collections, the Fay Jones Papers are an incredible resource and Ellen and Greta were extremely helpful and kind - allowing me to peruse the database of images, look thru drawings and photograph the models. It was a lot of fun. I even stopped in briefly at Greta's going-away reception later that evening. I also had the pleasure of meeting Fay Jones' 92-year-old teacher and the founder of the Architecture program at UA, John Williams. Later, I met up with my brother at the historic Inn at Carnall Hall on campus. A former women's dormitory, it is now a delightful inn. We had a drink in rocking chairs on the porch and then drove around Fayetteville, seeing and photoing Jones sites including his home, office, and structures he designed. Dinner was at the strip of campus hangouts. My nephew, Jimmy, was being initiated into the Sigma Chi Fraternity. His father (my brother) and I are both members of Sigma Chi (we were also each presidents of our respective chapters). In the evening we walked across the street to join in the evening initiation event. Jimmy did not know we were in town, yet.
Saturday: Hotel breakfast, walked over to the house, Initiation Ceremony. It was verbatim to what I had experienced in 1969. As president, I had to recite (some from memory) much of the ceremony. Floods of memories came back. My brother put the fraternity pin on his son while I stood next to him. It was a great morning, meeting the brothers in Arkansas and reliving great college days. Drive back to OK.

Wensday: Meet with Edmond mayor re Rt 66 project; dogs to kennel; drive, DQ lunch, Irving, Loop 12, PHPC; Mimosa; El Fenix.
Thursday: Walk schools/naberhood, Orchid; Bill, Allison & Chris, Vernons; feast; tv football, Northpark: Enchanted.
Friday: Drive tollway, Victory area, Arlington, Cowboys stadium, B&N; Lamar/Sears, downtown, AMHS, Central; Panera lunch, web; Mockingbird, Casa Linda Starbucks: Wanda, Fair Park Dart, Central/LBJ/Tollway; IKEA, shop, web; Tollway; Cont Store, A&C FLW store; Mimosa: burgers; Helvetica
Saturday: Sleep late, cereal; Border’s; Bishop Arts: Tillmans lunch; football; Border’s web; tv, tortilla dinner, movie
Sunday: Talk Steve; Panera: email, web; drive Central; Denison: Donna Adams loft/gallery, naber Scott Goddard (Dallas Cecilia VB friend); Loose Wheels: lunch; tour driving, old hotel, goodbyes; drive, Choctaw Casino: won $56; drive, McDonalds; work in house

2008Febuary 1-4Kansas
Friday: Drive on ice in OK, McD brkfst & lunch; Lawrence, house: brief tour; drive pickup to KC: Casey Twenter’s house, Hallmark tour, coffee; foto Disney homes, Laugh-O-Gram, Caitlin, house; drive to Lawrence; dinner: Eldridge 10, drive town
Saturday: Brkfst Milton’s, drive town; drive KC: Architect Salvage, downtown: KC Star, deco bldgs; Country Club Plaza: Rest Hdwr, North Face, B&Noble; Winstead’s lunch; Nelson-Atkins: new wing, cafe, audio tour, store; drive city, Lawrence, shop; house: web work; dinner: Free State Brewing
Sunday: Rain; brkfst Wheattree, shop; work website; Visitor Center: film, KU Nat Hist Museum; home; Union coffee, Spencer Art Museum: Constructivism; drive Sigma Chi; Super Bowl, bed
Monday: Brkfst/coffee: Brandon Shelton; house, pack; lunch: Quinton’s; drive 59 Ottawa, Emporia, 35, girls

2008October 24-26AustinUT Orientation Advisor’s Reunion
Friday: 7 hour drive, Holiday Inn, bar: Mary Flanagan, Nancy Lee, Larry Barbles, Carol Hall, Sarah, room, unpack, lobby, shuttle bus to Union, walk campus, visit, eat, fotos; walk Guadalupe, taxi to hotel.
Saturday: Sleep late, drive South Congress, walk shops, meet Tom & Leah at Bread Co, unison: ‘Jim’, San Jose motel, original Schlotzsky’s, drive northwest: Arboretum, Domain, Tom’s house, MoPac, Shady Grove lunch, back to car, goodbyes; walk Congress, drive hotel, Linda to Kinko’s, tour; hotel; drive to UT: game traffic, coffee, Sigma Chi, Drag, Kinsolving, Comm Bldg (seek initials), smoothie, Dobie Mall, Drag, Jack in the Box, Sigma Chi walk house; drive, hotel, bed.
Sunday: Up, pack, coffee with Sarah; drive UT Ransom: photo, Bible; Comm bldg fotos; 24th to MoPac to 2222 to Oasis, Advisor’s brunch reunion; drive to Dallas with Sarah, Starbucks M’Bird, drive to Oklahoma.

2008December 22-25Dallas Christmas
Monday: House, vet; drive; Southlake: B&N, walk; drive, freeways; Steve’s, youth party, read
Tuesday: Bkfst Wanda: errands; drive city: Victory, McKinney; Lemmon Panera lunch, Lakewood Starbucks, downtown; house: salad, read, bed
Wensday: Sleep late, Cindy’s deli, Central/Northhaven; Northpark: walk loop, sit in park court; SMU, Central, Arts District: new theaters, AMHS; Rogers, Tollway; house, Church, house tortilla dinner, bed
Thursday: Brkfst, gifts, drive Bill’s: lunch, Allison, Eric/Emma, drive PRoyal Starbucks, Preston Hollow, Geo Bush’s new house; house, read, Sandy
Friday: Preston Center Starbucks, Tollway, 380, I35; Winstar casino; home, girls

2009January 30 - Febuary 2Kansas
Friday: drive; Cottonwood Falls/Strong City, Tallgrass Prairie Preserve; Council Grove: Kaw Mission, bakery, river crossing, Baldwin City, Black Jack park trail ruts, Baker Univ, Lawrence; dinner
Saturday: brkfst; KC: Trails Museum, Rte 24, Downtown, Hammerpress, Jack Stack BBQ, Union Station, Lawrence
Sunday: Brkfst, Java Break, shop, drive trail route, old capital; house, television, Super Bowl
Monday: Wheatfield’s brkfst, drive 24; Topeka: Brown v. Board of Educ, drive, Outliers audiobook

2010July 24-28Breckenridge Colorado
My niece drove from Dallas to Edmond OK and we went on to CO - an 11 hour drive, mostly through the fields of Kansas. It was cool in Colorado - 50-70 degrees (in OKC, it was in the mid-high 90s). My brother and his wife have a great townhome about 3 miles from the town of Breckenridge. We enjoyed many hours on their deck with a spectacular view of the peaks above the valley; roaming the towns, sightseeing, and hiking. It was a spectacular summer getaway.

Looking towards the ski slopes from the new gondola plaza. We rode some fiberglass sleds down these runs.

View from the trailhead to a nice hiking area. Closeup of the center of the left foto - I-70 is switchbacking up towards Loveland Pass and the Eisenhower Tunnel. My brother and his family at Lily Pad Lake at the end of the hiking trail.

The scenery in Kansas on the drive back to OK. My niece and i listened to soundtracks from Glee much of the way.

2010October 8-18Los Angeles, Route 66, & Grand Canyon

2010November 6-8Kansas
Saturday: Drive, 2 rest stops; Dehnerts, walk downtown, coffee, shops; home, drive to Oread: 9th floor terrace, walk to Sticks, library, arch bldg, campus, dinner, home
Sunday: Bkfst home; walk dogs; West Campus sculpture, Sonic, drive to KC: Arabia Museum, dBronx lunch, Westport, Laugh-O-Gram building; drive, Lawrence, tv, wedding fotos, snax; Drive downtown: yogurt, dogs, home, bed.
Monday: Bkfst; drive, rest areas; get Manny.

Febuary 3-6Kansas

Kansas City: WWI Museum, Disney bldg
Lawrence: KU, The Artist, Super Bowl, Dehnerts.

2012May 7-16Texas
Monday: Girls in, McD bkfst, drive, coffee Ardmore, Ft Worth: Mont Ward Boomer Jacks: lunch with Barbara & Steve, walk Univ Coop; drive, coffee gas; Austin: check in, rest, Renee call, drive UT, park: memories, Tower memorial, AC, Business, JB; 24th, big white house, Lamar; Chipotle: Tom & David; drive downpour Tom's house, "do you have any marijuana?": groj tissue paintings, memories, deep discussions; drive: missed exits; motel: shower, sleep to 30Rock.
Tuesday: Sleep late, shower, coffee on San Jacinto, Cat Stevens playing; drive, park; History Museum, Blanton: lunch coffee, galleries; History, IMax: awful, cafe: fruit, coffee; drive Woodland: WillowCreek apt, Riverside, Mun Aud, SoCongress: Schlotzskys bldg, Hopdoddy burger, walk shops; Zilker Park: Nature Center, ped bridge, barton Springs pool, fone calls path, old bridge; drive 3rd/5th, Congress: park, wait for bats, none; drive 35, Subway, motel: tv, eat, shower.
Wensday: Slept late, check out; foto hospital signs; park groj, Starbucks Les Amis; walk Drag: Co-op, Hemphill's to Sigma Chi, go in house; drag, Varsity Theater Coffee Bean, Les Amis; Burnet 51st: Torchy's Tacos, Tom chat; seek Heather's mushroom apt; drive SA, Starbucks San Marcos; check in, rest; Frank tour: King William, downtown, Ursuline, river locks, Pearl: La Gloria dinner; drive Broadway: motel, shower, tv.
Thursday: Read Thomas Boggs died in 2008, bkfst motel, walk Mi Tierra, room, rain; drive Cathedral, park Rivercenter: mall, Alamo, city, river, Villita, Hemisfair walk, Tower base, Riverwalk; Maria Mia lunch, mall, walk city; drive Cathedral, motel: rest; mi Tierra: coffee pastries, walk Cathedral Plaza, City Hall, Alameda Museum; Mi Tierra: Frank dinner, sit in park; lightning, room: tv, shower.
Friday: Bkfst motel; drive, McD coffee, Waco: Browning Library, phone calls, lunch: Schlotzskys; drive, Starbucks Preston Center: webwork, rain; Mimosa: visits, dinner outside, call Tracy, tv, bed (pain).
Saturday: Bkfst with Steve & paper, web; On the Border: Debbie, S&S, Spec's; web, rest; shop: Container Store, Knox Starbucks, Crate & Barrel, drive Central, Rogers, Calatrava bridge, Central, LBJ; house: web, laundry, Central Market dinner, bed.
Sunday: Shower, read paper on patio; bkfst: Panera Preston Forest: web, drive Central, Plano downtown & IU, Richardson IU; house: web, late lunch: pizza, visit outside; drive Oak Cliff, wedding in park, took pix, toured Allison's house; drive TravisKnox: reception, Johnnie, Jan brother/Kathleen, Eric, walk Starbucks, sit, cut cake, goodbyes; house: show pix.
Monday: Shower, pack load, sit with Steve, goodbyes; McD bkfst, drive, Texas music, Bucee's: gas coffee snax; Madisonville 190; A&M Bonfire Memorial, Bush Library, campus, Luby's lunch; drive, Huntsville: Sloans, tour, Farmhouse: chicken fried steak & pecan pie dinner, tour; house: talk with Steve, bed.
Tuesday: Shower, bkfst/talk with Roberta, drive tour campus, square, Sam Houston Museum grounds; lunch: Pita Pit, house: get car, Prison Museum, US75, square: coffee, old prison, Sam Statue & visitor center, Sam's grave, houses of trash, drive; house: fotos and web; drive north to Shrimpy's: excellent seafood; house: web, shower.
Wensday: Shower, sit on deck, Sloan goodbyes; Starbucks bkfst, drive, Dallas; Lewisville: Festival marker, lunch: Jack in Box, gas; drive, home; get girls.

Austin Town Lake was filled with rowers.

Wildflowers along Barton Creek in Austin

The San Antonio river during a soft rain.

The Bonfire Memorial at Texas A & M. This memorial is very well done - every element has appropriate rationale and appears to be well thought out.

The George Bush Library (not the dumb Bush - that will open in Dallas in a few years) on the campus of Texas A&M in College Station.

The home and law office cabin of Sam Houston in Huntsville.

Shrimpy's in Madisonville TX - some of the best seafood anywhere, and it's in a trailer park. So rural Texas.

An appropriate Texas dinner - the State Meal: chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and green beans, pecan pie for dessert, and iced tea to drink. At The Farmhouse in Huntsville.

2012December 21-26Texas

Friday: Girls in, Starbucks, drive; Ft Worth: tour BEP money factory, drive, Waco: McD, toll roads, Austin, Tom: Torchy's Tacos, house, coffee; drive Congress, check in Austin Motel, walk, bed.
Saturday: Read, Frank, bkfst motel, drive SoCo, First, UT: walk campus, Emily, Comm, Drag, Ransom Center Geddes; coffee lunch Red River, Hyde Park, Mueller, Mt Bonnell, Bull Creek park, Hiway, Zilker, downtown, BeeCaves, El Alma dinner, Frank leave, walk SoCo: chocolates, motel, bed.
Sunday: Up, pack, coffee SoCo, check out; drive Congress; LBJ Library; drive 35, coffee snak stop, Dallas downtown, DMA: Paris posters, coffee, Woody Rogers park; drive Central, Steve's, Tracy talk, dinner tortilla; drive see lights, drop Tracy, house, bed.
Monday: Shower, paper bkfst; pickup Tracy Knox, see Jimmy's apartment, park; Perot science museum, Woody Rogers park: lunch, drive; house: rest, Starbucks Preston Center, house; drive Jan and Ralph's, dinner, dogs, baby, presents, Allison & Randy, Eric; drive, bed.
Tuesday: Thunderstorms, sleep late, coffee, presents, bkfst, lazy, rain/sleet/snow, rest, shower; Weeks for dinner, house: tv, bed.
Wensday: Check roads, bkfst, clean car, pack, goodbyes; talk with Mom Dad Bill, drive: LBJ/35, wrecks, bridge ice; McD coffee, drive clear; Edmond: lunch, shop, unload; get girls, unpack.

From the LBJ Library. Above: view of downtown. Below: the stadium, high-rise student housing, and the UT Tower.

The road trip was a brief but enriching cultural journey:
1. Bureau of Engraving & Printing, where 60% of all bills are printed, Ft. Worth
2. Norman Bel Geddes exhibit, Ransom Center, Austin
3. LBJ Library, new exhibits, Austin
4. Posters of Paris, Art Nouveau, Dallas Museum of Art
5. Perot Museum of Science and Nature

And a great Christmas: quality time with all 4 nieces and nephews, the families, and good friends; 2 days in Austin; 3 days in Dallas (with snow); over-the-top Christmas lights; abundant food feasts; and only a few presents (for a minimalist, this is truly worthy of praise).

2013Febuary 1-4Kansas
Friday: Drive 35, Kansas City: Indian Mission, Starbucks CC Plaza, Brandon: driving tour, Main St, Union Sta, theaters, Power & Light District, dinner; Lawrence: Dehnerts.
Saturday: Bkfst, Moon Marble demo and gift shop, Arby's; KU/OSU basketball: OSU won, downtown: dinner, coffee & web work.
Sunday: Dillon's, Mirth bkfst, drive park, history, shop, Dole Inst, cemetery, McD; Super Bowl.
Monday: Drive, bkfst, get girls.

Exhibits in the Dole Institute of Politics. At the end, on either side of the stained glass flag, are two columns from the World Trade Center. Below: KU Jayhawks loss to the OSU Cowboys.

2013August 12-18Colorado
Monday: Girls in; Perry bkfst, Kansas: snak, Gorham, Victoria Cathedral, Hays, Ellis: Chrysler home; CO McD, rain wait, clear mountain view, freeways; check in, work blog, Taco John's, work, bed.
Tuesday: Up 8:40, yogurt; McD bkfst, drive Speer, park street, Denver Art Museum: Nick Cave, Bayer (logocrap and house rehab thots); lunch Mad patio; call motel, drive, check out; drive Boulder: Flatiron coffee, find motel: Univ Inn: mt view, walk UC and Pearl St; check in, rest; walk creek park, Pearl St mall, Deco courthouse & theater, Boulder Cafe salmon beer, mall sit, walk creek park, Alfalfa's snax wine; blog, bed.
Wensday: Good sleep; Alfalfa's bkfst, walk Arboretum path, Colorado U: Old Main, maps, chat house couple, Interurban trace, creek path; room rest, check out; Alfa lunch, drive, CU Hill, History Museum, Chautauqua; drive, CS tea tour, shop; drive, Panera lunch; drive Boulder Canyon, Nederland, Shoshoni: check in, rest, yoga class, dinner on deck Phil, rest, hike, bed.
Thursday: Slept 7:30, miss bkfst, coffee scone on deck, room, 2 hour hike, rest shower, drive; Black Hawk: Ameristar casino 5$, Central City opera house, Main St, lunch: Harley Hippy, walk, view valley; drive Idaho Sp: sit Stbx, drive town, Georgetown: walk town, museum, coffee sit; drive Breck: unload, deck, golf club bbq buffet, drive ski hills, house, bed.
Friday: Bkfst deck: emails, blog; drive, Country Boy Mine tour, driving tours, Fatty's: burger coffee; condo: Brian & Carol, Pete & Marcia, dinner, bed.
Saturday: Pack, S&S coffee muffin, gang: photos, byes; mountain towns: Leadville bkfst, Buena Vista, Salida, Westcliffe; scenic drives, Bishop's Castle, I-25, drive NM TX: oldies music, Amarillo Quality Inn.
Sunday: Sleep 9:30, shower, McD, drive, Shamrock deco station, drive: 60s & psyche, McD, drive; home: unpack, shop, get girls.

This was the largest cathedral west of the Mississippi River when built in 1908-11 by Russian orthodox immigrants in Victoria, Kansas. This was about the halfway point of my 10-hour drive to Denver so it was a good opportunity to get off the Interstate and travel the old US 40 and see some small towns in western Kansas.

Approaching Denver after a pounding rainstorm that required every driver on the Interstate to pull over and wait out the zero visibility.

The wing of the Denver Art Museum designed by Daniel Libeskind. I wanted to see it and the Herbert Bayer Collection. Bayer was the head of graphic design at the famous Bauhaus design school. I didn't stay in Denver long, I wanted to get on up to Boulder and closer to the mountains.

Above: shots from the common areas at the Shoshoni Yoga Retreat. I had wanted to learn yoga to help me breathe, improve back pliability, and overall health. But, I always chickened out before making it to a class in Oklahoma. I reasoned that staying overnight at a yoga retreat in the Rocky Mountains would motivate me to go to class. It did and I did. Damn, yoga is a real workout. It's tough. But good. And what a great environment. The next morning I took a 2-hour hike up a mountain (below).

Central City and Blackhawk. Boom towns for mining and now, boom towns for gambling. That is a high-rise casino hotel at the bottom of the valley. I won $5.00.

My sister-in-law and I toured this old gold mine and panned for gold (nothing). In the background below are the ski slopes of Breckenridge.

Below left: During a drive around Breckenridge with my brother and his wife, we spotted this fox. Below right: Bishop's Castle, a fascinating construction by a single eccentric mountain man. You can climb up into the rickety towers for scenic views. These sights are the rewards for taking road trips on the back roads.

After enjoying time with my brother and two of our cousins and their spouses, I drove to the mining towns of Georgetown, Leadville (breakfast), Buena Vista, Salida, and Westcliffe. I took scenic drives on south to extend my time in the mountains before heading back to the plains of Oklahoma. A great week that was restful and inspiring.

2013October 3-6Dallas
Thursday: Girls in, Drive to America, 1 stop, LBJ construction, check-in: La Quinta, brief rest; Dart downtown to Fair; State Fair: food court, Hall of State, Embarcerdero: mink, band in grass, ice cream pretzel, coliseum: shoe cleaner, Tower view, midway, food court: coffee roll, Chinese Lantern, bratwurst margarita, brick, parade, Lanterns lit, Illumination, bldg, ice cream, Dart; hotel, work, bed.
Friday: Hotel bkfst, room, drive Bush/SMU, MBird east, Ihop bkfst, White Rock, hobby shop (gone), Swiss Ave, Greenville, MBird, Love Field: new terminal; drive, Scouting Museum, drive 35E/Bush/NDT, Preston Center Starbucks: late lunch coffee work, hotel rest, NorthPark: pizza, walk, yogurt; hotel, read, bed.
Saturday: Clean car, McD bkfst, PU Margaret, HHS anniv: program, walk school, Margaret, Barbara, walk backstage; El Fenix: Marg & Barb, bye to BG, visit with Liz, Marg, & Linda; drive LBJ, hotel, Panera: dinner, prep lecture, hotel, finish reading An American Band, bed.
Sunday: Hotel bkfst; drive Calatrava bridge, 35, Denton: Square walk, train, UNT: Mike's coffee: TIK work, walk campus, drive OK; Ardmore: Strbx/Burger, drive home: unpack, get girls.

Downtown Dallas from the new Tower at the State Fair.

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