Trip diaries: New York City 2013 - Now
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2013 • January 17-23
Thursday: Girls in, smooth check-in, flite; IAH Starbux lunch, flite; car, apt; shop, unpack, bed.
Friday: Rest back, bkfst, Cloverfield movie; walk, Starbux, Battery park, drugstore, river; apt, rest, tv.
Saturday: Rest back, bkfst, sub, Union Square: greenmarket, Starbux, sub; apt rest; walk: Hudson WFC Starbux WinterGarden, call Frank, shop, river sunset; apt, web, rest.
Sunday: Apt bkfst, sub 23rd, Home Depot: nite lite, Pret: lunch coffee, Madison Square, call Renee, buy scarf, wander Eataly, sit Flatiron, violinists, sub, Hudson sunset cruise ship, apt.

Monday: Sub to Penn Station, Dunkin bkfst, board train; late bkfst from cafe car, looked out window: Edison, Pressman, Philly; prep afternoon: water, stretch, bathroom; Union Sta, walk Senate Office Bldg: no tkt, streets, hear cheers from mall, wait in security line, walk parade route; Parade: Barack & Michelle, Bidens; walk route a bit, eat empenadas; leave security, coffee, Ford's Theater, Spy Store, Strbux: yogurt, Union Station: food court, line "Sr Citizens", board, full train: Brklyn teacher, wine, trail mix; Penn Sta, waiting subway, apt: CNN Inaugural Ball, bed.
Tuesday: Apt, load/tweak fotos; sub SoHo: Apple, Camper, Warby, Starbux, MoMA store; sub, apt, blog work/upload, watch Inauguration ceremony.
Wensday: Apt, web, laundry, clean; sub: Times Sq: Hard Rock lunch, Bryant Park: ice skaters, NYPLibrary: new plans, chat with Trustee, Dickens, Lunch, Grand Central: squash, Apple, sub; Fulton, WTC, River, buy bars, apt: pack, fotos, car to EWR; easy check-in, lounge: eat, work; flite, OKC, home, bed.

I had recently downloaded the Rio version of Angry Birds and, as usual, was somewhat obsessed with freeing the innocent caged birds. I took a break to go up to Union Square to get afternoon coffee. I looked up from my table - see what was painted on the truck on the street? Those dang birds. The fotos are of two Starbux: Union Square on the right and Battery Park on the left.
Sunset over South Cove by the apartment. Lady Liberty is tucked between the tree trunk and the lamppost on the left.

The new Camper store in SoHo
Branding (an attitude in the viewer's mind) of a product, company, or store can be achieved in many ways. In this store in SoHo in New York City, the entire store is exploited to reinforce the brand name and logo. The corporate logotype, layout, and color are exploited as the interior theme.

Viewed from the street or upon entering, the customer sees very little merchandise - the dominant element is the wall with the brand logo and colors. But, after walking in a few feet, the eye is drawn back to that red wall which has now become a cover for the shelves of display shoes.
The wall opposite of the shelves consists of sliding mirrors that fill the blank walls between the windows. The mirrors slide open to reveal storage closets. The back wall, behind the green counter is also mirrored, creating almost an effect of looking into infinity.

2013 • April 12-13 • Illinois
Friday: Drive to Effingham, Illinois, Super 8 motel: check-in, rested from 6:30-8:00. Shopped at Walmart: pillows for dogs in back; bought salad, drove around, walked dogs. Room: ate dinner, took sleeping pill. To bed. Very noisy location: front door chime, doors slamming, voices, night clerk talking with friend. Later walked dogs, took second pill. Still noisy. Worked puzzles, read news, facebook, reddit. 4:00a - got excited by getting up and driving on back home. So, that's what I did. Was fun to drive in the dark, St. Louis by dawnlight.
Saturday: Drive home: 4:15am - 1:45pm. Unpack.

2013 • April 17-24
Wensday: Bkfst, walk dogs, to vet, Renee ride to airport, check stereo, carry on cart; flite: empty seat, CLE: yogurt & bagel, flite: empty seat, oversize luggage claim, car to apt; unpack, set up stereo, cart; walk river, Chinese food wine, shop; apt: TV, bed
Thursday: Bkfst, email; walk WTC, City Hall tour; sub City Hall Sta, Union Sq: Pret lunch, BarnesNoble; sub, apt: rest; walk river (drizzle), empty WFC, Goldman alley, Blue Smoke dinner; BarnesNoble, Bed Bath; walk river, apt: emails, fotos, tv, bed
Friday: Bkfst, tv; talk with Bob: apt; call vet, walk Wall St, plaza, Chipotle, Starbucks, Tweed: no keys, backtrack to apt: keys, rest; walk river, Battery Park, Strbx, Bowling Green, Ferry plaza, park/river; apt rest; River sit, apt: work bed
Saturday: Apt: bkfst rest work, walk downtown; rest, sub Grand Central, sub 5pointz, Mets Field, Cirque line, pretzel coffee, Totem, sub; Times Sq, HB dinner, Times Sit, sub, mech diff at Franklin, met Toni who was trying to get to Conrad, we walked, got bus to Conrad, goodbyes, walk river to apt, bed.
Sunday: Apt: bkfst, work; sub, Madison Square: pee under Shack, walking tour, Strbx lunch, Home Depot, Tiffany factory, MadSq park: Frank, Lubalin office, Strbx 29th, sub, river; apt, walk river, bed.
Monday: Bkfst, work: Contents; cab traffic, MoMA: cafe 5, Oldenburg, store iPad grip; sub: Transfer, GrCent: pee, cookies, sub, river, apt: rest, sub SoHo, AIA: Seth, Woolworth lecture, walk Demo Square: dinner, Village, sub, apt.
Tuesday: Apt: bkfst, work, uploads; sub 86th, walk Guggenheim: crappy stuff, lunch; bus 5th Ave, Apple pee, sub apt: rest, Meindal called, sub, walk block, Nederlander: Newsies, sub, apt.
Wensday: Apt: work, walk, bagel bkfst, north cove, fotos DisneyNY; apt: rest; walk fotos PierA, park, Bowling Green, FiDi: Bravo lunch, Wall street, apt; pack, clean; see river, car to EWR, easy security, wait work, flite single exit row, work; cab to 424; unpack, mail, bed.

Zucotti Park, former home of Occupy Wall Street. Bowling Green - the birds were taking public baths in the puddle.

Frank Gehry's second building in Manhattan

New York by Gehry, the tallest residential tower in the Americas, in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan.

His first building in NYC: the offices of IAC Management, between the Hudson River and the HiLine park:

MoMA sunlight and looking up at the AIA Gallery.

A somewhat crappy exhibit, but nice atrium at the Guggenheim.

Shots from tours of City Hall and Madison Square Park.

2013 • June 25 - July 2
Tuesday: Walk dogs, to vet, drive airport, park, security, bkfst, flite, IAH: lunch, delay wait, flite; LGA: car RFK bridge FDR, apt: river, unpack, walk Hudson WFC, SWNY dinner drink, groceries, apt, mail, bed.
Wensday: Apt bkfst, email, photos; sub Madison Square: strawberries & cream, Strbx, Depot shower, MoMath, Eatalys bathroom, Seth walk Armory, 19th Block Beautiful, Gramercy Park, National Arts Club, Big Daddys Diner: coffee & omelet, Stuyvesant Sq: sit, greys, Union Square; sub Battery Park, Hudson, apt rest; river view, apt dinner bed.
Thursday: Long sleep, bkfs, BPMarket coffee, sub, Chambers: pizza, BB&B shop, WFC, river, apt rest; ride bike: path and river; shower, sub Times Sq: walk 8th; Kinky Boots, slight rain, sub: apt, cereal, bed.
Friday: Apt bkfst, emails, subs: MoMA: Rain 7.5 hr wait, lunch Cafe2, Design, Corbusier, rain viewing, store; sub, apt rest; bike to Bowling Green, sub to Grand Central, walk KFC Bryant Park, sit eat, walk Times Sq, sub, ride bike; apt bed.
Saturday: Apt bkfst, bike to ferry; ferry Governor's Island: exhibits, sit, Eva's salad wine, art golf, rocking chair, ferry, Strbx: Bowling Green, apt rest fotos, bike - BowlGrn, sub Bleecker, Bowery dinner: Bowery Bar&Grill, walk Cooper, KMart, Astor sub, apt, river, shop, apt, bed.
Sunday: Apt bkfst, bus/sub: Village Bleecker, Pridefest, Strbx lunch, sit 'dog' park, bike 2 blocks, subs: Grand, Little Italy, edge SoHo, subs BGreen: bike WFC Hudson, apt, rest, bike street & Hudson, Conrad, movie: This is the End, walk Hudson, Mediterranean dinner, river, shop, apt bed.
Monday: Apt bkfst rain, bus to Strbx, sub 86th, Guggenheim: Turrell; bus: 72, walk Central Park, lunch walk, sub WTC Strbx, apt: rest, bike/sub: Union Sq (lost umbrella), Heartland dinner, Union Sq, subs Bowling Green: find umbrella, ride WFC Hudson, river, Thames, BowlingGn, walk Hudson, apt, bed.
Tuesday: Apt: bkfst, laundry, clean apt; bike to BowlGreen: fotos, bike back; shower, car to LGA: easy check-in, snacks, flite: good work done, IAH dinner, flite, car, home; water, mail, bed.

Standard, a painting by Ed Ruscha (an artist who lived in Oklahoma for 15 years before moving to California). The logo image for the Bowery Bar & Grill, just south of Cooper Union. Below: the Bowery's outdoor dining area.

A park on 13th Street in the West Village.

Starbucks new interior decor includes these statements: "minimizing our environmental footprint" and "Environmental Stewardship". Yet, once again, when I requested no plastic lid, they insisted on putting one on the cup of iced coffee. That lid had a useful life span of about 3 seconds; provided no value to the company, the consumer, or society; took time, money, and energy to manufacture, store, ship, and trash; and defied any thought of "Environmental Stewardship".

Some wonderful sculptural figures on a building in the Bowery.

Taking a break in the MoMA Sculpture Garden.

The Rain Room at MoMA (more info). This was a space with rain (drops of water) falling through thousands of holes in the ceiling. There was a sensor that could notice where parts of humans were and stop the drip over those parts. If you moved slowly through the rain, you would not get wet, but be surrounded by falling water. Pretty cool - worth checking out. I checked online and learned that there could be long lines. I got to the museum in the morning and asked at the desk how long the wait would be. Seven and a half hours. Huh? Yes, seven and a half hours. Who waits in a line outside in the heat for that long? Not me. I went on in to the museum and had lunch (2 minute wait) and enjoyed the exhibits on Le Corbusier and the Design Gallery. I stopped by the line at the Rain Room and learned the wait was down to about an hour or two for members, but you could go in the room to view (not walk through the rain) and there was only a 5 minute wait for that. That was my option.

46th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues - the greatest concentration of live theater venues in the country.

An exhibit by at Madison Square Park, Red, White, and Blue, by Orly Genger (more). There were 3 of these huge rope constructions around the park, each a primary color. Notice the camouflage of the support band around the tree.

A phenomenal new bike sharing program in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. I bought an annual pass and made 14 trips in 6 days. There is a station next to my building (above fotos) and 2 bike paths a block away in each direction. I now ride a bike to the 4/5 subway instead of walking. Below: the bikes and docks at the Bowling Green subway entrance.

Dinner at the Houston airport on the final day of the Summer NYC Experience. Poor design of wayfinding signage in the airport. Full story.

During the summer, I make it a priority to take the ferry to Governor's Island. This time, I was able to ride a bike from my building to the ferry terminal. The white blobby sculpture above was a 'cloud' made of white plastic milk jugs and water bottles that had about an inch of blue water in each.

Lunch of a shrimp avocado mango salad and a glass of white wine. A splendid way to while away some time in the big city.

2013 • October 23-27
Wensday: lock up, load car; girls to vet, drive Classen Uturn: home for backpack, drive airport, easy precheck, bkfst, flite: large woman; IAH: sandwich, sit; flite: empty exit seat, new plane: webwork, EWR, car, coty ride; apt: unpack, walk SEnd, bagel dinner, shop, river, apt.
Thursday: Apt bkfst, see Bob re floor, bike to BG Whitehall, sub Union Sq: Seth, Union Sq, Univ place Medit lunch, sub: Bloomies: Beatles, drum set, Bloomberg rotunda: Chris doorman, walk, Starbux, sit Citicorp, sub Grand Central: Apple, Gallery, Pylones, sub Fulton, pizza, apt: rest, replace carpet; sub Times Sq: cookie, walk, Big Fish, Times Square, panini, sub, apt.
Friday: Apt bkfst, sub 23rd: TWarner: turn in boxes, sub 53rd, Burger Heaven omelette, MoMA: Magritte, design women; store: Vignelli mug, sub: WTC, Path, new Calatrava tunnel, WFC, Shake Shack, walk river; apt: rest, work; walk river, Battery Park loop, bike West St, river, apt: work, bed.
Saturday: Apt bkfst, work, sub: 29th St Starbux: fotos, sub: Grand Central: Apple: mini? none, phone mail, Pylones, sub; Apple 5th Ave: buy Mini (1+ hour), ATT store (2+ hours); walk Upper Times Sq: Applebees: dinner, play pad: all good; walk Times Sq, sub, apt: tweak pad.
Sunday: Apt bkfst, rest; sub: Sheridan Strbx, wander, buy cup, Wash Sq: sit, Walgreens, Astor, sub, City Hall: Belgian waffle, CurrIves, WTC, Trinity cemetery, shop, apt: laundry, clean; river, car; EWR: TSfuckingA pat down (no agent knew what was going on), United Club, lecture, delaid flite; board, single exit row flite: lecture, web; drive, bed.

This new concourse, designed by Santiago Calatrava, connects the World Financial Center to the World Trade Center complex. Behind that solid wall would have been the basement of the North Tower. Behind the opposite wall is the base of the new World Trade Center 1, now the tallest building in the country.

Lunch in the Village with a friend. A mediocre Broadway show. The Empire State Building from Times Square.

South Cove on the Hudson on a nice fall day.

This is so common: phone booths sit idle. Each should be transformed into charging stations. More public bathrooms ought to have both a toilet and a urinal - solving the messy seat up or down issue.

Ringo Starr's drum set from 1964 and 1965 was on display at Bloomingdale's. We had to go see. Parts of the set were what he played on at the concert on September 18 in Dallas.

Twas a hoot to be looking at them again - in many ways, music history was made on these very drums. We later wandered the Upper East Side and then descended into the subway. There on a tile wall was the best electrical outlet we had ever seen:

It sat alone on the wall, begging to be noticed. The serious industrial motif made it appear otherworldy - like from a Jules Verne novel or a sci-fi movie set. Now that I was aware of these cool things, I was on the lookout - below is another version spotted in the station by my apartment. It's above the Rector Street sign.

2014 • March 1-6
Saturday: Walk dogs, girls in, drive; hassle: new flite to Wash, lunch at airport, flite: finish reading Inferno, IAD: 5Guys burger, 1st Class: scotch, webwork, car to apt, river, shop, bed.
Sunday: Apt bkfst, walk 911, WTC, City Hall, sub SoHo, Paper, Flor, Apple, DWR, Strbx, NoLiTa, Mulberry, Columbus Park 5 Points, Foley Plaza, sub Strbx, Battery Park, Hudson, apt; work, eat; walk river, Brookfield, tunnel, south End, apt.
Monday: Apt bkfst, snow trace, tips to desk; sub: Times Sq: Discovery Brick rr, Heartland lunch, Rock Ctr: Lego store, Grand Central: MTA shop, Piq, sit, sub: Trinity, coffee snak deli, apt; buy cereal, dinner, apt.
Tuesday: Late sleep, apt bkfst, sub: Carnegie Hall tour, museum; Strbx, MoMA: FLW Dallas & Bartlesville, Cafe2, galleries, stores, sub: WTC, walk river; apt rest; walk BGreen sub: 29th Strbx, Battery Strbx: uploads, emails, walk, apt.
Wensday: Apt bkfst, walk WTC, Fulton, Urban Outfitters, Strbx, Seth: Woolworth lobby tour, wander downtown, Fulton buffet, Sth Str, Jack's Coffee, Federal Hall, BitCoin Center, Bowling Green, apt, laundry.
Thursday: Sub: Union Square, Coffee Shop breakfast, Petco, B&N; sub Fulton Street: new station, souvenirs: dog collar NYC pins, apt: rest, pack; car: EWR, flite: read Gladwell, CLE, Subway, flite: webwork, home.

Columbus Park at Mulberry Bend and Five Points. Union Square.

2014 • June 11-17
Wensday: Up early, dogs in, easy check in, sit with Hisseys, delay, rebook by phone, flite read: Houston: Bubbas lunch, flite: web, read; car, river: eat wrap, apt, shop, bed.
Thursday: Up early, bkfst, sub: MadSq, Strbx, shops, Modell, sub TmsSq: buy shoes, Heartland usual, sub: apt rest; walk river, Hudson Eats: pizza coffee, tunnel Path, West St Memorial, buy dog pins, walk; apt, rest, dinner; walk river PierA, apt, read.
Friday: Apt bkfst, sub UnionSq: Seth, Panera coffee talk; sub: Williamsburg: Bedford, lunch: Pies n Thighs, Dianna bench, walk, sub: apt rest, balcony rain, eat, await Mike: 12:10.
Saturday: Balcony bkfst; walk ferry: Governor's Island: ride bikes, hammock, dancers, Admiral's House, Ft Jay, ice cream, house galleries, bikes, JazzAgeLawnParty: band, dancers, costumes; food trucks coffee, turn in bikes, grass nap, hill, ferry, walk apt; rest, sub Bleecker, theater, tshirts, B Grill patio, walk: Brazilia cafe, sugar, desigual, sub oops: Barclay's, sub, apt.
Sunday: George's bkfst, WTC, sub, Central Pk: rent bikes, loop, hill, rest; walk TavernGreen: lunch on patio, tour restraunt, meadow, mall, fountain, mall, 59th st, walk Lex: Strbx, Bloomies, sub: Wall St, walk, apt: rest; Chinese river dinner, walk river, shop, apt.
Monday: Balcony bkfst, walk 9/11 Museum: exhibits, film, 8:40-2:00, boarding call; wait, walk Hudson Eats: lunch, apt rest, call vets; sub Village: BBall, AIA Gallery, WashSq: sit, 6th Ave: drink soccer, eat soccer, walk West Village, 14thSt; sub, river sit, apt.
Tuesday: Balcony bkfst, shower, sub GCT: mta & piq; walk Diamond, MoMA: design, garden: Whichwich called: meet in Dallas, Cafe2 lunch, shop; walk TimesSq, sub, apt rest, Whch emails, pack, shower; 2 delays; river, car, EWR: UnitedClub, flite, drive, bed.
Wensday: Get Brooklyn, get Manhattan; email, upload

Central Park. Above: The Sheep Meadow. Below: Bethesda Fountain.

Below: Governor's Island.

Above: Later chatted with this guy - he rescued the dog and they are now inseparable.
Below: Ladies from the Jazz Age Lawn Party. Jim and Dianna in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

2014 • October 21-26
Tuesday: Little sleep, bkfst, girls in, rest, drive, easy prk chkin, lost zipper; empty flite, IAH lunch, flite: whole exit row, coffee, blog, lectures, tests; car, River wrap, apt settle, shop, apt.
Wensday: Apt bkfst, work; Stbx: blog emails, web; MusAmIndian: photog, walk Bdwy, Pret, Bach Trinity, WTC walk, Memorial, shop, apt: rest coffee eat; sub TiSq: rain, pretzel, cookie, New Amsterdam: Aladdin, Walgreen's, sub, apt.
Thursday: Apt bkfst, sub, rain, SoHo: Apple, walk, Village, grilled cheese, WashSqPk, Brazilia coffee, Bdwy, sub; apt: rest, walk River, Brookfield, web; apt, Wogie's sandwich to go, apt.
Friday: Apt bkfst, walk sub E/M MoMA: Seth, WW fotos, Matisse, Vignelli, Christopher Williams, bench, Robert Gober; Starbux lunch, Rock Ctr: Lego, sub 40th: Garment, coffee, walk MadSq, Eataly, Mad bench, Union Sq: sit; B&N, Pavilion dinner; sub, apt.
Saturday: Apt bkfst, cove wifi; walk River, BP: coff cupcake, tunnel, WTC, Fulton Ctr, Bdwy, Battery Park, apt rest; sub Houston sub LES: Katz too slow, walk, Taqueria, walk, chocolate, shoe store, Chinatown walk, Canal sub, River, shop, apt.
Sunday: Apt bkfst, sub: Village, WashSq: sit, turn in phone, walk 5th: Parsons gallery: Papanek exhibit, 14th, Staples, Pret lunch, Union Sq, sub, Whitehall, Battery Park, River; apt: laundry, pack; River, car; EWR: no line, Club: test revise, lecture, flite: lecture; car, home.

Above: The new 1WTC Tower. Below: Brazilia coffee, abstract subway art.

MoMA honored the death of Massimo Vignelli.

2015 • January 5-9
Monday: Girls in, bkfst: pack, visit Mike/Anne, car to shop, cab to airport; Schlotzky's, flite: new plane extra room: WW web, IAH: roofer guy, Starbucks, Club: WW web work, snax; flite: whole row, WWweb, wrap, city views; car, apt.
Tuesday: Apt bkfst, snow, web; sub 86th, Cooper-Hewitt: cafe, exhibits, shop; Gugg, bus 60th, subs; WTC Memorial, Hudson Eats, shop, apt.
Wensday: Apt bkfst, walk Fulton Center, sub: Great Jones, Syed Gallery, Public Theater, sub: Grand Central: gallery, piq, Juniors lunch, shuttle: Times Sq, sub 23rd: Doughnut Plant, Lego, MadSq; sub: Battery Park, Pier A, river, apt: blog, web upload, bed.
Thursday: Apt bkfst, cab to Met: Egyptian, snak, TH Benton, Cubism, lunch, Cubism; bus 60th, sub 34th; New School, sub: Pier A: dinner drink sunset water, walk apt, work, bed.
Friday: Apt bkfst (snow) clean apt, laundry; river, car to EWR: flite (delayed), work, O'Hare: run to OKC gate,
Saturday: Get car, get girls, bkfst

Nice new sign at the Cooper Hewitt garden entrance.
Whoever invented the bed is a genius.

Maira Kalman Selects is an exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in the former Music Room of the Carnegie Mansion on Fifth Avenue.
Another in a Time theme, this one was in the dining area at Grand Central Terminal:

Above: The 9/11 Memorial at night. Below: New Year's Eve artifacts in Times Square on January 6

2015 • April 30 - May 15with Manhattan 7 & Brooklyn 1
Dog park friends: Milton (Collies), Unique (Watson), William & Mary (Kahlie), Matt & Jill nabers, Andrew & nabors
Thursday-Saturday: Smooth drives, girls good, easy motels, walk downtown Effingham, WashPA Panera.
Sunday: Drive FDR to Times Sq, tour Mark Hellinger theater.
Monday: 29th Stbx, 30/30; guitar to Brenan, Brooklyn opens apt door, caught in hall, changed handle.
Tuesday: Chambers hdwr: new dead bolt, she gets out again, installed new dead bolt.
Wensday: Jewish Museum modernism, Brkfld mall lunch, buy salmon dinner.
Thursday: Seth: Union, MadSq, Village, WashSq, AIA, SoHo.
Friday: Wall St, AmerFinance, SoStSe, lunch; shop.
Saturday: Walk: north bpc park Goldman river.
Sunday: Christopher/Sheridan strbx: webwork, WashSq, Astor.
Monday: UnionSq: Panera, Petco.
Tuesday: Times Sq: get car, drive West Side; Uber: Taylor, Frying Pan; pack.
Wensday-Friday: drives, Columbus; Ted Drewes, Springfield; Joplin: Bonnie & Clyde, tornado.
Along the Hudson Esplanade.

2015 • July 2-9
Thursday: Girls in, checkin, flite, dfw yog, flite: racism essay, LGA: Carmel; SWNY: dinner, shop; apt: unpack; river, shop, apt.
Friday: Apt bkfst, sub: MoCNY: Rand; Central Park Conservatory, Meer: sit rest; Dunkin lunch, sub: apt rest; bus: Battery Park, Strbx wrap, River, shop, apt rest; roof, River (no fireworks), apt.
Saturday: Apt bkfst, sub: 13th, walk Whitney: bldg, terrace lunch, flyovers, ships, sit on River; HiLine, MePa, sub: apt: eat, rest, wifi work; walk Wall St, Battery Pk PierA: burger outside, apt rest; walk SoStSe: ice cream, fireworks, walk, River, apt.
Sunday: Apt bkfst, wifi; River, Brookfield crepe, WTC: OneWorld Observatory, lines, elevator, media, views, lunch; plaza sit, apt: rest; walk wtc, Fulton sub: UnionSq, Panera dinner, UnionSq: backgammon, Seattle Jesus guy, loopwalk; sub: Battery Park, River, shop, apt.
Monday: Apt bkfst, rest, work, wifi; coffee, dog park, River, apt rest; walk SoEnd, mints, BFP stores, Regal: Inside Out, peanut m&ms, 911 Memorial, BFP: drugs, Clarkes burger outside, River, apt.
Tuesday: Apt bkfst, sub: Grand Central, shops, Landmark exhibit, fukin cookie, walk; MoMA: lunch, migration, Yoko Ono, shop, soundesign, archit; sub: Hudson Eats pizza, apt: rest; sub: TimesSq, snak, Palace: American in Paris, TimesSq; sub, snak, apt.
Wensday: Apt bkfst, purge books, purge dvd/books, laundry, wifi; sub: TimesSq: snak, St.James: Something Rotten, TImesSq; sub: MadSq: Shackburger dinner, Denmark store, UnionSq; sub, walk SoStSe, bus, apt; River, apt.
Thursday: Apt yogurt, pack; walk RIver, Hudson Eats: bkfsts, walk River, apt; car, LGA: flite with Westchester couple to Telluride; DFW: Salt Lick dinner, flite, car, home.

Above: Central Park Meer. Below: HiLine from the Whitney.

At the new Whitney Museum in MeatPacking.

From the One World Observatory at One World Trade Center.

Poor que line at MoMA.

2015 • October 20-25
Tuesday: Girls in, easy checkin, flite: whole row coffee; ATL walk, flite; trains to WTC, HudsonEats, River, Apt: rest; River, shop, bed.
Wensday: Apt bkfst, sub: TimesSq: Hamilton lottery, Marquis, no draw, walk; MoMA: lunch, Torres-garcia, Picasso, design, coffee; sub: apt, rest; sub TSq: Hamilton lottery, nope, sit in TimesSq, sub, apt, fotos, bed.
Thursday: Apt bkfst, sub: Grand Central: Apple: delay, no help; sub: Strbx 28: upload, email; walk MadSq, sub: UnionSq, Parsons: Typog, walk 5th: churches, WashSq: sit, more sit; AIA gallery, Bareburger, SoHo: Apple, MoMA, sub: BatPk, river, apt rest; bus: Fulton Seaport Studios: Michael Beirut, snax margarita, walk Fulton, AIGA, bus, river, call Frank, apt.
Friday: Apt bkfst, sub: Hudson Yards, Think coffee, HiLine, Starrett-Lehigh: Beirut exhibit, HiLine primitive, sub: BryantPk: lunch, Pain, Pret, sub: dunkin, apt: rest; sub: Hamilton lotto, nope, LuntFont: bout tkt, TimesSq, McD bkfst, Walgreens, theater: Finding Neverland, sub, walk WTC, apt.
Saturday: Apt bkfst, walk Fulton Transit, sub: UnionSq Seth: sit steps, Starbux, walk east: WashIrving HS, lunch diner, Webster Hall, Astor Place, Starbux, sub, BatteryPk, river, apt rest, laundry, work.
Sunday: Sick, walk shop, apt bkfst, rest; car LGA: easy, flite, ORD: bagel wich, flite, car, home.

2016 • April 16-25final drive with dogs, Manhattan 8 & Brooklyn 2
Final drive with dogs. Prepping apt to sell. Dog park friends: Unique (Watson), Amy & husband (Rosie)
Saturday-Monday: Smooth drives, girls good, easy motels; Eff: walk to McD, WashPA: drive US40 downtown, Panera; NYC: Park garage.
Tue-Fri: Dog Park, Battery Park, Hudson River.
Tuesday: Prep apt: removed statues/buildings, clock numbers, 25 grey frames.
Wensday: Apt work; meetings with Broker and Bldg Mgr, Calatrava Oculus, salmon dinner.
Thursday: Apt work; Union Sq: dog food, Seth, Madison Sq; rest.
Friday: Apt work; sub to 52nd, muffin, Ground Central Coffee: Derek que mt; walk GE bldg, GCT: theater, gallery, sandwich; taxi, Apt rest; rearrange furniture, Seth: clean apt, sit balcony, suitcases to car, walk dogs: Battery Park, home rest
Saturday: Up at 6, prep apt, dog park drizzle, load car, leave 6:46; drive, US40, horrible underground railroad 'museum', Chandler OH 40; Columbus motel: check in, rest, dinners, work, bed.
Sunday: Drive, McD an hour out, Ted Drewes: popular dogs, family with own grey, Springfield: rest, tour Commercial St, 66 motels, burger dinner, bed.
Monday: Up at 4:04, leave at 5:00; drive, McD bkfst, Vinita coffee, drive; unpack.

The new Oculus transit station by Santiago Calatrava.

2016 • June 18-23The apartment: Final stay, Movers, and Empty
Saturday: Airport shuffle.
Sunday: Stomach ill, buy groceries drugs, purge, The King and I.
Monday: Purge, Seth, load, Uber Goodwill, leave tv at 14th st curb, Union Sq Starbucks, tv gone, subway.
Tuesday: Oculus, sub to Cooper Hewitt, taxi home; remove kitchen/bath carpet.
Wensday: Up at 5, prep, movers, sad and empty, walk Broadway lunch, text/email friends; check in Holiday Inn, Hudson Eats dinner.
Thursday: Bkfst at CoffeeBeene, walk to 911 memorial, drugstore, room; flite change: calls, shower, pack, taxi LGA; slight delay, flites; get girls; home.

2017 • Febuary 13-17Marriott Marquis, First trip since out of the apartment
Monday: Bkfst, pack, Brooklyn in; rest; drive airport, silly PreChk; Scholtzsky's, flite; ATL: iced latte, wrap lunch, 2hr delay, sit in gift shop by gate, webwork; board: 1 hr delay, flite; fast luggage, car to Marriott; check in, store wrap, hummus, room, bed.
Tuesday: Hotel buffet bkfst salmon/granola; dump & rest, sub to Lego store: buy NYC, Madison Square, sub 42nd: lunch; 8th Ave, room: nap; lobby coffee work; room rest; Times Sq walk, Disney, bummed; store egg salad chips sandwich m&m; room, eat, tv, shower, bed.
Wensday: Hotel buffet bkfst eggs/granola; room, taxi: Met Breuer: yuck; walk to Met: lunch in American Wing, store; taxi Times Sq: Mitch ad; room rest; Times Sq, 48th sub: Union Sq: BarnesNoble, Petco treats, Seth, Starbux: talk, walk Astor Place, Cooper Union, Muji, East Village: Philip Glass house (saw him in the window), 2nd Ave, St Marks Place, goodbyes, Vspot vegan dinner, cvs: buy drops; sub TSq: ads, Hamilton, room.
Thursday: Hotel buffet bkfst salmon/eggs/granola; dump & rest; walk to MoMA: Bauhaus, interiors, Constructivism; Burger Heaven: lunch coffee; walk TSq; room rest; sub 47th Cortlandt: Oculus, Westfield Place, Saks, bridge over West, Memorial, Oculus: Apple, shops; sub TSq: Heartland, TGIF, hotel buffet, room, shower, pack, bed.
Friday: Some sleep, alarms at 6:00; about 6:20: up, shower, pack, check out, firemen in lobby, firetrucks on street, taxi to EWR; poor tsa: empty pockets, belt, lose deod, bkfst, flite; ATL: Starbux, chips; flite, baggage, car, drive; get Brooklyn, home: unpack, mail, rest.

Below: Philip Glass' house.

2017 • June 10-15Paramount & Marriott Marquis
Saturday: Bkfst, house prep; Brooklyn in: sad, not want to go; chekIn, flite; Atl: Asian lunch, coffee; flite: whole row, web work; bag clm, Uber; Paramount: chkin, room unpack; TimesSq: hot dog, hotel, chocolate, bed.
Sunday: Very little sleep & afib nite; bkfst yogparf coffee lobby, sit outside, room rest, shower; walk 42 sub, walk, Path: NJ walk Ruki's, condo, walk WhiteStar: lunch, walk Colgate clock, waterfront, sit, sit, Starbucks, sit; ferry: WTC, Oculus, R train: TimesSq: walk into Great Comet set, room, no AC, change room: 529 (1972 UT study tour), rest; return old key, ParaGrill: dinner, walk 8th Ave, Pret wrap; room: Tony awards, shower, bed; ac stops: pack, midnite: chkout, Marriott: chkin, yogurt, get upgrade TSq view, bed.
Monday: Good sleep, bkfst buffet, room, lobby web work, room; sub 2 to 96th, Uber to Cooper Hewitt: Jazz Age, coffee, meet Ruki, talk tour office, exhibit, garden, meet Sarah Coffin, chief curator; walk Lex, Bocado Cafe: dinner wine; sub 4: byes at Grand Central, Transit museum, walk 45th, hotel: shower, tv, bed.
Tuesday: Up at 10, store eats lobby, room; walk MoMA: renew, FLW, Rauschenberg, lunch: Cafe2, store souvenir; walk Red Caboose; room: rest, work, shower; walk Broadway, Caffe sandwich, theater: Groundhog Day; Bdwy, Caffe: hummus wrap, hotel, shower, load soundtrack, bed.
Wensday: Up at 8:30, bkfst omelet, room; sub: UnionSq: Seth, Q/2nd Ave subway: station at 72nd, 86th st; Yorkville: Obama's college home 94th (bottom middle), Marx family home 93rd, wood houses 92nd, Bocado Cafe 87th Lex, Strbx, sub Grand Central, bye Seth, Shuttle; walk Shubert Alley, TSq, room; Heartland: pickles caesar, TSq, theatres, Edison Hotel, 8th Ave: room, shower, bed.
Thursday: Bkfst omelet, room, TPiR, pack, rest, shower; chkout, taxi: 36th QMtunnel. new LGA: drop bag curb, short tsa, lunch, wait, cold brew bottle, GDay sndtrk, board, flite: web work; Atl: wrap yogparf, delay, call Frank, delay (3+ hrs), change terminals, change gates, wait, webwork, board; flite: music, read Swarm; no luggage (63 of us), drive home, bed. Got Brooklyn next morning. Luggage next evening.

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