The Discover New York study tour
Dr. Jim Watson, Professor of Design, conducted 11 study tours to New York City from 1981 to 2008 with over 140 students participating, in groups ranging from 6 to 20. The study tour included famous design firms, showrooms, unique stores, historical naborhoods, outstanding museums and galleries, and superb live entertainment.

Designers/design firms
• C&G Partners Steff Geissbuhler
• Chermayeff & Geismar
• Frank Nichols
• Icon Nicholson
new media design
• Landor Associates
• Massimo Vignelli
• Milton Glaser
• The Moderns
• Pentagram
• PushPin Studios
Seymour Chwast
• Rockwell Group
• Ross Culbert & Lavery
• siegelgale
• TeleZign
computer graphics
• Tom Geismar
• Vignelli Associates
• Wajskol, Inc.

Museums and Galleries
• AIGA Gallery
• Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
: The Smithsonian Institution's museum dedicated to design
• Guggenheim Museum
• Museum of Modern Art
: The best design collection in the USA
• Metropolitan Museum of Art
: Tiffany, Sullivan, Wright, Medieval, design gallery
• Cooper Union Gallery
• Museum of American Illustration
• Parson's School of Design Gallery
• School of Visual Arts Gallery
• Whitney Museum of American Art

• Aida
• Alegria
, Cirque du Soleil
• Barnum
• Blue Man Group
• Chicago
• Corteo
, Cirque du Soleil
• The Fifth of July
• Hairspray
• Jersey Boys
• The Lion King
• Mamma Mia
• Movin' Out
• Phantom of the Opera
• Rent
• Spamalot
• Spring Awakening
• Urinetown
• Varekai
, Cirque du Soleil
• Wicked

• Downtown: WTC site, Wall Street, Trinity Church, Bowling Green, Battery Park, South Street Seaport
• Chinatown: Little Italy, NoLiTa
• Greenwich Village & SoHo: Washington Square, Prada, Moss, Longchamp, UniQlo, MoMA Design Store
• Union Square & Madison Square: AIGA, Parson's, Art Director's Club, School of Visual Arts
• Midtown: Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station, NY Public Library
• Rockefeller Center: St.Patrick's Cathedral, Radio City Music Hall, Museum of Modern Art, Fifth Ave, Apple Store
• Times Square: Theater District, Letterman's Theater, Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood
• Central Park: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum, Guggenheim Museum

Some evaluations from participants
Loved Wicked so much that I'm taking my mom to see it. The visit with Massimo Vignelli was the best visit ever! Central Park is my new favorite place. I was ready to go home by the end of the trip but was ready to go back after being in OK one weekend.
I want to thank you for an amazing trip. It was a life changing, spiritual experience. I will never be the same.
Every minute of the trip was a highlight. I couldn't do without any of it! Thank you so much for the opportunity.
Massimo's hospitality. New York pizza and bagels. Good balance overall between seeing things and free time. Don't change that. Best trip ever!
This was the best trip I've ever taken.
We were able to see and take in a lot more information and sites than on most tour packages.
I'm very happy I was able to participate. Loved the instructor's background knowledge and quality of preparation and presentation.
I thoroughly enjoyed the trip - the freedom to see and do on our own and Watson's knowledge of sites - allowing us to experience as much as possible. I feel very privileged to have been part of such a unique experience.
Excellent trip. Watson was very well informed.
I would recommend this trip for anyone. A lot of material was covered, Dr. Watson was always good-natured and the students were very cooperative with him and each other.
You have done more to bring the fascination of New York City, and thus much-needed open-mindedness, into the minds of the Midwest's young people than anyone else.
The NY trip still has a daily impact on my design decisions. It was fantastic. I don't think a graphic designer should be introduced to NYC in any other way. Thank you for your dedication to teaching.
When you said it would be hard to adjust back to Oklahoma life, you weren't joking. I just wanted to thank you for taking us to New York. I don't think that I could ever top this trip. This was probably the best thing to happen in life so far. After having experienced all the things that we did I am forever changed as a person. I will no longer look at the world the same way again. It's almost depressing to look at my pictures because I wish that it didn't have to end. The greatest thing that I experienced in NY, other than all the great shows and sites, was a great sense of independence. I have traveled all my life, but NY, for some reason, made me realize that there's so much in the world that I need to experience. I just want to tell you how much I appreciate this experience - it has given me a whole new outlook on life.
Thank you so much for making NYC such a memorable experience. I had an incredible time and learned much. It was truly a week I will never forget.
Thanks for caring so much.
It's been a real inspiration and an eye-opening experience thanks for making me realize life's a hoot.
Thanks for being our leading light and inspiring our dreams. We realize all the extra time and effort you put into this trip just for us. Thanks for truly caring about our futures by coordinating exciting new experiences. We appreciate your hard work and dedication.
Thanks so much for putting so much effort into this trip. I couldn't have had a better experience.
This trip is so amazing - it couldn't have been any better.
Thank you for the wonderful time in New York City. It was a life-changing experience. I'm so glad that I spent my spring break learning, seeing, and doing instead of watching television. Even better, I spent it with you - by far the most interesting and exciting Professor I have ever had. I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experience.

Logo for the NYC Study Tour

Jim Watson adapted the classic Glaser NY heart icon and gave it new meaning and freshness: the heart was rendered to resemble an apple while retaining the basic heart shape. The mark now has new meanings - in addition to 'love', it represents The Big Apple (another term for New York City) and also an apple for the teacher to represent the educational aspect of the New York Study Tour. The type is sans serif to update and simplify the icon to distinguish it from the original and in all caps to respect the intent of the Glaser logo. Design: 1999
Below: I posted this flyer around the Art & Design Building for the tours in 1989 and1991. The dichotomy was intriguing - choosing to have a fun time in a dangerous city. This copy is no longer valid since New York City has cleaned up and now has less crime than Oklahoma City.

Study tour hilites
1981: March 19-24
Bret Gilbert, Roy,
Thursday: 5:40 Met at Arts Magnet parking lot, 10 people and luggage piled into one Volkswagen van; American Airlines flight to New York's LaGuardia airport; Bus ride into and through sights of Manhattan; Edison Hotel, Orientation session on 22nd floor; Walked around theater district, danced on Broadway, pizza and souvlaki lunch, 42nd Street; Subway to Battery Park; Staten Island Ferry ride past Statue of Liberty; Downtown, Fraunces Tavern, Wall Street, Federal Hall, Stock exchange, Trinity Church; World Trade Center, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and observation deck on 107th floor; Subway to hotel, pizza in room; Barnum at St. James Theater; Hotel room gatherings.
Friday: Breakfast at Burger King; Bought tickets for '42nd Street'; Radio City Music Hall backstage tour; Fifth Avenue, stores, Plaza Hotel, Central Park; Bus ride up Madison Avenue; Cooper-Hewitt Museum, Guggenheim Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art; Some to hotel, some to American Museum of Natural History; Subway to hotel; Chinese food for dinner; The Elephant Man at Booth Theater; Birthday party for Lisa in Roy & Bret's room.
Saturday: 42nd Street, library, Grand Central Terminal, pastry breakfast, Hyatt Hotel; Empire State Building observation deck; Subway to hotel; Movement workshop conducted by Peter Lobdell; Catch students smoking marijuana, called their parents, escorted them to the airport; Free time: Macy's, shopping, Chinatown, Little Italy, SoHo, Metropolitan Museum, dinner; Amadeus at Broadhurst or Woman of the Year at the Palace or Into the Woods; Gathering in Wanda's room.
Sunday: Breakfast in Wanda's room; Free time: church, Rockefeller Center; Lincoln Center visit and Bookstore; The Fifth of July with Christopher Reeve at the New Apollo Theater; Hotel; Subway marathon; Chinatown, Little Italy, dinner and pastries; Taxi race home; Killer and gathering in girl's room.
Monday: Breakfast in hotel coffee shop; Performing Arts High School, discussion with Jerry Ames; Seminar with Lewis Merkin of Children of a Lesser God; Shopping at Thrift stores; Greenwich Village tour conducted by Arthur Marks, shopping, Washington Square and Charles Barnett; Subway home; Fruit, cheese, cheesecake, and Italian bread dinner in Wanda's room; 42nd Street at the Wintergarden Theater; Dessert at Sardi's.
Tuesday: Free time breakfast; Backstage tour and discussion with Allan Fox at the New Apollo; Pack and check out of hotel; Walk to ABC Studios, Carnegie Hall; Free time: Museum of Modern Art, Bloomingdale's, and shopping; America at Radio City Music Hall; Free time: shopping; Six course dinner at Mamma Leone's; Bus to LaGuardia from hotel, goodbye to Broadway; Flight leaves for DFW.

1989: March 18-22
Brent Stanbro, Tim Morse, Mary Bamberg, Judy Brehmeyer, Ross Sherman, Jerry Hanna
Saturday: Arrive LaGuardia, bus ride into Manhattan; Edison Hotel: orientation; Subway downtown: downtown, run to Castle Clinton, ferry to Statue of Liberty; Cats WinterGarden Theater or Into The Woods Martin Beck Theater; Beefsteak Charlie's: dinner; fruit stand, JRs; Walk 75 blocks to Wilson's for dancing.
Sunday: Breakfast: Cafe Edison; Circle Line Boat Tour 3 hours around the island; Gray Line bus tour: Upper Manhattan; Central Park; Metropolitan Museum of Art, lunch: Met cafeteria; Cecile Schoberle: children's book illustrator, Art Director ; Subway to Canal Street: Chinatown, dinner: Chef Ho's Dumpling House; Little Italy: pastries & dancing; Comedy Club on Bleecker, Marriott Marquis.
Monday: Museum of Modern Art: lecture on architecture/design, Andy Warhol: A Retrospective; lunch on walk to hotel; Subway to Greenwich Village: walking tour with Arthur Marks; Pastry shop, Washington Square, NYU; Subway to Grand Central; Hotel; Phantom of the Opera Majestic Theater, Q & A on stage; Theater store, Marriott Marquis: drinks; Edison bar and roof.
Tuesday: Walk to Telezign computer graphics agency; J Walter Thompson advertising agency presentation: Nick Demarco; FreeTime: St. Patrick's, Trump Tower, IBM Gallery; Guggenheim Museum: Refigured Painting: The German Image 1960-88; Subway to Grand Central, Chrysler Building, NY Public Library; Empire State Building observation deck; Free time; The Pajama Game Lincoln Center or Les Miserables Broadway Theater; Lindy's cheesecake.
Wensday: Subway to Jack Lenor Larson Design; Jim Henson's Muppet Workshop tour and demos; Walk to lunch: PJs Deli; Whitney Museum of American Art: lecture on collection; FreeTime: Museum of Illustration: 31st Annual Exhibition, Donahue taping, Bloomingdale's; Hotel, subway to South Street Seaport: Fulton market Cafe dinner, views; Taxi rides; Clubs.
Thursday: Subway/walk to Milton Glaser: tour, buy posters/post cards; FreeTime: American Illustration; JRs: farewell lunch; Bus to LaGuardia, KC, OKC.

1991: March 16-21
Adrienne, Trish, Elizabeth, April, Patrice
Saturday Arrive LaGuardia, limo ride into Manhattan; Edison Hotel: orientation; Times Square, Battery Park; Downtown: Customs House, Wall Street, Federal House, Trinity Church, WTC Ben & Jerry's; World Trade Center observation deck; Times Square: TGI Friday's: dinner.
Sunday: Statue of Liberty: walk to crown, Ellis Island: Museum of Immigration; Downtown: Fraunces Tavern, South Street Seaport; Bus to Cloisters, Columbia University; Chinatown, Little Italy.
Monday: Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Steuben Gallery, Trump Tower; Museum of Modern Art: Art of the Forties; Hurley's Saloon; Animation Gallery; Hard Rock Cafe.
Tuesday: Metropolitan Museum of Art ; IBM Building: atrium lunch, IBM Gallery: What Modern Was: Design 1935-1965; Park Avenue Atrium: First Wonders: The Fine Art of Illustrating Children's Books; Chrysler Building, 71st floor balcony, Grand Central ; NY Public Library: Decade of Fine Printing; The Phantom of the Opera Majestic Theater ; Sardi's: desserts.
Wensday: Union Square: breakfast; PushPin Studios: Seymour Chwast ; New York Art Director's Club: The Ultimate Short Story & The Bedtime Ritual; School of Visual Arts: Ed Benguiat: Man of a Thousand Faces; Teddy Roosevelt's birthplace house; Parson's School of Design, Forbes Gallery: Faberge Eggs; Cooper Union, Lubalin Study Center: Student Show; St. Mark's Place, NYU ; Greenwich Village, Washington Square; SoHo: galleries, shops ; Grand Hotel, Buddy, or Cats; Houlihan's: dinner.
Thursday: American Craft Museum: Furniture by Wendell Castle; Lever Gallery sculpture; Society of Illustrator's Museum: 33rd Annual Show; FreeTime: FAO Schwarz, Whitney Museum, ITC Center; Van to LaGuardia; DFW, OKC.

1997: March 18-23
Tuesday: Flite delay of 2 hours, run to connection at O'Hare, arrive LaGuardia, vans into Manhattan; Wellington Hotel: orientation; To subway (buy tokens), Downtown: Battery Park, Trinity Church, World Trade Center (observ deck closed), City Hall; South Street Seaport: shop, eat, views; Union Square, Tap Dogs Union Square Theater; Times Square.
Wensday: Madison Square: Flatiron Building, Toy Center; Chermayeff & Geismar Steff Geissbuhler; School of Visual Arts Gallery: 100 Most Memorable Posters, tour; New York Art Director's Club: Myrna Davis (Paul's wife); Cooper-Hewitt Museum: Henry Dreyfuss; Guggenheim Museum: Nasher Collection; Hotel, Times Square; Phantom of the Opera Majestic Theater; All-Star Cafe, Virgin Records.
Thursday: Madison Square, Pentagram: presentation; AIGA Gallery: Logo and Letterhead Exhibition; Parson's School of Design: BFA Communication Graphics Senior Show; hotel; Museum of Modern Art; hotel: rest, free - time dinner; Chicago Shubert Theater; FreeTime: dinner.
Friday: Javits Center: group hides from Watson; Vignelli Associates; Fashion District; Empire State Building: observation deck; FreeTime; Metropolitan Museum of Art; Motown Cafe: dinner, Jekyll & Hyde.
Saturday: Rockefeller Center, NBC Studios, St. Patrick's Cathedral; NY Public Library: Artful Interiors and Making of the Tyndale Bible; Grand Central Station, Chrysler building, CitiCorp Tower, Sony Wonder; FreeTime: IBM building, Trump Tower; subway to Cooper Union, Washington Square, Greenwich Village, SoHo; Chinatown: Lin's Dumpling House, Little Italy: pastries; FreeTime: SoHo, Chinatown.
Sunday: FreeTime: Central Park, Dakota apartment building, NikeTown, IBM, Trump; Hotel, van ride to LaGuardia, St. Louis, OKC.

2000: March 11-16
Saturday: Delayed flight, 3 hours at O'Hare; Arrive LaGuardia airport, bus ride to Manhattan; Gershwin Hotel: orientation; Subway to Chinatown dinner, Little Italy dessert; Subway marathon, hotel.
Sunday: Grand Central, Metropolitan Museum of Art lunch: Met Cafeteria; Subway to Statue of Liberty; Blue Man Group Astor Place Theater; Dinner: Whatapizza; Hotel.
Monday: AIGA gallery, building tour; Jonathan Wajskol Graphic Design; Frank Nichols Product Design; Lunch: deli on 5th; Chermayeff & Geismar Graphic design; Empire State Building observation deck; Walk 5th, Library, 42nd; New Amsterdam Theater backstage tour; Times Square, dinner: Sbarro; Rent Nederlander Theater; Times Square, subway to hotel.
Tuesday: Radio City Music Hall tour; Lunch: Variety Cafe, Rockefeller Center, St Patrick's, Trump Tower, Niketown.
siegelgale graphic and web design; Subway to Greenwich Village: Washington Square, Joey Joe, SoHo design stores, dinner: Italian Cafe; Hotel; Aida Palace Theater; Times Square, Letterman.
Wensday: Guggenheim Museum; Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design; Lunch: 23rd Street, hotel; Vignelli Associates graphic and identity design; Buffet snack, walk; Tom Geismar lecture, NYADC; Free time.
Thursday: Good Morning America; coffee, hotel, check out; Society of Illustrators exhibit, DKNY store, The Terence Conran Shop; Hotel, Bus to airport; Arrive Oklahoma City.

2002: March 16-21
Saturday: Arrive LaGuardia airport, bus ride to Manhattan; Gershwin Hotel: orientation; City Hall Park, South Street Seaport, Brooklyn Bridge; World Trade Center site; Chinatown; Little Italy: pastries & drinks.
Sunday: Clint Shore's apartment; Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Seinfeld's 'Tom's Restaurant', Columbia University; Dakota Building & Strawberry Fields; New York Historical Society; Hard Rock Cafe; World Trade Center Memorial, Fred Bernstein; Battery Park, view Statue of Liberty, 9/11 Tributes of Light; Blue Man Group Astor Place Theater.
Monday: Grand Central Station, NY Public Library, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Center; Radio City Music Hall backstage tour; Museum of Modern Art, MoMA store; Fifth Avenue shops; Little Italy, dinner: Vincent's.
Tuesday: Empire State Building observation deck; Greenwich Village, SoHo; Chermayeff & Geismar graphic design; Times Square; Mamma Mia! WinterGarden Theater.
Wensday: Guggenheim Museum; Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design; Metropolitan Museum of Art; Landor Associates identity design; Times Square; The Lion King New Amsterdam Theater; W Hotel.
Thursday: Good Morning America; Times Square: pastries, shops; Milton Glaser's Studio; FIT Gallery; Bus to airport; Arrive Oklahoma City.

2003: May 12-18
Monday: Arrive LaGuardia airport, bus ride to Manhattan; 30/30 Hotel: orientation; Little Italy, dinner: Vincent's.
Tuesday: Flatiron Building, Madison Square Park; AIGA: Jonathan Wajskol Branding; Frank Nichols A to Z; Tour of AIGA offices; Tour of Jonathan Wajskol studio; Downtown: Trinity Church, Wall Street, Fraunces Tavern, Battery Park, view Statue of Liberty; World Trade Center site, exhibit of WTC redevelopment in WFC WinterGarden, site fence; Woolworth Building lobby, City Hall Park; Times Square; Urinetown Henry Miller Theater; W Hotel Bar.
Wensday: Chermayeff & Geismar graphic design; Empire State Building observation deck; Greenwich Village, Washington Square; SoHo: Prada, Moss, MoMA store; Times Square; Hairspray Neil Simon Theater.
Thursday: Ross Culbert & Lavery graphic and web design; Fox News Channel; DaySide with Linda Vester, Marvin warm-up, Geraldo, 'Smoking Ban'; Radio City Music Hall backstage tour, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick's Cathedral; Milton Glaser studio, meet/get pic with Milton; Ferryboat up East River to Randall's Island; Varekai Cirque du Soleil; Ferry ride past lights of Manhattan.
Friday: Union Square; Rockwell Group architectural and set design; Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design: Triennial; Guggenheim Museum: Cremaster Cycle, Matthew Barney; Blue Man Group Astor Place Theater.
Saturday: Metropolitan Museum of Art; Museum of Illustration; Serendipity, The Terence Conran Shop, Lighting Center, Lighthouse store, Bloomingdale's; FreeTime: SoHo, Macy's, Chinatown, Village, TriBeCa.
Sunday: Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Seinfeld's Restaurant; Columbia University, Harlem overlook, Morningside Park; Dakota building; Times Square; Bryant Park: jazz, NY Public Library; Grand Central Station; Bus to airport; Arrive Oklahoma City.

2004: May 10-16
Monday: Arrive LaGuardia airport, bus ride to Manhattan; 30/30 Hotel: orientation; Little Italy, dinner: Vincent's; Empire State Building observation deck.
Tuesday: The Moderns graphic & interior design; Fox News Channel: DaySide with Linda Vester; St. Patrick's Cathedral; SoHo: Prada, Moss, MoMA store; Times Square; Movin' Out Richard Rodgers Theater; W Hotel Bar.
Wensday: Flatiron Building, Madison Square Park; Frank Nichols product development; Tour of AIGA offices; Radio City Music Hall backstage tour; Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue stores, 57th-60th streets, Terence Conran Store; Astor Place, Cooper Union; Blue Man Group Astor Place Theater.
Thursday: Ross Culbert & Lavery graphic and web design; Architecture & Design Building showrooms; Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design: Christopher Dresser; Guggenheim Museum: gift shop; Milton Glaser studio; Ferryboat up East River to Randall's Island; Alegria Cirque du Soleil; Ferry ride past lights of Manhattan.
Friday: Chermayeff & Geismar graphic design; South Street Seaport, Wall Street, Battery Park, view Statue of Liberty, Watson's apartment; World Trade Center site; Wicked Gershwin Theater.
Saturday: Metropolitan Museum of Art; FreeTime.
Sunday: Columbia University, Harlem overlook, Morningside Park; Seinfeld's 'Tom's Restaurant'; Cathedral of St. John the Divine; Van to airport; Arrive Oklahoma City.

2005: May 9-16
Monday: Arrive Newark airport, van ride to Manhattan; 30/30 Hotel: orientation; Subway downtown; World Trade Center site; Battery Park City: Hudson esplanade, Watson's apartment, Wall Street; Harbor cruise on the Zephyr; South Street Seaport: dinner.
Tuesday: Chermayeff & Geismar: Steff Geissbuhler, graphic design; Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design: Extreme Textiles; Guggenheim Museum: The Eye of the Storm: Daniel Buren; Grand Central Station: lunch; Subway to Times Square; Wicked Gershwin Theater; Times Square: Letterman theater, Planet Hollywood.
Wensday: Radio City Music Hall backstage tour; Fox News Channel: DaySide with Linda Vester; Museum of Modern Art; St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue stores; Subway to Times Square; Spamalot Shubert Theater.
Thursday: Union Square; Rockwell Group: architectural design; SoHo: Prada, Moss, MoMA store; Ross Culbert & Lavery: graphic and web design; Empire State Building observation deck; Chinatown, Little Italy, dinner: Vincent's; Bleecker Street.
Friday: Flatiron Building, Madison Square Park; AIGA Gallery: Pushpin Group; AIGA building tour; Frank Nichols: product development; Jonathan Wajskol: studio tour; Metropolitan Museum of Art; Central Park; Subway to Astor Place, Cooper Union; Blue Man Group Astor Place Theater.
Saturday: FreeTime to discover New York.
Sunday: Hotel lobby; Van & limo to airport; Check-in at Newark Airport; Arrive Oklahoma City.

2006: May 9-14
Tuesday: Arrive Newark airport, van ride to Manhattan; 30/30 Hotel: orientation; Subway downtown, City Hall park; South Street Seaport: lunch overlooking Brooklyn Bridge, shopping; Wall Street, Federal Hall, Stock Exchange, Trinity Church, Bowling Green, Battery Park, Statue of Liberty views, Hudson esplanade, Watson's apartment and roof deck, World Financial Center: WTC Memorial models, World Trade Center site; Jersey Boys, Wilson Theater; Hard Rock Cafe, Times Square.
Wensday: Madison Square: Pentagram, Toy Center, Flatiron building; AIGA tour; Frank Nichols; Empire State Building observation deck; SoHo: Prada, Moss, Apple Store, MoMA Store; Times Square, Spamalot Shubert Theater; Komado Sushi, walk Broadway and 42nd Street; Blues Club.
Thursday: Grand Central Terminal; FoxNews: snacks/coffee, DaySide; Lunch: W 53rd Deli; Museum of Modern Art; MoMA store, St. Patrick's, Fifth Avenue, Tiffany, Niketown, Trump Tower, Serendipity; Chinatown: shopping; Little Italy, dinner: Vincent's.
Friday: Union Square; C&G Partners: Steff Geissbuhler; Lunch: Union Square; Cooper-Hewitt Museum; Guggenheim Museum; Central Park, Bloomingdales; Boat ride up the East River; Corteo, Cirque du Soleil; Dinner: Tex-Mex at La Cocina.
Saturday: Metropolitan Museum of Art; DiscoveryTime: Battery Park, Staten Island Ferry, Greenwich Village, Coney Island, Central Park, Chinatown, Little Italy.
Sunday: Sleep late, Times Square, subway; Hotel lobby; Van to Newark airport; Arrive Oklahoma City.

2008: May 12-17
Monday: Arrive LaGuardia airport, van ride to Manhattan; 30/30 Hotel: orientation; Subway downtown/Lower Manhattan: City Hall park, Brooklyn Bridge, Woolworth Building, St Paul's Chapel, World Trade Center, NY FireFighter Memorial, Hudson River Esplanade; Watson's apartment; Financial District: Battery Park, Statue of Liberty, Bowling Green, Customs House, Broadway, Trinity Church, Wall Street, Federal Hall, Stone Street, Fraunces Tavern; Chinatown, Little Italy: Vincent's.
Tuesday: Starbucks, hotel lobby; Madison Square: Chermayeff & Geismarsite, Pentagram, Toy Center buildings, Flatiron Building; AIGA tour; Grand Central, Chrysler Building; Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design: Rococo; Guggenheim Museum: Cai Guo-Qiang: I Want to Believe; Central Park: Bethesda Fountain, Literary Walk, Sheep Meadow; Apple Store, FAO Schwarz, Plaza Hotel; Astor Place: Cooper Union school; Blue Man Group; McSorley's Ale House, St. Mark's Place, East Village.
Wensday: Starbucks, hotel lobby, Fifth Avenue; Empire State Building observation deck, Macy's; Rockefeller Center: NBC Store, St. Patrick's Cathedral; Museum of Modern Art; Union Square: Warhol's buildings, Push Pin founding restaurant; C& G Partners: Steff Geissbuhler; Times Square; Spring Awakening, O'Neill Theater; Times Square, Paramount Building: Hard Rock Cafe.
Thursday: Starbucks, hotel lobby; Bleecker Street: Louis Sullivan Building, CBGB site, Puck Building; IconNicholson: new media technology; SoHo: Moss, Design Within Reach, Prada, Cafe Miro, Muji, UniQlo, Longchamp staircase; Massimo Vignelli: 2 hours of wisdom & 30 minute tour; Times Square: Toys 'R Us; Wicked, Gershwin Theater; Chevy's Mexican restaurant, walk 42nd St, Bryant Park, NY Public Library, Fifth Avenue.
Friday: Starbucks, hotel lobby; Metropolitan Museum of Art; DiscoveryTime; South Street Seaport: shop; Greenwich Village; Meatpacking District; The Diner restaurant; St. Marks Place, bars.
Saturday: Sleep late, hotel lobby; Van to LaGuardia airport; Arrive Oklahoma City.

Tulsa Design Tour Fall semester 2002
Leave UCO; Philbrook Museum: American Modern 1925-1940, Design for a New Age; Meet in lobby, van to lunch; Tour Boston Avenue Methodist Church (Architect: Bruce Goff); Driving Tour: Bruce Goff structures, Art Deco structures, Westhope by Frank Lloyd Wright; Utica Square: Restoration Hardware, shopping, snack; Van to UCO; Arrive UCO parking lot.

Outside the Philbrook Museum. Below: lunch on Peoria.

NYC Design Study Tour 1981-2008
Photographers: Sean Cornwell, Kelly Curtis, Rebecca Green, Jeff Mains, MacGregor Merritt, Rukmini Ravikumar, and Jim Watson

Walking tour of the Village. Washington Square after Charlie Barnett's performance.

Radio City Music Hall stage set for Daytime Emmy Awards. Students on stage.

Guggenheim Museum by Frank Lloyd Wright, with a recent addition on the left by Frank Gehry. Cai Guo-Qiang: I Want to Believe

The Cooper Union school. The Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design.

Central Park, Bethesda Fountain. A tired '08 group lounging in the grass in the park.

Bryant Park, on 42nd behind the Public Library

Jim in the hotel lobby in the morning. Students taking photos of Ragin' Granny.

The Diner in the Meatpacking District. 2008 group in the SoHo Starbucks.

2001 2002


2002 2003

2004 2005

The Thirty/THirty Hotel, formerly the Martha Washington Hotel for Women

The Thirty/Thirty Hotel. Models and renderings of the 9/11 Memorial.

Little Italy, dinner at Vincent's, 2003 & 2005.

McSorley's Ale House, opened in 1854 & a speakeasy during prohibition. 2008 group after Blue Man Group.

A few of the 30 beers drunk at McSorley's. Toothless Tommy, our crusty yet funny waiter.

2003 group on the steps of St. Patrick's Cathedral. The back side of Steff Geissbuhler at Chermayeff & Geismar.

Frank Nichols and student Carl at AIGA. Gallery at AIGA.

David Hall conducting a tour at the AIGA headquarters. A floor of offices with glass bridges across openings to the lower floor.

Steff Geissbuhler at C&G Partners.

Demo of new interactive shopping technology at IconNicholson. Massimo Vignelli talking to the 08 group in his apartment/office.

Massimo signing his new MTA Subway Diagram for students. Showing us some of his work around the apartment.

Some more of his work.

On the subway.

On the subway. A band in the Union Square subway station.

Sunday morning at Morningside Park. Late night at Zana at the hotel.

The Bar at W Times Square. Promenade at Battery Park City.

Jim, student, and Fred Bernstein at the WTC sphere. Tom's Restaurant on Broadway and 116th Street, by Columbia University, more famous as the location used in Seinfeld.

2005 group on the steps of the hotel. 2008 group in Central Park.

2008 group departing NY at LaGuardia airport. 2008 group on the escalator at DFW airport.

Gifts from students
1989: Signatures on the back of an 'I heart NY' sweatshirt. 2003: A Pitra miniature of the Corbusier lounge. Other groups gave books, signed by the students.