Where I'm from
By James Robert Watson, PhD

I am from stepping into shorts and running outside,
To play all day long.
"Time to come in, tomorrow's another day."

I am from complete villages of houses and roads
in the sandbox next to the garage.

Dinners with the family.

I am from road trips:
From New York to California, sights and sounds,
Distant relatives and familiar Disneyland.

I am from plastic building blocks that led
to highways, houses, and skyscrapers.

I am from Mimosa blossoms,
cool Bermuda grass, and a warm kitchen.

Exploring the alleys,
With Doug, David, and Margie.

Exploring the vacant lots,
they became whatever we thought they were.

I am from square dancing at George B Dealey school,
the music, the movement, the smiles.

Butterfinger bars for lunch;
Afternoons and evenings on the stage.
Plastic model cars and balsa wood ships.

I am from the neighborhood of freedom and play.

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