Some miscellaneous sketches

During a phone interview for department chair, November, 2005
During a faculty meeting, January, 2006
During a committee meeting, December, 2005

Logo for AARP. Logo for the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

A typeface; I also explored using software to merge a letter set in Helvetica with the same letter set in Times Roman. Those are the two most specified typefaces and both are time-tested classics, so a single font from the marriage of those two might be even better. This is still a work-in-progress.

A cross between Las Vegas and Branson
Just across the border from 6 million people in North Texas, a loop of 5 or more casino hotel resorts, golf courses, motels, restaurants, theaters, lake and river activities and excursions. Express bus and train service from OKC, Tulsa, Dallas, and Ft. Worth.

Las Vegas casino resorts

Flamingo, Caesars, Excalibur.   Contemporary connection between TI & Mirage.

Alpine Resort, indoor ski slope.   Paris (former Bally's).

Cancun. Below: Walt Disney World

Addition to the UCO Union

National Gallery London addition
• Small pane reflective glass to reflect surrounding buildings.
• Major focal point angled wall in materials and style to relate to existing museum.
• Angle peculiar to grid and the surrounding buildings.
• Museum cafe and gift shop on first floor with outdoor seating, pedestrian activity, and easy access - enter from the museum or from the street.

Plan of multi-use development: tall twisting facade tower in center, shopping mall, hotels, restaurants, condo towers, conference center.

Mexico City Zocolo plaza & traffic patterns.

Grocery store with one checkout lane & one Express lane.   United Nations security entrance plaza.

Customs checkpoint at a border crossing.   Theater with industrial factory interior.

Indians, UT Austin, 1968-1970?