Exhibit Design for the Round Barn
Graphic Design 2, Project 3

Problem Statement?
The Round Barn in Arcadia is a unique and historical tourist destination on Route 66 and has an opportunity to educate and entertain travelers, local citizens, and special event attendees while increasing revenue.

Possible Target Markets
1. People passing through Arcadia on Route 66 who have some interest in local history, Route 66, or round barns.
2. People in the Edmond and Arcadia area who have some interest in local history, Route 66, or round barns.
3. Anyone who enters the barn as a guest.

Some Adjectives
accessible, accurate, appropriate, engaging, entertaining, focused, historical, informative, innovative, interesting, nostalgic, organized, pertinent, professional, relevant, respectful, understandable, unique

Tentative Objectives
The solution to the problem will:
• Follow ADA guidelines where feasible.
• Be appropriate to the target audiences.
• Allow visitors to experience an earlier era in Arcadia and Route 66.
• Develop a connection between the visitor and the history of Arcadia and Rt 66.
• Create an environment that provides a submersive and cohesive experience.

• Establish an efficient and appropriate traffic flow to allow easy access to exhibit information and easily handle mutiple visitors in a single area.
• Convey information in an easy-to-understand format; and be an accurate depiction of historical information, images and objects
• Develop an efficient and effective use of the given space.
• Be timeless - it will not become outdated.
• Honor the aesthetics and structural integrity of the barn.

• Invite the visitor into the exhibit space and accompanying gift shop.
• Inspire and enhance the existing gift shop; increase traffic in the gift shop.
• Be cost effective in development, production, and implementation.
• Be conducive to advertising and marketing of Arcadia and the Round Barn.
• Create a desire to return to the barn and to tell others about the barn/exhibits.

• Criteria: persuasive, function, feasible, cost-effective, appropriate

Exhibit content
Text copy
Headings, info
Font, size, placement
Images: photos & sketches
Borders, frames, color,
Mounting, hands-on, wall or pedestal

Tentative Schedule
Tuesday, Oct, 4th: Present research on the round barn and concept ideas
Thursday, Oct, 6th: Discuss problem, targets, and objectives

Tuesday, Oct, 11th: Discuss concepts, content, and layout
Thursday, Oct, 13th: Discuss presentation components, review sketches

Tuesday, Oct, 18th: Present rough sketches: overview, panel detail, floor plan
Thursday, Oct, 20th: Fall Break: No class

Tuesday, Oct, 25th: Tight roughs of all components; presentation outline
Thursday, Oct, 27th: Walk the Talk: No class

Tuesday, Nov, 1st: Oral presentations

Presentation components
• Introduction
• Problem statement; Target markets; Objectives
• Rendering: overview, concept, environment
• Floor plan; Visitor traffic flow; Exhibit locations: panels, objects
• Panels; Sections; Headings,; Timeline
• Model of one section; Detail; Construction materials
• Visual: font, images
• Conclusion: wrap-up

Order of presentations
1. Daniel, Ganbayar, Kevin
2. Jerri, Wendy
3. Ishaia, Lacey, Victor
4. Anna, Jency
5. Joanna, Julia
6. Kevin, Morgan
7. Ayesha, Lisa