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1973-76: Class assignment at UT, used to apply for jobs in Dallas

Application to UCO

Ad that ran in the Dallas Morning News, May, 1987. Closeup. Letter of job announcement

Cover letter. Resume. Samples of work as leave-behind of portfolio

Applications to universities

Early 1990s

Application to OSU

1993 Application to OSU

My career goal was to get some college-level teaching experience for a few years at UCO in Edmond and then move on to a larger program. After a decade of developing the design program at UCO, I realized I was not likely leaving the area. I had been teaching as an adjunct at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater and the department head called and mentioned they had an opening for a full-time design professor and suggested I apply. Cool. I did. I began developing an application packet. Schools typically want a letter, a resume vita, samples of work, transcripts, and letters of recommendation. I wanted to do something that would go beyond the expected norm.

Concept: A combination of a personal journal of notes and keepsakes and an album collage of artifacts and information.
• Self-contained, single bound book of materials.
• Interesting and fun to read.
• Contain site-specific artifacts of graphic design.
• Personal and unique to my personality.
• Counteract all the dull stacks of three-ring binder notebooks typical of professor applications
• Format that allows easy expansion and deletion of pages.
• Impressive, memorable, and discussion provoking.
I did a storyboard layout of contents and their order. I perused antique stores to select appropriate artifacts and searched magazine ads and my personal archives.
Once I had gathered all the components, I sketched the style and layout. Positioning the elements at different angles helped enforce the dusty attic album collage. Binder holes were cut and punched. I used a corner punch to round off the plastic covers and some inside pages.
Some artifacts
• Page of rub-on lettering that I used in college.
• A vinyl duck symbol from the National Zoo graphics by Lance Wyman.
• An unassembled printed carton of Oklahoma A&M ice milk.
• Posters from AIGA speakers.
• Packages from mass-market products.
• A poster from the 1936 Texas Centennial world's fair.
• The album cover of the 2001 A Space Odyssey soundtrack.
• An Open/Closed sign, for the cover.
• Application letter
• Letters of recommendation
• Student evaluations
• Resume
• Transcripts
• Samples of work (on slides)
• Professional activities
• Media coverage
• Journal articles
• Graphic Design Program
• Sample class handouts
• NYC Study Tour info
• ClockTower Studio
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