A better Reader Reply card
A while back, magazine publishers came up with an idea to help their advertisers provide more info for their readers. They printed a code number in the ad, usually at the bottom - For more information, circle 244 on the Reader Reply card or just Circle 244. Then, towards the back of the magazine would be a card to fill in and mark the numbers of the advertisers from which one wanted more info. The card was be pre-addressed to a magazine reply service. It provided another selling point for the magazine and for its advertisers. Most of the reply cards were not well designed. Below is an example. (Now with the abundance of websites listed in magazine ads, the Reader Reply card is obsolete.)

• Target market/user: The magazine reader who desires more information from an advertiser.
• Category headings have no value - the reader just wants to find a number and circle it.
• The columns of numbers are split into two sides of the card.
• The hierarchy layout of numbers doesn't facilitate easy navigation.

Revised version

• Contact info blanks and check-off boxes are grouped together.
• All advertiser numbers are grouped together.
• Advertiser numbers are ordered for easier scanning and navigation.
• Numbers are larger and easier to find and read.

Side-by-side comparisons

Observations: long ago
Sketches: late 1980s/early 1990s