Miscellaneous projects

Brochure for historic house in Edmond

Plan rendering for Hafer Park

Proposal and final plan for rebuilt OC Art Department

Calendar newsletter for City Arts Center

Map to Art Deco lectures in Tulsa

Logo for Graphic Design 1 class

Student-requested, the mark represents Jim's in-class teaching style: Student asks a question, Jim responds with another question, student discovers answer.

Christmas cards/newsletters

1987, 1988, 1990? just a blank card-stock, 1991 cover of newsletter. 1985 illustration by Garry Lewis, Brookhaven College, 1987 Change of Address card

Identity for Sarah Martin

Worksheets for Robert Mondavi wine sales

Addition to PHP Church

Areas of concern
• Lack of parking
• Poor sense of entry from main Parking lot
• Poor sense of order, maze of hallways
• Inadequate gym/Family Activity Center
• Poor connection to nature, vistas
Target audiences
• Visitors, first time users, guests
• Infrequent churchgoer/member
• Regular, frequent churchgoer/member
Objectives for new plan
• Provide connection to:
  1. Fellow members: worshippers, users, social functions
  2. Nature: sky, clouds, earth, trees
  3. God: heavens, spirituality, uplifting
• Create a sense of entry; welcoming, inviting, clear
• Provide open gathering expanse, vista, light, free space
• Create a sense of order; symmetry, balance, alignment, comfort

St. Louis History Museum floor plan, Forest Park, August 1989

• Spaces closed to the public are greyed out to visually clarify accessibility.
• Lower level stairs are drawn more accurately to better show how to get to the restrooms.
• Gallery names are printed within the galleries to avoid adding another step of translating codes to the legend. There is no need to require the viewer to look back and forth between the plan and the legend. make the info easy to find and easy to read.
The museum responded to my submitted suggestions and agreed to incorporate them into the new guide.

Sketch of personal tombstone 1980s