How to fix potholes and save millions of dollars

1. Have you ever noticed all the dark round spots on the pavement? Those are the hardened remnants of chewing gum that have been spat upon the ground. Littering sidewalks and, occasionally gumming up the bottom of someone's shoes.
2. On many roads in the USA, there are numerous potholes waiting to be filled. They are annoying, jarring, and destructive to cars. City and state transportation budgets are stretched thin - there just is not enough money available to fill in all the potholes.

Simple solution
Every gum chewer should not toss their used wad (of gum) into the trash, but spit, drop, or carefully place the gum into a pothole. There is certainly one close to where the chewer is when finished with the gum. Soon after spitting it into the pothole, the gum hardens and, soon, the pothole will be filled with the durable dried gum. The fotos below are an example of how Jim has made efforts to improve the driving experience in New York City.
The sidewalks will be cleaner, potholes will be filled, and not a penny of tax dollars will be spent. Drivers will be happy, taxpayers will be happy, and gum chewers will have a new target game to play. So, please help spread the word: Gum in the hole.

Gum forming hard dark blots + potholes needing to be filled = a perfect match.

1. Any individual who chews gum can participate.
2. Schools can hold contests - Chew-Offs, Gumholes. Each class could adopt a hole to fill during the semester.
3. Organizations, fraternities, social groups can adopt a section of roadway and aim for a complete filling.

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