Press kit for the band Point Blank

There was a period, between college and realizing I wanted to be a teacher, where I was a freelance, self-employed designer. One of my favorite memories is that during one week I was working on a set design for Yes, No, and Yellow, the product design for Backgammon in the Round, and a graphic design of a press kit for a band, Point Blank. I liked the diversity and that I was involved in three different disciplines of design at one time.

The design
Point Blank was a rock band in Dallas, managed by the brother of a friend of mine, Gary Lee. Through Gary's connection, I was asked to prepare a press kit with a band overview, band member bios, contact info, etc. I had access to several photographs. They were standard promo pix so I cropped them tight to increase the impact. The concept was a circle, to represent the point blank, pure, basic, geometric, and familiar. I cut the photos into circles and wrapped text around in a circle. I had the pages printed on a gloss white stock to provide some weight and heft to the hard-driving image of the band. It was all in black & white, partly because the photos provided were b&w and partly because the contrast was so strong and bold. Right after everything was printed, Point Blank was signed to Arista Records. Gary told me that Arista would likely use its own art department and prepare a new press kit. A few days later, however, he called to tell me that Arista liked what I had done and they would adopt it.

Design and production: about 1975