A form to facilitate business phone calls
In the late 1970s I was conducting business concerning the production and marketing of the round backgammon board. Much of the work was done by phone - calls to vendors, manufacturers, designers, and toy companies. I doubt the need is the same today with the proliferation of email and texting. Following are my notes and sketches from 1978.

Phone calls are advantageous to letters
1. Can communicate better with intonation, voice inflections, pauses, etc.
2. Can get immediate replies and reactions.
3. More personal.

1. No written record for filing.
2. No organization of thoughts and content of call.

A telephone form that is a copy, record of the call.
1. A form ang guide for organizing what to say.
2. A permanent record for filing and reference.

Form needs
Like a memo form but with lines for handwriting and guides for questions & answers.
Cover sheet explains why we've needed a Phone Phorm
• Date
• Who called
• Subject
• Questions to ask - answers
• Things to say - reactions
• Follow-up actions

Production & Marketing
Available in 8.5x11 & 8.5x14
• We write letters to give information.
• We call to ask questions & get immediate reply.


Form comps

Conceived: winter 1978
Sketched/designed, Cleveland: April 1978; Dallas: August 1978