We require specific qualifications to drive on public roads, buy a gun, or receive professional licensing. But, anybody can become a parent. No training, no qualifying tests, no certification. Nothing. Bam. Pregnant. Birth a human.
It is estimated to cost 250,000 - 400,000 dollars to raise a child, but we all pay when a child is born to unqualified parents.

Qualifications to raise a child
• Commit to sacrifice some (or much) of one's personal desires and be less selfish
• Have a readily available support system: partner, family, community.
• Have an adequate earned or gifted income, not from the government (other taxpayers).
• Possess the necessary amount of intelligence, education, and common sense.
• Be healthy: exercise, healthy weight, non-smoker, active.

Please, do not have a baby if two or more of these apply to you
• A teenager: you don't have enough life skills and life experiences, you are likely still yearning for freedom to define your identity.
• Smoke cigarettes: you obviously have too little respect for your body and you're willing to waste money.
• Poor or on welfare: you won't have the necessary funding to prepare a child to succeed.
• Lazy, overweight, or in poor health: you are too inactive to keep up with the demands of child-rearing.
• Unemployed: your future is too uncertain, you won't be able to afford a child.
• Not in a committed relationship: you don't have a partner to help earn income and share the duties and demands that a helpless human requires.

Please reconsider having a baby. America thanks you.