OKC NBA team logos

Some proposed names and logos
The OKC metro area is becoming a major league city as the Seattle Sonics will be moving to central Oklahoma within two years. Undecided, so far, are the name, colors, and logo identity for the team. The marks shown below are from students in Graphic Design 2 at UCO, spring 2008. The design project included conducting research on NBA team identities, Oklahoma heritage, and statewide icons; determining an appropriate name; sketching logo concepts; composing the layout for stationery - letterhead, business card, and envelope; and visual and oral presentations of the finished pieces.

The new name of the team
The class decided, and I agree completely, that Oklahoma now has an opportunity to unify and raise the stature of the state by naming the team 'Oklahoma' rather than 'Oklahoma City' (like Texas Rangers, Utah Jazz, New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Bucs). Although the voters of Oklahoma City passed the tax vote, season ticket holders and fans will be from Moore, Norman, Edmond, Yukon, even Tulsa (OKC will reap the benefits of the penny tax through the increased hotel, restaurant, and parking revenues). Including the Tulsa market will raise the national ranking of the Oklahoma NBA television market. For broadcasters, fans, and logo graphics, 'Oklahoma Team' is easier to say and write than 'Oklahoma City Team'.

Notes on the target market
      Basketball fans/sports fans
      Residents of central Oklahoma
      Involved in sports
      Seeking entertainment
      Social, like being with people
      Age: 20-40
      Primary: males, Secondary: parents

A few objectives for the name and logo
      Convey a sense of Oklahoma
      Sense of basketball
      Energetic, motion, and action
      Appeal to fans and the target market
      Easy to pronounce and remember
      Unique from other teams
      Fan appropriate
      Require minimal education
      Be minimally offensive
      Able to adapt to a variety of media and sizes

A few logos by design students

Jenny Shangguan

Rebecca Riffey

Lauren Judah

Cheryl Moore
Glori Fuller

Letterhead layouts

Link to essay about the OKC Thunder logo