Report cover for Michael Murphey
Tom White, my college roommate and fraternity brother worked for a music publisher while we lived in Austin. One of the musicians they represented was Michael Murphey. Tom was preparing a press packet of info and samples for Michael. He needed a cover for the letter-size packet.

The concept
I'm not real sure what the concept was - I just wanted a simple, easy to read layout that conveyed the information in a professional manner.

I selected a picture of Michael Murphey singing and cropped it tightly to add some drama and focal point to the page. I set the type flush left on a strong grid alignment - to provide a sense of order. The paper that served as the background was a light grey. I drew the rendering of his face on white paper and cut it out in a square format and glued that to the grey paper - that provided even more emphasis to the picture since that bit of white stood out on the grey page with black type.

Design and production: sometime around 1974