Media coverage

Print media
The Oklahoman: Edmond Living Guide, June 29, 2016: 'Something to bark about', by Lindsay Whelchel
NONzine, September 29th, 2006: 'Design Prof Shows Off', by David Klein
The Oklahoman, September 7, 2006: 'TV show features local professor as he does big things in small space', by Penny Cockerell
Edmond Sun, August 20, 2006: 'UCO professor's New York apartment to appear on HGTV show'
The Vista, August 29, 2006: 'Professor's apartment to appear on HGTV', by Andrew Knittle
Bethany Tribune, August, 2000: 'UCO Prof teaches in Mexico',by Andrew Knittle
The Vista, August 29, 2000: 'Professor Watson a ensenar en Mexico'
Edmond Sun, August 24, 2000: 'Professor teaches at sister university in Mexico'
The Oklahoman, August 21, 2000: 'UCO Prof teaches art in Mexico'
Dallas Morning News, August 20, 1999: 'Spare Times: Less is more with minimalism'
The Vista, October 8, 1996: 'An open home leads to an open house for UCO professor', by Mary Reinauer
The Vista, September 17, 1996: 'The simpler it is, the more beautiful it is', by Mary Reinauer
The Oklahoman, July 3, 1996: 'Wright minimalism shows in man's house, character', by Dennie Hall
Edmond Sun, June 15, 1995: Market Beat, 'Hats off to Jim Watson', by Steve Gust
Dallas Morning News, 1977: '1,000-year-old-game throws players a curve', by Ann Baker, about the round backgammon board

Broadcast media
Cool Homes, FOX25 Morning News, Oklahoma City, June 25, 2007: 'Design Professor's Cool Home'
Small Space, Big Style, HGTV, October 8, 2006: 'Uncluttered Chic in Small Spaces'
OETA, PBS, Oklahoma City, 1989: interview with Watson about public television
Training videos, TGI Friday's restaurants, 1979: voiceover talent
All Things Considered, NPR National Public Radio, 1977: interview about round backgammon board

Web media
Before & After: Spring 2010, Verizon logo blog
Oklahoma Citizen blog: Spring 2010, reference to The Oklahoman letter to the editor
My favorite web site (, Chuck Green's, June 2008
Cool Homes,, Oklahoma City, June 2007
DSNO Tendencias en diseno, arte, fotografia, arquitectura y tecnologia, blog on the Tribute logo, Argentina, March 2007
Design Observer Writings on Design and Culture, blog on the Tribute logo, Febuary-March 2007
HGTV, Small Space, Big Style, August 2006: 'Uncluttered Chic in Small Spaces'
FLOR, October 13, 2005: 'Loft Living', by Laura Verticchio

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