Light rail transit system for central Oklahoma
Design project, Graphic Design Studio

As the Oklahoma City metro area grows and there is more concern about traffic, air pollution, and the efficient movement of large numbers of people; several cities in central Oklahoma will consider the development of a mass transit system including surface rail, buses, and/or subway routes. This project is the development of a graphics package for the transit system.

Components of the graphics package
• Name of transit system
• Logo/identity for transit system
• Stationery: letterhead, envelope, business card
System usage
• Route map: Master Plan of rail lines and stations
• Rider card for use in stations or on trains
• Signage: station and wayfinding
• Slogan
• Advertisement, full page, in the Oklahoma Gazette
• Website home page

• All cities and towns in central Oklahoma have approved funding the system.
• Funding is adequate to implement the system in phases.
• The route lines and general station locations have been predetermined.

Mission Statement
A light rail transit system will provide reliable, convenient, eco-friendly, fast, safe, comfortable, and affordable transportation that connects people to their destinations throughout central Oklahoma.

Target Market
People in central Oklahoma who do not depend on their car to do their jobs and who want to:
• 1. Save money on gas, maintenance, parking, and insurance;
• 2. Help the environment; and/or
• 3. Better utilize their time in transit.

Objectives of the transit system
• To develop an efficient way to move the most people
• To make the lives of central Oklahomans easier
• Make a minimal negative impact on the environment
• Provide easy access and movement within the system

Objectives of the name and graphics package
The elements - symbols, images, words, colors, typography, and layout composition - should:
• Be easy to understand
• Convey speed, motion, and efficiency
• Respect the icons and heritage of Oklahoma
• Convey the future and a progressive metro area
• Be minimally offensive
• Require minimal education to comprehend
• Be easy to pronounce
• Be easy to remember
• Be non-gender specific and non-ethnic specific
• Be consistent and unify all pieces in the package
• Be unique from other transit systems
• Allow rapid recognition and comprehension of information
• Be trendscendent, work well in 2020 and 2040
• Be easy to manufacture and produce
• Communicate effectively in a variety of media

• Single ride: $1.00
      Child/Student/Senior: $0.50
• Day Pass: $3.00
• Monthly pass: $30.00
       Child/Student/Senior: $15.00
Note: Child under 12, High School and College Student, Senior Citizens over 65

Sample slogans
See where it takes you.
Where Life takes you.
Go Metro

2008 - Thursday, May 8: Present proposals
2010 - Begin design and engineering work
2012 - Begin purchase of rail right-of-way and station land
2016 - Begin construction of Phase 1
2023 - December: Begin introductory promotion campaign
2024 - Complete Phase 1 of system
2024 - Friday, April 22, 12noon (135th anniversary): Inaugural ride for dignitaries
2024 - Friday, April 22, 2pm: System begins regular operations, free rides thru the weekend
2024 - Monday, April 25, 2pm: System begins paid operations
2040 - Phase 2/3: line extensions and additional lines

Presentation outline (suggested, you may deviate from this)
Intro: brief history, assessment, targets, objectives
Branding: name, identity, stationery
System Plan: map of routes and station locations, rider card, signs
Promotion: slogan, magazine ad, website
Conclusion: wrap-up, closure, questions

Presentation boards (suggested, you may deviate from this)
1. Blank cover
2. Mission & Objectives
3. Logo/identity
4. Stationery: letterhead, envelope, business card
5. Usage: route map, rider card, signage
6. Promotion: full page ad, website home page

Proposed names and logos by UCO students

Jeanelle Echols, Monica Hall, Sarah Bailey, Zach Burch

Justin Barr, Kyle Gandy, Lauren West

Ed Russell, Jake Stotler, Rachel Morgan

Glori Fuller, Jenny Shangguan, Kim Nona, Leo Mingee

Heath Woloszyn, Lauren Judah, Melissa Perry

Proposed Master Plan route map