Philosophy of life

The operating manual for the game of life
Strive for a balance between these two tasks:
1. Making a responsible contribution to society/community.
2. Having fun.
Make society work more efficiently and enjoy life.

Usually, life is a hoot. Sometimes its a bitch, but usually, its an absolute hoot.
I still have a great sense of discovery, awe, wonder, exploration, and curiosity for all that the richness, complexity, and pleasure that life brings.
People often comment on my enthusiasm, that I have a real zest for life.
Life is truly a journey - ever changing, ever evolving. I know I will never arrive, I'm always going forward. Barriers do come up. I try to step around them. I am an innovative thinker.
I know I often stand apart from society and sometimes in conflict with it.

I strive to:
be a problem solver
be well rounded
be well read
be active in cultural activities
experience new sources of input
broaden horizons
make new connections
see in new ways
keep an open mind
live in peace, not fear
live with the power, confidence, joy, and peace that strong esteem provides
not need the approval of others to feel useful or important
create a relationship with myself that provides comfort, security, and hope
love fellow inhabitants of the universe
be tolerant of those different from me
avoid being closed-minded, and judgmental
avoid applying my values and beliefs to others
(this is often difficult as I have quite strong beliefs)

Norman Vincent Peale wrote The ecstasy of human existence, the human experience.
Life is to be enjoyed, by seeking within for guidance, wisdom, and comfort. Life can truly be ecstatic.