Going home: Moving back to Texas

I never quite embraced Oklahoma - too conservative, religious, fearful. Plan was to stay there only 3 years and move on. I was there for 30 years. It was time to move on.

2014: 128,200
2020: 147,800
2030: 207,300

Median age: 28.8 65+: 8.3%
UNT: 2015: 36,000
TWU 2015: 15,000

Why I stayed in Oklahoma
• My house/office
• Walk to naberhood parks/trail, shops, restraunts
• Friends (Will see friends on Wensday)
• Low cost of living (similar)
• Teaching

• Oklahoma: Ranked at or near the bottom in many social health categories.
• Headline in the sports section of OKC paper - Prayers Answered. Not hard work, not talent, not training, not coaching, not dedication; but prayer won the game. God chose his favorite team.
• Many, maybe most, Oklahomans, to solve problems, vote Republican and trust God. And they refuse to see that neither of those works.


• Graduate School at UNT

2016 • April 10 • North Texas"I could live here."

Sunday: McD bkfst, girls in, drive Toruk, Love's; Denton: Rayzor Ranch WW, UNT: Union, Library, Wooten, strip: JimmyJohn lunch: sketch ww; Greek row, ATrain depot, square: West Oak Coffee, walk; drive 35.

2016 • July 15 • Dallas
Friday: Girls in, Walmart McD bkfst, drive; Denton: mall, Corner Bakery lunch.

2017 • December 2-3 • Denton • Verify walks, Brooklyn, ambiance, comfort.
Saturday: Bkfst; 2 stops; 11:35 Denton: Historical Park, smell Texas, walk old homes, drive University: Petco, Strbx, Panera: sit outside; LaQ: checkin, room rest ou game; drive Strbx, TWU, houses & streets, home tour on Oak, pee drive, Square: walk, sit on courthouse grass, Denton store, drive, Little Chapel, rock garden, ChikFA, room: eat, tv, hotel walk, bed.
Sunday: McD bkfst in room, pack shower, load car; drive UNT: walk campus Brooklyn, drive 77 town loop 380, Taco Cabana bkfst; I35.

2018 • Sunday March 11: Research agents, vet websites; Realtor Jonathan King calls.

2018 • March 15 • Denton • Meet with Realtor, discuss criteria
Thursday: Bkfst, Drive, Ardmore Loves: coffee, rr, walk; drive, Rayzor Panera: sit outside, walk; Jon call, meet square: WO coffee bar: cbrew, talk map; drive Linden, talk look, TWU; Square: art gallery, goodbyes; walk, CHouse lawn: Calhoun kids, great Dane, lay in grass, car cup, WO coffee bar: cbrew, sidewalk patio: Canadians chat: Brooklyn, Yukon Hamilton, rr, water, Jon; walk, Fuzzys: quesa, walk Sq: bench eat; drive Oak St I35 - 2hr 45min; home, unpack.
Trip confirmed desire to move.

• Redesigned Linden house:

Inventory of furniture, accessories, and artwork
In Jim Watson's house and office

Furniture by designer's name
• Harry Bertoia, Grid chair, 1950s
• Marcel Breuer, Laccio Table, 1925
• Marcel Breuer, Wassily Chair (original name: club chair B3), 1925
• Sergio Calatroni, Papiro Lamps
• Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf, Aeron chair, 2008
• Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, and Pierre Jeanneret, Chaise lounge, 1928
• Le Corbusier, Petite cube chair, 1928
• Ray and Charles Eames, fiberglass chair, 1950s
• Ray and Charles Eames, lounge chair and ottoman, 1950s
• Ray and Charles Eames, Plywood Lounge Chair, 1950s
• Jorge Ferrari Hardoy, Juan Kurchan, & Antonio Bonet, BKF butterfly sling chair, 1938
• George Nelson, Case Study Bed, cherry wood, 1949
• Mies van der Rohe, Pavilion Chair, 1929
• Eero Saarinen, Tulip table and chairs, 1955-56
• Sacco, Bean bag chair, 1968
• Philippe Starck, Bubustool, 1991
• Thonet Brothers, Bentwood side chair, late 1800s
• Jon Ulm & Jim Watson, Kitchen pedestals, 2001
• Jim Watson, End and coffee tables, 2000
• Jim Watson, Headboard/lamps, 2003
• Jim Watson, Library shelves, 2005
• Jim Watson, Pocket shelves, 2005
• Jim Watson, Slanted headboard, integrated lites, 1993
• Jim Watson, Sofa seating units, 1978
• Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf, Caper Chairs, winner, 1999 NeoCon Gold Award
• Unknown: Airplane seat, American Airlines, 2013
• Unknown: Aluminum side chair, 1950s
• Unknown: Formal chair, Art Deco style
• Unknown: Metal patio chair, 1950s
• Unknown: Quovis Tables
• Unknown: Stained glass light, Tiffany-style dragonfly motif
• Unknown: Red vinyl and steel chair

Artwork by artist name
• Abdullah M I Syed, Tender Words One & Two, signed prints, 2009 & 2010
• Abdullah M I Syed, Squaring the Circle, signed print, 2013
• Donna Finch Adams, nosce te ipsum (know thyself), mixed media, 2007
• Christo and Jeanne-Claude, The Gates, Central Park, New York City, 1970s-2005, signed by Christo
• Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, A Friend in Need (Dogs Playing Poker)
• David Crismon, Hole, painting on paper, 1990
• David Crismon, Untitled painting, 1989-95
• Doyle Dane Bernback, Think Small: Volkswagen ad, 1962
• Milton Glaser, Dylan poster, 1970s, signed by Glaser
• Milton Glaser, I Love NY More Than Ever poster, 2001, signed by Glaser
• Keith Haring, metal figures
• Letitia Head, Watson's shirt
• Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa copy
• Samantha Leong, Wisteria, 1992
• Linda Miller, Distorted Dimension, print, 2001
• Clement Mok, San Francisco Pops Concert, 2008, signed by Mok
• Keegan O'Keefe, How Can You Tell, drawing and painting, 2006
• Rob Smith, Excess
• Ruthanne Smith, Great Spirit
• Clint Stone, Power, 2004-05
• Deborah Sussman, 1984 LA Olympics graphics manual poster, 1983-84, signed by Sussman
• Massimo Vignelli, Subway map, 1972
• Massimo Vignelli, Subway diagram, limited edition, gift from designer, 2008
• Mike Wallo, In Too Deep, 1989
• Mike Wallo, The Prom Queen and her Escort
• Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe print as a jigsaw puzzle
• Sandy Watson, Watson town
• Jim Watson, photographers unknown, 5x5 by NY, 2004
• Jim Watson, Chorus line of batters, assemblage, 2008
• Jim Watson, Highway interchanges, paintings, 1973
• Jim Watson, MemorialOklahoma, Oklahoma City Memorial design submission, 1996
• Jim Watson, Ode to New York, 2004
• Jim Watson, Quad logos, 1997
• Jim Watson, Ultimate Backgammon Board, mode, 2013
• Unknown: Elvis on velvet
• Unknown: The Last Supper, a paint-by-number kit
• Unknown: Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa copy, from the Watson Dallas house, date unknown
• Unknown: Pedigrees of the English Peers, engraving, 1764
• Unknown: US Patent, USPTO, Nov 8, 1977
• Unknown: Vintage New York City, three posters

Accessories by designer name
• Alvar Aalto, Finlandia vases, 1936
• Max Bill, Clock, 1957
• black+blum, James the Doorman
• James Dyson, Dyson vacuum cleaner, 1983
• George Nelson, Asterisk Clock, 1950s
• George Nelson, Case Study Bed, 1949
• George Nelson, Orange Ball Clock, 1950s
• Karim Rashid, produced by mglass, Ego & ID vase
• Karim Rashid, Umbra vase
• Massimo Vignelli, produced by Heller, Vignelli/Heller place setting, 1970
• Jim Watson, Kitsch wall clock, 1995
• Jim Watson, Tripod house, model, 1987
• Unknown: Good Grips utensils
• Unknown: Kitsch wall clock, Jim Watson, 1995
• Unknown: Tripod house, model, Jim Watson, 1987

Furniture and artwork no longer in possession
• Barber chair, 1970s, Dallas
• Bed headboard and night stands, OKC.
• Breakfast items, poster from Carl's Jr
• Jim Watson, Book shelves, 2006
• Cereal box fronts, assembled by Jim Watson, 2001
• Dining table with padded top and castered office chairs, 1980s, Dallas.
• Abandoned farmhouse, watercolor, Steve Trower of Richardson, Texas
• 'Parson's' table and director's chairs, 1970s, Dallas
• Slanted headboard, integrated lites, Jim Watson, 1993
• Vitra Furniture Poster, Vitra Design Museum in Germany
• Bubble chair, Philippe Starck, 2002.
• Dyson vacuum cleaner, James Dyson, 1983
• Eros chair, Philippe Starck, 2002
• Keith Haring figures
• Mag Table Eric Pfeiffer, 1999
• Magazine chairs, 2003
• Mouse chairs, 2003
• Mission style lamp
• MemorialOklahoma, Oklahoma City Memorial design submission, Jim Watson, 1996
• Menu graphic, soft drink promotion, Taco Bell
• New York City subway map, 2004; hangers, Jergen Moller, Denmark, 1982
• New York Kitsch, collection of souvenirs and geegaws
• Ronde Chairs, Aldo Ciabatti, date unknown
• School desk/chair, 1970s, Dallas
• Scientific weather clocks, Philippe Starck, 2000s
• Sucker, Droog: Leon Ramakers & Jan Hoekstra, 2005
• SuckUK, Digit message tape, 2008
• Timesphere wall clock, Gideon Dagan, 2002
• Headboard/lamps, Jim Watson, 2003
• 5x5 by NY, Jim Watson, photographers unknown, 2004
• Ode to New York, 96 model Statues of Liberty and 96 model Empire State Buildings, Jim Watson, 2004
• Monument Valley, photographer unknown, 2004
• MetroCard columns, Jim Watson, 2004-05
• Jim Watson, MetroCard columns, 2004-05
• Pocket shelves, Jim Watson, 2005
• Library shelves, Jim Watson, 2005
• Chorus line of batters, assembled by Jim Watson, 2008
• Digit message tape, SuckUK, filled in by Jim Watson, 2008

Furniture from previous homes

• Clock: Designed by Watson, the numbers on the wall clock are represented by kitsch icons from graphic design, Oklahoma, and the 1950s.