Moving to Texas
I want to do this with Brooklyn. Dinner at Press Cafe, Ft Worth river, weekly; Sat Arboretum; Sun dinner Donna, weekly
Earlier Visit Denton "I could live here."
Always a Texan
Hey, Laird, I’m coming home. Sorry it took me so long.

Closer to Dallas, Austin, Ft Worth, Denison
Closer to major airport, fewer layovers. Want to go to New York more often.
Closer to friends and family: S&S, Donna, Barbara Steve, Fammie, Julie
Live in 4th largest metro in US
Better weather - less ice, fewer tornadoes
Get out of Oklahoma. Leave Edmond. Call myself a Texan, Live in Texas.
Return home: Laird, parents, friends

Friends, UCO?, parks, familiarity
The house on 4th.

I want to be where there is more innovation, more great things happening, a healthier economy, and more progressive people. Leaving the house I developed will be very hard but I need to leave Oklahoma, I need to return home. I was happier, a better person in NYC. I want the same in Texas. Process needs to be positive, minimal stress, and fun. The move will be enjoyable. Take it a step at a time, easy pace, be patient for the right house - I’ll know it when I see it. Renovation, making new friends, and exploring a new area will be fun.

Why I stayed in Oklahoma
I never quite embraced Oklahoma - too conservative, religious, fearful. Plan was to stay there only 3 years and move on. I was there for 30 years. It was time to move on. But, these factors kept me there:
• Teaching jobs
• My house and office
• Walk to naberhood parks/trail, shops, restraunts
• Friends (Will see friends on Wensday)
• Low cost of living (similar)

• Oklahoma: Ranked at or near the bottom in many social health categories.
• Headline in the sports section of OKC paper - Prayers Answered. Not hard work, not talent, not training, not coaching, not dedication; but prayer won the game. God chose his favorite team.
• Many, maybe most, Oklahomans, to solve problems, vote Republican and trust God. And they refuse to see that neither of those works.

  Graduate School at UNT

2016 April 10, Denton: "I could live here."

Sunday: McD bkfst, girls in, drive Toruk, Love's; Denton: Rayzor Ranch WW, UNT: Union, Library, Wooten, strip: JimmyJohn lunch: sketch ww; Greek row, ATrain depot, square: West Oak Coffee, walk; drive 35.
2016 July 15: Dallas
Friday: Girls in, Walmart McD bkfst, drive; Denton: mall, Corner Bakery lunch.
2017 December 2-3, Denton: Verify walks, Brooklyn, ambiance, comfort.
Saturday: Bkfst; 2 stops; 11:35 Denton: Historical Park, smell Texas, walk old homes, drive University: Petco, Strbx, Panera: sit outside; LaQ: checkin, room rest ou game; drive Strbx, TWU, houses & streets, home tour on Oak, pee drive, Square: walk, sit on courthouse grass, Denton store, drive, Little Chapel, rock garden, ChikFA, room: eat, tv, hotel walk, bed.
Sunday: McD bkfst in room, pack shower, load car; drive UNT: walk campus Brooklyn, drive 77 town loop 380, Taco Cabana bkfst; I35.

2018 Sunday March 11: Realtor selection
Check and sign up on realtor review sites
Research agents, vet websites
Realtor Jonathan King calls.
We set appt for next Thursday in Denton.
2018 March 15, Denton: Meet with Realtor, discuss criteria
Thursday: Bkfst, Drive, Ardmore Loves: coffee, rr, walk; drive, Rayzor Panera: sit outside, walk; Jon call, meet square: WO coffee bar: cbrew, talk map; drive Linden, talk look, TWU; Square: art gallery, goodbyes; walk, CHouse lawn: Calhoun kids, great Dane, lay in grass, car cup, WO coffee bar: cbrew, sidewalk patio: Canadians chat: Brooklyn, Yukon Hamilton, rr, water, Jon; walk, Fuzzys: quesa, walk Sq: bench eat; drive Oak St I35 - 2hr 45min; home, unpack.
Trip confirmed desire to move.

• Redesigned Linden house:

Former student: Jim, we are surpised you're still here (in OK). We thought you'd have moved by now.
2018 • Sunday April 29 • Denton
Panera lunch, North Sts: Anna: walk Brooklyn, Bolivar; West streets; Square: walk dogs, ice cream sit, courthouse grass, coffee

2018 June
   • Friday 1: Email re open house
   • Sunday 3 Denton: 1100 Bolivar Open House: walks, porch: West Oak Coffee: Make offer, Panera.
   • Monday 4: Draw house plan
   • Monday 4: Offer not accepted. No offers were accepted.

2018 • Saturday July 21 • Denton
Drive, Rumpy’s stop, Argyle: check in; museums: house, QTown; DAC Jason Lee photos, Fire Sta, Sq: LSA Burgers, Jonathan, West Oak, drive see houses Historic Hickory Randy, Hickory bike shop, Ponder; square: West Oak water; PU Brooklyn, drive OK.