HotType typography exhibit
Somewhere, I don't remember where, I saw info about a symposium being held at TCU - The Medium and Message of Typographic Design. It was a day of speakers and presentations and an accompanying exhibit of work by 55 national graphic designers. I contacted TCU about hosting the exhibit at UCO - they were agreeable and supportive. Bill Wallo was the Director of the Museum of Art at UCO (then called CSU); so he, his wife, and I made a weekend of it and drove to Ft. Worth for the Symposium. It was a great symposium. I even got Philip Meggs to autograph my copy of The History of Graphic Design textbook. While there, we verified the content and technical display specifications of the exhibit and finalized the details with the curators at TCU. Later, the pieces were packed up and shipped to the UCO Museum.

The title, HotType, is a play on the old method of pouring hot molten lead into molds to form the type characters and also that these designers and their work were popular, or hot, at that time. The colors enhanced the heat of the title. I mixed the two most popular typefaces, Helvetica and Times New Roman, even using both in the title. In the subhead, which was the original title of the symposium at TCU, I replaced the 'and' with an ampersand so the two lines of type would justify with more consistent letter and word spacing. The light grey bars provided some cool counter and contrast to the warm colors and helped to unify the columns of information. The postcard invitation/announcement (below) detailed the two typefaces and their designers.

TCU Symposium: spring 1990
Designed: summer 1990
Exhibit: July 9-31, 1990