Name logo exercise
Graphic Design 2

Develop 8 logos for a variety of companies that use your last name.

• Use your name (first, middle, and/or last)
• Clearly communicate the essence of a business

Print your name in a variety of fonts and cases. Explore hand-rendered letterforms, ligatures, and letterform relationships. Become an authority on how your name can be typographically manipulated.
Explore unique ways your name can communicate a company or entity.
Consider numerous entities that could be somewhat legitimate businesses. Some suggestions are below if you need a jumpstart but you are not limited on the types of companies to explore. They do not have to actual companies nor totally legitimate.
Seek clever ways to integrate a graphic element conveying the company into your name. You may add minor elements but strive to use the elements inherent in the letterforms of your name. Manipulate the letterforms to communicate the message.
Produce many sketches of possibilities. Refine the best 8 into tight roughs. Include the name or function of the company/entity or label the mark with the name.

• Size: each mark about 6"-8" mass
• Color: open
• Pages: each of the 8 should be on a separate page
• Comps composed on the page in a well-designed format
• Final comps unmounted

Company/business suggestions
• Piano, house, or appliance movers
• Funeral parlor
• Demolition experts
• Cupcakery or cookie bakery
• Accident insurance
• French bistro
• Pizza parlor
• Web design services
• Soccer team
• Composters
• Pickle emporium
• Travel agency
• Casino
• Meth lab