Font sampler project
History of Graphic Design

Typeface designers have been creating new fonts since the beginning of communication. Often, they will develop typefaces that reflect the fashion and trends of the era. Sometimes, fonts are designed to convey a specific earlier style.

Find samples of fonts that are clearly associated with the styles listed below. Print them out, photocopy them, mount them, and bind the pages together. Consider this project as a resource for later reference and inspiration.

• Size: letter
• Paper color: white
• Ink color: black

Each appropriate and clearly labeled font is worth 5 points. The presentation is worth 20 points.
• All specs followed precisely.
• Fonts that clearly convey a specific style.
• Pages bound neatly.
• Pleasing page layout.
• In on time.

• Make decisions on appropriate selection of type.
• Become familiar with a variety of font resources.
• Develop a neat presentation of information.

• Software font menus
• U&lc and type catalogs
• Design books

___ Egyptian
___ Chinese
___ Medieval
___ Rococo
___ Victorian
___ Wood Type Poster
___ Arts & Crafts
___ Art Nouveau
___ Constructivism
___ De Stijl
___ Bauhaus
___ Art Deco
___ Fifties
___ ITS
___ Lubalin
___ Sixties
___ New Wave
___ Punk
___ Millennium
___ Ornament
___ Web, digital
___ __________________
___ __________________
___ __________________
___ __________________