A better way to cut canned dog food
Normally I feed dry dog food because I can leave it out and the dogs free feed - they eat whenever they choose. However, they have been put on a prescription diet requiring me to feed them canned dog food (they love it.)

Cutting options
1. I plopped the food out of the can and chopped it into bite-size pieces with a spoon. But, that got messy. I had to rinse the spoon off frequently.
2. Then, I realized that the edge of the can could chop the food up so I used the now-empty can. Then I let the other dog lick the can clean (I guess that dog could have licked the spoon clean, also).
3. Later, while cleaning out kitchen cabinets, I noticed the apple slicer.

This gadget worked great - I slid it down the cylinder of food and it cut it onto wedges. But I still had to cut those wedges in half. That required using the can again.
4. So, I bought this food chopper and experimented with two different sizes of grid openings. I thought that if the pieces were skinny enough, my dog would eat them without my having to cut the sections in half.

I checked out Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond. I took a can with me so I could get the right size. Found this one at BB&B.

The sequence

• There is no need to touch the dog food.
• It is cut into convenient bite-size pieces.
• The dog thinks its eating a plate of delectable french fries.

Inspiration and prototypes: March 2010