The design theorems

Some theorems of design
• Banana split: sensory bombardment
• Artificial authenticity
• Too close for comfort
• Blinking stoplight: user education
• Freeway passing: personal pace
• Target spill
• Ease on down: smooth transition
• Familiar innovation
• Grand foyer: building confidence
• Order in the court: comfort of order
• Exploitation
• Seduction of technology: theory
• Clarity, not simplicity

Further explanations
(More to come. Check back)

Familiar innovation theory
All design decision are compromises - actually, all decisions are compromises. To gain something, you have to give up something. Sometimes, its an easy choice, because its 90 versus 10, other times its tough: 50 versus 50.

Exploitation theory
Figure out what's working; exploit that and minimize the rest.

Clarity, not simplicity