Academic courses and degrees

Bachelor of Science in Advertising
    Credit hours: 134, GPA: 2.4, Majors: Set Design, Graphic Design, Advertising
        Fall 1968 - Spring 1974: University of Texas at Austin
        Summer 1969: University of Texas at Arlington
        Summer 1975: Eastfield College
        Spring 1975: Richland College
        Fall 1975: Richland College
        Spring 1979: University of Texas at Austin
Master of Education
    Credit hours: 36, GPA: 4.0, Major: Secondary Education
        Summer 1979 - Spring 1982: University of North Texas
Texas Secondary Certification
    Credit hours: 30, GPA: 3.9, Areas: Art and Theater
        Fall 1981 - Fall 1983: University of North Texas
Doctor of Philosophy
    Credit hours: 63, GPA: 3.8, Major: College Teaching
        Fall 1982 - Spring 1987: University of North Texas

General Education
    English Rhetoric and Composition I
    English Rhetoric and Composition II
    Introduction to Math
    Introduction to Philosophical Inquiries
    Introduction to Chemistry
    Introduction to Geology
    Elementary Physics
    Environmental and Population Biology
    United States History I
    United States History II
    American Government I
    American Government II
    Beginners Spanish I
    Beginners Spanish II
    Second Year Spanish I
    Second Year Spanish II

    American Secondary School
    Adolescent in School and Society
    Nature and Conditions of Learning
    Secondary School Curriculum and Methods
    Social Nature of Man
    Multicultural Education
    Human Development
    Human Learning and Motivation
    Curriculum Development
    Improving Secondary Teaching
    Research and Evaluation
    Evaluation Seminar
    Adolescent Development
    Media in Education
    Statistics I
    Statistics II
    Research Methods
    Brain Research and Holistic Education
    Social and Aesthetic Foundations of Education
    Planning the Community College
    Improving College Teaching
    Higher Education in a Democracy

    Introduction to Theater I
    Introduction to Theater II
    Dance I
    Dance II
    Training the Speaking Voice
    Voice and Interpretation
    Improvisation and Technique
    Stage Lighting
    Aesthetics of the Theater
    Basic Theater Practice I
    Basic Theater Practice II

Computer Science
    Introduction to Computers
    Computers in Education
    Computer Assisted Instruction

Art and Design
    Introduction to the Visual Arts
    Life Drawing
    Design I
    Design II
    Graphic Design I
    Graphic Design II
    Problems in Studio Design
    History and Theories of Art Education
    Visual Media and Materials
    Contemporary Architecture
    Color and Light
    Design and Technology
    Interior Design
    Seminar in Aesthetics
    Research in Art
    Teaching Design Proposal

    Communication Theory in Mass Media
    Public Relations Principles and Practice
    Principles of Marketing
    Organizational Behavior and Administration
    Fundamentals of Advertising
    Advertising Copy and Layout
    Radio and Television Advertising
    Advertising Media
    Advertising Campaigns
    Advertising Management
    Advertising and Society
    Advertising Research Problems