According to the Strengths Finder test Jim's main strength is a fascination with and propensity for coming up with new ideas.
There's always
a better way!

Airport sign

Arrows: color coded

Backgammon: round

Bible stickers

Big Chief cover

Bags: checkout rack
Book shelves
Briefcase backpack
Catalog redesign
Check registers
Christmas lites dog
Closet unit
Cruise ship wedge

Cup holder: car

Cup holder: house

Deck6: 6 suit deck

Design paper
Disney FastMap
Disney Resort NYC
Directory numbers
Dog food cutter
Dog park design
Elevator buttons
Facebook Awards

Flag waving hat

Good magazine
Groj sale
Guide: Amer FIn

Horn honk = no tip

Housekeeping cart

Ice chest washer

The Idea Kit

I ♥ Texas

iPad support: iGrip

iPhone wallpaper


JRW branding

Laundry room layout
Leash belt
Lincoln Ctr table
Lucky Grape
Meadows Museum
MetroCard build kit
Miscellaneous ideas

Museum hours chart


Obituary design

Ok Nat'l Memorial
Parade ideas
Park design

Parking: campus

Postal advertising
Pothole solution

Pull over & text/talk

Push Pull stickers

Queue lines

Recycling symbols

Rest area signs

Row designations

Salsa Ranch
Sensory Input Machine
Science Museum
Shoe ties

Sidewalk conduits

Sign design

Six Flags: sketches
SkiTrail to Colorado

Sling accessories
Sofa: modular units
Speed bump
Sports scores
Stage set ideas
Statue Liberty center
Subway themed cars
Table bases
Table numbers
Table tops squound
Tea boxes
Teeshirt rods

Texting lanes

Ticker tape plaques

Ticket design

Toilet flush handle

Travel pants

Tripod House

TV program times

Urinals in the home
UT Protest poster
Volleyball center
Walton Arkansas
The Week magazine

WhichWich bag

WhichWich menu

WWJD condoms

YMCA logo