That is my personal philosophy, my slogan, my core value. Often, we choose to settle due to constraints of time, money, or resources. That's usually okay. But, in a competitive business or marketing arena, the ones who push themselves and their companies to seek a better way are a step ahead.
Jim Watson, a former university Professor of Design specializing in creative problem solving, helps clients and entrepreneurs find ways to make their products, systems, or environments even better.
Some of my specialties
    • Empathy - seeing through the eyes of the end user.
    • Graphic design: logos, layouts, signage, web and app design.
    • Presentations in creativity, design, and problem solving.
    • Developing strong innovative and effective concepts.
I can work with you or your team to improve the clarity of your communication materials, improve the customer environment, and improve the user experience.

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    Jim Watson

From Jim's portfolio,
a few examples of makings things better

A better board for playing backgammon

A better place to set your coffee cup as you get in your car

A better attitude for less litter

A better way to show operating hours for a museum

A better way to rapidly communicate directions in a rest area

A better layout for highway info signs

A better way to show television program times

A better pair of pants for traveling

A better 6-suited deck of cards

Better ways to arrange quelines

A better ordering bag for WhichWich sandwiches

A few logo improvements that convey their message more clearly and more efficiently

CoatChex, NYC: Queline layout, 2016
Deck6, 6-suited deck of cards: Suits and Brand, 2015-16
WhichWich: Bag design, Menu board, Branding, 2014-15
Frank Nichols Design, Santa Fe: Roler, 2013-14, New York City: 2006
Renee Arnau Rich: Branding, 2012
Eventsions: iPhone app, 2012
Museum of Modern Art, New York City: Visitor app, 2010
Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame: Logo and Interior design, 2009
UCO: Emeritus Faculty Association, 2009; Academic Calendar, 2009; Dean's Office, Liberal Arts, 2004-07;
    Campus Master Plan, 1998, 2000; Undergraduate Catalog, 1999; Prospective Student Viewbook, 1999;
    MBA Newsletter, 1997-99; Wellness Newsletter, 1992; New Plains Review, 1991-93; TheVista newspaper, 1991
OSU: Homecoming Sign Competition, 2008-09
Cove Club Condominium, New York City: Interior renovation, Signage, 2008
Edmond Museum: Territorial House: Signage, 2008-09
Bob Howard AutoGroup, Edmond: Interior design, 2007
Science Museum Oklahoma, Oklahoma City: Visitor guide map, 2007; Name, Entry layout, 2006
Lucky Grape &, Oklahoma City, 2007-08
Will Rogers World Airport, Oklahoma City: Parking signage, 2006-07
Funnel Design Group, Oklahoma City: Interior plan, 2006-07
Moore-Norman Technology: Graphic Design Advisory Board, 2005
The Dallas Morning News: Less is More with Minimalism,
    Spare Times, Has the Minimalism Trend Maxed Out? 1999
Gary Dale Barbecue restaurants: Branding and store design, 1997
The Adams Course: Workout sheets, 1998
Oklahoma Christian University, Department of Art & Design: Architectural plan, 1998
Edmond Hafer Park: Renovation proposal, 1995
Oklahoma County District Attorney's Office: Courtroom trial visual graphics, 1994
DesignWorks, State Arts Council of Oklahoma, 1993-94
Greater Oklahoma City Tree Bank Foundation, 1993
Oklahoma CONTACT: Crisis line graphics, 1992
American Heart Association, Oklahoma Chapter, 1991
Brookhaven College, Dallas: Computer purchase and training, 1985
The Wilmington Group, Dallas: Corporate identity, 1982
TGI Friday's: Menu box, Floor plan, 1975-77