Chronology of Jim's life

  Emerged at 9 pounds, 0 ounces, Touro Infirmary, New Orleans;
      Doctor G. Johnson, Thursday, July 27, 10:29 - 10:42am
Named: James Robert: the two most popular baby names for 1950. James and Robert were in the top 3 from 1914-2013; #1 and #2 from 1940-1952; #2 and #1 from 1929-1939 and in 1953.

Watson is a sept (English word for a division of a family) of the Clan Buchanan. Clan origin: 1225 grant of lands on the eastern shore of Loch Lomond in Scotland to clergyman Sir Absalon of Buchanan by the Earl of Lennox.
  First road trip: rode home from the hospital, August 2
  First vacation trip: family went to City Park in New Orleans, August 13

  Chicken pox, Febuary 8
Baptized, April 1
First step - Mom: "One step, and that's all", July 27
  Madison, WI: Grandfather Remmel died, June
Grandfather Watson died, October

  New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Dallas: Tower Courts; moved to Woodland Drive, January 28
Joined Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church
  Adopted Blackie, first family dog

  Madison, Westby; family, July 24 - August 28
  Tonsils removed, November 7
  Colorado Springs, Denver; family, August 27 - September 5

  San Antonio; family, July 29-31
  Polio shot, November 28

  Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, Disneyland, San Francisco, Yosemite, Las Vegas;
          family, July 28 - August 18

1st Grade: Preston Hollow Elementary School, Ms Franklin

2 April, 4:20-4:50p: Tornado in Dallas from Oak Cliff along Harry Hines Exchange Center to Love Field. Dad took us onto Woodland to watch the skies.
  Quartz Mountain/Lake Altus, Oklahoma; family, August 18-23

Birthday parties or visits to Storybook Land (April 1956-1962) and Cowboy Town (1958-1962)
2nd Grade: Preston Hollow Elementary School, Mrs. Skipping?
Moved to Orchid Lane, Dallas

  Measles, April 18
  Madison; family, July 27 - August 9

3rd Grade: George B. Dealey Elementary School:
      Doug Reaves, David Lougee, David Rosenfield, Jerry Mankovsky, Alec Pridgeon, John Weinhardt, Jay Fisher, Randy McCommons, Judy Studdard, Linda Dahl
  Houston, Galveston; family, July 10-12
4th Grade: George B. Dealey Elementary School: Mrs. Leedom?
  Gunnison, Colorado Springs; family, July 22-30
5th Grade: George B. Dealey Elementary School
Cub scouts, Preston Hollow cafeteria: pinewood derby races.
  Grand Saline salt mine, April 3
Scout exposition: sand painter, April 8
Camp Grady Spruce, YMCA, June 9

  Civil War sites, Williamsburg, Washington DC, New York City, Wisconsin; family, July 23 - August 10
Six Flags over Texas opened: August 5 (not sure when our first visit was)
6th Grade: George B. Dealey Elementary School
  Red measles, May 4
Aida Metropolitan Opera, with mom, May 13
  New Orleans; family, summer
  Mineral Wells; family, summer
Camp Grady Spruce, summer
7th Grade: George B. Dealey Elementary School
Dick Chaplin School of Dance classes, fall
  Hamsters: Gus and others, fall
Dallas Theater Center teen class, summer

Camp Constantine, Boy Scouts
  St. Louis, Chicago, Madison, Sunday Lake; family, August 10-26

8th Grade: Benjamin Franklin Junior High School:
    Randy McCommons, Alec Pridgeon,
  Braces, Dr. Roark, retainer: September
Boy Scout Pack 800 at Northhaven Church, dad was a Scoutmaster
JFKennedy assassinated: November 22
The Sound of Music starring Ann Blyth, my first live musical, Dallas Summer Musicals; June

Bought SoM soundtrack at Titche's Preston Forest
Built tepee-style log shelter at camp, inspired by Indian lodges:

Camp Constantine
  Orange TX, Maplewood LA, New Orleans; mom drives, August
9th Grade: Benjamin Franklin Junior High School
Mexican Folklore Dances: set designs, trip to Corsicana.
  Wisdom teeth removed, August 20

Beatles concert ($5 ticket), Dallas Memorial Auditorium, Friday, September 18
    Randy & Jim McCommons, Alec Pridgeon
Dave Clark Five concert, December 7 ($5.90)

The Impalas: Bob Schlotterbeck, me on drums, Rick Hopkins, Randy McCommons
Benjamin Franklin Junior High School: Red Guide, spring
Driving class, Mr. Tysor, summer

Philmont Boy Scout camp, New Mexico, July 5
Rank of Life Scout, 2 merit badges away from Eagle

10th grade: Hillcrest High School, fall
  Blackie put to sleep, fall
Rolling Stones concert, Dallas Memorial Auditorium, Sunday, November 21
  Chica adopted, Christmas; second family dog
Driving class: 'Behind-the-wheel', June
UT Tower shooting: August 1
  Georgetown; Austin; San Marcos; San Antonio; Monterey, Mexico; mom, August 24
Accident in Impala, August, early morning
Set crew at Theater Three
Camp Argyle, church day camp
The Animals, Herman's Hermits concert, Dallas Memorial Auditorium, July 16

11th grade: Hillcrest High School: Andrea Williams, fall
Watched filming of Bonnie & Clyde, Greenville Avenue, November
The King and I, Hillcrest High School: Laird McDonald, Barbara Smith, Chris Chernoff,
          Joe Chapman, Ann Kilby, Becky Kennedy, Allen Smoot, Abe Frishman, Febuary 16-18
Thanes Hi-Y: Randy McCommons,
Art Service Club, President: Ms Hudson, spirit posters and pep assemblies
First Place Art awards, Student Crafts Fair
Post & Lintel Club, Vice President
Red Shirts male spirit group
School rep to Downtown Rotary Club
Six Flags, parking lot night shift, July 1
For Heaven's Sake, set design, Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, July 24
  Atlanta & Florida; mom & dad, August 14
12th grade: Hillcrest High School
The Girls in 509, Hillcrest set designs, December 15-16
Soroptomist Citizenship Award, January 23
Spring Thaw, Hillcrest: Spring
Hillcrest High School Hall of Fame

Senior Prom, May 17, Barbara Smith Grant
Graduation: Hillcrest High School, May 30; All-night party at Six Flags

Six Flags, Tower
, Asst Ride Foreman: Marge Johnson, Larry Wine, Rodney Elkins, summer
Worked at Gordon Sibeck Architects, June
Camptown Theater: The Drunkard, set design: summer
UT Summer Freshman Orientation: Derek O'Brian, Lars Lundahl, August 4-8
Austin: Enroll University of Texas, September 16
UT Prather Hall, 68-69: Mike Spradlin (1st roommate), Chuck Muller (2nd), Marty Crutsinger,
      Andy Anderson, Walter Hyde, Gene Gardner, Dan Wheelus, 16 September
UT Drama: Greg Grove, George Cook, Joanie Prather, Ronny Strew, Trisha, The Great Cross-Country Race
      Faculty: Franny (Dance), John Rothgeb, David Nancarrow, Arnold (Acting), Jim (stagecraft)
  San Antonio, HemisFair; Barbara, fall
Gypsy (role: stagehand), UT, April 21-26
Six Flags: worked double shifts, Scholarship Award, summer
Bought 1966 white Mustang
History class: UT Arlington, Barbara, summer
UT Jester Hall room M467: 69-70: John, Brent
Bought most supplies and balsa wood at the University Co-op:

UT Art: Commercial Art major

  Houston, AstroWorld: Joe, Becky, Barbara, fall
Pledged Sigma Chi fraternity, November 7: Tom White, Jerry Landers, Jim Craver, Ed Baxter, Tom Bartley,
      John Jarvis, Ren Maupin, Cliff Logan, Billy Baird, Don Drinkard, Nick Moore, Don Block, Jack Payne
Vietnam draft lottery: Number 289 (of 366 - no going to Nam), December 1
UT Round-Up chair: Sweetheart Presentation stage set
Six Flags, summer
Sigma Chi room 4, 1970-71: Bill Rogan, Greg Dial, Mark Leifeste, John Dalby, Robert Dalby,
    Ed Eubanks, John Bibo, Jim Bibo, Dennis Johnston, Howard Isbell, Keith Christian, Sid Bemus
Sigma Chi House Manager: Spring

  La Grange; Chicken Ranch, Scott
  Padre Island; Jimmy Scruggs, Tom, Jerry, fall
UT Freshman Orientation Advisor, Wimberley retreat, Jester Center: Sarah Martin,
Jack Balagia, Bill Arnold, Tim Dickey, Cheryl Goodman, Karen Barton
Sigma Chi Pledge Trainer: Fall
Dad's Day, UT, October 30-31
Sigma Chi Outstanding Member award
  Winter Park, skiing: Tom, Jerry, fall/winter
UT Advertising: Bill Mindak,

UT Advertising: Journalism Building
Sigma Chi, President: Milton Jackson, Mark Johnson, Carl Moerer, January-December
UT Freshman Orientation Advisor, Wimberley retreat, Kinsolving dorm
UT Freshman Experience Advisor, Wimberley retreat: Barbara Smith
UT: Suzanne Morris
  Sigma Chi Pledging & Rushing committee meeting: Chicago, Evanston, March
    Sigma Chi Leadership Training workshop: Dekalb IL: Tulsa, Six Flags over Mid-America, St. Louis, DeKalb IL, (fly home), August
  Milwaukee & Madison: Steve & Heidi wedding, September 18-19
  Sigma Chi Pledging & Rushing committee meeting: Salt Lake City
Campus Crusade for Christ, study groups, conference in Dallas

  Tiger, the cat, died: Febuary
  New York City, UT study tour: Dr. Pierce, Guy Bommarito, De Rumpf, Tom Kuykendall, Doug Poole, Larry Fuller, spring break
  Colorado: ski trip, Jerry, Tom, Gary; January
Director, UT Advertising Club
Designed logo and materials, UT School of Communication
UT Parents' Day: Communications Building, Advertising tour, mom & dad; shake LBJ's hand, March

Interned at Dallas Times Herald: Casey Cohlmia, Jean Prejean, John Wolf, Debbie Kaufman, May 29
  Houston; July

House: 4104 Ridgelea; Tom Bartley & Tom White
  Mexico City, Sheraton Maria Isabel; family Christmas
Grandmother Remmel died; March 15
Designer & copywriter: Highland Mall, Austin
Designed billboard & program cover: Texas State Arts & Crafts Fair
Outstanding Intern Award, State of Texas: Dallas Times Herald, March 9
Left UT, May 10
Promotions Manager, Dobie Mall, Dennis Cavanaugh, Stanley Clark, Wesley, July
  Aspen, April, Jerry, Linda, January 5-14
  Austin, January 16-19
  Austin, Febuary 28 - March 3
Interviewed: Tracy-Locke, TGIFriday's
TV Facts: Art Director, Production Artist, horoscope writer, March 6
Spanish class, Richland, spring
Dallas Times Herald: ad sales:
      John Wolf, Tom Farrell, Jim Wilson, Debbie Kaufman, Casca Schade, March 26
  Austin Guadalupe River, May 2-4
  Houston, Bolshoi Ballet, mom and dad, June
Interior Design class: Eastfield College, summer
  Austin, July 4-6
  Austin Pedernales River, July 19-20
Grandmother Watson died; July 31
Idea for round backgammon, Dallas, August 30
Spanish class: Richland, fall
  Austin, September 12-15
Designed round Backgammon board, September/October
  Houston, East Texas, Galveston, October 3-9
TGI Friday's waiter, Training: October 24, Waiting: November 3
      Barry Crook, Eric Sham, Dale Travis, John Wilson, Julie Winans,
      Marty Konavalski, Mike Albers, Mike McClure, Rush Bowman, Vic Argenzio
Built round Backgammon board prototypes, November 5-12
US Patent filed: round Backgammon board, January 28
  New York City; Backgammon board presented: Pressman Toys; Tom's play: March 3-7
Oswald Jacoby plays on Backgammon board, Dallas, March 11
Meet with Jim Devlin and Anita Rufus, Backgammon board, Dallas, March 20
  New York City; Backgammon: Pressman, Jacoby, Jim Devlin, contract; New Jersey factory, April 6-12
Designed Point Blank press kit
Designed T White's play set: Yes, No & Yellow
Signed contract - Patent rights sold to Pressman Toy Company: April 26
  New York City; Backgammon model approval; New Jersey factory; August 17
      Boston: Woody Kane, Plymouth, Cape
Assistant Headwaiter, TGIF, June-October
Headwaiter, TGIF: Thomas Boggs, Paul Heyd, Herman Rudolph, Freddie, Jeff Cheek,
      Jim West, Steve Betzelberger, Nancy Donahue, November-December
Designed & built soft round dining table: January
  New York City; Backgammon, American Toy Fair: Febuary 16, 17, 21
Dallas Toy Show, Backgammon: March 20-24
Received first Backgammon produced boards: May 2
  Phoenix, Las Vegas, Marina Del Rey (open: May 19); TGIF: Mike McClure; Grand Canyon
Received 1st Backgammon royalty check: July 25
Trained managers, TGIF, summer
  Los Angeles, Las Vegas: September
  New Orleans: King Tut at Art Museum, Fall
US Design Patent: Backgammon in the Round, November 8
Designed bed and mattress: December
  Tampa; TGIF, January
  (TGIF van) Chicago (Schaumburg open: Mar 17), Cleveland (Mayfield Hts open: Apr 17),
    Ft. Lauderdale (open: Jun 26), Atlanta, Nashville, Louisville; TGIF: Paul Curran, Nora Hughes,
    Lenzy Griffin, Lee Ann Malina, Brad Nelson, Gary Sweatt, Malcolm MacRae
  Jamaica; TGIF, Nora, Lenzy, Brad, July
  Longview TX, May
  Colorado; Jerry, summer
  Austin, trip home: car trouble, inspired to become a teacher, October
Teaching Assistant: Arts Magnet High School, October-November
  TGIF: Denver, Los Angeles, Dayton, Shreveport, Houston, St. Louis; September
TGIF corporate office: record training tape voiceovers: Mikey Baker, fall
  TGIF: St. Louis, January 2-5
UT Austin, BS degree in Advertising, spring
  TGIF: Houston, Febuary 16-19
  Headwaiter Seminar, San Diego, Los Angeles TGIF, June

Graduate School, University of North Texas, summer and fall
  Providence RI; April Rapier, July
Took Mensa test, July 28
Taught at Performing & Visual Arts High School, August 20
    Admin: Paul Baker, Darrell Chambers, Jim Gray, Dolores Arnold
    Faculty: Louise Smith, Roger Richards, George Moseley, Karen Cogdill, Jane Farris, Molly Dean,
        Sally, Wanda Hill, Margaret Hull, Roseanne Cox, Tom Asher, Scott Davidson, Sandra May
    Students: Seth Pybas, Trysh Travis, Holly Rudin, Matthew Broussard, Jennifer, Rory Owen,
        Jeff Stoddart, Chris Luxem, Michael Dain, John Mullins, Dean Whitus, Laith Al-Ubaidi,
        Trent Bomar, David Chambers, Max Hatzenbuehler, Larry Malvern, Tammy White,
        Daniel Webster, Greg Steele, John Bush, Tricia Reynolds, Steph Rodkey, Roy Turpin
Moved to Oak Lawn, August
TGIF, host/doorman, fall
Took Allison to Six Flags, October
  Houston, November
Graduate School, University of North Texas, spring, summer, and fall
PVAHS, Blood Wedding set designed by Sharon Campbell, spring
Designed & built sofa units, studio furniture, stereo cabinet: spring
TGIF, host/doorman: Lisa Cordova, Blake Nelon, Ned Durbin,
    Christopher Stephens, Debbie Trevino, Jon Allred
Attended Mormon church, baptized
PVAHS, Crucible, fall
PVAHS, Under the Gaslight, fall
Graduate School, University of North Texas, spring, summer, and fall
PVAHS, spring
PVAHS, The Matchmaker, fall
  New York City: student study tour, Wanda Hill, March 19-24
TGIF, spring
  Eureka Springs, Branson; AMHS, April
Wrote Theater Design curriculum, summer
Meditated, jogged, summer
  London, Egypt, Amsterdam; Cats, Nile cruise, Anne Frank house, mom & dad, August 14-28
  Hamsters with Habitrail, fall
Graduate School, University of North Texas, spring, summer, and fall
Remodeled Billy Bob VW van, spring
Richland College Graphics: Susan Russell, Dianna Kozlowski,
    Larry Howard, Leigh Anne Dial, Casey Shaw, spring
  Chica went away to die, May
Graduated UNT, MEd, honor fraternities, May 15
Evita, White Rock bicycle, summer
  Galveston; Jerry Landers, summer
  East Texas; Jerry Landers, summer
  Cherokee Lake; Jerry, Labor Day
Inversion boots
  Cozumel, Mexico; Jerry, Thanksgiving
Graduate School, UNT, spring, summer, and fall: Donna Adams, spring
Richland College Graphics, spring
Bought Atari 800 computer

  Detroit, Steve's wedding, January 22
  Walt Disney World; Jerry, spring
Kathie Reilly, summer
  Chicago; Amtrak, Oak Park, August
  Madison, Star Lake family reunion, August
  New York City, Thanksgiving; Jerry
Graduate School, University of North Texas, spring, summer, and fall
Richland College: graphic designer, spring

Brookhaven College software project, Linda Lee, Mary Brumbach, spring
Country dancing, Leigh Anne, spring
  Houston, spring
New Toyota, summer
Water volleyball, summer
Olympics on television, summer
Michael Jackson concert, Larry Lewis, summer
Bob Siegel project, summer
Taught at Brookhaven College, fall: History, Professional Practice: Judi Kaufman, Carolyn Krugman, Lisa Erich, Don Taylor, Charles MacAdams, Donna Adams
Volleyball: Phil Lyons, Mike Bernon, Rick Eubanks, Scott, Chuck Negrelli, Mark, Beth, fall
  New Orleans World's Fair; Jerry, fall
  Austin, fall
  Walt Disney World, Epcot; family Christmas
Carolyn Gateson
Graduate School, UNT: dissertation, research and writing
Water volleyball, spring

Volleyball at PHP Church, Cecilia Robertson, spring
Apple Exercises, Brookhaven, spring
Innovator of the Year, Brookhaven, spring
  Santa Fe; Cecilia Robertson, spring
Water volleyball, summer
Taught Computer Graphics, Brookhaven, summer
Dissertation Proposal, summer
Renovated Wanda's kitchen, summer
Designed Dallas Volleyball Center, summer
Casa Manana; Cecilia, summer
Delta plane crashed at DFW, August 2
Skyline Volleyball League, First Place, fall
Graduate School, UNT, dissertation: spring
Taught at Brookhaven, spring
Challenger shuttle exploded: January 28
  Cancun; Jerry, spring
  San Antonio; Laird, Jerry, spring
Graduate School, UNT: Dissertation draft, summer
Volleyball, summer
Graduate School, UNT: Defended/revised dissertation, fall
Graduate School, UNT: Doctoral written/oral exams, fall
White Rock YMCA Volleyball, First Place, fall
Volleyball clinics, fall
  Corsicana, Ennis, Interurban, Laird, January
Graduate School, UNT: final dissertation revision, January
Graduate School, UNT: got signatures, PhD Dissertation, Febuary 3
Printed resume, Febuary
Substitute teacher, PVAHS, spring
Taught at Brookhaven, spring
Graduated UNT: PhD, May 16
Gumby Volleyball tournament, summer
Volleyball tournaments, First place, summer
  El Paso; Laird, summer

  Tulsa, Edmond, July 4-7, Laird, Motel 6 on I35: University of Central Oklahoma interview, July 6
  Edmond, Motel 6, July 27-29: Signed UCO contract: July 27, got apartment: WindRush, July 28
  Edmond, Motel 6, August 7, Laird: Moved office to UCO
  Moved to Edmond, Oklahoma, August 15, Laird.
Faculty meetings, UCO, August 20-21
  Dallas, volleyball, August 21-23
Started college teaching at UCO, August 25
  Dallas, volleyball, September 11-14
  Dallas, volleyball - 1st Place, October 2-4
Faculty Art Shows, fall
MetroChurch: devout Christian, fall
TASA article published, fall
MetroChurch volleyball: Tom Pinkston, Fred Grosz
  Santa Fe, Taos; Laird, Jerry, Rebecca, October
  Dallas, Volleyball Doubles, First place: Phil Lyons, October
Redesigned office, November
Developed new Graphic Design Program, November
  Dallas, Mt. Scott, Ft. Sill, November 25-29
  Ada/Ardmore Laird, Dallas, December 20-26
  Dallas, January 4-7 & 10-11
  Acapulco; Laird, January 7-10
  Dallas, January 15-17
  Dallas, Febuary 11-14
Faculty Art Show, 'Portals': Febuary 21
Art Deco lecture, Tulsa, Febuary 25
FL Wright lectures, Tulsa, March 10
  Dallas, spring break
Color workshop, April 12
  Bartlesville, Woolaroc, Pawhuska, April 23-24
  Dallas, May 6-9
  Dallas, Austin, Houston, Galveston, Brenham, May 18-25?
  Corpus Christi, Padre Island; Volleyball: Phil Lyon, Mike Bernon, May 27-31
  Dallas, volleyball tournaments, June 2-5
  Ponca City, Wichita, June 12

  Dallas, HHS Reunion, June 16-20
  Kingfisher, Enid museums, June 26
PGA tournament, Oak Tree, August 11-14
  Dallas, August 19-21
  Houston, Jerry, Katy, September 2-5
  Dallas, Philip Glass concert, October 20-23
  Wichita; Katy Emde, summer
Joined First Presbyterian Church, fall
Prepped/taught new courses, fall
Coined the word neurobics for mind-stretching
MetroChurch Volleyball League: Don Samara, Fred Grosz, Tom Pinkston, fall
Moved apartment, winter break
  Arizona, Arcosanti, Taliesin, Ventura CA, Eric Sham, winter break, December 31 - January 6
CSU Graphics, Computer Graphics, spring
Volleyball, Fridays, Wantland: Julie Byer, David Harris, Fred Grosz, Lon Dehnert, Sylvia
  New York City study tour: Brent Stanbro, Tim Morse, Mary Bamberg,
    Judy Brehmeyer, Ross Sherman, Jerry Hanna, spring break
Guthrie, 89er celebration, April 22
  Route 66, Springfield, Branson, Eureka Springs; Laird, summer
Redid A102, summer
Purged apartment, office, summer
Made new furniture, summer
  Route 66, Amarillo, Lubbock; Laird, summer
  Route 66, El Reno, summer
  Route 66, St. Louis, August 8-13

US Olympic Festival events: mom & dad, Laird, July 21-30
Director, Graphic Design Program, July
Taught at Oklahoma Christian University, August 28
  Ft. Worth: Typographic Design: Medium & Message conference, September 1-2
  Kansas City, Lawrence, Manhattan, Abilene; Laird, October 13-16
  Dallas, November 3-4
  Dallas, November 11-12
  Dallas, November 22-26
  Route 66, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, December 22-24
                      Santa Fe, Taos; family Christmas, December 24-28
  Route 66, Los Angeles, Rose Parade, Tempe; Laird, December 28 - January 10
  London, Paris, Nice, Milan, Rome, May
Purged apartment, office, summer
HotType museum show, summer
Bought Geo Tracker, summer
Designed academic calendar, summer
  Route 66, St. Louis, Chicago; Laird, August
              Door County WI, family reunion, August
              Madison: Aunt Margaret, Taliesin, August
  Yosemite, San Francisco; Jerry, Chris, October 11-16
Mom in hospital, October 19-26
  Dallas, November 22-25
Designed closet rack, fall
  Dallas, December 22-28
  New York City study tour, March 16-21
  Dallas, May 12-15
  Memphis, Little Rock, Arkansas, May 24-28
  Rolfing, summer
  Dallas, Houston, June 20-23
  Dallas, July 18-21
Promoted to Associate Professor
Granted Tenure
  Santa Fe, Utah, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Boulder, Denver, Santa Fe Trail, August
  Adopted Dallas the dog, Saturday, March 7
  Dallas, March 18-22
  Dallas, mom & dad's 50th anniversary, May
  Cleveland, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Baltimore; Laird, May 21-31

Moved to Wallo rental house, East 7th, furniture in storage: June 7
Moved to 606 West 7th rental house, June 26
  Dallas, July 2-5
  Boulder, Oregon Trail, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Denver; Laird, August 10-20
  Dallas, October 16-19
  Houston Space Center, Wurstfest, San Antonio; Jerry & Shirley, November 5-8
Reorganized GCS, fall
News of Laird's cancer, November 5
  Dallas, Laird, November 13-15
  Dallas, November 26-29
  Dallas, December 22-29: Laird, Chris, Barbara, Margaret, Laird chemo
  Dallas, January 6-10
  Dallas, January 30 - Febuary 2
  Wichita, student conference, Febuary 20
Laird's cancer treatments, spring
Read John Grisham books
  Dallas, Waco, Austin; Laird, March 13-21
  Dallas is missing, March 26-29
Hair, UCO, spring
  Dallas, May 9-11
  Monument Valley, Zion, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon; Laird, May 22-30
Taught Creativity class, summer
The Idea Kit Presentation, OVAC, June 17
  Dallas, July 4-7
  New York City, new glasses, July 20-25
  Dallas, August 11-16
President, Graphic Communication Society, fall
ClockTower, new name
Wrote The Idea Kit
Bought PowerBook
Researched Christianity & religion
Resigned as Director, Graphic Design
Renovated Tracker
  Dallas, Denton car wreck, October 15-19
    Rescued Austin, Bailey Turnpike, Sunday, December 5
  Dallas, December 24 - January 4
Laird in hospital, December 27
  Dallas, December 24 - January 4
  Dallas, January 10-14: time with Laird
  Adopted Austin, Saturday, Febuary 5
  Dallas, Febuary 18-21
  Dallas, March 18-24
Laird died, March 25
  Dallas, April 1-3
  Dallas, April 16-17
Worked on the Idea Kit
The Idea Kit Presentation, Leadership OKC, March 10
GCS programs
Sigma Tau Gamma: White Rose, Volleyball, Sponsor Award: Chad Baker, Sean Carney
Researched religion; embraced atheism
Home office
  Las Vegas, May 30 - June 3
  Dallas fishing trip, June 25-26
Volleyball: won SunSpike: Julie Byer, David Harris, Fred Grosz, Lon Dehnert, summer
  Santa Fe, Bisbee, August 6-13
Renovated 50s chairs
Mom & dad visit, summer
  Dallas, State Fair, Cecilia Robertson, Ft. Worth, October 21-23
  Dallas, November 23-26
  Las Vegas, December 18-22
  Dallas, December 18, 22-26
Developed Graphic Design for Non-Majors
  Dallas, Febuary 10-13
  Las Vegas, March 20-24
Murrah Building bombed, April 19
Bought house: 424 East 4th, April 27
Redesigned house interior
Bought hot tub
Moved to 424 East 4th, May
  Dallas, July 6-8
Renovated 424 house: July 9 - Sept 26
PLC retreat, advisor: Lynn Means, Stacie McNeiland, August
Promoted to Professor
  Puebla, ENCUADRE, Creativity presentation: October 24-29
Open house, 424 East 4th, Thanksgiving
Faculty Grievance Board, Chair, spring
AIGA show, City Arts Center
  Las Vegas, March 18-22
  Knee pain: spring
Renovated 424 exterior, summer
  Paris, Disneyland, May 11-15
  Dallas, June 6-10
Aunt Margaret & mom visit, summer
  Las Vegas, Arizona, Utah, August 4-8
  Tulsa, Route 66, September 2
The Idea Kit presentation, OMS, November 19
  Dallas, November 27-30
Submitted MemorialOklahoma design, spring
Installation Banquet, Delta Zeta, March 8
  New York City study tour, spring break
  Tulsa, April 6
  Vegas born: May 1
  Dallas, Leash Belt, May 2-5
  Tunica, Memphis, Oxford, May 27-30
Wrote Memorial Design letter, May
  Dallas, July 4-6
Listened to Dr. Laura
Designed/built new deck railing
Mom & dad visit, July 25-27
  Portland & Seattle, July 28 - August 3
Joined AOL
  Dallas, August 14-16
  Tulsa, September 12
  New Orleans, AIGA Conference: Ruthanne Smith, November 13-16
Removed back fence, vines, trees, fall
Purged entire house, fall
  Dallas, November 26-29
  Dallas, December 24-29
  Las Vegas, January 11-14
Designed UCO Master Plan, spring
  Dallas: Rent, Quidam, spring
Bought 4door Tracker, built dog bed
  Tulsa, March 13
Dallas, Austin, March 17-20
Renovated UCO office, May
Aunt Margaret dies, May
  Wichita, May 29-31
  HHS reunion, Six Flags, June 11-14
  Dallas, July 16-19, Bring in'da Noise
  Los Angeles, August 4-9
Taught Design History at Oklahoma State University, fall
  Dallas, October 14-17
  Dallas, November 25-27
  Dallas, December 24-27
  Las Vegas, January 3-6
OSU faculty application, January
  Tulsa, spring break March: Philbrook, Paul Davis presentation, Okmulgee, Dallas
High Arts Director, April
Building captain, renovation, April
IFC Award, Student Services, April
Parking Advisory Board, Chairman, summer
OKC/Moore Tornado, May 3
  Dallas, May 7-10: Mother's Day visits
  Las Vegas, May 31 - June 4
Purged office, house, summer
Renovated 424 house, garage, numbers, summer
  Dallas: Results 2000, Tony Robbins, July 8-13
Sundays at Barnes & Noble, summer
  Route 66, Branson, Eureka Springs, August 12-14
OSU: Taught Design History; August - December
  Dallas: September 24-26
Outstanding Mentor Award, fall
IFC advisor, fall
  Las Vegas: AIGA Conference, Sept 29 - Oct 3
Distinguished Teaching Award, October
Reserved web domain name, December
Reorganized handouts into booklets, December
  Caught Eddie the mouse, bought cage, December
Designed 424 office, December
  Dallas: December 22-26
  Dallas: January 26-29: Edward Tufte seminar
Uploaded website
Got Puebla teaching job
Taught Design History at University of Oklahoma; January - May
  New York City study tour, spring break, March 11-16
Program Director, Graphic Design, spring break
Refined 424 office design, spring break
High Arts, April
Mom: heart attack, May
  Las Vegas; Mitch, May
  Puebla, Mexico City; teach class at UPAEP, June 3-14
Contracted and built 424 office, summer
Renovated Graphic Design Program, summer
  Dallas, July 20-23
OSU: Taught Design History; August - December
Landscaped yards, September
Submitted Graphic Design program proposal, September
  Dallas, November 22-24
Resigned IFC, December
  Las Vegas, December 18-21
  Dallas, Christmas, December 23-25
New College, new Department, January 8
Chairman of the Department of Design
OU: Taught Design History; January - May
  New York City: AIGA History conference, Febuary
Interior Design publicity campaign, spring
  Dallas, spring break
Hammock, back yard, spring break
  Tulsa, Bartlesville, March
  Puebla; teach class at UPAEP, May 19-28
New windows, new deck canopy, summer
Organized Department of Design, summer
  Dallas, July 6-8
  Las Vegas, NSync concert, July 27-30
Intersession class: Typography, August
OSU: Taught Design History; August - December
World Trade Center, DC, PA attacked: September 11
New deck trex, fall
Bought Eames chair, Saarinen set, October
  Guthrie; Professor's Academy
  Quartz Mt, Mt. Scott, Medicine Park; Professor's Academy, November 9-10
  Dallas: Cirque du Soleil's Dralion with Margaret Hudson, November
Senior show, City Arts Center
  Dallas: Christmas, December 24-27
OU: Taught Design History; January - May
  Tulsa; Professor's Academy, Febuary
  New York City study tour, March 16-21
Designed new 424 kitchen, spring break
Outstanding Professor Award, spring break
  Duncan, Lawton, Medicine Park, Quartz Mt, Rt 66, April 12-14
  Dallas, May
  Las Vegas, May 26-30
Contracted/built new 424 kitchen, May/June
Designed new Department of Design office, May
  Austin broke her leg: Thursday, July 25
  Austin died: Thursday, August 1, 5p
  Dallas, family and friends, August 2-4
  Austin's ashes come home, August 5
  Ft. Worth & Dallas, August 8-11
OSU: Taught Design History; August - December
Dad had mild stroke, October 3
New Department of Design office opens: Friday, October 11
Weekend with family in Edmond, October 11-13
  New York City, October 16-20, Holocaust Museum, Lubalin Study Center, Apollo: Harlem Song
  Tulsa study tour, November 1
Mom fell, hurt head, November 16
Mom had bad stroke, November 17
  Vegas retired from kennel: June 17 (5 years old)
  Saw greyhound Vegas at PetsMart, decide to adopt, November17
  Vegas adopted: Friday, November 22
Conor Henderson died in car accident: Saturday am, November 23
Conor's funeral: Tuesday, November 26
  Dallas: I took Mom for a wheelchair ride in hospital: November 28
I said goodbye and thanked Mom: Wensday, December 18
Mom died: Thursday, December 19, 9:05a
Mom's Memorial Service: Sunday, December 22, 3p
Mom's Inurnment: Tuesday, December 24, 11a
OU: Taught Design History; January - May
Weekends without working
New Department secretary, Febuary
  Dallas: take dad to see Alegria, Cirque du Soleil, Febuary
New Design Conference Room, Febuary
  Dallas: retail design maps, spring break
Designed new 424 workshop and landscaped lot, March
New MFA in Design
Dad in hospital, stroke, April 9
  Dallas, May
  New York City study tour: May, bought Corbusier chaise lounge
Interviewed and hired new design faculty: May
New HVAC system and ceiling vents
Dad in nursing home: Forum and Presbyterian Village North, North Dallas
  Weekends with Dad, Dallas
  Las Vegas, August 5-8
OSU: Taught Design History; August - December
Estate sale, family house: September 6
Sold family house, 1958-2003: September 15
  Last visit with Dad: Thursday & Friday, September 25 & 26
I took Dad for a wheelchair ride in hospital: Thursday, September 25
  I said goodbye and thanked Dad: Friday, September 26 & 29
Family was with Dad: Monday, September 29, 4p-11:20p
Dad died: Monday, September 29, 11:13p
Dad's Inurnment: Saturday, October 4, 10:30a
Dad's Memorial Service: Saturday, October 4, 11:00a
  New York City, November: look for apartment
Read The DaVinci Code, Angels & Demons by Dan Brown
  Dallas: Christmas with brothers & their families
Designed and contracted new driveway

  New York City, January 7-11: buy apartment in Battery Park City
Condo staff: Bob, Jose, Allen, Tommy, Larry, George
Designed renovation of NYC apartment
Developed MFA-Design
Designed/renovated 424 bathroom
  New York City: March (close on apt)
Submitted decision to not serve as department chair after spring, 2005
  New York City: April: settle apt, install artwork
  New York City: May (study tour)
  New York City: June
  Washington DC: June 2: UCO dancers at Kennedy Center
  New York City: July 4th
  New York City: August 9-16
OSU: Taught Design History; August - December
  Chicago, October 14-18: AIGA Design conference
  New York City: October 21-25
UCO Hauptman Fellowship award
  New York City: November 19-23
  Dallas: Thanksgiving with brothers & their families
  New York City: Christmas, Radio City, Rockefeller Center
  Las Vegas, January: Skeptics/freethinkers conference, Cirque's Ka
  New York City, Febuary: The Gates, Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Completed 4 years as Chair of the Department of Design, March
  New York City: March 11-20
  Philadelphia: March: Historic district
  New York City: April
  New York City study tour: May
  Orlando, May: Roberta & Steve Sloan,
Cirque's La Nouba, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom tour, MGM Studios
Invented TravelPants
  Dallas, May: NorthPark, Gaylord Texan Resort
   New York City with Vegas, May 30 - August 7: July 4th in Battery Park, drive along the Hudson, FDR estate
  Ft. Worth, September: train trip - Sundance Square, Modern Art Museum
  Clinton, Quartz Mt, Wichita/Mt. Scott, Medicine Park
OK house: redo fence & gate, new bed, draw house plans
  New York City, August: make recycle cart and tool cart
OSU: Taught Design History; August - December
Filed provisional patent for TravelPants
Set up JRW Trust, transfer assets
Dean's Fellowship: revamp history course
  Ft. Worth and Dallas
  Manhattan, the greyhound, born, 11 August
  Tulsa/Catoosa: Aquarium, Philbrook and Cherokee Resort/Casino, September
  New York City: October 13-19: fall break
  New York City: November: Thanksgiving
  Los Angeles, December: Disneyland, Venice Beach
  Dallas: Christmas with brothers and families
  New York City, January: New Year's
Renovated History class lectures and images
Spring break at home: projects, Dallas getting worse
  Dallas died: Saturday, March 25, 12:20p
  New York City: April 13-19
  New York City study tour: May 9-14
  New York City HGTV filming: May 17-21
   New York City with Vegas, May 30 - August 8
  Fayetteville AR, August 19: Jimmy's Initiation, tour Fay Jones (with Steve)
OSU: Taught Design History; August - December
NY apartment tour aired on HGTV: October 8
Worked on JRW Projects
  New York City: October
  Dallas: Thanksgiving
   New York City with Vegas: December - January
  Las Vegas: January: freethinkers conference, Cirque's Love, Phantom of the Opera, Mitch
Developed Lucky Grape, design/idea consulting business with Sean Cobb
  New York City, March 16-25: Spring Awakening
  Adopted new greyhound: Saturday, March 31, named her Manhattan
Submitted letter of retirement, effective May, 2008
   New York City with Vegas, Yankees game: May 16 - June 17
Fox25 interviewed me and taped tour of 424 house: June 22, aired on Monday, June 25
Bought iPhone: June 29
Rearranged/renovated 424 office
  New York City: week in July/August
  Obedience class with Manhattan: August
OSU: Taught Design History; August - December
Designed/printed stationery for Lucky Grape
  Dallas, Ft. Worth: science museum research
Bought new Dodge Nitro, sold Chevy Tracker
  New York City: October 18-23
  Dallas: Thanksgiving with brothers and their families
  New York City: December 22 - January 2
  Lawrence & Kansas City: Febuary 1-4
Uploaded Lucky Grape website
  New York City: spring break March 14-24
  Mexico City, Puebla, March 27 - April 1
AIGA Fellow award
  Pittsburg KS, Lon
Retirement parties, receptions, and award ceremonies, spring

Retired from UCO: May 9, 2008
  New York City: May study tour
   New York City with Vegas & Manhattan, May 29 - July 19
Designed JustOnePiece campaign
Accepted position to teach full-time at Oklahoma State University for 1 year
Incorporated JamesRobertWatson
Set up websites:,,
Taught Typography, GD2, & Design History, OSU; August - December
Designed and furnished OSU faculty office
OSU: Faculty Art Show
  Rescued Eddie the dog from the street, delivered to shelter
  New York City, fall: AIGA Gala
  Dallas: Hillcrest 40 year Reunion: Margaret Hudson, Steve & Barbara Grant; Wanda Hill
  Austin, October 24-26: advisors reunion, UT, Tom White, Sarah Martin, Linda Callaway
Learned of brother Bill's liver cancer: November
Wes Watkins New Product Fair: TravelPants cited
OKC: Saltimbanco
  New York City: December, EOS getaway (end of semester)
  Dallas: Christmas with brothers and families
  New York City: December 31 - January 7, New Year's
Taught Typography, GD2, Design Studio, OSU; January - May
  Vegas diagnosed with liver problems: January 22
  Kansas, January 30 - Febuary 2: Tallgrass Preserve, Council Grove, KC, & Lawrence
  Dallas: visit with brothers and families, Bill's tumor getting larger
  New York City, March 13-21
Purged OSU office, house, and home office: 275 books, 100 puzzles, appliances, crap
Held Groj Sale, donated books to AIGA
Finished at OSU, re-retired from full-time teaching
DSVC Educator of the Year award
   New York City with Vegas & Manhattan, May 15 - July 7: Long Island, CT: Glass House, Woodstock
Purged NY apartment, donated items to Goodwill
  Manhattan underwent stomach surgery: Friday, June 5
  Garland/Dallas: Weekends to visit Bill, Debbie, and family
OSU: Taught Design History; August - December
  Rt 66, El Reno, Weatherford: Air Space Museum, Clinton: August
Brother Bill died: September 5, 6:20p
  New York City: October 2-9
Upstate New York, Hudson, Poughkeepsie, Hyde Park: October
  Heart episodes: diagnosed with atria fibrillation: October 9/10
Purged History lecture notes
  Las Vegas, November 19-22: Hoover Dam, Lake Mead
  Dallas, Debbie's 60th surprise party
Purged office
   Illinois (on way to NYC with Vegas & Manhattan), return to OK: December
Christmas Eve and day: OKC blizzard, snowed/iced in
  Dallas: post-Christmas with brother's family
  New York City, January 8-13
Purged house and office: slides, books, files, closets
Designed and uploaded new format for website
Rearranged office
UCO Retired Faculty Art Show
  Dallas: April
   New York City with Vegas & Manhattan, April 15 - June 20: Craftsman Farms, Edison labs, Princeton; purge apt
  Vegas stopped eating: Tuesday, July 13
  Vegas died: Friday, July 16, 11:10a
  Breckenridge CO, July 24-28: Brother Steve's new house, hikes, Vail, Tracy
   New York with Manhattan, August 2-21: Sagamore Hill, Levittown; biking: Governor's Island, Central Park
OSU: Taught Design History; August - December
   CA with Manhattan, October 8-18: Rt 66, Disneyland/CA, Venice Beach, Pasadena, Reagan Library, Grand Canyon, water pump I-40, Pampa TX
  Lawrence, Kansas, November 6-8
  New York: November 17-22
  Washington DC: November: Museums 18-20
  Dallas: Thanksgiving
   New York City with Manhattan, December 21 - January 11: blizzard; snow storm, Cuba MO
  Dallas, Febuary: Chickasaw museum, Nasher Center, Cowboys Stadium tour, DMArt
Writing class: iPad, stories
Finished The Great Purge
  Tulsa, March: Philbrook, 15th, Hard Rock
  Enid, April: Cherokee Strip Museum
   New York City with Manhattan, May 9 - June 16
Posted Wordpress blog for 5 weeks
  New York City, August 13-19
Revised website with RSS and Google Search: August
OSU: Taught Design History; August - December
Retired Art Educator of the Year, OAEA, September
OSU: Faculty Art Show, September
Consultant: Design Thinking Lab, UCO
  Adopted Brooklyn, the dog: Saturday, 8 October
Guest teacher: Graphic Design II, UCO
  New York City, November 8-13: Occupy Wall Street, Negro Burial Ground, 9/11 Memorial, Bonnie & Clyde, Satyagraha Philip Glass opera at the Met
  Brooklyn: leg puncture/cracked kneecap, hospital: October 29; surgeries: November 10 & December 21
Christmas in OK with dogs, Brooklyn recuperate
  Brooklyn: FCE in rear legs: Friday, December 30
House returned to normal: Tuesday, January 3
Got caught up (project begun in summer 2008): January 30
  Kansas City, Febuary 3-6: WWI Museum, Disney bldg; Lawrence: KU, The Artist, Super Bowl, Dehnerts
  New York City, Febuary 29 - March 4: How to Succeed, 9/11 Memorial, MoMA
  Texas, May 7-16: Ft. Worth (Barbara & Steve), Austin (Tom), San Antonio (Frank), Dallas (Steve & Sandy, Jimmy, Jan & Ralph, Allison & Randy, Eric), College Station, Huntsville (Roberta & Steve
Decided to sell the NYC apartment: May 22
  New York City, 29 May - 6 June: meet with broker, Governor's Island, Central Park, MoMA, Madison Square, Ghost
Discussion of Backgammon app option: NYC, June 1
Decided not to sell the NYC apartment: June 2
  Tulsa, June 23: Freethinker conference, BG app sketch

Sketched/developed Backgammon app: June 28 - July 6
Round Backgammon app, iGrip patent: July
Roof inspections: cancelled house insurance
Sketched/developed hybrid Backgammon board: July 6-7
Applied for Social Security
  Health issues: eye retina, Brooklyn paw cut/swelling: July
Bonnie & Clyde research
London Olympics, August
  New York City, August 11-17: Battery Park, Library, Seaport Museum, The Met, Coney Island, Village, Wall Street
OSU: Taught Design History; August - December
Received Six Flags show album, researched 1968: October
  New York City, October 16-21: Columbus Circle, Central Park, MoMA, The Book of Mormon.
  Trained & medicated Brooklyn: anti-anxiety
New chain link fence
Restored post-puppy house: new blinds, closet, sofa, bedspread
  New York City, November 27 - December 2: 9/11 Memorial, MoMA, Happy Lecture, Rock tree, Newsies, Evita.
Installed dog doors in office and replaced one in house.
Schoolchildren slaughter in Connecticut: December 14
  Austin, December 21-26: Tom, Frank; Dallas: nieces & nephews, Christmas
  Tulsa, January 12: pickup airline seats, lunch Blue Dome
  New York City, January 17-23: Union Sq, Madison Sq, Times Sq
      Washington DC: January 21: Obama Inauguration Parade
Let hair grow out, got new glasses
Restored and resized airline seats in office: January
  Kansas City & Lawrence, Febuary 1-4: Downtown KC; Marbles, KU/OSU basketball, Dole Inst, Super Bowl
Developed 'Sign design' essay and emails
   Illinois (on way to NYC with Brooklyn & Manhattan), return to OK: April
  New York City, April 17-24: City Hall, Cirque Totem, Newsies, Times Square, Madison Square tour, MoMA, Woolworth lecture, Guggenheim
Worked on Project List
Edmond tornado, May 19; Moore tornado: May 20
Landscaped front yard: reeds, rocks, steel; June
  New York City, June 25 - July 2: Kinky Boots, Governor's Island, MoMA, Guggenheim, bike rides
Rehabbed house: gravel beds, repairs, groj/carport, doors, office windows, painting: July
   Dallas, July 11: Brooklyn to opthalmologist
  Colorado, August 12-18: Kansas; Denver Art Museum, Boulder, Shoshoni yoga, Breckenridge, cousins, mountain towns
OSU: Taught Design History; August - December
Tornado shelter installed: August 19
America concert: September 21, OK State Fair
OSU: Faculty Art Show, September
  Dallas,October 3-6: State Fair, HHS Anniversary
Revised The Idea Kit: Sept-October
  New York City, October 23-27: Big Fish, MoMA, Apple Store

Refined Ultimate Backgammon board, built model: 2-7 November
  Dallas, Thanksgiving, November 27-30: Denison, Donna, downtown, Margaret
  Tulsa, December 19: Art Deco Museum, Brady Arts District, Woody Guthrie Center
Scanned portfolio sketches to web, trashed portfolio
  Chiropractic sessions: back aches
Constructed Lego JRW logo: Febuary & April
  New York City, March 1-6: Columbus Park, Lego store, Carnegie Hall tour, MoMA, Woolworth tour, Union Square
  Denison TX, March 18-19: Donna Adams, SEOSU, Gene Autry museum & airfield
Rehabbed house: new hotub, driveway sealed: March

  Dog park friends: Al, Joanie, Pat, Gail, Sally, Rachel, Jeff, Phil

Refreshed living room: wood floor refinished, trim and tin removed, new trim, painting: April 6 - May 16
  North Texas, May 23-26: Ft. Worth Museums, Barbara, Bush Library, Eric & Allison, Reunion Tower, DMA, Margaret, Donna
  Manhattan ear wounds: May 24 (Brooklyn anxiety?)
Refreshed bedroom: June 2-9
  New York City, June 11-17: Williamsburg, Governor's Island, Central Park, 9/11 Museum, Village, MoMA; Mike O'Keefe
  Manhattan head wounds: June 15 (Brooklyn anxiety?)
WhichWich called re meeting about bag design: June 17
City dug new water pipes: Febuary 26 - October 10
  Dallas, July 9-11: Downtown, WhichWich meetings, train Ft. Worth
Worked on WhichWich graphics
  Dallas, August 6-8: Downtown, WhichWich work session, Dart, Denison
OSU: Taught Design History; August - December
Presented 'Jim's Minimalist Lifestyle', The Minimalists OKC: August 19
Submitted improvements for WhichWich brand, bags, and menu boards
  North Texas, October 10: McKinney Donna, IKEA
  New York City, October 21-26: Aladdin, MoMA
  Rehabbed shoulder injuries: fall
  Santa Fe, December 15-18: Frank, Plaza, Cecilia
  Bella Vista AR, December 25: Debbie, Julie, Blake, Fay Jones Chapel
  New York City, January 5-9: new Cooper Hewitt, Syed show, Met: Benton, Cubism
WhichWich Better Bag introduced to franchisees: January
  Ponca City, Blackwell, January: Cia
Started bathroom, kitchen, deck refresh, March-July
Took Mike Roland to see his wife in nursing home. Visited Mike at Bradford Village. April: saw his house auctioned. 8-9
New electrical circuits: March 24
  Bentonville, Little Rock AR, March 27-28: Michael, Crystal Bridges, Clinton Library
   New York City with Manhattan & Brooklyn, April 30 - May 15: walks
Mike Roland died: June 16.
  Tulsa, June 20: Freethinker conference
  New York City, July 2-9: MoCoNY Rand, new Whitney, American in Paris, Something Rotten
Finished bathroom, kitchen, deck refresh, March-July
  Manhattan, surgery on toe: Friday, July 17
  Abilene & Lawrence, August 7-10: Greyhound Museum, Eisenhower Museum, Leavenworth, Atchison, battlefield
OSU: Taught Design History; August - December
  Ankle: torn achilles tendon
WhichWich Better Bag introduced to stores: September
   Ardmore & Lake Murray cottage, October 8-9: girls walk
  Girls each get bitten on upper mouth
  New York City, October 20-25: MoMA, Finding Neverland
Ice storm, fallen limbs, Thanksgiving
  Dallas, December 24-25: Steve/Sandy, Debbie, Donna
Ice storm, fallen limbs, December 26
Earthquake rattler: January 1, 5:40a
Web work, house work
  Lawrence & Topeka, Febuary 5-8: Wichita Art, LeCompton, Topeka musuems capitol
Decide to sell NY apt: Febuary
WhichWich menu board: March - April
  Dallas, April 10-13, Denton: "I could live here." Old Red museum, WhichWich work sessions, MPH Service, Frisco, Denison
   New York City with Manhattan & Brooklyn, April 16-25: final dog drive; prep, clean, rearrange apt,
    NYC April 22: CoatChex coffee meeting with Derek, quelines
New washer/dryer installed
NY apt listed for sale: May 6
Apt first offer: May 20 (later withdrawn)
  Heart episode: May 29/30
  New York City, June 18-23: The apartment: Final stay
    Purge apt, Goodwill, movers: empty sad apt, text/email friends; Holiday Inn; Cooper-Hewitt, The King and I
New hotub delivered: June 25
NYC furniture arrived: Sunday am, July 3; Integrated NY to OK
  Dallas, July 15-16: Police Memorial, Jimmy birthday; Ada OK
NY Apt second offer: July 19; Counteroffer, 'as is': July 22; Buyer accepts counteroffer: Saturday July 23
Remove office desk, trim; refinish walls: August 1-2
  Dallas Frisco, August 8: IKEA, office shelf units
OSU: Taught Design History; August - December
  Manhattan stomach hacking: September 2016
NY Apt third offer: October 4; Counteroffer, 'as is'; Buyer accepts counteroffer
Platelet Rich Plasma shoulder injection: October 7
  Vet saw growth in Manhattan throat, biopsy, drove it to OSU: Friday, October 28
  Manhattan surgery to remove tumor: Tuesday, November 8
Thanksgiving in OK with dogs and friends
Fully retired: finished final semester at OSU: December 7
NYC Apt Closing: Thursday, December 8
Fence stained & sealed, car backup camera, new MacBook Pro: December 2-21
Christmas at home with the dogs and friends
  NYE with Manhattan.
Capital View notes & meetings with city: January
Built Lego buildings: January 4-7, 15-18
  Manhattan died: Monday, January 16, 11:10a
  Manhattan's ashes came home: Thursday, January 19, 10:00a
   Santa Fe with Brooklyn, January 20-23: Greg Scott, Frank Nichols, LaLaLand, Jill Scott service, Plaza
Built Lego buildings: January 24-25, 27-29, 30 - Feb 1, Feb 3-4
Deck6 reviewed online: Thursday, Feb 2
  New York City, Febuary 13-17: Marriott Marquis, MetBreuer, MoMA, Seth LES
  Stem cell & PRP injections, Wensday, March 1: pain, rest
  Lawrence & St Joseph, March 3-6: BBall rules, museums
Built Lego building: March 21, 23-24
Took writing class: Thursday evenings, March 23 - April 20

  AFib, ER & hospital stay: Saturday/Sun April 15-16, 32+ hours
  Shoulder Physical Therapy, April 19 - July
  PRP injection, Tuesday, May 2
  Grand Casino, May 27: win $31.
  Chiropractic sessions: June
  New York City, June 10-15: Paramount/Marriott, Ruki, CoopHew, MoMA, Groundhog Day, Seth UES
  AFib: June 11, NYC
Worked on yard, office refresh: June-July
  Medicine Park, June 24: Mt. Scott, creek lunch, wildlife refuge
  Rotator cuff tear, June 28 - July 2: mega-pain
Researched Aaron Watson, great-grandfather, Civil War diarist, grocer
  Dallas, Friday, June 30: Debbie (brother Bill's wife) and family
Debbie Allen Watson died, Saturday July 1: sister and 4 children by her side
  Dallas, Tues-Wens, July 11-12: Debbie Celebration of Life, Lakewood reception, Urban Reserve, Steve & Sandy
Worked on tree bench boulder, landscaping grasses: August 8-10
  Santa Fe, August 14-18: Greg, Frank, Opera (R)evolution of Steve Jobs, MeowWolf, Bandolier hike
Built Lego Wine Shop: August 21-26
  Shoulder replacement surgery, August 29-31: McBride Orthopedic Hospital
  Post-Op, pain, little sleep, pills, sling: September 1-14
  Plantar Fasciitis: September 1
  Staples out, less sling, no pain meds: September 15
Built Lego Starbucks/BarnesNoble: September 27-30
Purged, rearranged office: September-October
  Sling away: October 3
Finished refresh of office: paint, digital frame art, blank walls: October 7
  Plantar Fasciitis: October 12: X-rays, steroid shot, wear night splint, exercises
  Shoulder, 6-week check-up: excellent, outlier: ahead of schedule
  North Texas: Frisco, Ft. Worth, Dallas, Denison, Tues-Thurs, October 17-19
iPhone X: November 3
  AFib: November 12-13, doctor office
  New York City, November 15-19: New Yorker hotel, Syed Opening, Play that goes Wrong
Thanksgiving: Dehnerts mobile home, Renee
Office: painted floor: November 30 & December 7
   North Texas: Denton, Dallas, Sat/Sun December 2-3
Built Lego: December 3-5, Nutcracker, bus, Holiday Station
Designed, built, mounted Groj key/cup shelf/ledge: December 12-13
Returned to office: December 14, arranged furniture
Built Lego: December 10-15, Winter Village
Christmas/New Year's at home
Built Lego: January 5-8, Diner
  AFib: January 7-8
Installed Little Free Library: January
  Lawrence & Topeka, Febuary 2-5: Union Pacific Station, Soup party
Built Lego: Febuary/March, Rohe office
Move Texas: met with finance March 5, vetted online realtors: March 11
   Denton, March 15: coffee with & meet Realtor, drive streets, Square

American Atheists convention, March 30-April 1: Bill Nye film, Barry Lynn, Hugh Laurie
  New York City, May 13-20: Design Week, My Fair Lady