The Cheese Monkeys book cover project
Typography 2

• Inks: 4-colors +2
• Size: front and back: 5.125" x 7.5", spine: .75" x 7.5"
• Paper stock: open

Minimum text requirements
Front cover contents
• "National Best Seller"
• Title and subtitle
• Author
Back cover contents
• ISBN info box: category, ISBN numbers, bar codes with UPC numbers, USA and Canada prices
• Publisher logo
• Publisher web address
Spine contents
• Title
• Author
• Publisher
Somewhere on front, back, or spine
• At least 8 reviews with sources credited
• Cover design credits

Research websites
The Book Design Review
Google Book Search
Book design By Andrew Haslam - Good info in the preview
By Its Cover By Ned Drew, Paul Sternberger, Paul Spencer Sternberger