It is about integrity and trust
This is a new subscription service for dog treats and toys. It seemed like a good idea, so I thought I'd sign up:

I signed up for $18/month. But, notice the smaller print in the Summary: $18.25/month. They snuck in another quarter:

A quarter per month? That's not much. What's the big deal?
Here's the explanation in our edited September 2014 email exchange:
Jim Watson wrote:
I like the BarkBox idea, but is it $18 or $18.25 a month?
Samantha replied:
It's $18.25! We round each month on the site!
Jim replied:
Friendly suggestion: don't round off figures when you advertise a price on a website. That's deceitful advertising - promoting a lower price to entice someone to join and then giving the higher price. And, it's not about the 25 cents, it is about integrity and trust and not respecting your customer enough to give the correct price. Now I wonder what else about BarkBox is inaccurate.
Samantha replied:
Please know it is not our intent to be deceitful. The 12 month dollar amount was rounded as a design choice.
Jim replied:
Design choice? They changed the price of your product for aesthetics?
Imagine if a restaurant stated a different price in the menu because it fit the space better or was fewer numbers or just looked better.
Or if Walmart advertised a lower price to get you in the store and then explained the higher price, "It was a design choice."
Your designers should know that the first objective of good design is to be accurate and honest.

Success! The prices are now consistent
As of early November 2014, the come-on price now matches the actual price. No more 'Design choice' excuse.